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The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 Video

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The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 Message Board

Welcome to the "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1" Message Board - the place to discuss anything and everything about "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1."

Use this board to discuss the cast and characters, the director and producers, the plot, and effects. Use our message boards to communicate with other people who share common interests. Make your "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1" message board for expressing your thoughts, generating discussions, and meeting new people.

i need a job if you get a chance i will be glad to work in braking dawn.

Posted by micki mellott (2010-12-09) 7

I hope there are auditions still open but probably not TEAM EDWARD!!!!

Posted by Caralyn Damas (2010-12-20) 10

Hi, I really want to act and it would be so cool if I could participate in Breaking Dawn!

Posted by Kyra ishibashi (2010-12-25) 13

Hi, I read all the Twilight Saga books and watched all of the movies that are out right now and I would really like a part in the Part one of Breaking Dawn!

Posted by Kirsten Trumbull (2010-12-29) 14

Hi my name is sharon shea. I think I would be good in this movie. I seen all the twilight movies and read the books to. This is the only movie i really want to be in. It would be such an honor if i could have my dream. All my life my dream was to be an actress.And i think this movie could help me become my dream. So please give me an audiction please this is my dream. Well please give it a thought. Thanks so much.

Posted by Sharon Shea (2010-12-30) 19

Hi, my name is Emily Harris. I'm 18 years old and i live in Southern Maryland. I have had a little experience acting in school plays, even assisting as stage manager as well as having two small parts in a play. I love having fun on sets and meeting new people. I'm not one of those people who would absolutely die if i didn't get a part but I would definitely enjoy the experience.

Posted by Emily Harris (2011-01-01) 24

team jacob!!! i love twilight i would be greatful to play a vampire or werewolf!!!

Posted by keke bieber (2011-01-02) 26

Hello, my name is Samantha Brown and I have had previous acting experience in two community plays. I am a very dedicated twilight fan and know the story well, and if at all helpful I have a beautiful soprano voice. I would feel very honored and priviliged were I able to get a part in this movie.

Posted by Samantha Brown (2011-01-07) 32

Hello, my name is Jasmin Bradley and i'm 14 years old and i'm from columbus,ohio. Acting is my passion. I would be honored to have a part. People tell me im to young but i have BIG dreams. I know i can do anything i put my mind to with support of my loving famill and GOD. I wiuldn't kill over and die if i didn't this part part but it would be nice.i have been in school plays but nothing real big. Im not shy at all i love being in front of people in the spot light..
Thankyou, jasmin

Posted by jasmin bradley (2011-01-14) 48

Hi, I'm Miranda, and I have to be the number one fan of the Twilight Saga! I read the books before I even began to watch the movies, heck, I read the books before the movies even came out! I love the books and the movies, and I would just be honored if you would give me a chance to act in this film! My room is the ultimate Twilight room, and my 'Sweetsixteenth' was even Twilight themed! I'm 'Team Switzerland' by the way..:). Plus, this is one of my biggest dreams, to act or stand in a film, and be that close to Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner!!! Please let me act in this film!!!

Posted by Miranda Spurgeon (2011-01-16) 57

Hey, my name is Brandy im 14 years old and it would be an honor to be in breaking dawn part 1 and or 2

Posted by Brandy (2011-01-22) 60

I love the Twilight saga and cxting so so so so sooooooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!! Im just perfect for any role I can get!!

Posted by caralyn Damas (2011-01-23) 63

i would love to be an actor

Posted by nick (2011-01-27) 67

I love acting, I am currently taking theater classes at my school and have taken classes from John Casablancas, I can fit into any role that is needed.

Posted by Julian Izabal (2011-01-30) 69

I'm a good acter for a beginner. I started when I was 6 years old in my church.

Posted by amor a (2011-01-31) 71

hi been acting for a couple of months currently attending an acting course where i live in south wales england i really enjoyed the twilight books always been into vampires since i got to watch the film lost boys with kiefer sutherland absolutely fangtastic haha i starred in a couple of pantos at primary and made my own costumes so hopefully my dream will expand into a great career for me to support my 3 beautiful kids

Posted by kathleen pearce (2011-02-07) 79

Hello, my name is Destiny Fears. I am fourteen years old. I live in Dittmer, Missouri. I absolutely love Twilight. I have read the books literally seventeen times each, I've watched and own all the movies. I've watched all the audio commentaries, by the way Robert Pattinson is hilarious. I've always loved vampires. I am a very fun person to be around, but i can also be very serious if needed. I would appreciate it very much if i got a part in Breaking Dawn. I'd also like to thank Stephanie Meyer for writing the best books ever.

Posted by Destiny Fears (2011-02-22) 91

I hav done 3 plays at my school already and i really want 2 act on Twilight.

Posted by Jenna (2011-02-23) 92

hi i am really trying to become famous i am a 13 year old girl. i have always wanted to be famous and then i was like this isnt going to happen. Last night i was watching a few of my favorite movies dear john and the last song. i decided im going to fufill my dream but i need some help i need to be reconized i am a great singer i get involved with everything that involves singing. I also love to act so far i have participated in all my school plays i am hoping u can reconize me. i have been doing searches and can't find anything else. i have tons of community service. please email me! thank you!

