Become a Movie Extra - It's Easy

by Elliott Brody

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Break into showbiz by becoming a movie extra. When you learn how easy it is to get move extra jobs, you'll be upset for not doing it sooner.

Break onto the movie scene and into showbiz by becoming a movie extra. It's not as hard as you think. There's absolutely no question about it, if you want to be in a movie or on TV, you can be an extra. In fact, when you learn just how easy it is to get jobs as a movie extra, you'll be upset with yourself for not doing anything sooner.

Just having the opportunity to be a movie extra for a day is often the most exciting and rewarding experience avid movie-goers can obtain. Every year hundreds of films are produced. Most people believe that these films are only made in major cities like Los Angeles, CA or New York, NY. But that's where most people are dead wrong. Yes, movies are filmed in Hollywood and New York City, but more often than you think, major motion picture companies travel across the globe to shoot on-location. This means that films and television shows are constantly being shot in cities, towns and neighborhoods across the country and around the world. It's just a matter of time before something is filmed near you.

So there's absolutely no question about it - if you really want to be in a movie or appear on TV, you can. What makes finding movie extra jobs easy is the simple fact that looks don't matter, education doesn't matter and even age doesn't matter. In fact, anyone can be a movie extra with no prior acting experience necessary. Plus, talent agents, talent scouts, casting directors and producers will always need extras and background performers for their productions.

No matter what type of film - action & adventure, drama, comedy, romance, science fiction or horror - all will require dozens if not hundreds of movie extras. All you have to do is let these filmmakers know you are willing and available to work.

So how do these filmmakers and production companies find you? How can anyone offer you work if they don't know who you are? Luckily, there is a solution and it has already helped millions of potential actors and movie extras find acting jobs and get work. We know it as the World Wide Web or the Internet. was the very first company in existence to create a web-based movie extras casting service. The company pioneered Electronic Casting - the concept where casting is conducted via the Internet - when they constructed a massive talent showcase and search engine for talent agents, casting directors and filmmakers to freely access. The Screen Actors Guild, The American Federation of Television and Radio Artists union, and The Casting Society of America have all come to embrace and endorse electronic casting. Today, nearly every single movie, television show and documentary is cast in part, if not entirely, through the use of electronic casting services. And to this day, remains the world's number one online extras casting solution.

So how does it work, you ask? It's simple. You begin by creating one or more personal profiles. Personal profiles are online biographies that list your description, contact information, skills and abilities. You can then attach to your profiles a resume, headshot, multiple photographs and even personal video clips or your acting demo reel.

Now, casting directors, talent agents, talent scouts, producers and directors can view your profile when casting their productions. That is by far the easiest way to introduce yourself to the thousands of working casting professionals around the world.

Perhaps you want to be an actor or actress and not just a movie extra. Don't overlook the extras. You'll find most of today's successful actors started out as movie extras. Why? It's the easiest way to get started and there is such a great potential to gain valuable acting experience and learn just by being on set and around the action.

If you are not convinced yet, there's more. is not just a casting web site, it's an online acting community where you will find a wealth of acting resources, guides, instructions, tools and helpful hints. You'll find great articles that will teach you what you need to know to be a successful working actor or movie extra. Guides for beginning actors will explain how to get your foot in the door, find acting jobs and get your career off the ground. Resume building tools, job & audition management utilities, calendars, friends lists, career networking solutions, message boards and private, secure messaging are all provided to help you make the most of your acting opportunities and keep you focused and on track to a rewarding acting career. also provides a list of photographers and photo studios along with instructions for selecting a qualified headshot photographer, and the complete listing of all SAG-AFTRA franchised talent agents, extras casting agencies, and US film commissions along with many acting schools and colleges.

So if you are looking to become a movie extra or even for a way to jump start your acting career, look no further than A few clicks and you could be in the movies.

See you at the premiere!
Elliott Brody is an accomplished filmmaker with 20 years of acting, editing and directing experience.
Copyright © Elliott Brody. All rights reserved. Used with permission of the author. Not to be reproduced or distributed.
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Reader Comments

I'm Emmanuel. Looking I'm an actor. I'm really looking to be in this industry. Please email me.

Posted by Finn (2023-02-13) 14037

I am grateful, because I see this as an opportunity to me, it as been long I want to be an actor, with my talent I believe that I will do very well, to say it all acting is my hubby

Posted by Victor (2022-03-18) 13759

I am a good script writer and a good actress please give me a chance to work with you.

Posted by Mercy (2021-05-30) 13518

Please I wish you can help me to become an actor

Posted by Heward (2021-04-30) 13429

Hi am nisha 22 I always wanna do acting my friends and family always say am good at jokes n drama am looking forward to become a actress soon

Posted by Nisha Kay (2018-01-10) 12889

Hi I'm Princess Diana From Philippines. I would like to be an extra at the movie because I want to help my Mother and my Father. They're working every day, they're working as a vendor at the market. I wanna have an extra income for my studies

Posted by Princess Diana (2017-02-18) 10249

I am 48, athletic and look like a New England wasp. I think acting could be fun. I write, sail, play hockey and have a masters in History.

Posted by rob (2016-04-23) 7308

i never acted nor was i ever an extra in any film and or show but i am more then interested in a career path in acting or voice overs .

Posted by Matheaw Elliott (2016-03-27) 7294

hi i am 13 going on 14 in two mouths and days i live in England the UK and i am look for acting.
i go to to acting class it is called PQA harrogate and i love sing dancing filming and the best thing i do like is acting and i just was hoping if i could at least get in an movie please help me thank you
P.S. i will try my best

Posted by charmain cummings (2014-11-24) 7102

I would love to leave the hood to do something like this

Posted by Bobby Meredith (2014-11-12) 7097

hi I'm an ordinary teenager...15 years and from south Africa [Durban] course selecting at my high school for next is math lit ,dramatic arts ,life science ,and geography. i love acting and if this comes through for me then ill never ever work because IL be loving what I'm dong for a living. I'm good in rehearsing my script and love the form of art.

Posted by kamell kanagn (2014-11-05) 7086

What is the thing needed to become an extra? That is the question that all of us aspiring actors/actresses still in our head? for you what is it?

Posted by Patricia (2014-10-30) 7075

I am eager to get into the film business and believe i could be a good actor if i start small but i would like to be in touch with all producers or anyone that needs someone in their film or television show. please contact me and help me be successful. i do live in lake city Florida however.

Posted by dylan taylor (2014-10-23) 7070

I would love to be in any movie, no matter what. Send me an email and I will tell you a description of my self. I want to be an actor so bad

Posted by Dylan LaFerriere (2014-10-20) 7067

Hi My favorite subject at school is drama an getting really good yearly grades ;) I would love to be a extra as my dream is to be a actor, I would be very grateful for any opportunitie in the acting industries.
Kind Regards .

Posted by Elissa bradford (2014-09-09) 6979

Hi,my name is mailes,am 17and I want to be an actress,any role given to me I can play.I've been in school and church plays before and I sing.Please give me this opportunity and you never go wrong

Posted by mailes zulu (2014-09-01) 6972

HI!!! My name is Kylie, I'm 13 years old and I LOVE to act!!! i have been in multiple plays, i play piano and sing a little!! I have always dreamed about being on TV, ALWAYS! I have a fun personality, I'm kind, silly, and serious when I need to be. I want to start acting in the "Big leagues"! I would absolutely love to be on TV, even if its just as an extra!! THANKS!!! ;)

Posted by Kylie (2014-08-26) 6965

I will love to become a famous because I just want to let people know that I'm just not a kid that's doesn't like to have fun and make money ! And I want to help my family

Posted by Jamia perkins (2014-06-12) 6842

Please pick me. I have been trying to get exposed to this industry for a long time.

Posted by Madyson Lewis (2014-06-06) 6822

18 yo Black mail,acting is what i do,i can vanish into any role.
shoot me an email

Posted by Darcell (2014-01-14) 6616

Big bust, big butt, big smile. Outgoing as can be and looking to switch from model to actress. Pretty interested in doing extra work at the moment. :) email is always open and phone is always on.

