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What You Need to Know to Become an Actor

Aspiring actors need to be aware of factors that go into the making of a successful acting career.

Cute child stands behind a movie slate

How to Get Started Acting

For those of you who have the talent, confidence and determination in you, here are a few tips on the right way to get started acting.

A man holds a movie projector film reel

Getting Started in Film Acting

There is no one surefire way to become a successful actor. But there are some basic tips that can help new actors get their foot in the preverbal acting door.

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How to Become an Actor

Acting is a trait that can be stimulated and sharpened with the proper training. Here are several practical steps to take if you want to become a successful actor or actress.

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First Steps to Becoming an Actor

Becoming an actor isn't rocket science, nor is it easy. But becoming an actor can be accomplished if you have a grasp of what lies ahead of you down your acting career path.

Man in suit holding a sign that says Step by Step

Step by Step Guide to Becoming an Actor

A career in the tinsel town is what many aspire for but what are the steps to get there?

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Sign Up to Become an Actor

Instantly discover all the secret insider tips and tricks to get your foot in the door and on your way to becoming an working actor or actress.

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How to Start an Acting Career

Every year thousands of people decide they want to pursue an acting career. If you're one of them, you better learn theses steps to starting your acting career.

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How to Start an Acting Career if you Live in a Small Town

Do you live in a small town and feel frustrated with the acting opportunities available to you? Then you will find this list of 17 things you can do helpful.

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How to Convince Your Parents to Support Your Dream of Becoming an Actress

The more informed you are and the more intelligently you can talk, the greater your chances your parents will support you.

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Break into Showbiz

Now that you've decided you want to become an actor, you're probably wondering how to go about breaking into showbiz.

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The Fastest Road to Hollywood

Dreaming of becoming an actor? You're probably wondering what's the fastest route to get there. The fastest road to Hollywood is through Movie Extra City.

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What are Movie Extras?

The movie extras form the rich tapestry of background performers in almost every scene of a movie.

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Become a Movie Extra - It's Easy

Break into showbiz by becoming a movie extra. When you learn how easy it is to get move extra jobs, you'll be upset for not doing it sooner.

Two young actors on a movie location

Some Fun Facts About Background Acting

Being a background actor has supplemented my income, opened career doors, and allowed me meet fascinating people.

High school age kids smile

Little Acting Jobs for Summer and Semester Breaks

In film, it takes real people to populate the noisy restaurants, hotel lobbies, courtrooms, and city streets. That's the job of the background actors.

A parent sits with his two young children

Be a Star to Your Star-Struck Child - A Guide for Parents

Proven Strategies to Help Your Kid (and You) Do Background Acting Right.

A photo of an older married couple

Background Acting is a Fun Part-time Job for Seniors and Retirees

Working as a movie extra is a fun activity for a retiree or senior citizen.

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Who's Who in the Acting Biz

As an actor, and therefore a member of the movie industry, you need to take the time to learn about the many key people who are essential to your career.

A female casting director smiles happily

About Casting Directors

Casting Directors have to find the best possible cast out of thousands of actors while always keeping up on the newest talent. Will their next star be you?

A male talent agent smiles

About Talent Agents

A talent agent, or booking agent, is a person who not only finds jobs for actors but also negotiates the deals and sees that his or her client is treated fairly.

A professional talent manager looking confident

About Managers

Not all actors need a manager, but when your life and career become hectic, a manager can help organize, streamline, and guide you.

The word Casting illuminated by a stage light

What are Casting Calls?

If you are looking for a foothold in the movie industry, keep an eye out for open casting calls.

Man shouting into a megaphone

Casting Calls Yell Be Discovered!

If you are struggling to find your next audition, you can find casting calls in various ways.

A hand with a magic marker highlights the words Casting Calls

Understanding the Importance of Casting Calls

As a beginning actor, understanding the importance of open casting calls and auditions is huge. This is primarily how you will go about getting work.

A man chooses a candadate

The Casting Process Explained

Performers are hardly ever hired by the production company directly, but are instead hired by a casting director.

A candidate is selected on a tablet computer

The Casting Process in Action

Many new actors have misconceptions about how the casting process works and how to get acting jobs. Here's an example of how actors are cast.

A star on the walk of fame sidewalk in Hollywood

A Star Is Found

Most casual movie watchers never stop to think about casting, but good casting is essential to making great movies.

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Tips for the Beginning Actor

Let's take a good look at the real basics. Why do you want to act? What is your goal? How do you feel about performing in public or auditioning?