Posted by kota (2011-02-24) 95

hello, i really want to become a successful actress. I took drama since i was 9 in the third grade! im in the sixth grade now, and i just hope you guys pick me, I wont disappoint you!

Posted by shamara (2011-02-26) 99

i am sporty . i love to dance , i love soccer. i love taylor lautner. im TEAM JACOB ! I would like to get a part in this movie . i read the books all of them nd watch all the moves that have come out this days about the twilight saga! Ilove this movie! i want a part in it

Posted by leidi gonzalez (2011-02-26) 101

my mother always told me that i would be good at acting and my parents work at disney so i love being in the spotlight. i love twlight and im the perfect complexion and very talented.and my name is arianna bennett

Posted by arianna bennett (2011-03-09) 112

hi i am 13 and want to become an actor and am trying to see who will help me become one ...... if you can help plz email me and let me know thanks:}

Posted by cassie (2011-03-12) 116

i love u guys i want to be ur friends i want to make a movie with u guys

Posted by brenda avalos (2011-03-13) 117

Hi,my name is Shelbie Langeneckert I'm thirteen years of age and my dream is to become an actor I have watched every single Twilight I am in Love with it,it's my obsession it's about the only thing I talk about!:)My life is pretty good but beceing in this movie would make it spectacular!My dream has always to be in a movie and my dream today is to be in this one specifically.I love to act i have been in 10 plays since ive been in school and i can remeber very much my parents say i would make a really good actor.Thank you for reading this!So if you would please get back to me soon as possible that would be greatly appreciated!:)Thank you once again!

Posted by Shelbie Langeneckert (2011-04-04) 142

Hello ,My Name Is April Marie Canales And I Am 14 Years Old ,It Has Always Been My DREAM To Become A Actress , I Have Seen Every Part Of The Twilight Movies ,And It Would Be The Greatest Gift Ever If I Got A Role In Breaking Dawn ,Just Please Give Me a Chance To Show You I Can Do It ,And I Promise You I Will Give You Everything I Got !

Posted by April Canales (2011-04-05) 147

Hi! my name is McKenzie Layne I am 13 years old and i would love to star in a movie.

Posted by McKenzie Layne (2011-04-06) 148

i would really like to be a part of breaking dawn alot of my friends love it and it would be a good chance to be an actress

Posted by Renee (2011-04-07) 152

Hi. I would really like to be an actress. I just love acting so much. And it Would Be awsome if i could get in Breaking Dawn as any part. I Really Put my heart and soul into acting. Right now im in my theatre class we have live productions and there just so FUN. its amazing to entertain people. I LOVE IT. Do you think you might be able to help me acomplish my dream. thanks

Posted by Jenifer Romero (2011-04-09) 155

Are there any parts for 11 to 13 year olds on this or part 2 of this movie?

Posted by mackenzie (2011-04-12) 158

I am Ashley and i love acting and i love all the twilight movies. i would literally do anything i am very good at acting i can be funny outgoing sad angry hilarious and i'm good at improvising.All my friends and family say i should get into showbiz and i'm really looking for a way that i can.
thank you for your time

Posted by Ashley (2011-04-15) 164

By the way i am 13 years old

Posted by Ashley (2011-04-15) 165

Hi, Im Emma
I love acting and i would be honored to act in a part of Breaking Dawn.
If theres any parts for 11-14 year olds please let me know.

Posted by Emma (2011-04-17) 167

My name is Christina Farace. I am 23 years old. Id like to audition for any parts available in Breaking Dawn. Please contact me asap. Take care <3

Posted by Christina Farace (2011-04-21) 179

Hi! It would be amazing to get a part in breaking dawn, so if there are any parts for 11-14s please contact me? thank you :)

Posted by Jemima (2011-04-26) 185

Hi, My name is Jessie and I would really love to be in this movie I am a really big fan of Edward bye.

Posted by Jessie (2011-05-01) 220

Hello everyone,
I may be 30 but you would never guess by looking at me. All my life I've dreamed of being an actress and everyone told me it was an impossible dream so much I almost started to believe them. I know I'm a bit older than most of the people who posted on this but I also know that actors and actresses come in all shape's and sizes and that goes for age's too. My whole life I've been told I look just like Drew Barrymore and that I would make a marvelous actress. So that, as well as my life long love of movies, (I'm one of those people who always watches the special feature's and I think "wow! They look like they had so much fun making this! I wanna be part of that!") as well as my talent for singing, the ability to do accents and my life long love of vampire's, especially the twilight series I am asking to cast me in the new breaking dawn. I will take any role I can get, even if it's just an extra to start out, I don't mind. I was in a play in high school but that was years ago but I've alway believed acting has come very naturally to me, it's like riding a bike, it's something you don't forget. This is my dream, since the time I was old enough to dream I have always wanted to be an actress and I've never changed my mind, never. And to be cast in "Breaking Dawn" would truly be an honor and a dream come true. I am simply asking for an audition. Thank you for taking the time to read this and for your consideration.
Very Truly Yours,

Posted by Melissa Benoit but everyone call's me Elissa (2011-05-03) 234

Hi. im Catrina sherven.. i live in montana! i love to act... i love to show my talent.. & love to be in front of cameras! So if you need an actress to be in ur movie breaking dawn i would love to help! Im not a proffessional but i did go to acting school so i do have some experience.. thankyou!

