An Interview with Talent Agent Angela Morris

by Joshua Siegel

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What it is like being a talent agent and how the good ones can help actors succeed.

Actor and author Joshua Siegel interviews Hollywood talent agent Angela Morris.

Joshua Siegel
First off, most people know that an agent is very important to an actor's career, but few actually know what an agent's job entails. Can you briefly describe what an agent does?

Angela Morris
An Agent works for their client -- be they a Model or Actor to find the best exposure they can, and markets the client for employment in the medium of the clients choice... A friend of mine worded it best though, (thanks Karen!) as to finding the best agent for children -- it is applicable for adults as well:

  • The agent who LOVES your child the MOST is the best agent.
  • The agent who will work HARDEST for your child is the best agent.
  • The agent who will GROOM your child -- tell you what you need to do to market your child successfully is the best agent.
  • The agent who picks up the phone and PITCHES his heart out about your kid is the best agent.
  • The agent who LISTENS to your questions and answers them so you can understand is the best agent.
  • The agent who KNOWS what career path you want to follow and submits accordingly is the best agent.

What are some of the common misconceptions you think actors have about agents?
The biggest misconception that actors (especially newbies) have about getting into show biz is that getting the agent is the hardest part and its all easy street from there -- that's the easiest part!

Very true. It's still important to keep up your training and get yourself seen. But having a good agent is certainly an essential part of an actor's career. What are the most important things you look for in a prospective client?
Poise, Personality, and Presence.

How about experience?
Experience helps, but skill is what I will be looking for most. There will always be room for beginners.

We all need to start somewhere. Speaking of which, how did you get started as an agent?
I started off as a Child/Teen Actor... As an adult I worked in Human Resources, but it wasn't enough...when I got an opportunity to combine both fields I was overjoyed. I consider myself extremely lucky that I have found a career that I love so much.

Any final words of advice for those interested in an acting career?
I always tell my clients to keep a hold of reality while they follow their dreams. A swelled ego will get a person nowhere. Education is important.
Joshua Siegel is an actor and short subject director.
Copyright © Joshua Siegel. All rights reserved. Used with permission of the author. Not to be reproduced or distributed.
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I feel so much happier now I unsrdetand all this. Thanks!

Posted by Evgenii (2014-02-07) 6647

Hi my name is joolia for as long as i can remember i wanted to be an actress/singer im good at singing im in chior iv been in two plays out of three and i had good parts. everyone said i was good i live in a small town where there are no good chances im not rich and i dont wanna be but i really wanna act and sing i watch show like victorious and i can sing like the girl tori and i can act if i could just get a chance please someone help me!

Posted by joolia (2011-12-31) 5323

Hi my name is brooke . Im only fourteen years old and i live in a small town there really is not any places around here for plays or anything . I have always wanted to act because its just like a flame or passion of mine . Its like i cant stop doing it i just love to act . My mom well it took her a while to figure out when i was faking being sick cuz i was that good at faking it . If you put me at something i wont stop til i get it right . Im a hard worker if you just please give me a chance . Can you please help me out ?

Posted by Brooke (2011-01-10) 2827

I am a 14 year old girl. I have been searching for an agent for about a year and a half. And I want an agent really bad because in order to be an actress or singer I have to have an agent. Can you help me out?

Posted by Valeria Medina (2010-01-05) 2286

im a good lier and every body says i should become an actor. if i become an actor i wont get left behind because im in the gifted and talented program in school. its always bean my dream to become an actor. im not sure if i can remember my lines but i will try my best. i know being a kid actor is hard but im going to try my best

Posted by parisa (2009-12-26) 2256

I am 32 years old I am trying to figure out how to get started? I don't know what avenue to take. Most of the casting calls you have to pay a fee? Is that always the case? I really feel that if I get the right direction then I feel that I could have a successful career in showbiz? Please is there anything that you can tell me on the direction that I need to take. I live in a small city so it really don't offer many casting calls. I appreciate whatever input you can give.
Warm Regards

Posted by Betty (2009-11-17) 2189

i would love to have u as agent

Posted by Blake Hatten (2009-07-23) 1830

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