How to Get a Talent Agent

by Aimee Mitchell

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Getting yourself a talent agent can be a struggle. But by following a little bit of free advice and doing some extra leg work we guarantee you will get noticed.

Getting yourself a talent agent, if you want to be an actor, can be hard as quite often the individual talent agent or the agency in which they work are inundated with mailings and applications from hundreds of other budding actors, just like you. So how you go about getting a talent agent can be testing. Don't give up though, it might take time or you might be one of the lucky ones, but try taking a little bit of my following advice on how to get an agent and you will realize just by reading through it how just doing a little bit extra can get you noticed.

Firstly, call a selection of talent agents in your area to find out whether they are taking any new clients at the present time. If they are, remember that they may be busy and not want to talk at the moment. You won't be able to find a list of talent agents or talent agencies in your local phone book. Searching the web using standard search engines will prove to be difficult, too. The easiest way to locate talent agents and talent agencies in your area is through provides its members a comprehensive listing of SAG-AFTRA affiliated talent agents. Ensure that you are contacting 'franchised agents' because these agents abide by the rules and regulations set forth by the acting guilds and therefore are accountable for their actions. It's not likely you'll find a dishonest talent agent who is franchised by the unions. Once you have selected one or two talent agents in your area, mail them your materials. Or mail to all of those agents in your area if you live in a smaller town.

They might prefer to see your resume first, so start by mailing out your actors resume and headshot to all of the agencies in your area that are taking on new clients. If this is a large city then it might take time, and many print outs of your resume, so remain patient. Ensure that your headshot fits in the recommended 9"x12" hard-backed envelope to avoid your photo and resume arriving at its destination creased and battered! If you want your envelope to stand out (don't expect there to be a certain order in which applications are opened) and be opened first, then you could try and add a logo or using a more colorful envelope so that it jumps the queue, as it were.

Your envelope may be sitting in a pile unopened for a short while, until the agent catches up with their backlog (a common occurrence!), so give those that you've sent your resume to around two weeks. If you haven't heard anything within that two weeks, then give the agent a quick courtesy call to check whether or not your mail was received, and if it has then it's good to ask if they have had any time to look over your details yet. Be courteous and polite, but please don't be put off if your resume hasn't been read yet - as I said earlier, it's common that there is backlog at the agents' office, so being downhearted about it won't help you.

Be positive and start sending more mailings to some more talent agents. Another very good tip is to contact agents in the area you are working in - if you are already performing in a play in that area.

Remember that 'Showcases' are always a good idea, too. A showcase is set up so that a couple of talent agents and casting directors get together at a certain venue on a pre-arranged day. You will generally get the dates and further information from a brochure that you will have to request. Then, you will be expected to send a small fee (around $25) and your resume / headshot along with the date you would like to be seen. On the day you are coupled up with another actor and asked to perform cold readings.

In addition to mailings and showcases, a small handful of web sites have been proven to connect actors with talent agents. Be forewarned, many showcase / profile web sites are scams. The only web site I personally recommend (because it has helped literally tens of thousands of beginning actors) is can put you in touch with talent agents and casting directors who are searching for new and upcoming actors. You'll have to register, but then you will be able to post your personal profile in's the talent database. When talent agents and casting directors are looking for someone like you, they could find your profile within their search results. Once they have located your profile, they can then contact you to set up an interview or audition.

Whatever you do, do as much as you can to get an agent on your own. Make sure that you treat getting an agent like your own business - you are your own business, so market yourself in a good manner and continue that way until you have secured getting an agent. Once you've secured an agent, you are well on your way to finding a super role and setting your foot in the industry door.
Aimee Mitchell is an acting coach, short story author, community theater director and playwright. She has spent the better part of her adult life working with young actors and actresses.

Copyright © Aimee Mitchell. All rights reserved. Used with permission of the author. Not to be reproduced or distributed.
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Reader Comments

Hello. My name is Kathy and I am an untrained Soprano singer. I am a natural singer, ans have been heard Worldwide by thousands with wonderful positive comments. Problem is getting an agent. I have no clue! I sing under members on Singsnap type in Victoriankat or Soprankat and up 100 plus songs will come...Thank you for your time and response. Kathleen

Posted by Kathleen Woolever (2016-03-06) 7288

Hylw iam rose, Tanzanian girl, Iam the begginer, I love acting, to be a singer, model, designer, am unable coz nobody support me, i need your help, can you atleast think about taking talent from African country.

Posted by Rose (2014-05-17) 6789

Im Ryan hello to whoever reads this il start off by saying I have zero acting lessons but im eager to learn and jump right in the shark tank lol obviously movies have been apart of my life since I was alittle guy and I've always envisioned myself being one of those stars in a big movie I think I have the look, personality and drive to live that kind of life and be a actor! Im really not sure who reads these things but if your looking for the next male actor then yep il be right here waiting!!

Posted by Ryan James Hodges (2013-05-28) 6491

Hi my name is olivia, I am 24, I love to sing it is my passion. I love to worte music,getting into performing, I do not know how to be discover, and let let my talent shine, if can find someone that can help me. Please let me know.

Thank you!

Posted by Marie Olivia (2012-07-12) 6138

I am an extrodinary person and i love acting. I would like to become one of the famous actresses in the world.