A teacher writes on a chalkboard

Tips to Increase Your Chances to Work as an Actor

An actor must approach an audition like an athlete, the more you practice the more jobs you will book.

Note cards are pinned to a corkboard

Four Essential Acting Questions Answered

The most important and most often asked acting questions answered.

A photo of an elderly male actor

Five Essentials for Building a Character

Do not think about character or emotions. Focusing on the words takes the pressure off an actor.

Comedy and drama acting masks

Acting Tips Never Taught in Drama Class

Tips to help you better read and perform from a written script.

Talent spelled out on a corkboard

Acting is a Talent

Acting is a talent you are born with it. It can be polished and you can be great. But talent doesn't promise success.

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Learning to Move With Ease

One thing that many actors have in common is some sort of dance or movement training.

An elderly male actor sits peacefully

Learning About Stillness and Acting Without Movement

Learn how to affect an audience with actions not words.

An adult male looking vulnerable

Vulnerable Acting

We all put up walls, but it's vital for actors to break down these barriers to create undeniable characters.

A photo of a camera lens

Performing in Front of the Lens - Tips for Actors and Models

Make your next photo shoot the most stellar yet by developing some great habits.

Behind the scenes of a commercial shoot

How to Get Work in Commercials

Commercial agents are always looking for new faces and you do not have to be beautiful or handsome to book most commercials.

Comedy and drama acting masks

Film and Stage Acting

Film and stage acting can be quite different. Use these tips to master both.

A photo of a movie camera

Where to Learn Film Acting

There is a difference between acting on stage and acting for the camera so here's what you need to know.

A college age male gives us a thumbs up

How Do You Choose The Right Acting Classes?

Let me share with you my criteria for choosing an acting school, classes, or acting coach.

Change jar with the words College Fund taped to it

How to Afford College Acting Programs

The problem of affording college is nearly universal but as a former professor I do have a few suggestions.

College age kids gather on a college campus

Top US Undergraduate Acting Programs

A list of the best undergraduate acting programs in the United States.

Graduating students celebrate by throwing their caps into the air

Top US Graduate Acting Programs

Some of the best graduate acting programs in the United States.

A beatiful woman looking inquisitive

What are Headshots and What is their Importance?

Headshots are simply an actor's photo but they are absolutely required when looking for work as an actor.

A male photographer holding a camera

How to Choose a Great Headshot Photographer

Here are a few things to consider when looking for a headshot photographer.

A female photographer holding a camera

How to Get Great Headshots

You need a great headshot, one that's the perfect balance of quality, individuality, and effectiveness.

A photographer taking photos

Six Tips for Perfect Headshots

The actor's headshot must look professional and here is how to make sure your headshot is great.

A photographer aims his camera at us

Take Your Best Shot: A Guide to Getting Quality Headshots

One of the first steps an actor should take is getting quality headshots. Here are some easy tips to help you get your best headshot.

A photographer shoots photos in her photo studio

A Guide to Getting Great Headshots

Casting directors and agents agree on one thing in particular, your headshot has to POP.

A photographer frames the perfect headshot

The Perfect Headshot

I am asked this question all the time! "What is the perfect headshot?" "What do you look for when you are casting one of your movies?"

A hipster photographer holds a camera

Shoot for Accuracy with Your Headshots

Your headshot is your calling card and as such, it must be an accurate reflection of how you truly appear.

A young girl takes photos with her camera

How to Get a Great Modeling Comp Card

Tips to get great modeling photos for your comp card.

A pretty woman smiles at us

Headshot & Photo Examples

These headshot examples should give you an idea of what talent agents and casting directors expect.

A typewriter begins to type a resume

How to Write an Actor's Resume

Your resume speaks volumes about you as an individual and how much you can contribute as an actor.

A printed resume sits on a computer keyboard

Creating the Perfect Acting Resume

Think of your acting resume as a first audition. It must be impressive to get you further with casting.

A woman types her resume into a laptop computer

Acting Resumes - Honesty Leads to Reward

Actors need resumes, too. Here's how to write one.

A laptop screen shows a resume word document

Actor Resume Examples

Your resume will be your most important marketing tool.

The words Cover Letter Tips on a brick wall

Actor Cover Letter Tips

Important tips to consider when writing a cover letter for actors.

A happy woman sits with a laptop working on her resume

Constructing the Perfect Acting Cover Letter

Whether you submit to a casting director, talent agent or talent agency, you should always include a resume, photos and an incredibly well crafted cover letter.

A goofy guy holds his cover letter in front of him

Actor Cover Letter Examples

Example cover letters actors can use when submitting to projects.

