Actor Resume Examples

by Joshua Siegel

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Your resume will be your most important marketing tool.

A strong resume attached to a quality self photograph is an actor's most important marketing tool. Together, they are essential to starting, building, and maintaining an acting career. They are used to present your unique style and experience so that casting directors will want to hire you for their productions.

Unfortunately, few beginners know what a real acting resume even looks like. The following examples should give you a good idea of what talent agents and casting directors will expect from you.

Resumes (8 x 10 inch)
Your resume needs to be attached to the back of your headshot. Headshots are usually 8 x 10 inches in size. This means that your resume must be 8" x 10" also. Cut the appropriate amount off your printed resume if you use standard 8.5" x 11" paper or that of another size.

Advanced Actor's Resume Example

Stacy Adams
Height:      5'6" Actingland Talent Co.
Weight:     115 lbs. 1234 Street Rd.
Hair:         Blonde Los Angeles, CA 90210
Eyes:        Green Tel: 310-555-1234
Film (Partial List)
Flight of the Eagle     Supporting Film Productions, LLC.
Freedom     Co-Star Moving Images
Clouds Outside the City     Lead Moving Images
Brain Dead     Featured Freeform Art Co.
Ski & Skate     Featured Film Productions, LLC.
The Magic Lantern     Lead Magic Lantern, LLC
Sad Clowns     Guest Star Liberty Television
Puddle Jumpers (Pilot)     Principal AGP Media, LLC.
Car Wash     Series Regular Inside-Up Prods.
The Comedy of Errors     Aegeon Theater Under the Stars
King Lear     Edmund St. Mary's High School
The Tragedy of Macbeth     Duncan St. Mary's High School
List available upon request    
Michigan School of Arts     Stage Performance Ann Arbor, MI
Kim Bevel     Method Acting Los Angeles, CA
Specials Skills
Surfing, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball, Hockey, Golf, Swimming, Water Skiing, Snow Skiing, Rollerblading, Juggling, Motor Cross, Knife Throwing, Drag Racing

Beginning Actor's Resume Example

Mitch Myers
Height:      5'11" 1234 Street Rd.
Weight:     160 lbs. Los Angeles, CA 90210
Hair:         Brown Tel: 310-555-1234
Eyes:        Brown Mobile: 310-555-5678
Dark Matter     Featured Extra Film Productions, LLC.
A Midsummer Night's Dream     Theseus St. Mary's High School
Hamlet     Bernardo St. Mary's High School
Tony Blair     Dramatic Arts St. Mary's High School
Specials Skills
Basketball, Baseball, Golf, Rollerblading, Juggling, Scuba (PADI certified), Photography, Valid Drivers License and U.S. Passport.
Joshua Siegel is an actor and short subject director.
Copyright © Joshua Siegel. All rights reserved. Used with permission of the author. Not to be reproduced or distributed.
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Reader Comments

This is a perfectly written article, very informative and helpful, thanks for sharing these acting resume writing tips.

Posted by kim (2012-02-07) 5479

I was wondering if putting "able to solve a rubiks cube" on your resume would be nessesary or not?

Posted by Colten (2009-06-13) 1578

If you don't have experience, you should become a movie extra. That's the best way to get some material for your resume. You won't need a resume at all to be an extra. You might still need a headshot or recent photo, though.

Posted by Robert (2009-04-12) 1287

Any advice on constructing a resume if you have NO acting experience. I've been a foreign language teacher for 35 years and would now like to be in ads, or be an extra in tv or film. Will my headshot be looked at all if my resume lists no credits?

Posted by Cheryl (2008-01-11) 22

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