Posted by Madison Capellen (2013-12-30) 6604

my name is Renner George....and have been in love with TV and screen movies since the age of 5. I actually feauture in school drama's,inter state drama competitions and stage drama's. I am 17 years old,a citizen of Nigeria,easy to work with,love meeting and relating with people,very dependable and also i take directions easily....i hope u consider this pls....thank u very much and God bless

Posted by renner george (2013-11-24) 6586

hi, called me carrie for 13..i lived at malaysia... i want to be an actoer since i was 5..i love acting more than i love myself... give me this chance and i'll try hard...please make my dream come true....i would love to be an extra movie... so please, let me try

Posted by Carrie Jahar (2013-06-07) 6503

Hi I am 37 years old, but look younger. I would love to be an extra in a movie. I have taken acting in college, and done a few plays during college about 4 years ago. I took those classes because I enjoy acting. I have done alot of plays (when I was younger through high school) and discovered I have a true passion for acting. I hope to hear a reply back. Thank you. Christy

Posted by Christy (2013-05-21) 6487

Hi my name is Cassie & It would be so awesome if I could be in a movie because I love to sing & act!! :D I live in Mississippi & I also want to be an artist & actress when I get out of college! :)

Posted by Cassie Boggs-Gray (2013-04-14) 6470

i am 14 years old and since i was 5 years i have had a dream of acting. i love acting very much, it's in my heart even though i have no certificate, i can act because acting is my dream and it is what i am gifted of. i usually act at school and in my church. please help me give me this chance and you would be making my dreams come true. please help a poor child of God please. ipromise i will do hat i was gifted of, my best. i am beging you.

Posted by Lungiswa Vilakati (2013-01-04) 6380

I would love to be an extra for movies, to at least start my career because there's nothing more of what I want to be exept for being an actor,model or be an own personal massage therapist/ massoose, please help me with my goals of becoming, there is mostly nothing else that intrests me of becoming exept for being famous and helping all children in need, but first I need to be famouse to become known, I would appreciate it if you would help me as much as possible

Posted by Armando Ramirez (2012-12-02) 6347

Hi I'm Madie. I'm 17 years old and I have wanted to become an actress for a very long time but I don't know where or how to start. I have been in my school plays and I also am the student lead for advertising the school plays and musicals.I know I am sounding just like anyone else here, but I would really love to be an actress. My favourite television show is, and always will be, The Mentalist, and I would love to make any kind of appearance on the show. I am a good actress and I don't act for the money, but for the experience because acting allows me to become someone else and forget about my regular life. I have been searching for weeks for somewhere to get more information on auditioning and acting so it would mean the world to me if someone replied. Thanks!

Posted by Madie Rowe (2012-07-17) 6257

I'm a great actor and singer. I dance and modelin since I was 4 years old. I just wan't to live my dreams to be famous and dedicate all my time and life to realize my dreams. I have to do something better with my life and help my family. I know more than 3 languages and I love to have fun everytime with friends and family.

Posted by Mikimah Shawn Li (2012-06-08) 5921

I been in movies in pittsburgh pa as a extra I like being in movie I want 2 be a actor bad please help me in the acting career

Posted by Rashad Bolden (2012-05-18) 5888

Hi my name is Trenton carter I'm from Colorado I have lots of skills specially in sports football wrestling an track an baseball I would love too be a star in a sports movie or anything in a movie if I could get any help me out accomplish my dream an be seen around the world an have a successful career in movies he movie industry I'd like the chance sp please let me know or give me a call thanx.

Posted by Trenton carter (2012-04-19) 5754

I would love to be a movie extra and maybe more later i am 30 so i don't have a lot of time left to be discovered. I would like to show my kids that they can do anything they want by achieving those same goals for myself i love being a character even in everyday life. I have some head shots done but there not very professional please call me that would be great.

Posted by amanda nelson (2012-04-18) 5750

I would love to be an extra in almost anything! i am 30 years old so i really want to do this bad before i get old. lol i am a character i have what it takes and i am available for your schedule. i have some head shots already but not real professional i want to show my kids that they can do anything they want to by achieving those same goals myself.

Posted by amanda (2012-04-18) 5749

Im twenty-three years old, with no acting talent or exp. Im a hispanic male whos family hails frm Puerto Rico.Handsome but very humble. Looking at this list i see a lot of future actors and actresses. I see hopes and pleads for recognition...i'd like to let them know that i wish tha best. Life gets pretty rough and some of these people deserve this chance. Just like i do. We all have something inside that tells us we're destined for something better. After searching this sight i hope to persue this further. Wish me luck.
HOPE you guys see this...peace
p.s usualy a funny guy..but i just came across a wish list. Shhytz real.

Posted by reinaldo colon jr (2012-02-17) 5537

Thank you for the post. She needs all the pirsae she can get. The Polish media tend to treat her US career as a failure, not taking the effort to check some facts. All the best.Her niece

Posted by Shivam (2012-02-13) 5505

My goal is to become an actress. I love the whole idea of you working but also having fun doing it. My teacher told me i should start off small then build up and this is why i want to be an extra. So please if you have any openings for a 16 year-old contact me. I would highly appreciate it. Thank You:)

Posted by De'Janae Hendricks (2012-02-11) 5491

I've all ways wanted to be an actor for as long as i can remember the problem is i cant find a job willing to hier a 15 year old

Posted by brit (2012-01-24) 5407

i want to become a succesful model & actor

Posted by Keshav Jha (2012-01-22) 5401

Hie there..i have always wanted to be an actor since i was still in my teenage years ..its my passion.....

Posted by Robert (2012-01-05) 5342

I want to act in movies and/or television. I live in Northern Ireland but I am prepared to travel. Last June I visited Miami and was inspired by film-making I seen take place! I'm looking for opportunities to be an extra/actor.

Posted by Paul Curran (2012-01-05) 5338

im in the civil engineering field,living in colorado and have a resume for that field only. have been called for extra work in the past but never got into it due to my work schedule. my schedule is very open these days so if you are in need please feel free to contact me..thanks :)

Posted by Melody (2012-01-04) 5333

Hello I would like to be in a movie. I will do big parts or small parts it doesnt matter to me

Posted by Courtney Rae-Ann Butts (2011-12-17) 5292

Hey I am Lisa,
I live in Austria and I am 14 years old. I really like acting and my dream is to be an actor one day! I play the violin and the recorder. Last year I've acted in a movie. Well, it was made in our scool, and I've only said some sentences, but it was in a cinema in Austria for some days...
I would enjoy it to act in a film like "Good luck Charlie", but I also like movies!
I know I'm from Europe but I've many relatives in the United States and my English is very good! I learn English for 8 years now.
I hope you can make my dream come true!
with love, lisa

Posted by Lisa (2011-11-26) 5247

hi Im bailey ( : i live in Newfoundland & before you start saying I have a "newfoundlander" accent i don't ( : Im 13 years old. since i was little I really wanted to be in a movie or even a show. my friends say Im very pretty. I'm very outgoing. Im in cheerleading, basketball & volleyball. I love to play sports. I have a very positive attitude & my friends say Im very daring. I mean i can be if that's what your lookinng for. My mom say I'm one of a kind. She say's that I'd be a great actress & people would watch me every day for entertainment!! My dad says I'm very funny. Sometimes I even make myself laugh! LOL. I think I'd be really good for what your looking for! i think it's a very big responsibility to take on!!! lots of love, Bailey ( :

Posted by Bailey (2011-11-23) 5235

Hi my name is kassandra but a lot of people call me kassie. I am a 13 year old girl. I love watching movies and plays and TV. I have always wanted to be an actor on TV and movies but I didn't know how to get on there so I looked up stuff on google and I found this. I live in Lockport, New York. I am very pretty, but I don't know if that matters anyways. I would really appreciate it if you could contact me, I bet I would be able to go go the auditions and everything. I like to sing, because in school I am in chorus and I love it. The only thing I want to do with my life is to be an actor. I also have been in talent shows and I have gotten 1st place. I am talented I am probably what your looking for I bet you I am. Please contact me it's all I asking of you I want to be in a show I would really appreciate it. Thank you soooooooooooooo much.

Posted by Kassandra (2011-11-15) 5131

hey my name is Brittany Sheard. I am 15 years old. I live in Mississippi. I know the responsibilities of being famous, it's like every time you walk out the house you people wanting your autographs and pictures. I just want to once feel pretty and be known and move out of MS with my family, and become wealthy and help out others in need. I have faith

Posted by Brittany (2011-10-29) 5054

My names Arnold Hong and I am 13 years old, I live in Georgia and just want to be a movie extra, I don't mind if its a random person just walking looking pretty I think it will be fun and its good experience for later on who knows?

