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Denzel Washington is one of Hollywood's hottest leading actor as well as a man, who has shown his class from 'Training Day' to 'Courage under fire'. He has remarkably brought out the true colors of every personality or character that he has played till date whether it is in a socially conscious drama, a thriller or a comedy. Washington was born in Mount Vernon, New York on December 28, 1954 and his parents have shaped his early ambition to enter the show business. He inherited the power of performance from his minister father.

After his parents divorced, Washington attended Fordham University and graduated with B.A. in Journalism in 1977. After graduation, he went to San Francisco, and won a scholarship to the American Conservatory Theatre. This is when he began acting in various television movies and his film debut came in 1981 with 'Carbon Copy'.

Hollywood Calling
He has always been compared to Sidney Poitier for his ability to enthrall a multiracial audience, and played the role of Dr. Phillip Chandler, an insecure young resident, on the popular medical drama 'St. Elsewhere'. After 'Carbon Copy' in 1981, Washington reprised his stage role in Norman Jewison's film 'A Soldier's Story' in 1984. After a gap of two years, he came with Sidney Lumet's 'Power' (1986), and in 1987 with 'Cry Freedom,' he got his first Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor. In the following year, Washington starred as the feature lead in the British thriller 'For Queen and Country'.

In 1989, he delivered an Oscar-winning supporting portrayal defiant slave turned soldier in 'Glory'. His 1991 film 'Ricochet' failed to appeal to the critics as well as the audience and followed it with 'Mississippi Masala' in 1992.

He teamed up with Lee and shot for 'Malcolm X' in 1992 and gave a Oscar-nominated lead performance. From the role of an activist, he shifted to Shakespeare and took the role of Don Pedro in Kenneth Branagh's adaptation of 'Much Ado About Nothing'. Next in line was 'The Pelican Brief' opposite Julia Roberts and in 1993 came in the box office hit called 'Philadelphia' with Tom Hanks.

In 1995, Washington starred opposite veteran Gene Hackman in 'Crimson Tide' followed by 'Virtuosity'. He silenced his critics with a strong performance 'Courage Under Fire' (1996), and followed it with singer-turned-actress Whitney Houston in 'The Preacher's Wife' (1996).

Looking for something different got Washington the role of demon-busting policeman in 'Fallen,' and teamed again with Lee for the ambitious, flawed 'He Got Game'. 1999 saw him as a paralyzed protagonist in the thriller 'The Bone Collector' along with Angelina Jolie. He re-teamed with Jewison for 'The Hurricane,' to play the unjustly imprisoned Ruben "Hurricane" Carter. The next year, 'Remember the Titans' was shown with Washington playing the role of a high school football coach. 'Training Day,' one of his most acclaimed movies came out in 2001 and became a cult hit.

Denzel revealed in January 2007 that he turned down the lead role in 'Love Field' with Michelle Pfeiffer after finding the script to be racist.
Denzel is the first African-American to win two Academy Awards.

Denzel Washington won two Academy awards for Best Supporting Actor (Glory, 1999) and Best Actor (Training Day, 2001).
He won the Silver Bear for Best Actor (Hurricane, 1999) in 2000 at the Berlin International Film Festival.
He also won the Golden Globe as the Best Actor in 'Hurricane'.

Past Projects
The Great Debaters.... Mel Tolson
American Gangster.... Frank Lucas
Deja Vu .... Doug Carlin
Inside Man.... Detective Keith Frazier
The Manchurian Candidate.... Ben Marco
Man on Fire.... Creasy
Out of Time.... Matthias Lee Whitlock
Antwone Fisher.... Dr. Jerome Davenport
John Q.... John Quincy Archibald
Training Day.... Alonzo
Remember the Titans.... Coach Herman Boone
The Hurricane.... Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter
The Bone Collector.... Lincoln Rhyme
The Siege.... Anthony 'Hub' Hubbard
He Got Game.... Jake Shuttlesworth
Fallen.... Det. John Hobbes
Courage Under Fire.... Lt. Colonel Nathaniel Serling
Philadelphia.... Joe Miller
The Pelican Brief.... Gray Grantham
Much Ado About Nothing.... Don Pedro of Aragon
Malcolm X.... Malcolm X Denzel Washington was born in Mount Vernon, New York on December 28, 1954.

