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Shia Saide LaBeouf was born on June 11, 1986 in Los Angeles, California. He grew up as the childhood star of the Disney Channel series 'Even Stevens'. He is the only child of Jeffrey LaBeouf, a former mime and rodeo clown and Shayna Saide, a dancer and ballerina. LaBeouf comes from a family of five generations of performers and acting seemed to come naturally to him.

LaBeouf describes his parents as hippies, and when he was ten, he had his first taste of marijuana with his father. Surprisingly, he found himself an agent right out of the Yellow Pages after doing a stand-up act for her.

Hollywood Calling
LaBeouf has mentioned to the press that he chose to become an actor not because of his talent but because his family was broke. He started his career playing Louis Stevens in the Disney Channel weekly program 'Even Stevens'. LaBeouf was awarded a Daytime Emmy Award for his role. He also appeared in sketch shows on 'The Tonight Show' with Jay Leno around the same time. In 2003, he was a part of another Disney production 'Holes' as Stanley. He acted opposite Sigourney Weaver, Jon Voight, and Tim Blake Nelson. The film was a box office hit and suddenly everyone knew who Shia LaBeouf was. That same year, he was featured on the HBO documentary show Project Greenlight that chronicled the making of 'The Battle of Shaker Heights'.

In 2005, LaBeouf appeared in 'Constantine' opposite Keanu Reeves and Rachel Weisz. He also had an insignificant role in 'I, Robot' (2004). In 2006, LaBeouf was seen in the drama 'Bobby', in which he did his first nude scene. LaBeouf came with 'Disturbia,' 2007 where he plays a teenager under house arrest.

LaBeouf attended 32nd Street Visual and Performing Arts Magnet in Los Angeles.
He bought his own house at the age of eighteen.
He was accepted into Yale University but declined later.

He won the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Performer in a Children's Series 'Even Stevens' (2000).
He won the Hollywood Film Award for 'Bobby' (2006).

Past Projects
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.... Sam Witwicky
New York, I Love You.... Jacob (Shekhar Kapur)
Eagle Eye.... Jerry Shaw
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.... Mutt Williams
Transformers.... Sam 'Spike' Witwicky
Disturbia.... Kale
Bobby.... Cooper
Constantine.... Chas Kramer
I, Robot.... Farber
The Battle of Shaker Heights.... Kelly Ernswiler
Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle.... Max
The Even Stevens Movie (TV).... Louis Stevens
Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd.... Lewis
Even Stevens (TV).... Louis Stevens
Holes.... Stanley Yelnats/Caveman
Tru Confessions (TV) .... Eddie Walker

Shia LaBeouf was born in Los Angeles, California on June 11, 1986.
Name: Shia Saide LaBeouf
Date of Birth: June 11th 1986
Height: 5' 10" (1.79 m)

Talent Agency: Endeavor Agency
9601 Wilshire Blvd. 3rd Floor
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

I want my audience to know me for my work, not because of who I'm dating or what drugs I'm on or what club I went to.

Shia LaBeouf

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Hi Shia,

I am a huge fan of your movies and I enjoy watching each ones!


Posted by Marlon (2024-02-10) 6421

hi shia labeouf my name is andries price im your biggest fan i like you on transformers movies guess what shia labeouf im having transformers 7 birthday party you are in and now shia labeouf can you try vibration machine it will shake you very fast and your voice will be shaking you going to love it so shia labeouf can you wear dark blue jeans for me on my transformers 7 birthday party i will be glad to see you wear jeans now shia labeouf are you ready for transformers bumblebee 2 and 3 and transformers 7 movie are you coming in it that will be awesome i hope you like my message and now send me your message i will like to talk to you so i love you see ya bye

Posted by andries price (2021-12-30) 6170

Shia, I just want you tell you i have had similar life to yourself, my parents have divorce when i was 9 and i have suffered abuse from one of my parents accidentally when they were in a fighting and i have been living a corrupt life and have been acting for awhile just in-front of small crowds and family and are now currently 14 and just wanted to know how i can make something out of nothing?

Posted by Jimmy Clarke (2012-05-06) 3744

Time to be an actor.

Posted by Chakin (2012-02-08) 3598

Dear Shia; I really really don't like seeing people getting duped online by an impersonator pretending to be you. If it's determined you are not on Google's Plus, I can warn all his followers, and prevent potential fraud.

Posted by MB (2011-08-29) 3292

Dear Shia;

Please let me know if you are on Googles Plus, so I can warn others if an impostor is pretending to be you. I don't like to see people getting ripped-off or duped; pretending to be you by using your name. I just want to be able to warn people if that's not you using G+. If you are on GooglesPlus, sorry for the trouble and discard this note.