Posted by Arnold Hong (2011-10-18) 4920

i want to act i have a certificate of acting in south Africa so i need help

Posted by lexington (2011-10-14) 4906

i wemt to work as a extra in a movie

Posted by zaida perez (2011-10-12) 4905

My name is Midalia Dominguez. iam a 36 puertorican women, iam 5 foot 2 but i can wear high heels. i look in my 20's... I describe myself as confident, loyal, and determined. I believe in reaching for my goals. Life is about challenges. My experience, in my time, has taught me discipline, honesty, and most importantly the will to survive. Those challenges made me the person I am today. i love dancing and im very creative i know i will be perfect for Films.

When I was young, I was very active. I took part in plays and musicals. Acting was always my passion and still is. I've posted you tube videos of myself acting, singing and dancing. Music inspires me. Hard work and determination always pays off. My dream is to leave an impact in become the next Idol. being connected with people that act and are talented just like me has been a role model for me, and still do, that inspire me with their words of wisdom. Knowledge is the key and I believe in learning as much as I can. my passion is to follow my dreams and become Actress in films, commercials, shows, or even as extras i really want to built my resume.. A secure foundation helps as well as support. I have a passion to move forward in a positive way. i Graduated from acting classes my coaches are Brooke bundy and Kevin stapletson i have auditioned in many live cams with live producers and i will continue going to Acting class or workshops.

I'm a strong independent woman with challenges like everyone else. Your actions define you as far as how you deal with it. I've learned that in my personal life and I continue to move forward. I have dreams, goals, responsibilities, and a determined heart. As long as I follow my heart, I believe anything is possible. Surrounding myself with positive people also plays a huge part in my life. Negativity is not in my vocabulary. My attitude speaks for itself. I always remain positive. I've always stuck to that method and till this day, It works for me. my dream is to come out in films etc, please give me this opportunity to become and persue my dreams. thank you.

Posted by Midalia Dominguez (2011-09-15) 4758

Hi my name is Rachel I am from TN I have been practicing acting since I was a little kid I used to act out my favorite episodes of the Flinstone's with my little brother I'm very committed to my dream of being an actress I'm very athletic and I have also been in many plays.

Posted by rachel p (2011-09-11) 4753

hello my name is emna i am 17 years old i am from tunisia and i play piano and i am a theatre actriss it is possible that when i grow up more i go to america and work with great actriss but not arabic??

Posted by emna (2011-09-02) 4726

Hi am kamo and am looking for a job of acting cause am good at it and i live with a single parent whos unemployed so i also think that i can also help financially in the house

Posted by Kamogelo (2011-09-01) 4723

Hello. If anyone does end up reading this, I live in Ottawa Ontario. I have lived in the city and I have lived in the forest also. I am a dancer and I am a pretty good gymnast and singer! I have great experience with, dogs, horses and I get along well with animals...and people of course! Acting is my passion. I have a outgoing personality! I have been to drama camps before. I don't mean to bother anyone but please take some time to notice me! :) Some people say I'm a tad bit sarcastic, but I think I just have personality. It is my DREAM to make a difference in the world! I hope to become successful in the future. I can easily be taken to anywhere in the world! Anyway I would love to hear back from you! Thank you for taking your time to read this!! I will be keeping my fingers crossed in hope you think I am special!

Posted by Victoria M. (2011-08-10) 4215

Hello, anyone? Excuse me, I am very sorry if you are busy. My name is Elizabeth, and I am Eleven Years old. My Poetry, writing and vocabulary has led me to have a possible feature in a book, and possibly my own book published. These are large "maybe"s because not a lot of people know me. I have a Deviantart profile in which I post my poetry and artwork. I occasionally talk to actual models and photographers. I have always had a small Fantasy of Acting or singing, because I can't dance to save
my life and I can't even do a cartwheel. I have worked on my Acting on my own using tips from actors. I have tried it out and I was told I was good. Please, I am very sorry if I am annoying you, but can anyone notice me? I would just like to be somebody. If anyone cares, I can show you my work. I just want to be remembered,
I live in New York, and I can easily be driven to NYC.


Posted by Elizabeth Liggera (2011-08-07) 4158

Hello, anyone? Excuse me, I am very sorry if you are busy. My name is Elizabeth, and I am Eleven Years old. My Poetry, writing and vocabulary has led me to have a possible feature in a book, and possibly my own book published. These are large "maybe"s because not a lot of people know me. I have a Deviantart profile in which I post my poetry and artwork. I occasionally talk to actual models and photographers. I have always had a small Fantasy of Acting or singing, because I can't dance to save my life and I can't even do a cartwheel. I have worked on my Acting on my own using tips from actors. I have tried it out and I was told I was good. Please, I am very sorry if I am annoying you, but can anyone notice me? I would just like to be somebody. If anyone cares, I can show you my work. I just want to be remembered,


Posted by Elizabeth Liggera (2011-08-07) 4157

hi i am 13 years of age and in grade8 i love acting very much but it is a pity that my school has not been doing drama but it Willy start this year and ii am going to enter acting is in my blood please consider.

Posted by keamogetswe (2011-08-07) 4156

Hey I'm shauna 15 and I love acting I done lots of school plays I would be great in a movie please write back

Posted by shauna (2011-07-28) 4093

HEY ! Im Cassandra.I'm 13 and i have been in every single play in school since i was in 2ND grade, Ive also been in one drama,all the rest comedies and remakes .I live 50 minutes away from Detroit, im 5'3, really skinny, weigh 96 pounds, medium length dirty brown hair. and i am known as the school pervert and comedian, im very spontanous and weird..yay. this will be my big breakthrough, thanks you guys :)
My Parents will let me do any kind of acting, horror, comedy, perverted comedy, me getting shot (fake), or even me being a bloody vampire

Posted by Cassandra Beattie (2011-07-23) 4088

I'm 40 yrs old . Male . black. not looking to be a big movie star just an extra. just looking for work .sounds like fun !!!

Posted by spence (2011-07-13) 3996

hi im kyla, i would absolutely love to b a movie extra. me and my 8 year old brother both. Contact me please.

Posted by kyla pruitt (2011-07-13) 3956

Hi, I'm Desi. I am 13 years old and I would love to be an actress... maybe even an extra! Some of my friends say I am a good actress... when I have a script. I can make myself cry, I can be dramatic, I can do any emotion. I live in Upper Michigan. Every time I watch TV, I think to myself, "Why am I not an actress" I am good with animals, children, adults... I would probably do a voice in a cartoon or an animated movie. Please contact me A.S.A.P.

Posted by Desi Stafford (2011-07-09) 3902

Hi I'm Taylor. I'm very interested in acting being in a movie and playing as a mean girl has always been my dream i have a good voice and good at acting please contact me.

Posted by Taylor (2011-07-06) 3848

Im interested in working as an extra. Thanks

Posted by Sandra (2011-06-27) 3633

hi, my name is marky, im 14 years old, im 4'11 and i have blue eyes. i love acting its the best experience!!! i also love too sing!!! i would do anything just too get a small role in a movie!!! it would be the best thing that would happen in my whole life!!!(:

Posted by marky (2011-05-30) 3349

I would love to be an actor I'm camera ready for anything anyones ready to throw at me. I am a part time student at Youth Building Alternatives in Portland, Maine if you could contact me that would be awesome my Email thanx

Posted by Zackery J Douglas (2011-05-24) 3298

sometime's writting word's can make a powerful impact on you or someome else,,now combine that with body language,facial expression's... You will be in his or her thought's more then they may even realize..... I am Danny Devito when he 1st started...Now he is a 6feet 10 inch man when he walks into a movie or sitcom set..........

Posted by Frankie (2011-04-25) 3018

I have been given a chance i am now an extra in films i live in belfast i study film & tv and now hoping to live my dream to work in the media industry either as an a extra or a camera man or even a director. So everyone out there hahahahahahahaha

Posted by Niall heney (2011-04-14) 2999

Hi my name is Anthony. What i was planing to do with my life is to become either a movie or TV star like Zak efron is a movie star and like Selena Gomez as a TV star i live in logansport Indiana. i always wanted to be a star.

