What are Casting Calls?

by Aimee Mitchell

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If you are looking for a foothold in the movie industry, keep an eye out for open casting calls.

A cast is a team of actors who play various roles in a movie or TV production. So, what are casting calls? Casting calls are notices made to the public or to various casting agencies for requirement of actors for an upcoming production.

Casting calls belong to a wide spectrum of productions. From a student filmmaker to a heavyweight production house, any one can publicize for cast requirements. The notices are made public via different medias such as industry trade journals, online bulletin boards, production lists, word-of-mouth, and agent notification to name a few.

Most struggling actors subscribe to trade magazines to find out about casting calls and also by registering with casting agencies. Those casting agencies which specialize in providing extras for film and TV provide struggling actors with a realistic opportunity to get a foothold in the movie industry. The best part is that the casting agencies accept anyone and an agent, therefore, becomes almost redundant.

On the other hand, an agent's prime objective is to find the best parts for the client. All established agents have well-established relationships with major casting agencies, production companies, studios, directors and other industry people that bring out casting notices. Usually casting calls are generic in nature. Nevertheless, there maybe times when calls are made for specific age, appearance, gender and other special skills. Any role which may require nudity shall indicate the same right in the beginning.

Casting calls are often used for filling out the remaining cast after the main actors are decided. A-list actors are not required to attend casting calls. They become a part of the project through inside dealings.

Whenever there are production calls for inexperienced people to fill roles, the casting calls are publicized on a broad network to the public. When you respond to a casting call, don't be surprised if you find serpentine queues or if you are made to fill applications, and interviewed before the actual audition. The callback usually is accompanied with more auditions in an attempt to cast the right people.

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Being an actor is seen as a quick road to power, money, and fame. Taking advantage of these facts, many bogus casting calls are conducted and often lead to innocent people becoming victims of greed. Therefore, a good way to safeguard yourself would be to respond to only authentic and legitimate avenues to pursue your goals!
Aimee Mitchell is an acting coach, short story author, community theater director and playwright. She has spent the better part of her adult life working with young actors and actresses.

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