A man selects candidates

How to get Discovered

Aspiring actors often ask, "How can I get discovered?" One way that many actors get discovered is they POSITION themselves to be discovered!

Someone looking for the perfect candidate

Grab the Casting Directors' Attention

Three essential ways to grab the attention of the person opening an actor's self-submission envelope.

A man shouts into a megaphone

Is Self-Promotion Bad or Ugly?

For most beginning actors the only way to get the role is by promoting yourself.

A sign saying Promote Yourself

Self-Promotion for the Actor

If you're thinking about becoming a professional actor you need to know how to promote yourself.

Illustration of a candidate separated from the rest of the crowd

Selling Yourself as an Actor or Model in a Recession

Here is a three point plan to push your acting and modeling career forward.

Jobs written in 3D letters

Tracking Down Acting Jobs

Improving your talent to obtain work is just as vital as improving your talent to act.

An arrow pointing to Talent Development

How to Get a Talent Agent

Getting yourself a talent agent can be a struggle. But by following a little bit of free advice and doing some extra leg work we guarantee you will get noticed.

A pencil circling the perfect candidate

Finding Talent Agents and Getting Noticed

You won't find agents listed in the telephone book. So here's how you go about finding a talent agent.

An arrow points to the word Talent

How to Find a Talent Agent

Getting a good agent may not be easy but there are many things you can do to improve your chances.

A street sign saying Talent Agent Needed

How to Find an Agent... and Survive

Learn about talent agents, where to find them, and how to get one.

A word jumble with talent management related words

What to Look for in an Agent or Manager

Here's what to look for in an agent or manager.

A talent agent stand with arms crossed

Talent Agent Pet Peeves

The Agent Pet Peeves list is an incredible resource from which to learn prior to meeting a booker for the first time.

A talent agent meets an young actor

Meeting with a Talent Agent

How to convince an agent that they cannot continue unless your name is on their client list.

A female agent meets a young actress

Your Interview with an Agent

When you get that prized interview with a talent agent, you want to be as prepared as possible.

A man looking disapointed

Ten Interview Blunders Actors Make - and How to Correct Them

Here are some sure-fire ways to blow your interview with a talent agent, manager, or casting director.

A street sign with a arrow pointing toward auditions

Audition Basics

Here's how the audition process generally works and a few tips for actors.

The words audition procedures under a movie light

Audition Procedures

Learn the basics of the audition, how to conduct yourself and what to expect.

A road sign pointing to Auditions

Auditions and What to Expect

Auditioning is a funny thing. You don't always know what the casting director is thinking or looking for. Here are some observations and experiences.

Audition Strategies written on a chalk board

Three Solid Audition Strategies

Being an aspiring actor does not necessarily equal being a starving actor.

Hand written notes pinned to a corkboard

Four Important Audition Strategies to Know and Follow

You'll have a far greater chance of success if you are comfortable and confident performing at your audition.

An audition sign with direction arrow

Tips for a Successful Audition

You need to be very prepared for your first audition, and your consequent auditions.

A neon arrow sign points toward auditions

Tips, Tools and Truth about Your First Audition

Budding actors lay so much importance on their first acting audition. Here are tips to get you through it.

The letters spelling Audition pinned to a corkboard

Improve Every Audition

Auditioning can be scary. Be prepared and it will go smoother. Here are five simple ways every actor can improve their next audition.

Beware of Zombies sign

Actors Must Beware of Zombie Casting Directors!

At some point during an auditioning you may encounter a "zombie" casting director. What is this and how can you prepare? Here are some tips.

A woman standing under the bright stage lighting

Cold Reading

Some tips for cold reading in an audition.

A happy woman smiles at us

Advice to Actors on Cold Reading & Booking Jobs

Make acting a career and learn how to successfully audition for a casting director.

A very neverous man bites his fingernails

Conquer Your Audition Jitters

Confidence is the key to conquering audition nervousness.

A pretty woman bites her fingernails

Coping with Audition Nerves

Key steps to help you relax yet maintain your focus for an incredible audition.

A young child looking angry and dejected

Audition Rejection - Don't Take It Personally

There are many reasons why you might not get a role and not all of them have do with acting ability.

A man releases his pent up anger with a scream

The Secret to Dealing with Audition Rejection

The killer audition brings pride and pride cushions some of the rejection as a kind of ego parachute.

Hand tools arranged on a work table

How Do You Build A Successful Acting Career?

Difficulties many actors sometimes face.