Posted by anthony (2011-04-10) 2995

hey everyone , my name is crisol Lopez i am a 14 year old female who loves to be out there modeling, acting, dancing, singing and things of that nature! Modeling and acting is my passion and i am determined to do anything for my passion! i am 5'6 and a half, skinny, light brown eyes, dark brown haired girl. I am committed, dedicated, and i have took acting and modeling classes but only have a little bit of experience and i would love to get out there and show the world who i am. i will never say never and i'll keep trying until my dreams come true. Thank you for your time and i hope you take it into consideration. :)

Posted by Crisol Lopez (: (2011-03-21) 2968

Hi, im Lindsay Smart. Im 14 turning 15. I have always wanted to get into the acting industry. I would really like to start out as staring as an extra. i dont have much experience but i would like to learn. if you are interested please contact me at the email given. Thank you.

Posted by Lindsay Smart (2011-03-03) 2906

Hey so I was inspired to become an actress by the one & only Justin bieber! Yes his movie really changed how I look at my life. No I never took acting classes in school, but I know I can do whatever I need to do to become an actress. I can say I'm truly a laid back, athlete with "never say never" attitude. It would be a BLESSING if I can be peoples idols. I know that before my life is over, I need people to remember me & know how it all came true. Yes I know I don't take acting classes; but that's because it comes naturally to me. But naturally doesn't come easy. I'm so committed to do anything to pursue my dream. Anyone ready to help? I got what it takes. & I know that.

Posted by Christina (2011-02-27) 2901

Hi, My name is Desirae LIfe I'm 14 yrs old and from Fairbanks, Alaska. Getting a part on the show would be a dream come true! I think i am star material beacuse im outgoing, athletic, funny, serious and theres many more reasons. I can't get enough of the show; watch it all the time. I want to do something big in my life , and get out of this boring place.

Posted by Desirae Life (2011-02-13) 2876

Hi my name is Rosalyn and i would love to be on a show i live in Ontario Scarborough is u need some one I'm the right one please be the one to make my wish to come true and the rest thanks have a great day

Posted by Roslyn (2011-02-04) 2855

Hey, I am 18 and I live about 20 minutes from Raleigh, NC. I need help getting my foot in the door and I would love the chance to be an extra in a movie. Please help.

Posted by Taylor Wilson (2011-01-07) 2825

I guess I have always wanted something more out of life (This is also what half the peope on this page have already said) I have experienced life by going to high school, college, and now I want something new and exciting. I want an experience that I can look back on and be proud of my accomplishment. I have gone through many positive and negative experiences that shape me as the woman I am today. I'm a hard worker and always follow through. Though I have never had an experience with being a movie extra, I have to start somewhere. And I can tell you I am your girl.

Posted by Leah Glod (2010-12-26) 2819

Hi my name is Brillana Rodriguez, I would love the opportunity just to be considered for any type of roll. I live in Topeka, Kansas. I'm 18 years old and currently attending college. As a Hispanic American i would love to get my foot in the door. Thanks!

Posted by Brillana Rodriguez (2010-12-07) 2803

Hi im crystal and i really like acting i live in massachusetts, and i really hope that there is an agent nearby so PLEASE tell me if there is any oppourtunitys nearby to be in a movie, or tv show

Posted by Crystal Waters (2010-11-30) 2794

5'8, 128 lbs, 34c-24-34 african american, high cheek bones, bright and on it! Currently living in Las Vegas, currently in Hawaii on business wanting to experience the film industry. Looking to have fun and love what I do. I can travel anywhere anytime. I enjoy challenges, so let's bring it!!!

Posted by Tiffanie (2010-11-17) 2780

Hi my name is Katy, I am 35 years of age, i am desperately looking for being an extra or part of a background. I am willing to do anything. Live in New York City please i just want to get my feet, even if only my toe in or front of the door. I am willing to relocate or travel.

Posted by katy (2010-08-18) 2680

iv got a good talint of acting and i dont know how to get started pleas can some one help me..

Posted by Michaela (2010-08-17) 2677

Are you other commenters for real? If you want to work as an extra go find a casting company. This website only has useful information, they are NOT a casting company, and they are NOT going to contact you. Find a casting company in your local area, sign up, get a head photo taken, and then wait to be called IF you match the profile they're looking for.

Posted by Get Real! (2010-07-09) 2633

looking to become a extra or background girl. I am 52 years old. tall and thin. live in longisland nyl

Posted by ann (2010-07-07) 2629

Our names are Ashlynn and Michaela. We are best friends, have been since 3rd grade and we are now going into 10th grade.We are 15 years old turning 16 here in a few months. We have been wanting to act ever since either of us can remember. We don't have much experience, but we are going into drama when we get into High School. We don't care about the fame or the fortune, all want is a chance to do something we love to do. We live in a small town where it is next to impossible to get started in acting, The closest acting school is 4-5 hours away. Even if we are an extra, we'll take what we can get. We just want a chance to do what we love. Please email us with any suggestions/opportunities!! Thanks A&M

Posted by Ashlynn&Michaela (2010-07-03) 2622

Hey my name is Brenda, I'm 15 going on 16 in October. I had always hoped that before my 16th that I would acting be in a movie or something, even if I'm an extra, you know you get what your given that type of thing and I'll take what I get. I haven't acted before and I haven't been to any acting classes, my family hardly has enough money just to get by, we only just got the internet but I'm not allowed to use it for very long. I don't care about the fame, the fans or really even the money, I don't care if I was paid peanuts, I just want to be somebody. I have also made a story that I think would be one hell of a movie. LOL. Oh yeah, I'm an Ozzie with ambition!!
One more thing Australia is my home and its AWSOME, home is where the heart is!! :)

Posted by Brenda Honeysett (2010-07-02) 2618

please give me a chance

Posted by thomas kates (2010-06-27) 2612

i live in philadelphia and im trying to get out and go somewhere, im a teen looking for my time to shine

Posted by crystal (2010-06-01) 2570

hi i'm ninii i'm 16 and want to become an actress i had left this comment a lot at first i was written in my mile but then nobody wants to help me to take me abroad to become an actress i have a big talent but in my country it doesn't cost so what i do please help me some producer take me abroad and i swear you won't regret, if you take me abroad i'll take part a lot of films so i can do myself and you too,you know if i had been in abroat for example in New York i wouldn't entreated becouse in another country acting talent costs very much, so i would do everything and now i can do everything too i can leave my country to become an actress it's my dream and i know that it will be happen but now i need help i have no money to go abroad in casting to take part in films, i know that it isn't easy i know that it is very difficualt but i'm not afraid i can do everything to reach in my dream so please help me somebody to take me abroad and become an actress i swear you won't regret too.

Posted by Ni NuCa (2010-05-24) 2552

hello im shelby. i am 15. what did you have for breakfast? i bet it was nice. it was a gloomy day. well i see that everyone is saying a nice greeting and that they want their dream to come true so hello. my dream is to act in a scary movie. because i'm just into the creepy weird stuff. i really enjoy screaming and freaking out and i always want to be someone knew. my whole life i never knew who i was, i always wanted to be someone else. sound familiar? yeah acting seems to be the perfect fit for me.
well i want to start young and i want to start NOW. so contact me! thanks!

Posted by shelby delery (2010-05-01) 2498

How do? Names mike, I think it would be exciting to be an extra. I live in Salt Lake, Utah. As a youth I enjoyed drama class. So heres my "date tape" spill. I'm 6'6, bald, 30 years old and about an 8 on the hottness scale. If I didnt have the redneck handlebar musatch maybe a nine. ha ha. Tattoos and big upper body. If there is a filming in Utah, I'm there. thanks, mike.

Posted by Michael K archibald (2010-04-19) 2485

Hello. I'm Walter Allen; I'm a resident of the Youngstown, OH area. I'm 18 turning 19. I have a unique look, and I'm looking to pursue a career in film. E-Mail me with suggestion/opportunities. Thank you. =]

Posted by Walter Allen (2010-04-12) 2474

I would like to act but i would like to start as an extra in movie and TV show. I would love to change my career.

Posted by ANGEL APONTE (2010-03-17) 2432

I'm 19 years old, attractive, very open minded, looking for any kind of legit acting job...e-mail me with any information. Thanks! =)

Posted by Allison (2010-02-18) 2366

When i was three i always would get up on my fire place and dress up and start acting and singing.So now i am about to be 13 and my parents said when i am 12 that i could persue my career as an actress/singer.They wanted to make sure that it was me that wanted to do and not just a fase.And im still serious about it and i have been in any plays offered to me.I have also taken two acting camps.One was a local libray camp.And the other was south city theater.I got the lead parts in both.I am in 6th grade and i have been in choir scince 3rd grade.It would be a BIG step in my life if you would pick me.Also it has always been me not my parents wanting this.But both my parents and family aprove.I know that being an extra in a movie would be awsome.I just need that spark to set my career off.