Posted by Catrina (2011-05-21) 330

i would really enjoy being a part of this movie and i really want to be an actor. i think of this as a perfect oprotunity for me. please email me if you can use me for this movie or any others. im from battle creek michigan.

Posted by marcus koch (2011-06-07) 427

Hello, my name is Aliyah and any part would be perfect for me! I am not a professional actor but I have many talents and I have studied the books OMG I LOVE THEM! I have read Twilight Breaking Dawn about 5 times and it would be the greatist honor to partisipate in the movie! My experiences include :The main part in every school play since kindergarden and Young actors. God will determine may fait if i get the chance to try but I will honor his will. Thankyou. Have a blessed day.

Posted by Aliyah (2011-06-22) 455

i always wanted to act and i made a movie about vampires my self! look on youtube type in vampire bite the name of the channel is acrotumblehairmakeup

Posted by makayla miller (2011-06-22) 456

Hi, My name is Victoria and i have my mind set on acting, and i have been wanting to do this for awhile now, and now i have the courage to make my dream real, i would like to act or be an extra anything is fine. Im sure this woould help my career take off. Hope i hear something soon

Posted by Victoria (2011-07-06) 545

Hi my name is kassandra, and I've always wanted to be an actor since I was about 12 and I'm 15 years old now , and every time I watch a movie such as "twilight" or anything els I imagine me acting in the movie just acting out someones part and i always have fun doing it.and I just really want to act so bad because I say to my self never give up and always try , and I want to start at my age now so as I grow up I would get better and better,I've always love acting and still do today. I how I do one day get a call from agent and say I would be in a movie or just give it a try.

Posted by Kassandra gonzalez (2011-07-07) 546

Hi my name is tiana and it has always been my dream to be an actress especially at a young age. I would love to be in this movie. The Twilight saga movies are really incredible and each one gets to me in its own way i would do anything just to be in this movie. im 15 years old now and i think that this can really be a chance for me to stand out not of other people but of me.

Posted by tiana lee (2011-07-11) 573

There's not really anything i could say on this message board that would convince the casting agent of this movie that i would be good for this movie, and i completely understand that. I just thought that it couldn't hurt to try and snag an acting job myself. I am in every way capable of obtaining this job, and if given the chance to do so, i will do just that. I am 17 years old, 5 ft 7 1/2in, and 154 pounds of lean muscle. Even if i am put in the movie as just an extra, i would be forever grateful, and i would make everyone who invests in my talents exceedingly proud. all I'm asking for is a chance. Whats the worst that could happen? Either you really like what u see and you give me a job, or u don't like what you see and u tell me no. Either way its worth a shot. Well, that's my input. Hope to hear a response, even if it is a no. Thanks for your time.

Posted by Damien (2011-08-17) 731

My name is Kaelin, I absolutely love acting and singing. I've done since I can remember. I've seen all the Twilight's more than I can count. I love Vampires. I'm 15 years old, I'm 5'3, I have bright Red hair and blue eyes. I'm very eccentric and have a one of a kind personality. I'm generally a very happy and energetic person to be around. I try very hard with everything that has to with acting, and singing. Thank you :)

Posted by Kaelin Johns (2011-09-04) 792

I have been in plays and acts since i was little and i have always loved acting. I don't have many of my plays on tape but if you ask anyone I have ever met I for a fact know that they would say I'm a great actress. I never have enough money to get an interview but there is a big problem because i know I'm good but moneys always the issue. I have wanted to become an actress for as long as i can remember i have such a passion for it. I hope one day i will finally see myself on TV.

Posted by Josie Schott (2011-09-12) 805

hey my name is keely i am 14 years old i live in galway in ireland and my dream is to act i am a nice person kinda shy but i can get over that with a little practice and i am a quick learner. iv been in school plays since i was 4 and i was told i was the loudest person there. i am not cocky and i will try what ever is thrown at dream is to act and i really need your help to be successful. i do take this seriously please message me and give information i beg you. thank you

Posted by keey farrell (2011-09-16) 813

Im a girl who likes to do cheerleading, acting, dancing, drawing, horse back ridding, baseball, swimming and soccer. And I also enjoy helping people and animals.

Posted by Nikola (2011-10-17) 892

hi i really love this movie and now i would love to be an actor.I have no experience but i will love to be and actor because of this movie

Posted by ravin morgan (2011-11-20) 906

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