Name: Denzel Hayes Washington Jr.
Date of Birth: December 28th 1954
Height: 6' 0" (1.84 m)

Talent Agency: International Creative Management (ICM)
10250 Constellation Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90067

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Mr. Washington Thank you for all your support to our Military, to our children you have done so much for both. I myself thank you for being the wonderful and talented person you are. I have been thru a lot of heartache and sorrow this past year. but I was able to see your play Iceman Commeth and you were fantastic. I am 66 yrs old and have seen every movie yo every made included Carbon Copy. you and Robin Williams were the 2 people I always wanted . I pray tht some day I can shake your hand. Thank you for the hours of entertainment you have given me,

Posted by margaret mcconnell (2018-07-10) 5815

Hi! I have watched a lot of your movies, and seen you act, I like your work and what you bring to the table. I would love to have a chance to act one day or even meet you. Hopefully I get lucky and you see this.. but if not it would be okay. Nice speaking/ typing with to you.

Posted by Nydia (2016-04-11) 4991

Dear Denzel,
My name is Sharlene. You are my favorite actor. You are one of my idols. I hope i can get to meet you oneday. Sorry i cant leave an email. I want to give you a big hug and kiss. ;)

Posted by Sharlene Powell (2013-03-10) 3912

Say Denzel hi you doin am form amite Louisiana I was try to see I play a part your movie 2gun am good well hope to see you

Posted by Dwight Jackson (2012-07-25) 3826

Dear Denzel
My name is Jules and i from haiti, i would like to be an actor, that's my dream since i was a kid, and now, i'm 20 years old, and still want to be an actor. Please contact me.

Posted by jules (2012-04-26) 3724

hi baby i love u denzel washington u are my idol an if i ever do become famous,i want to be just like u an i want to follow in your steps.i love some or your movies like man on fire or unstoppable train or pelican brief,if u could i would like u to help to persue me to my dreams of becoming an actress.i hope u reply me back love ramona

Posted by ramonamatthews (2012-04-10) 3708

hi denzel washington my last work in guyana i use to work in a store as a salesgirl but ritenow i'm at home, i'm trying to see if i can get true with a job but all the stores in guyana hard to get true with a job.rightnow i'm trying to look after a new passport for when my sister send down the visa paper for me i good to go,but i have to wait a very long time for her to send the visa paper down

Posted by ramona (2012-03-29) 3684

I want to send a (signed by the troops U.S Flag) for what he did for the walter reed medical hospital, How would I go about doing that.

Posted by SPC Duane A Valure (2012-03-09) 3649

i am a police officer from illinois and mr. washington, i am not on here to ask you for anything but to thank you. the characters you portray are exciting and courageous such as in "man on fire" (one of my favorites). also thanks for being a good role model, i have never heard a bad word about you. so be safe and thanks!

Posted by k.shires (2012-02-09) 3599

Having a father who was a great filmmaker and actor in west-Africa gave me a natural inspiration for movies. He past away. WILEY COLLEGE is where I study! Your movies inspired me and I would like to be an actor of the public to bring up the name of my father Up and help others. But I believe that, with your hand, I will move mountains.

Posted by M. Rachid SOW (2012-01-03) 3525

Happy Birthday to Denzel on 28th! Your birthday is on the same day as mine although I am a 63 year old Scottish woman! Love all your films.

Posted by Pat (2011-12-27) 3514

I am a black 23 yr retired U S Army Ranger. I have an interesting story Regarding various campaigns I have been a part of that I think you would be interested in for a possible storyline. I have always felt that if someone were to showcase my story it could be you. Thank you

Posted by Thomas Dunlap, jr (2011-12-04) 3495

hi DW, my name is josephat, from africa namibia, i realy loves your movies alot and they inspire me at my work as i am studying performing art here, i realy want to thank you for the great work you do, and i hpoe to meet you personaly in hollywood in the future.

