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Taylor Lautner

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Taylor Lautner Message Board

Welcome to the Taylor Lautner Message Board. Get in touch with Taylor Lautner to voice your support, appreciation, or opinion.

Can you imagine how much snail mail and email a celebrity must get? Most simply don't have time to go through all of it and even less time to respond. So, for this reason, we've created this shout-out message board. It's a far simpler way to communicate with your favorite stars and celebrities.

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Hey, I just want to congratulate and support you on a job well done on all your current and future projects and success. I tell my friends that I probrably was the first Taylor Lautner fan because I had a crush on you before the "Shark Boy and Lava Girl" movie came out(comercials XD)! It's kinda imbarrasing, but true! Once again, congrats!

Posted by Shaquira B. (2009-11-29) 2159

Is it fun to be an actor i always wanted to become one rite now I run do school work and karate. sometimes I wish i was on TV and getting award fro something big i did. It's just a dream that can only happen if someone actually listens to me by the way thanks fro listening your a good friend even though i don't know u much u sound pretty funny,cool,and sweet. love u ALWAYs Nisha!!!

Posted by Nisha c (2010-03-10) 2282

Hey Taylor, just wanted to say hello and great job on the movies, a friend of mine knows you and gave me your myspace just wanted to chat my name is Alicia so make sure you add me :)

Posted by Ali D (2010-03-28) 2299

Heyy Taylor i just wanted tew tell yuhh how AWESOME yuhh are in the TWILIGHT SAGA NEW MOON. I wouldn't have thought of someone better tew play Jacob Black. Well anyways great job and good luck.

Posted by Destiny Armenta (2010-04-01) 2339

hi! i want to say congrats on your latest movie and i am looking forward to watching it. im hoping that you will add me as a friend on myspace. my name is minii. bye!

Posted by minii (2010-04-01) 2345

u r da hottest guy eva!!!!! u do a great job on da movies and i am lookin forward for da next one

Posted by minimi (2010-04-01) 2346

Taylor, you truly inspire me in so many ways. you're the kind of guy who motivates me to become a professional actress. i believe i can do it because of people like you. Although its unlikely you're reading this one, its worth saying thank you anyways.
I believe in you =)

Posted by Leah O'Connor (2010-06-23) 2466

Hello Taylor, I always had a distinct opinion about you. You're attractive, young, and at the peak of your physical condition. Girls chase you, squeel at you, fall for you... And guys envy you. My best friend is convinced he looks just like you. I always thought you craved attention. For a long time, I thought that. But I saw you on Oprah... You're very down to earth. The average guy in my opinion, but with a little fame. And to that, I say kudos, and I hope you at least get to read this. Thanks :)

Posted by Haley G. (2010-07-03) 2501

Hey i know you probably dont have a lot of time but if you answer me it would mean a lot so here it goes... i wanted to know how you started out your career? How did you become such a great and well know actor? thnx for your time!

Posted by Frankie (2010-07-25) 2535

i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <333333333 <3333333333333 <333333333 plz write back

Posted by brittney (2010-08-24) 2577

Hey man, I wanna say I'm a fan. Not only of your Acting, but Karate as well. You are very talented actor and one of the best.

I hope I get to meet you someday in acting. Thank you for inspiring me to strive. God bless.

Posted by Jovan Harris (2010-10-16) 2619

Hi i'm 15 and i love to act and dance and just a little bit of modeling. Ive been acting, dancing, and modeling for 7 years and i'm ready to make it to the big screen. i'm a very hard worker i follow directions and i know this is a job but i do like to have fun. I live right outside L.A. I have an agent he drives me to all my auditions and i'm up for anything so email me back please.

Posted by Mikala (Kayla) (2010-12-05) 2668

Well, hello. Just wanted to stop by and let you know that your the reason I'm interested in pursuing an acting career. Your an amazing actor and have a fantastic personality. Your like my role-model, I'm in love with the way you do things. My dream is to be in an action movie with you, taking the role as your little sister. Weird? Maybe,,, but hey, it's what I want... Congrats on everything you've worked on, it's absolutely wonderful. Exactly what I would want to do

Posted by Ashleyy (2011-11-21) 3458

hey I'm just a kid from conga park high I'm just as kin how did u do that where did u get Ur degree in acting and what school I'm just trying to get to Good college to master acting...

Posted by NathanielSanchez (2011-11-22) 3460

Hey Taylor im a huqe fan! I love abduction and all the twilight movies! your a role model im total TEAM JACOB! You rock

Posted by isabelle (2012-01-31) 3587

Sup taylor!I love you and ALL the movies you in. I'm a twi-hard fan and SO team jacob. Anyways your the best ever.
P.s: I've been one of your biggest fans since well when shark boy and lava girl came out. Plus i have like 5 posters of you.

Posted by Tia :^) (2012-03-23) 3677

hey Taylor! just wanted to tell you that watching you do such an amazing job in all the Twilight films has inspired me to become an actress! keep doing a great job ;)

Posted by Savanna Carter (2012-10-14) 3866

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