Posted by brooke thrash (2010-02-07) 2336

Hi, my daughter(11yrs) and i (36 yrs) would love to be a movie extras. My daughter does ballet and is takn guitar lessons nw. Im a hairstylist and prepared to help out on set 2. Plse give us a chance. Simi and Nikaela

Posted by simi sewnarian (2010-01-20) 2309

hi! my name is Hanna, I live in Adelaide, Australia where not many movies are filmed, i am fifteen and want to be an extra, do I need an agent? how will I know when there is a movie being filmed nearby? please reply soon :-)

Posted by Hanna (2010-01-11) 2299

If you ever need an extra here in the state of Ohio I am your girl. I look alot like Gretchen Wilson. I get told this on a weekly basis. FYI I have actually made the floral arrangements for the movie Top Gun's graduation seen when I was 19yrs old and lived on Coronado Island, Ca. I have recently become unemployed and I am looking at different avenues. Photogenically, Nora Lee

Posted by Nora Lee Hanley (2010-01-06) 2287

13 years old, male, brown/blonde hair. movie extra. good for comedy, or serious drama. will work very hard. if in need of teen actor, please hit me up.

Posted by Nicholas Markart (2010-01-04) 2285

i realy dont need to tell a life story but i can tell you ill work to my full potential and you will not be dissapointed.

Posted by Dalquane Brown (2009-12-30) 2265

Hi my name is Clyde. I am a 37 year old father, and have always wanted to act. I did enough theatre work when I was younger ti know that I love acting, but not in that capacity. I live in th extreme southern part of Alabama, close to Mobile. If anyone needs any help in the way of an actor along the gulf coast, give me a shout.

Posted by Clyde E. Johnson Jr. (2009-12-30) 2262

My name is jessica and i am a real interesting girl. i think that i could do well with any type of roll that needed to be played. give me a shot.

Posted by Jessica Stofko (2009-12-26) 2255

Good day my name is Chelton Keppler am 23 years old and would love to start a career in acting. i live in Pretoria South Africa, and is flexible for any extra acting jobs thats available. I have the skill and potential to became a great actor. please give me a shout. God bless

Posted by Chelton Keppler (2009-12-26) 2251

hey plz mesage me i love to act.

Posted by zac (2009-11-17) 2191


Posted by Geoff (2009-11-15) 2184

Hey im Jorden Albright im 12 years old I am a skater,football player,basketball player,and baseball player as you can see I play alot of sports.Im currently taking classes on how to play piano and guitar.I have played sports all my life and I have felt like something has been missing.I started being in plays when I was like seven. I stopped being in plays for a couple years and then I started being In more plays when I was nine- ten at my school.I have signed up for three websites to be on tv or a movie extra I have only gotten one email back it was a great offer unfortunately I checked my email two days after a email.Right now I would be getting payed two hundred dollars a day and I would of got to be in a movie.So please email me!

Posted by Jorden A. (2009-11-13) 2182

Hi my name is Gary, I have been wanting to act ever since i can remember.Im 35 years old, and i finally decided to see if i can do it. I went through some hard times and still cannot find a job. I have a family, a wife and 2 daughters. Im a hard worker when i work, and i will do anything to support my family. I went to an interview at one talent agency and they said i have the look people would be looking for. If you can please give me a chance, i can show you what i can do. Thank You, Gary

Posted by Gary Buchko (2009-11-13) 2180

I am truely grateful for Patrick Ingram and his company. I had the opportunity to work in three of their
movies, The Gospel, Broken Bridges and Stomp The Yard. I would love to work for this company again
and recommend anyone who is looking for work as an extra or any type of acting job to contact Patrick
Ingram. He is truely a God sent.

Posted by Cheryl Clay (2009-10-31) 2168

hi my name is shirlies im 13 years old. I allways had a dream and it was and is been an actress (movies star ). everybody tells me that i can do it .i been looking for opportunities to act but nothing .I really want someone to give me an opportunity so badly .i could work on anything extras or ANYTHING . I WILL ALLWAYS THANK YOU FOR THAT.

Posted by shirlies (2009-10-24) 2156

Hi Im Leah and Im 13 years old. I really want to be an actress and even though I am young I think I have what it takes. I go to a performing arts school and all my drama teachers say I have potential. I dont know how to get into movies or audition for a TV show so I was hoping this site could help. My favourite TV show is The Mentalist and it would be a dream come true to do something on there. Ive wanted to be an actress since I was about 7 and I was going to audition for disney shhows but it was too far away but now that I am really trying to be an actress I would travel pretty much anywhere in the world to be on TV. I really want this chance and whoever I work for I promise I wont let them down. Please give me a chance, thankyou :-)

Posted by Leah (2009-10-21) 2151

Hi, my name is Grace Welch, and yes i know you get this all the time but i have a dream, and that is to act. This is the first time that I have ever even made an effort to try and talk to someone about this. All my friends and family know about my dream, but I was held back. Now I'm 23 and I know I have what it takes, I have always loved working with different people. I think acting would be great for me because I'll have the chance to work with a lot of different people. I used to be on the drama team at my church before i moved. Acting is something I know I will be good at, and it will make me happy. I dont want to do it for the fame all tho that would be nice to, Like I said I know it will make me happy. please if you are intrested in talking to me please contact me. This is no joke for me and I hope its not for you.

Posted by Grace Welch (2009-10-18) 2147

Hey there Im a South African girl who just needs someone to motivate me and lead me Im a fast learner and believe Ive got talent,please contact me through email. .thank you God bless

Posted by Candice (2009-10-05) 2132

I have two daughters ages 11 and 13 that would like to start acting and what better way to get your foot in the door than to be an extra on a movie set? Please contact me if you have openings for any girls their age... or their mom (39 year hot mama)!

Posted by Dawn Immordino (2009-09-28) 2125

Hi my name is Cami Taylor. I am 13. I will be 14 in december. I plan to go to college and tske acting courses. I want more experience before I go. I have been in a play before and loved it. I was not the leading role (not old enough) but i still had fun. I found that I do good in front of crowds and without the crowd. I would love any part you throw at me. Thank you!

Posted by Cami Taylor (2009-09-16) 2090

Acting has been my passion since i was little. I would love nothin more to be an extra in a movie. Im 20 years old i have alot of exoeriance and acting is just one of thise things that i dedicate my life to. Im tired of holdind this passion in. i want to let it out and live my dreams. im tired of everyone telling me thats its false reality im a great actor and have awards to prove it. But if no one believes in me and wont help me, then its up to me to make my dreams come true. So if thats what you are looking for a aspiring actor/singer im your guy.

Posted by DONTAE WILLIAMS (2009-09-15) 2087

heyy im elaine and im a really good actress i really wanna do something with my life and make my parents happy im 11 and i live in boston ma and i really wanna act its my dream to act and meet famous actress like nikki reed and kristen stewart and other actors like robert pattinson and taylor lautner i am begging ill do tv commercils or be an extra anything so i can be on tv and act i hope you read this and say wow this really wants to act lets give her a call at 508-292-7955 thank u

Posted by Elaine Sanchez (2009-09-07) 2051

Hi! I'm Summer. I live in Fridley, MN. I am 12 years old. Yes, I am young, but I have been told I look and act older than I am. I have wanted to go into acting from a very young age; I indeed have no experience but me and my friends have little plys sometimes and I am always complimented on my acting, singing, etc. If there is anyone looking for a young aspiring actress/singer, I'm the girl for you! (:

Posted by Summer (2009-09-06) 2048

Hello My name is Dennis i'm 16 years old.I really want to act.I dont have experience with acting,but i played in my middle school play and did great.I'm step by step pursuing my dream to become an actor,and I hope this can get me started.

Posted by Dennis Morris (2009-09-02) 2040

hi my name is krystal and i have always wanted to be in a movie. i love acting and im very great at it. im almost fifteen and really would love to be in a horror movie. i feel like i would relate to them more because, well, my life does horrify me, mostley i want to be in a movie with sperites or as most people call them ghosts, i have a lot of ghosts in my house and i feel like if i put that horror in a movie itll show how scared i am of my own home. i usually try to get out of the house as much as possible. so if youre a director please help and email me. thank you.