Posted by josephat tjiho (2011-11-27) 3474

Denzel washington you are one of my favorite actors you inspire me to want to act even more than my mom telling me i know you probably have alot of fans messaging you and everything but i want this, i need this its my passion and if you could help me out in any way i would be forever greatful.

Posted by Tamarus Peery (2011-11-15) 3432

Well this might just sound like a dream, but for its a dream i would want to come true. It would be wanderful for an african to act with a top star, even if it would be a small roll, but one thing i am sure sure of it would hit the world with surprise and wander for an african of a small african country, zambia to act side by side with the top cream. That's a dream i would really like to happen, like as for me. Happy days denziel I love like a brother!

Posted by Francis zulu (2011-09-01) 3298

Hi denziel washinhton I want to see you before I die my last wish is a kiss on the lips from you.

Posted by sam (2011-08-16) 3269

Hi Denzel...In a current situation which I want to express to the world through acting... no matter what... it will be o.k. cause I'm still here...I want the world to see true society now regarding how a person takes on piles and piles of stess and how it affects the immue system... I want the world to understand through a possible film how family, marriage, health, disease, financial stat, self confidence, being alone, and much more can make the decision of your life for ever..... Hope you get this!!!

Posted by Belinda (2011-04-02) 2763

Denzel...I have always admired you as an actor in all your performances and had a strong feeling there was something special about you. Last week and again last night I saw Book of Eli and just sat there stunned! The description of the plot on line does not even do it justice and get it right...the movie is about the Lord and His word and his power and might! Your part was unbelievable! Scripture came pouring out of your mouth and just your complete 100% trust in Him and your task for Him was the power of the Holy Spirit....that evil which was so well portrayed tho the extreme cussing offended my Scottish friend last night....but that evil man knew the power of the Word and he would kill until he got The Book...he wanted that power so did Lucifer! and the tender prayer you gave to the young woman at the table and at the end of your! I though how could Denzel do this role and not be a believer!!! and then I Wikipedia you and there it was!!! I wanted to cry with great joy! I love Him with all my soul and heart and I am sure He uses you mightily in Hollywood and beyond! I will be praying for you and your protection and for ears to hear Him thru you! I just wish when you Google the movie the description was more direct about the was not just any book! I know in your heart you would like to preach but I would encourage you to act and be the influence that Hollywood needs...the end is growing near and the Lord is sifting and many false teachers are springing up everywhere and even taking strong believers away. I found Him in 1973 and my life has never been the same....He is the mighty rock our fortress...we can do ALL things in Him who strengthens cannot imagine how He has used so much in my life or all to His glory and others good...what a mighty God we have! I am sure I will never be able to meet you in person here on this short journey in this life but I will see you in heaven:) Many in Him and never give up your faith!
in His Grip....Vickie

Posted by Vickie (2011-03-27) 2753

Please come to Birmingham, England where there are many talented young blacks.
I know Mr. Washington that you will never see my message but I'm just happy to post this message to inspire and encourage others not to loose site of what they want. 'Not to ask is Not to get'.
Good Luck my fellow actors.

Posted by Tamara (2011-01-25) 2697

Don't know if this is real or bullshit, but I'm going to write something anyway just for my soul. I come from the Ivory Coast, which is the only African country that has won an Oscar for best foreign language film. This is where I come in the picture. Some years after the movie had won an Oscar I was born and got my name given from the Academy award. I Never knew my father (passed away) and it took me 20 years to discover why he gave me my name. I saw you on Tv as a kid and you inspired me, it took me 15 years to start acting even tough you inspired me in a young age. Ironically now, I hope to win myself (an Oscar) one day, but to play along you one day would be a greater dream than winning the academy award.

Posted by Oscar (2010-11-01) 2632

You inspired and reached a lot of people with your charisma,authenticity and most importantly your boldness you have flipped it around and showed the world how a young african american can become a dynamic "allstar" actor,with your help with the boys and girls club and everything else you have done, i will be privileged to carry on this wonderful cycle as you can say "pass the torch".
-thankyou for your beautiful work

Posted by Sean (2010-10-14) 2617

Denzel your the coldest to ever do it, I inspire to one day be everything you have become, my teacher Gloria Weinstock says hello.