Man drawing a career ladder illustration

Seven Steps for a Successful Acting Career

Several steps for laying a strong foundation for your acting career plan.

Highway exit sign pointing toward Success

The Secret to Showbiz Success

Expect many disappointments but remember that the journey toward success has to be as important as the goal itself.

A cute girl thinking about her success

A Simple Tip for Acting Success

Embrasing life, confidence and energy is the key to an outstanding acting audition.

Hand hold the letters that spell out Tips

Acting Success Tips

Do you have what it takes to be an acting success? What is the difference between having what it takes and success?

A arrow on the sidewalk points forward

Devise Your Acting Career Path

Here are a few tips which will clarify your acting career path.

A man reveals an alternate reality

Acting and Reality

Break down a scene and learn to imitate reality.

A man writes the question, Are you prepared?

Preparing For The Beast

Do your homework and prepare your character before you get to work because there are many distractions on set.

The words Myth vs Reality

Overcoming the Myth of Hollywood

Overcome the myth of Hollywood where everyone is a star in order to create a successful acting career.

Are you ready? written on the street

Are You Ready for Hollywood?

The realities of acting and the obstacles and hurdles.

Illustration of the human mind

The Actor's Sanity Test

Here's an effective remedy for recovery when you find the endless rounds of auditions are starting to wear you down.

A photo of a star in lights

Aim For the Stars

If you dream of fame, fortune and the celebrity lifestyle, then here are a few tips just for you.

A photo of a star under the search lights

Become a Star

Looking for fame and fortune? Here's how you can become a star in your own right.

A theater marquee

Ask Amy: Answers from Acting Coach Amy Lyndon

Acting coach Amy Lyndon answers your burning acting questions.

A movie marquee

An Interview with Talent Agent Angela Morris

What it is like being a talent agent and how the good ones can help actors succeed.

A slightly different movie marquee

An Interview with Casting Director Judy Belshe

An inside look at the casting side of the film business.

A cute young boy smiles at us

Tips for Beating Shyness

It's time to overcome your shyness and find the courage to act on stage or in front of a camera.

A man shows his muscles and courage

Courage: The Vitamin C of Acting

Your attitude, your determination, your refusal to give up will get you further than just talent alone.

A sign says to Face your Fears

Facing the Fear and Anxiety of the Unknown

Here is a list of techniques and suggestions on how to manage the fear of dealing with the unknown.

A man crushes through a wall with the word Fear painted on it

Finding and Overcoming the Source of your Fears

Learning the source of your fears and anxieties can go a long way toward finding the solution.

A very nervous man sits alone

Finding those Techniques that will Manage your Anxieties

Overcome your persistent fears by finding those coping skills that effectively mange fear and anxiety.

A man in bed lies awake and looking frightened

How to Overcome a Fearful and Scary Situation

It is not easy to deal with the fear of the unknown, however sometimes the fear can be worse than the situation.

A man looking very nervous

Learning How to Overcome your Out of Control Anxieties

Some ways to cope with your fears and anxieties.

Hand written notes for controlling fears and anxieties

Managing your Persistent Fears and Anxieties

A few techniques to help you deal with fear, anxiety and depression.

A child sits alone looking depressed

Never Lose Hope in Dealing with your Fears and Depression

Challenge your negative thinking with positive statements and realistic thinking.

A shadowy figure walks alone in the empty desert

Our Fears and Worries can Distort the Reality of the Situation

Worries can distort our perception of reality so use these techniques during your anxious moments.

A sign proclaiming, Never let your fear decide your future

Do Not Let Fear and Anxiety Affect Your Acting or Performance

Here's a technique to keep you from feeling stressed or fearful before your performance.

A physically fit woman exercising

Developing a Pre-Performance Routine

With some thought your routine can help you get a handle on those pre-performance jitters.

Behind the scenes a film crew readies the shot

A Day in the Life of an Actor

It is not all glitz and glamour. Here is a typical day in the live of an actor.

A cute young girl smiles

Life as a Movie Extra

An example of a typical day of work as a TV or movie extra.

A strong man begins his workout

Finding Time For Fitness

Auditions. Rehearsals. Long nights at home learning lines. Who has time for a workout--right? Wrong!

A young model with a pretty smile

You Can Become a Successful Commercial Model

There are many different types of commercial models and here's how you can be one of them.

A young woman smiles at us

How to Find a Modeling Agent

It isn't easy for someone without an agent to promote themselves to fashion industry members that hire models.

An attractive older lady sits and smiles

Average Income for Models and Actors

What type of modeling and acting jobs are available and how much can you make.

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