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HI; My Name Is Marianna
Well im a bigg fan of your's and I always wanted to be an actor Thats always been my dream but I dont no where to start and i dont no were to get advice??? Could You help ??

Posted by Marianna (2012-10-24) 3874

i love you one day i hope we get married

Posted by mrs.pattinson (2011-11-30) 3490

hi my name's christina and i don't know if you actually see these but i'm going to give it a shot any way. i want to be an actress since i was like 14 and my mom doesnt want me to and i just need that jump start. i don't really know how to get an agent and i know thats the easiest way to get roles and stuff. and i think it would be so cool to be in a movie with you. if i were to meet you i think it would be so awesome and would make my world so much better. i like in a small town in new jersey. so please email me back.

Posted by Christina (2011-11-20) 3450

hi, I am a huge fan and I just wanted to say hi :)

Posted by Ariel (2011-02-27) 2722

Robert Pattinson i hope you read this! I'm in love with you and you inspired me to per-sue my dream of being an actor. but i don't know how to get started. can you help me? like, how did you get started? and my biggest dream would be able to meet you!

Posted by Christina (2011-01-08) 2691

Hey, I'm a fan and need advice. Since I was 10, I've been acting, playing music, and writing. How did you get noticed because I live in Dayton, Ohio and there's barely anything here.

Hope to meet you someday and play music.

Posted by Jovan Harris (2010-10-13) 2615

i love you rule in i want to be a actress in i want to be in a movie with u

Posted by chazade (2010-07-04) 2507

Hi i'm Chasity Raley. im a huge fan of Robert! im obssesed with the twilight series and i would love to meet the twilight cast! i have been dreaming to become an actress sense i was 7 years old! I live in mississippi and i was raised in florida but the bank took our house! i have blue eyes, blond hair and full lips! some ppl say that i can pass 14 or 15! if u have anything i could to to get in the acting industry plz contact the email! this is my dream!! Thank You!

Posted by Chasity Raley (2010-07-01) 2493

Hello Rob,
I am a 38 year old army wife, and I have recently decided to pursue acting. I have only had 1 semester of classes so far, and I absolutely love it. I have secretly wnted to do this for most of my life, but never had the support of those that are most important to me, until now. It was actually you and Kristen that inspired me to just go for it. I can't wait to actually perform for someone that could give me my break. So, big thanks for the inspiration, and maybe some day we'll get to work together.

Posted by Kristina (2010-06-16) 2449

Robert, I was really wishing that I could be an actress. You've inspired me and I've always looked up to you in alot of ways. Your just this england guy who wasn't noticed until acting, right? Well thats the thing, I bet all them girls who have turned you down wish that they would like sink in quik sand or something (: I was really hoping that you could help me in this process of me becoming an actress. I've always wished I could. Even if disney channel is all i get to so far thats what I want. Robert, I think you are just soo cute and funny. And by the by, I love your british/england accent. <3 :) So please, if you read this, just tell me what to do for this dream. I live in east Texas and have no clue where to start.

Posted by Kiley Legleu (2010-06-15) 2446

Hello my favorite actor RPattz very cool you know you went on a ride like you MTV and your entire cast of Twilight (also a fan of the Saga) have won! = D, I would like you to give me tips to be like you. I live in PerĂºy speak a little English and I would sing like you because of you singing some of your music are beautiful, you and kristen if you send him my dearest greetings you see it) are best and you are my inspiration.
Take care and congratulations on your career and remains so, I hope to see you in Peru to see how many fans there are here, beware! kisses! I love you!

Posted by geraldine (2010-06-07) 2425

Hey, I am SUPER fan of yours and i love you and kristen ( tell her i said "hello") i know your VERY busy with the saga and all your other new roles but if you could take the time to give me some advice and ideas where to start that'd be great. I live in a VERY unnoticed state ( Georgia) and I've wanted to act since i was 4. And i would love it if one of the two people who inspires to just give me some tips. Thanks Rob. i love you and your work and i wanna congratulate you on your growing success. Keep it up.

P.S. I really hope to meet you on the red carpet when i become famous :)

Posted by Kaylee (2010-04-11) 2362

I just wanted to congratulate you on your success and I we talk a little. I always wanted to be an actor and wanted to kno what it's like.

Posted by Crystal Jones (2010-03-31) 2335

hey, how are you? i was just wonderin how to get in acting cuz i live in a small town in missouri and its been my dream forever!! your a really good actor by the way!! lol plz e-mail me! i need some advice and it would mean the world to me :)

Posted by Kierstin Nichols-VanBlaricon (2010-03-31) 2334

Hey, how have you been? Havent talked to you in forever. I know your busy in all but if you can message me on myspace. Take care sweetie.

Posted by Alicia (2010-03-28) 2298

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