Posted by krystal (2009-08-30) 2031

Hi, I'm 17 yrs old and I want to get into acting biz but first I want to start out as an extra just to see what it's like. I also need help to earn money to help my parents pay for medical bills because my dad is in critical condition at the moment. So please email me to whoever is looking for extras for a show or movie.

Posted by Junko M. (2009-08-17) 1979

Hello, I am 18 years old i am a pround parent just looking for a way to get by. I live in jenison, michigan with my grandparent . My mother kicked me out when my daughter was just 4 months old. I have moved house to house, and hope to buy a home in North Carolina where i spent my summers as a kid. I am the one that can do the job. I work hard to get my dreams. I am not a little miss barbie. But I can do big jobs to little one. Just a little line would help me and my daughter. So I don't want to beg but in this case. Please just a little job.

Posted by Aaliiyah Walker (2009-08-13) 1948

I am a 25 year old female, whom has had alot of experiencing in acting/drama ( all through my school age years).
I guess you could say it is a passion! I watch alot of movies, some of which I watch over, and over again, for the simple purpose of seeing how easy it would be for me to play a certain character's part.

I live in Knoxville, Tennessee.

I am brown eyed, brownish red haired, 5 ft. 4 inches tall, and weigh aproximately 145 lbs.

I have had some experience in Barbizon modeling agency, which didn't work out, because I had to move, and I was 16 at the time.

Very fast learner, and with the right teacher, and given the right opportunity, I am certain that once I put my mind to something....I CAN and WILL achieve it!

Posted by Kari J. Mann (2009-08-07) 1898

Hello! :)

Im Bianca Murtic, A 13 year old actress/model in training. Im looking for a start to a great career.
Ill take any small jobs around des moines, Iowa that a 13 year old girl can have. If you wanna learn more about me or have a job i could do please contact me. :)

Thanks For Reading!

Posted by Bianca (2009-07-24) 1832

I have been wanting to act for a long time, and I was wondering if you had any roles for a high schooler with a tight schedule. Thanks!

Posted by Malika Martin (2009-07-22) 1815

There are so many actors and actresses that I look up to, and I would absolutely love to be one myself. Please let me know about roles a 12 year ld can have.

Posted by Urvashi Mathur (2009-07-21) 1811

Easy going,laidback guy with great personality.
Very goodlooking 6'1" man with great body.And very quick learner.
Willing to do anything,Change hair color and/or cut if needed.

Posted by Ronny Haggard (2009-07-21) 1805

Hi I am 20yrs young Ht. 5'2'' have brown hair brown eyes. I want to try something new so I thought being an extra would be an awsome experience even tho I have no Experience in this field. I would like to see if I may succeed in this and if I do than I would like to move on to other great opportunities.

Posted by Christina Gonzalez (2009-07-17) 1786

If I were Shakespeare living today what would I enact ? what would I relive ?

Life is a stage and we are all actors..characters of our own personality, of this script that we have written, and our present decisions and actions make our future. its all about the choices and only strong characters can hold their craft and make the right choices even on slippery slopes and the obvious rat race of competition.
To develop a livelihood of being myself, as a child, daughter, sister, student... and experiencing those emotions all over again is what I really want to relive..

Posted by Actor (2009-07-17) 1784

wow , iv always kinda wanted to be in a funny movie! im 13 years old and and ( i dont like it) shy!..but i always make people laugh in my family ans at school!! if idid get a chance to be in a movie i would want a small part because of being shy ( my face turns red most of the time hhaah)....well i hope i hear from me

Posted by cecelia (2009-07-16) 1776

Yes,we all want be actors.But get real,whats chance to become an actor ???
Well i think its 0,01%
That mean every 10 000'th man can be actor.Hmmm...
I want be actor too,im really talented in all sports,i train Karate and Basketball.
Body type:Athletic ; Language:Serbian,English(just bad grammar) and little Dutch.
I can sing,swim,i just afraid of God,nothing else.Im pretty good climber and im funny.For more information just add me on FaceBook my name is Milan Dobrijevic(15),im that boy with muscles.
GL to all.

Posted by Milan Dobrijevic (2009-07-11) 1759

I know I could be a great actress, i WILL be a great actress. Altough, I'm unsure where to start, I need some help. Please email me, I'd appreciate it so much.

Posted by becky sprauer (2009-07-10) 1751

i know i can become a great actor, but i need help starting. i knmow that i can be great. i want this.

Posted by trevor (2009-07-07) 1732

i want to be an actor

Posted by brian barnes (2009-06-24) 1650

Hello. I'm 18 years old actor and I'm from Texas. I want to join disney channel shows and movies because being TV Actor is my dreams. You will hire me if I will say thank you for changing my life. I'm serious. I'm kind of good man for my whole life. Will you help me? I promise I will get good behavior.

Posted by Trannon Cheek (2009-06-23) 1643

Please I want to live up to my dreem lifs to short.I always wanted to be an actress even if i have 1 line i dont care

Posted by Koko (2009-06-22) 1638

I'm 16 and a junior in high school never acted, but I'm very good at making people laugh and i was thinking of doing stand up/ Acting/ improv for starters and getting my name out. Me and my family are low on income I'm not looking at acting as a way out, its just that i have a desire for some reason to act. I have no previous experience in acting. I'm new to this game. But is it to late to start at 16? Ive done my homework and i see that most "actors" are born with middle class parents who can afford acting lessons and taking them all over to make their kids known. My mom and sis are all i have. And we have trouble making it. But through our odds we're making it. Also say i did get it, my family cant move to Hollywood or New York. If your in a low income family then what happens were do you go? Anyway I'm in band right and i play the drums i was going to change one of my electives to drama class. And beginning my career their. Before i wanted to be an actor i wanted to be a doctor or a video game designer. I figure that if i had to choose between those i should choose the one ill most enjoy. So what if you were in my shoes. what would you do?

P.S. this letter is to help me figure out what i should do and thank you for your time.


Posted by Michael Young (2009-06-22) 1636

hi my name is kweme and i am looking for extra role in a movie or something up this long journey
thanks .

Posted by kweme (2009-06-22) 1632

I'm Trannon Cheek. I'm 18 and I'm from Texas. I've been looking for an acting job since last year. Being TV Actor is my dreams. I want to join Sonny With A Chance or JONAS shows on Disney Channel shows. I'm kind of nice man. Will you please show me to how to get in Hollywood?

Posted by Trannon Cheek (2009-06-22) 1630

hi my name is angelica and i want to be a movie extra on new moon the sequal to twilight

Posted by angelica (2009-06-21) 1624

Hello, my name is Evan. I've worked different types of jobs throughout my life, but have yet to find what truly makes me happy. Resently I've become interested in the entertainment business. Whether it's acting or working on special effects(specifically airbrushing). I've even considered doing some voice acting since my voice is so low and considered by most to be very unique. I live in the south in a very small town. There's not many options in these fields here. I would greatly appreciate some advice on what to do.

Posted by Evan Hall (2009-06-20) 1622

hello plez someone help me be a movie star or actress i would love to be one i am 13years old and i dnt fink i can wait any longer plez!

Posted by Gemma Sharman (2009-06-20) 1616

i would like to be an extra because i want to some day be an actress on disney channel.
but ,y parents said i have to stafrt somewhere i have some actingexpieriance with family gatherings and school plays and in every one of those i was really good.
im 13 years old im 4'8" im 80something lbs.
i would like it if you can help me.

Posted by judy esparza (2009-06-01) 1524

my name is medar delaurence am 19 years boy,am looking for the role to be a extra movie anywhere aroun the world.and i do have a dream to ba come a movie star.
am from durban south africa.

Posted by MEDAR DELAURENCE (2009-05-21) 1473

I am 31 years old living in Durban, any time you need extras don't hesitate to call me. I'll be available for any kind of movie at any time. Hope to hear from you soon.

Posted by Jay Masudi (2009-05-20) 1470

Hi, Im Laura and i have always loved acting. I go to local drama summer schools to improve on my previous skills. Im 13 (14 on the 12th May) and have always wanted to be in a film. Even just being an extra could become the start of a young career. I have always been a drama queen and i have enough talent to be even an extra..

If anything comes up please let me know via my email ASAP

Laura xx

Posted by Laura Maddalo (2009-05-10) 1435

I would like to be a actress im half afican american and hungarian, I live in staten island NY. Im 5'5 and average weight. Im a good listener and i can learn roles very fast. I really want this it always had been a dream for me and i want to give a shot. I appreciate it and Thanks

Posted by Ebony S (2009-05-05) 1410

i am over 6 feet and i have a great personality and i am made for acting.
i live in michigan. never professionally acted.