Posted by Khethiwe zulu (2012-07-09) 6052

Star is male 23 who is natural talented with acting and presenting I was in an acting class and I studied media studies majored in video production have presented in some of my work so would like you to help bring up my talant

Posted by star kganki (2012-03-08) 5623

Good day. I just saw a website from you, and I have a question.
I've done it on a new movie called IMPIUS the movie, which comes out around April.
Unfortunately there is no video material can be released from the film, and I added a video on here with just some pictures and sound recordings ....
I really want, like all the other millions of girls, a famous actress in New York, only I do not know the roads that lead to it. Also I have no agent. So I have to invent everything myself. (I do not have people around mewho understand to be an actress)
The difference between me and the other millions of girls who want to be acrice is that I am much more talented in the entertaimend world.
I would like you to know that I 200 percent ownership acting talent. but I have not followed this training.
I also follow online curcus, o.a via youtube.
My appearance has many opportunities to play a character.
I can cry, scream, drama, kiss, acting in panic, etc. ..
Acenten concerns of some unknown language, I am a very quick learner.
(The new movie: IMPIUS the movie, I had also, however, Indonesia's speech, which i learn verry quikly. )
I'm very presentable, and I have other ambitions, such as pianist, photo model (no catwalk), and so on ...
But more is my passion and talent in the acting world (movies, no theater)
I hope you can help me further, I am willing to emigrate or to travel to New York for auditions.

waiting your response.
Yours sincerely:

Posted by Princess Yolandi (2011-12-09) 5271

Hi, am a Kenyan writer whose trying to sell a TV script. Am looking for an agent whose willing to work with me .To be honest who knew looking for an agent will be so hard. If you are agent please help me and i hope to hear from you. Thank you for giving me the time .

Posted by RAHMA (2011-08-06) 4126

Writing an music is what Im best at I would love too have an agent to represent me

Posted by Manuel Balcazar (2011-02-22) 2893

i really would love to act it's my only dream and i wont give up on it . i swear it's all i wanna do in life.
My family says i'm so good at acting and pulling stuff off they don't know if i'm acting things or being me.
I'm 15 almost 16 i would LOVE to start my career...

Posted by breeana varner (2011-02-14) 2879

Hello, I'm an 18 year old hip hop, lyrical, and ballet dancer. I have a huge passion for dancing and performing and would love to make it my career. My life revolves around dance, always has and I want to get out there and get big with my talent. I have many other talents, but dance comes first. I'm a natural and a trained dancer. I've been dancing since I was a little girl. I've danced in hip hop studios and got accepted into one by getting noticed at a Symposium. I've also performed many other types of dances and have danced at my high school in a hip hop club and an actual club for all types. It means everything to me and I would love your help to make that happen. I want this really badly, More than anything really. Thank you for your time.

Posted by Kayla Christine (2011-01-27) 2848

Hi, I'm David Williams from Bossier City, Louisiana. I am 20 years young and graduated from Airline High School. My dream is to become a singer. I thought about acting but singing I can't help but to do it every day. I've been in the school choir for 6 years and in the church choir my whole life. I have taken a semester of Theater in high school but decided to go back to choir. Many many people asked me have I ever thought about trying American Idol, I say yes but thats just not me. I even had people coming up to me asking me do I sing in my own studio. Of course I say no because I can't afford one. Currently, I work as a waiter in a retirement home called Horizon Bay. I sing Happy Birthday to the birthday woman/man and they go all crazy but....I'm not getting paid for it because I want to do it. I want to be a singer NOT ONLY for the money.... but because it is something I have been doing for years and I love and enjoy doing it. I want to make my hobby my career. So talent agents, email me please and thank you for reading this.

Posted by David Williams (2010-10-28) 2757

I've done alot of things. Everything but modeling. Please Contact if Intersted ! =]

Posted by Bianca Arriaga (2010-06-12) 2583

I'm Sierra Boyle and of course like everyone else i want to be an actress...I wanted to do voice overs but they say i would need to act first! I live in Niles, Ohio not that big but not that small! I havent gotten into acting until i joined my schools DI team. I need and Agent if anyone is intestred in my talent u won't be disappointed! I promise u that! My way of getting better is talking to myself in different voices and different emotions. Please give me an E-mail or something i'm ready to get my dream started! Thank you for spending your time to read this.

Posted by Sierra Boyle (2010-06-04) 2574

Caitlin, 13 going on 14. I Dance, and act.
Email me if intertested.

Posted by Caitlin (2010-05-24) 2556

Hey i'm Angel Macias and I am a seventeen year old student at Long Beach
Polytechnic Highschool. The reason for my message is to see if there are any agents willing to work with me and my talents. I am curently a hip hop dancer and attempting to model clothing. I would need an agent for that so if you would help me through with that, that would be amazing. Thank you for your time.

Posted by Angel Macias (2010-03-24) 2445

I am an EXTRAORDINARY singer, and I am a VERY good Actress

Posted by Rachael (2010-02-03) 2327

I have a question, can anyone give me the address to an agent?Thank you.

Posted by monika (2010-02-02) 2323

I am a good actress... well at least I think I am, anyways... I started to act since I was 5 yrs young, and then I started to do poetry...I hope I make it.

Posted by Tatyanna Unique Davis (2009-04-22) 1338

I love singing la la la la!!!!!!

Posted by nichole hominieye (2008-10-25) 502

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