Thank You Very Much--Just trying to keep the net safer for others!

Posted by MB (2011-08-28) 3286

Hi Shia;
Are you on Googles Plus? because someone is using your name, and we just like to know that it is you and not some impersonator.


Posted by MS (2011-08-27) 3285

You most likely get this all the time and if im honest ive never been a fan. Ive just seen one of your films and wow...i have never once in my whole life had a celeb 23 years of age for god sake sounds ridiculous...u are just so different, and your not even my usual type but id love to meet you for one day. This has to be the saddest and weirdest thing i think i have ever done in my whole life, but hey ho !!! neway you will probably have a good laugh this or well who ever reads it, as im sure u most likely dont answer these. But i can assure u i am no freak or stalker i dont know anything about you apart from i watched ur film and have this major crush. lol i still can believe im actually writing this . muchous loveage natashca

Posted by natascha (2011-07-28) 3233

420 (= good actor good job

Posted by robert bronauhj (2011-06-28) 3145

I'm one of probably a thousand aspiring actors who have attempted to get in touch with you. I would just like to know if there is any way I could get some recommendations for a few good agents that might be able to help me jumpstart my career. Finding a good agent is tough and inhavent exactly had very good luck so far, so any help I could get would be great. Thanks so much.
P.S. Can't wait for the third transformers film. It looks incredible!

Posted by Andrew (2011-06-09) 3085

Hello Shia im 16 years old and i know your working hard, and the chances of you reading this and me getting a response back from you is rare but i have to try right, I have no experience in acting at all but i would like to give it a try to be like you and my other idols, so if you have any tips or anything else to help me gain experience to be like you it would be an honor to help me if you please.

Posted by Bradley Booth (2011-03-27) 2754

To the point, if you want to learn how we really do it out here in Franklin County, hit me up. I'll respond to the email I put.

Posted by Atomsk LTG (2011-02-19) 2717

lol This thing is funny! Probably never look at this but whoever does...Whats up! Shia is pretty much to cute :) Would be really cool to get a response, need a date to my birthday 2-26 :)))

Posted by Liz (2011-02-10) 2710

Hi Shia! Email me. I'd love to get to know you better...I think you're awesome!
Think we'd have any chemistry?? :)


Posted by Jill (2010-12-30) 2681

Hey Shia. I am a huge fan of u, and I love ur work. You r such a great actor. I would kill to be an extra in one of ur movies. So, if u read this, think of me! You would make my world if u allowed me to be an extra! :) Thanks

Posted by Rhiannon (2010-11-28) 2656

Hey Shia, What's up. I am a really big fan of your work. You are inspiring and cool at your job. My favorite movie of all time in your work is the Transformers series and Indiana Jones.

Hope to meet you sonetime man in a role. God bless and keep striving.

Posted by Jovan Harris (2010-11-02) 2633

I am doing a movie I thought you might want to join you will get 500 dollers from me you are my favorite actor of all times

Posted by Paul Flanagan (2010-10-19) 2623

Shia i know this is a long shot, but I never got a chance to explain before you left town. That guy was not my boyfriend, and I almost died when he told you i was his girl. Im NOT, and I had so many things I wanted to tell you. Youve been on my mind ever since you left, I dont know about you, but I really felt something that night we were up at the beach. I dont know if you ever read these things, but if its meant to be, youll find it, and youll find know where I am. XOXO Hannah

Posted by HANNAH Cocoa Beach (2010-10-11) 2613

Good evening, I have been your fan since i watched you on "Even Stevens". I love your work! I know you heard this a million times but yes,,,you are like super talented! (giggles) i am 18 years old and currently in college (first year). I would love to meet you one day. Maybe my wish will come true! Good luck and keep up the great work! :)

Posted by Lauren Crawford (2010-10-06) 2608

Hi, i'm a 13 year old girl from Norway who really would want to meet you some time. I love your acting, your really amazing at your work. I'm a big fan and i like to know you.(like that will happen) but i'm allways hoping:-)

Posted by Johanna (2010-08-10) 2556

you are very talented! I've always wanted to act since i was 6. its not going like i planned. please help me become and actress thank you shia! love and hugs jessica

Posted by Jessica (2010-07-08) 2513

Who SHIA LEBEOUF ? wow i read about the movie "The Five Great Villages" man he is going great on that

Posted by transformer fan (2010-06-24) 2480

Man i dont know what movie buff man talking bout i heard he is going to be on the "THE FIVE GREAT VILLAGES" SHITTT ....