Posted by kenny d. jackson (2009-04-22) 1335

Hey my names Preston Converse I'm 19 years old and have always wanted to a movie extra and possibly an actor. I heard there's a movie being filmed by my work in Clackamas, Oregon called "Cralley" and you guys need some extras?. I have a name one in a million and would do whatever I can to get the job done. I would love to help out and hope to hear from you soon!

Posted by Preston Converse (2009-03-31) 1228

hey im jordan helbing im 13 years old and i have always dreamed of getting on set for a movie, and acting the best i can. I really want to be an actor i really love acting! (: i have been in many plays and in theader classes and i would love to do this(:

Posted by jordan helbing (2009-03-27) 1205

Hello my name is (Marty Jefferson) im 16 years of age. Acting and music is my every thing i've been doing since dippars, i've also acted in school plays and plays at recreation centers.This has aways been my dream and im tryna get my feet wet because life is just to short and tommorrow isnt promise.I know im right for the part hope you pick me you just dont know what good actor u got on your hands.

Marty Jefferson

Posted by Marty Jefferson (2009-03-25) 1188

Hello my name is (Marty Jefferson) im 16 years of age. Acting and music is my every thing i've been doing since dippars, i've also acted in school plays and plays at recreation centers.This has aways been my dream and im tryna get my feet wet because life is just to short and tommorrow isnt promise.I know im right for the part hope you pick me you just dont know what good actor u got on your hands.

Marty Jefferson

Posted by Marty Jefferson (2009-03-25) 1187

Hello, My name is Timothy and I'm 20 years old living in West Valley, Utah. I have always wanted to get into the movie, acting, singing business and when I read this I thought it would be an amazing way to get started! I hope i hear from you soon! I am willing to do just about anything! I hope to hear from you soon!

Posted by Timothy Bowman (2009-03-18) 1156

My name is Gladys and my gold is to become a actress and its hard to do it on my own my parent wount really sopport me because they dont know really anything and i am only 16 year old.
and i been trying for years and no one have nores me?
but i would love if someone out there would help me
thanks for reading.
god bless. =)

Posted by gladys edith morones (2009-03-15) 1131

Hi, my name is Fatou. I love acting , but not very perfect at memorizing lines but Im good. Im can act, cant sing, can dance a little, can play the violin a little. Please help me make my dream come true. Thank you.

Posted by Fatou (2009-03-10) 1115

i love acting at my school, many people come up to me and as for my autograph because they think i'll be famous some day, i am willing to start that dream.

Posted by Zach (2009-02-18) 1023

Hi, my name is Jovie. I'm from Hawaii and i'm 14. I'm interested in starting
in the acting business so any talent agents or casting directors looking for someone new, i can be an extra in a movie. i can sing and act. i can dance a little.

Posted by Jovie (2009-02-15) 1014

Hi wats up my name is genny. I'm a ugandan aged 11 turnin 12 this year. I know how to dance, sing n kinda act. I will be so happy if u pick me p'ze chaw bye

Posted by Lil genny (2009-02-14) 1006

Hi my name is brian Nkabinde aged 14 years old and i have always wished to become an actor in any movie.

Posted by Brian (2009-01-31) 952

Hi, my name is mikaylah. I'm 14 years old and live in Augusta Georgia. No, I do NOT want to be famous, just have the great experience of being in a movie or show. I love CSI:Miami and that would be great if you could get me into that. I'm unique and different than anyone else. Contact me if you're intersted. Thank you.

Posted by Mikaylah (2009-01-21) 912

Hi, im alyssa and i am 14 years old. i live in a small town in southern louisiana. I have done christmas plays in school since i was 4 and about a year ago started doing play in neart by towns and at my new school. I LOVE LOVE LOVE acting!! I am also willing to try anything and have always wanted to dance, sing, and do modeling.If you can teach me i can learn!! i would love the opportunity to be an extra. I have red hair, a light complexion, green eyes, and about 5'5.i am now learning how to play the guitar and would also like to learn the piano and drums. I also love sports any sport and ill do it especially volleyball. im really a down to earth kinjda girl and i love to try new things. im very friendly and easy to work with. i hope that you will consider me for upcoming projects. i am very excited to here from you guys and if you have any information please contact me. love you guys!!!<3

Posted by Alyssa (2009-01-09) 853

my name is tiesha and i am 15 years young.i have always had a passion for acting sense i was a young girl.i would love to have the opportunity to be an extra.i am a very hard worker.i live in washington light skin and 5" would really make my day and make me smile if you contacted me...thank you

Posted by tiesha hines russell (2009-01-07) 844

Hello, I'm James and I am a middle-class American stuck in northeastern Ohio looking for a way out. I am intelligent and can adapt to any role. I'm six feet tall and weight 175 pds. I have an athletic build with blonde hair and blue eyes. I hope I am a good fit for your next film!

Posted by James Adgate (2009-01-05) 837

Hi, my name is Victoria I'm 15 from Ireland. I always wanted to become an actress, but I never really knew how to get started. Being in a movie as an extra sounds good to get started and to have some experience.
If you have any auditions or anything at all that could help me to fulfill my dreams please contact me!
Thank You!

Posted by Victoria Budafai (2009-01-04) 821

hello: i am redouane bouyakoub and i am 16 i have 1.86m. i live in algeria and i love to becom an actor on any movie but i don't know from where i star. please if u know please tell me how. thank you very much.

Posted by Redouane Bouyakoub (2009-01-02) 753

Hello,my name is Tyron,I want to be an actor but...i have no idea where to start.
Can anyone give me any advice on what to do?
Thank you!

Posted by Tyron Johnson (2008-12-31) 736

My Name Is Katelyn i am 15 years old and i've wanted to be an actress for a while now but never knew how to get started. it is my dream to become an actress. i would love to be in an movie extra. i am a good singer. so contact me please i would love to do this.

Posted by Katelyn (2008-12-30) 729

Hello, my name is Uzubenathi, i've been an extra in a soapie once before and i really had lots of fun and i would really like to do it again, it would love to go for auditions to any agency that is available, i am ready to show the world that i have potential so that they can apprecitate it, im also a very confindent and beautiful young lady of the age of 19.

Posted by uzubenathi gcaleka (2008-12-19) 692

Hi, I would lyk to be a movie extra in any movie there is out there. Im trying to start my acting career but not really sure how to. please let me know wats out there. I would love to get to any auditons there is.

Posted by Mea rivera (2008-12-07) 649

My name is Botshwano Luxy Mokgwabone in South Africa.I am 36 years old and l have always wanted to act but never knew how to get started. I would like to be a movie extra. Contact me back.

Posted by Botshwano Luxy Mokgwabone (2008-11-27) 621

My names Nikita am From Ireland.
I am 15 years old.
I have always wanted to act but never new how to get started it.
Would love to be a movie extra.
Contact me back.

Posted by Nikita Mc Intyre (2008-11-23) 612

my name is jalen and i am 14 years old and i love acting i have been in only school plays though and i really whant to be a movie extra at least this is my dream and i think i would be great for this! Please try to conntact me back.

Posted by Jalem harrise (2008-11-01) 519

my name is sarah and i am 14 years old and i love acting i have been in only school plays though and i really whant to be a movie extra at least this is my dream and i think i would be great for this!

Posted by sarah (2008-10-25) 505

i'v posted a message on here befor, but im white but i got'a good tan, lol,im good at acting, I mean I can cry on perpose and every tang, easy to work with, and if Iwas to be a movie extra,and become famose I would not go carzy with it like other actresses have.

