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Hey Kristen, i love your work, you inspire me when it comes to acting
every since i saw twilight i have pushed myself more to become like you.
I just dont know how to start my acting career, can you help or tell me what to
Sincerely Laney :)

Posted by Laney (2015-08-23) 4901

I feel the same that Courtney dose. Ever since you played Bella in the twilight serce iv kept updates on both you and Taylor Robbutin think the director should of basted the movie on you 2! Thank you for letting me show my school and my family who I want to be when I grow up!

Posted by Hailey (2013-11-05) 3961

Hi Kristen,
I think that your a really talented actor and I would love to do what you do someday I'm really interested with acting and would love to be an actress I was wondering if you had any tips for becoming an actress?
sincerely Logan

Posted by Logan (2012-03-01) 3634

Hey Kristen I love your work. I am 14 and have always wanted to act but never knew how to get started. Any suggestions?

Posted by Tori (2012-01-22) 3565

Hi Kristen, I just want to let you know you inspire me ! I have been studying the sides of acting/modeling.. The first movie I saw you in was Panic room ! Ever since then I knew there was something about you that made me want to push myself ! I cant begin to tell you how much you have inspired me.

-Keep up the good work :)
P.S You and Robert did excellent in part 1
eager to see part 2 I know you both wont disappoint :) xo

sincerely Courtney McGreal

Posted by Courtney McGreal (2011-12-11) 3502

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