Posted by WHITE MAN (2010-06-24) 2479


Posted by MOVIE BUFF MAN (2010-06-23) 2467

I cannot describe to you the passion I have for acting because I do not understand it well enough. There is something inside me that has always wanted to be famous but then there was always that "voice of reason" saying I'm being ridiculous. I have thought about acting for my entire life, and I am definitely not the most experienced but I can assure you I am incredibly passionate about it. It would mean the world if Shia would contact me!

Posted by Melissa Neiger (2010-06-22) 2465

myy goodness, everyone's asking Shia for help! stop! You are a wonderful actor Shia, you've worked hard and made a name for yourself and deserve everything that you've gotten because of it. I love the quote on this site. "I want my audience to know me for my work, not because of who I'm dating or what drugs I'm on or what club I went to." very real. God bless. -Michy <3

Posted by Michelle Ramos (2010-06-22) 2464

I would really like just a chance to act on the big screen, it has always been a life long dream of mine. I want to make a start at acting and be recognized. My parents are crazy over sports, and when I decided not to play basketball and told my Dad I wanted to act. He said something hurtful. I want to make my family proud and show them I have what it takes. I have always been a big fan of Shia and if he can help me, it would mean the world to me.

Posted by Raven Powell (2010-06-22) 2462

Hey, Shia! I'm 9 years old. I'm an actor in Kentucky and am looking forward to watching your new movie "Transformers 3". I was hoping I could be in it but it's being filmed all the way in Chicago and I can't make it up there right now. I saw that you will be in "The Five Great Villages" and they are casting. If you have more information for me, I would like to audition for the movie and be in it with you! Thanks and hope to hear from you! One day we will work together! At least, I would like too!

Posted by Nathan Huraczy (2010-06-16) 2452

Hello Mr. Labeouf. My name Scott Millender. I am 23 years old. I want to be an actor more than any thing . I just had a son and want to make him proud. I am leaving him and my fiance behind in Indiana and i am heading to hollywood so i can pursue my dream of becoming an actor. If you could please give me any advise. I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks your biggest fan scott sr.

Posted by Scott Millender (2010-06-11) 2438

Watsup Shia,i love your work bro.i was wonder if you can help me alittle of how to become an actor because i always wanted to become one.thats my dream.i have a project for language arts and i need to interview someone who's been in the acting career orknow a lot about asking you because your a great actor and admire your acting skills ever since Even Stevens.lolso if you can get at me back that'll b great.thanxz.peace

Posted by Dario Bisesi (2010-05-19) 2411

hii shia, i saw you at the premiere transformer, and megan of course. Thanks for taking a minute so i could take nice pics. do you have facebook? surch me; ebyan warsame..somalian girl..i look like iman..(model)

Posted by EBBY (2010-05-12) 2399

Hi my name is Ian and i am a big fan of yours. Just wanted to know your number and i got a few questions. What was it like being on Transformers and how did you like working with Megan Fox? Thats all i wanted to know so chat with you lata. PEACE OUT! : )

Posted by ian (2009-12-28) 2183

Yo dude hit me up you shud hav my numba I got ur old number hit me up if u wana chyll brotha lataz

Posted by Nick BenZ (2009-12-20) 2176

Yo what's up bro shia you gota hit me up had mad fun hanging out ill see you on the set brotha

Posted by Nick (2009-12-19) 2175

hiya shia how are you gota say you are a brilliant actor 1 of my best, u were great in transformers specially and i also liked u in even stevens, 1 of my favourite shows when i was a kid, anyway good luck 2 the future

Posted by edmond (2009-12-15) 2173

Hi hello my name is chelsey and i was going through sites that will help teens explore their acting career, I've been wanting to act since i was 7 and if you can help me out on presuing my dream can you contact me. Thank you so much.

Posted by chelsey (2009-12-09) 2162

was up shia i know u probably hear this alot but i am tryin to become and you, will smith, jim carey and about four more actors are inspiring me to follow my dream and try to become an actor

Posted by Jaylen Baker (2009-11-10) 2141

Honestly i work my butt off as a pharmacy technician and have nothing to show for it after i get the bills payed i need money I'm broke! But i do really like all the movies your in. You are very talented

Posted by Ashley (2009-10-25) 2132

heyy shiaaa i Love to act i sing and i Dancee Pleasee Help me i Would Love to work with you itz Been a dream

Posted by jazlyn keyser (2009-10-12) 2126

Hello Shia labeouf I know u get tired of hearing this but u r a amazing actor one of my personal favorites. Well I know your busy so imma make this short by asking what tips can u provide a 17yr old from New jersey in becoming an actor. Thank u

Posted by Andrew Oakley (2009-09-30) 2124

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