Posted by Vanessa Nazworth (2008-10-24) 498

My name is Vanessa,I love to act, and love Jessica Alba with all of my heart, you my home girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im about to be 15 year's old kind'a short but not realy lol!!! Dark brown hair,Brown eye's, and cute if I do say so my self, funny and a ittle smart! lol!!! and I would love to be a movie extra!! well not so much an extra but I got'a start Some were, :)!!!! love ya, mean it!!! :) N.C Elizabeth town/Bladenboro, in Bladen County

Posted by Vanessa Nazworth (2008-10-24) 497

I love to act. When I grow up I hope to be like Jessica Alba

Posted by Vanessa Hope Nazworth (2008-10-24) 496

Hi my name is kayla and i love to act, i also know that soo many peaple want to become an actress that its very hard to get in. im here to say i will do any thing that is asked, im 13yrs old and i can memorize lines easily, and i think im good at mother was a music teacher and voice teacher, shes been teaching me some vocal exercises, my mom use to be in the opera and she did some voices in movies. im just sayin that she tought me alot of things. i have been in plays and choirs, and the drama clubs and classes, so if you have a part for me fill free to contact me and dont be shy!;] and Ising and write my own songs, and peaple always tell me im beautiful and look like a model! so im open to anything

Posted by Kayla Decker (2008-10-07) 460

Hi Im 36 years old and live 45 min from LA. I would love the oppertunity to be a movie extra. I love acting

Posted by Dawn Secrest (2008-10-05) 451

Hi im a 16 year old young lady,who can change to any character which im required to change to. And hope i get the chance to be an actress

Posted by Nothando sibiya (2008-09-29) 438

I am a 15 year old actress, very professional, takes directions easily, i am easy to work with, i love to meet people, and very dependable.
I hope you consider.

Posted by Mimi Mubaidin (2008-09-18) 379

hi im very interested in becoming an extra in a movie or show. Iam 21 and live about an hour and a half away from los angeles...thanks

Posted by savannah (2008-09-17) 378

My name is Wesley and i always wanted to be an actor and i need a talent agent or anybody that wants me to do an acting job i am 13 an perfect for anything you want

Posted by Wesley (2008-09-08) 349

hello, my name is maribel im 19 yrs old and i would love to be in a movie as an extra, im also a mexican american i can speak english and spanish. I live in the los angeles area ....thanks

Posted by maribel madrigal (2008-09-08) 345

I love acting ,I looking forward to use my talent on acting ,My hoppies is movies ,soaps and drama ,For this three section I'm interested.I grow in rural areas whereby I learn more on acting,I am 21 years old.Guy

Posted by Edward (2008-08-19) 250

Hello, my name is Alexis Montgomery and my dream is to be in movies or television to entertain and inspire others. I am 15 years old and im very talented. I can dance, sing, and act.

Posted by Alexis (2008-08-13) 221

hi im jason21 years old i would like to be in movies as an extra im from the uk. and i'd love to work with american tv and movies.

Posted by jason (2008-08-12) 205

I want to be A Native American Actress???

Posted by LaShay Rose Parkhurst (2008-08-05) 180

Hi Im hannah horton and yes im young but im very talented yet small (kind of) my sister (8 yrs.) and I sing at church and compete at county talent shows. this past July 25 my sis and I competed at Marion County talent show I got 3rd she got 1st. I play piano, trumpet, sing and im willing to dance, my sister sings, plays piano, guitar and dances we have dreamed of becoming actreses since we could talk. we live about 10 mins. away from Salem, Illinois. please reach us were desperate!

Posted by Hannah Horton (2008-08-01) 160

Hi my name is adri im 15 years old and I live in monahans,tx I have been looking for acting jobs forever. I can I can dance and I am very athletic I will take anything all offer to me

Posted by Adri (2008-08-01) 159

Hi forever in my life ive been interested in acting. Acting is what im prepared to do for the rest of my lyfe. Sometimes i videorise myself acting. My friends at school they usualy say i do acting just because for the love of money but no im doing just because i have a passion for it.ill do anything to be an actress. if you are interested you are free to contacts me.

Posted by Amanda khumalo (2008-07-19) 138

Hi! We are Brooke and Heather. We've been best friends since kindergarden. We have been looking for a job in acting, modeling, and dancing. Hi its Brooke, my dream is to dance and model I have been dancing for 6 years. Hi its Heather, I have always wanted to perform since I was 2. I have had experience in modeling before in different photo shoots. We are both good people to work with. We both would love to work with people that could help us with a future career.

Posted by Brooke & Heather (2008-07-15) 128

Hi, my name is Bethany! I have noticed its hard to find a movie to be in! So if you are a director or agent looking at this i would really appreciate help!! I am a great actress and that is my calling from God! Thank-you!

Posted by Bethany (2008-07-12) 124

Hello. I'm 20 years old and looking into starting as an extra in movies filming in or around Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Posted by Samantha Harmon (2008-07-10) 123

I love acting. I am a 34 year old Korean girl. Please contact me. I live just minutes away from Hollywood in Hancock Park. Please call me for more information. Thanks.

Posted by Julie Kim (2008-07-08) 121

Hi, my name is Anastasia, I live in Indonesia.. I'm an 16 Indonesian-Chinese girl. Please let me know if there are any auditions. I'll try to go there to join the audition & I would do my best for it.. I would love the chance to help as extra in a movie or tv show. I love to act an I had won some acting competitions in Indonesia. Thanks a lot.

Posted by Anastasia (2008-07-05) 118

Hi, my name is Taylor, and I live in Marksville Louisisana. Please, if there are any auditions, let me know. I'm 13 and I love to act, I'm a male. Thanks!

Posted by Taylor (2008-06-17) 108

Hi. My name is lacey. I live in muskogee, oklahoma. I would love to be in a movie, it's like a dream just to be seen in any kinda of movie. I know i would do great and do my best. I really hope for a chance to make my dream happen. I can do anything that i'm needed too. My life isn't perfect, but i try to make it close to being great, even tho it being perfect would be awesome too. I would love the chance to help as a extra in a movie or tv show. thanks. LaCeY.

Posted by Lacey Young (2008-06-08) 101

well im 25 years of age was born 7-2-82 and being in a movie has just been my dream.even if i dont get hispanic from guadalajara jalisco mexico.i sell life insurance.but i wouldnt get mad if i can come out in a movie.why?cause thats a dream ive always is more intensive when i whatch a movie at my house or go to the responsible and i have alot of life stories and ideas of a life can also be made into a movie.i speak english and spanish.if u need me i live around bakersfield area. thanks and hopefully i become a hollywood actor. hehe thanks.

Posted by narciso garcia gonzalez jr (2008-05-22) 91

hi my name is tyler schmidt and i realy would like 2 become a movie star i am
13 and i realy want this please and become a hollywood actor some one please contact me.

Posted by tyler schmidt (2008-05-17) 87

hi i am looking for a role as a movie extra . this is my 1st time doing this but i really would like to try it . i have a baby girl named mia whos 2 years old .shell be 3 in oct. she can also be used in films if needed . i am despreate for this job to support my daughter and me . im 23 going on 24 this june 4 . please contact me. im dominican and speak to language english n spanish. if you would like to contact me thank you!

Posted by melissa taveras (2008-05-02) 83

I am very much intrested in becoming a Hollywood Actor please contact me on my mobile. please contact me Talent Agent or casting agencies. I am available for any work in the Acting business my name is andrew blas Please contact me I dont mind what type of Acting job even if it`s Acting Extra.

Posted by andrew blas (2008-05-02) 80

How can I get into the industry? I want to have a career of being an actor, please help me make BIG BUCKS! Is there any agents looking for a actor, well, here I am!

Posted by Gerardo Robles (2008-04-22) 76

Hi my name is Kieran Harriman and I live in Gauteng South Africa. I graduated from A.F.D.A african film and drama academy with a B.A in live performance. I am interested in your services if only feature films were made in my area please advise.

Posted by Kieran Harriman (2008-03-24) 71

hi my names nicole and acting is my dream it always has been since i was 3 years old i love to acting it is something i am good at i need some one to notice me i need this chance!!

Posted by Nicole (2008-02-28) 60

hey, My name is Molli Elisabeth Hall im 14 and yea, im young but acting is what i want to do in life ..i am ready to do anything you would ask..i live in Lumberton North Carolina and i have been in about 6 plays and i sing at church. I am an only child. i have always loved acting. thanks for your help..

Posted by Molli Hall (2008-02-22) 47

Hi, I am 29 and live about 15 mins from madison, WI I am very interested in any job to do with movies or tv. I am willing to do anything for 1 chance to get my foot in the door.

Posted by Rob Hendrickson (2008-02-14) 39

Hi , I'am very interested in what you guys are offering i'm a teen looking for an audition in the state of louisiana . Acting is what i love and what ever you guy's offer i'll take, THANKXS

Posted by Aliska Suvella Gray (2008-02-01) 28

i have been looking for an oppertunity as a Truck to do parts as an extra, in movies or TV shows . i have about 28 yrs of experiance as a driver

Posted by Timothy Aubin (2007-12-22) 15

Please give me a call, my grandchildren and I are perfect for this.

Posted by Olivia Small (2007-11-04) 1

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