Posted by David Allen Green (2010-09-22) 2600

Dear Mr. Washington,
I have a very good friend who lost his son (a Marine) over in Iraq after being there only 3 weeks. My friend has been involved with the Vermont Fallen Heroes since he lost Chris. They are building a Memorial: recognizing all veterans of the Global War on Terror, since 9/11, that have served, will serve, those that have fallen, and all their families from Vermont. They have broken ground (Memorial Day) and plan on the Grand Unveiling on Veterans Day, November 11th. I was hoping (if at all possible) that you might be able to be there for the unveiling? It would mean a lot to Ray (my friend) and all the other family members who have lost a loved one. Thank you for your time.

Posted by Barb K (2010-07-31) 2540

Hy Denzel my name is Norman Siler and i love acting i was wondering if u can help me become an actor and be my mentor on what to do and how to do please email me I love learning from an experienced person like yourself

Posted by Norman Siler (2010-06-21) 2459

Dear Mr. Denzel Washington,
Last month my husband and I were able to see the broadway play "Fences". We truly enjoyed it; we sat a few seats to the right of Oprah and Gail (front and center); Debbie Allen was there also. I had prepared a letter to give you but didn't have the nerve to do it. My 15 month old son was murdered on on a military base (GITMO). There were a lot of coverups, etc. that took place. People always tell us that we should see if someone could make a movie about our lives. I thought that you could play my husband and V. Foxx could play me. Just a thought:)

Posted by Niecy (2010-06-19) 2457

Dear Mr.Washington,
I know that you get a lot of emails asking you a lot of questions but I just have one for you. It is a general question and it is how do I really break into the business? Should I move to Hollywood, try out for local auditions are just go for a huge movie role because I have the talent to do it? That is all Mr.Washington.

LSSN (AW/SW) Beasley

Posted by Brandon Beasley (2010-05-28) 2414

i have no idea where to contact you, so i hope you read this shout outs..
i am young girl 23, somalian.east in amsterdam..i also.look like iman. i hope you could hook me up with a nice acting rol. Plus i write screenplays, i still don't know who to trust.. these agents are crazy!! call me. hope to hear from you soon..or your agent.

Posted by ebby (2010-05-12) 2401

Acturally, I don't know what to say because you're one of my favorite actors and I built my acting around your craft. I have followed you from The Preacher's Wife to the Book of Eli. I have spent the last 4 years of my life trying to get cast in major films and will continue my journey to success. I'm going to keep it short. I would just like to say it's an honor to email you and hope one day I earn my chance. I hope you read this.

Posted by Marcus Thrash (2010-04-03) 2348

i acted with Denzel Washington in 1986 in Zimbabwe in the film Cry Freedom based on South African Black consciuosness activist Steve Biko in which Densel was the main actor. i played a small speaking part. i have written several books some of which can be produced into fantastic films. i would like to produce films of some of my books with Denzel Washington. how can i directly contact Denzel Washington so that i can discuss with him these possibilities. Denzel Washington can also phone me on 00 + 263 + 91 + 2 382 099 if he or his agent can. i find this as the best way Africans in the diaspora such as Denzel Washington and Africans on the continent such as me can synergise and cooperate to make the difference in our communities and the global village as a whole. i would be therefore grateful if i could be responded to. thank you. Claude Maredza

Posted by Claude Maredza (2010-03-02) 2278

Hi i Love you sir you are my idol and if iever do become famous i want to be just like you i want to following in your steps i love your movie OUT OF TIME and DEJA VU. if you could i who like your help to prusue me to my dreams of becoming an actress

Posted by chelsey (2009-12-09) 2163

was up denzel i was jus hoping u can help me follow my dream of becoming an actor

Posted by Jaylen Baker (2009-11-10) 2142

Hi Denzel, when God called me into acting, it came inform of a vision where i was acting with you. i belive it will happen one day, only God knows when. im a born again christian living in kenya, my country. man! you are a cool actor!! God bless you.

Posted by samuel gicharu (2009-11-04) 2138

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