Headshot & Photo Examples

by Joshua Siegel

Atractive Woman

These headshot examples should give you an idea of what talent agents and casting directors expect.

Photos and a good resume are essential to your acting career, used to capture your unique style and experience so that casting directors will want you for that part. They are your tools of the trade, so you want the very best.

Unfortunately, few beginners know what real headshots looks like. The following examples should give you a good idea of what talent agents and casting directors will expect from you.

Headshots (8 x 10 inch)
Most headshots are fairly close photos of the actor's face. However, 3/4 shots are also fairly common. As the examples show, your headshot should always have your name on the front and your resume printed or attached to the back. Sometimes you will also see agency contact information printed on the front of the photo.

Postcards & Composites (5 x 7 inch)
One of the most popular ways to keep yourself in the minds of the casting community is to send photo postcards. These are just regular postcards, blank on the back with the actor's photo and name on the front. Use them as a promotion tool whenever you'll be performing in something you want people to see.

Composites contain several different images of the actor. While most commonly used by models and commercial actors to show off a range of looks and character types, composites can be used by any actor.

Business Cards (2 x 3.5 inch)
Many actors also carry business cards with their photo on the front and contact information on the back.

business card
Joshua Siegel is an actor and short subject director.
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my question is, once I have my headshot that I like in the camera, what's the best way to make 8by10s? they are in my digital camera. Do I bring them to like a kinkos? or should I send them out? I just don't know whats the best way to go about it.

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