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Selena Gomez

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Selena Gomez Message Board

Welcome to the Selena Gomez Message Board. Get in touch with Selena Gomez to voice your support, appreciation, or opinion.

Can you imagine how much snail mail and email a celebrity must get? Most simply don't have time to go through all of it and even less time to respond. So, for this reason, we've created this shout-out message board. It's a far simpler way to communicate with your favorite stars and celebrities.

Try to keep your messages short and sweet. No one wants to read your entire life story. We don't know if you'll get a response, but if enough people post a message, these celebrities won't be able to ignore them all.

Hey Selena! I was just wondering if you could give some tips on auditioning. This Saturday I'm auditioning to be an actor.So If you could give me some tips that would be great by the way I love your show "Wizards Of Waverly Place".

Posted by Ariel Sierra (2009-11-05) 2139

hello omg i am such a big fan!!!!!!!!!! i come from plano texas ( you probly know where that is ) and would love to be on one of your shows ( im 10)! one problem is i cant move to hollywood so it would have to be just one or two episodes!!! i have called u and emailed you but cant reach u i hope this works

Posted by theresa (2009-11-14) 2148

Hey Selena. Its Natalie and I really want to become an actress and I was wondering if you could help me with it. So untill then, Byee. :}

Posted by Natalie (2010-01-17) 2200

Hi Selena my name is Lauren Nguyen and I'm trying to become an actress.Only problem is that I can find an agent.So I was wondering if you know any acting/modeling agencis number. Please I really need your help.My dream is to get on Disney Channle!Please write back asap!

Lauren Nguyen

Posted by Lauren Nguyen (2010-01-18) 2204

hi selena i really want to be a actress and also i want to pay for my grandma cancer but i really like you

Posted by kyani (2010-04-04) 2350

hey selena keep doing wat ur doing ur music is great im a musician myself and so i no wat its like and it makes me feel great wen i sing i also write my own music i plan on going 2 califoria 2 record over there

Posted by Zach Henson (2010-04-12) 2363

Hey,Selena Gomez!!
I'm your biggest fan!!
You may not belive me,but I am!!
I really loved to be with you on a movie.
I have gotten 2 solos in a row for my school play, joined other acting programs.
I may not know everything about you but I'm your BIGGEST FAN!!!!

Posted by Nina (2010-04-14) 2367

hi Selena your biggest fan here. I was just wondering if you could tell someone in the acting agencies about me. im good at acting. please help me i want to ecome famous to get my papa through cancer and my nanas leg fixed. please tell them about me . thank you !

Posted by Brittany Waters (2010-04-24) 2379

Hey Selena I love your song naturally....Im a big fan....IIf you wanna know who I am go to youtube and type Parker and Desirae aka boytalk and you will hear us sing our song we wrote.

Posted by Parker (2010-06-07) 2422

Love your show and your acting. I want so much to be an actor like you. I'd like to know how you got discovered. You're awesome.

Posted by Nikoel (2010-06-08) 2427

I don't really know if you'll answer me back, but I'm going to try any way. You're honestly one of my favorite actresses. I was just wondering if you could help me out a little. I really want to become an actress and would just like to know how you started and how to find good auditions.
Thanks for any help at all=>

Posted by Amber Jessup (2010-06-18) 2455

Hey Selena my name miranda im 14 .I wanted to ask you can you give me tips for auditioning. I really trying to get alot of tips as i can i want to make my family happy cause were been going through alot . It would meen the world to me

Posted by Miranda Nash (2010-07-30) 2538

hey selena my name is donella im 15 years old and i really want to be an actress so if u can get me some really good tips that would be awesome thanks

Posted by donella (2010-08-23) 2573

Hi i'm 15 and i love to act and dance and just a little bit of modeling. Ive been acting, dancing, and modeling for 7 years and i'm ready to make it to the big screen. i'm a very hard worker i follow directions and i know this is a job but i do like to have fun. I live right outside L.A. I have an agent he drives me to all my auditions and i'm up for anything so email me back please.

Posted by Mikala (Kayla) (2010-12-05) 2667

hello my name is Jolynn. I think you are a fantastic actress and I think if anyone could help me with my acting career it would be you. I am only 14 and I need some advice from someone who has experience. I know it will be hard but I also know I need some help learning how to become a better actress. How do you think you did so well in your career? Now I know your busy. I completely understand and I will be patient for your reply. Thank you so much for the help good bye.

Posted by Jolynn (2011-01-02) 2684

hey selena! my name is jess and i am 14. I live in england and i really want to be an actor but i have no experience. I know a bit about acting as i take drama in school but i dont know how to get auditions. I would really appreciate it if you reply. Thanks in advance :)

Posted by Jess Davenport (2011-02-21) 2719

Hey Selena! you are beautiful inside and out! you inspire me to write songs, and you are also one of the reasons why I act! you inspire me, and your music does as well! keep singing, and I'll keep you in my heart.

Posted by Felicia Miller (2011-03-17) 2742

Hey selena I got a question. When you realized you wanted to start acting, how did you actually get on to Disney Channel, cause i really would like to be in Disney Channel. Though it seems impossible, I would like to be on a show(: Don't really know how to start exactly?? So hope you can tell me how.. by the way big fan(:

Posted by Michelle Mendoza (2011-06-28) 3141

Omg! Hello Ms. Selena Gomez! I love your acting! You are my Idle and I really want to be come an actress like you! Please write back :] Thanks

P.S, I know I said this already but eh what the heck, You are my HUGE IDLE!

Posted by Morgan (2011-07-26) 3232

Hey selena I realy want to become famouse like ryan ronnalds and kim kardashian and u plus more so if u know any acting shows in cali az or in ny just please let me know cause u inspire me for trying to get into acting:)

Posted by isabella powers (2011-09-10) 3311

Hi Selena,
I no that you are named after Selena quintanilla And I'm sort of related to her! My aunt is 1st cousins with her. Anyway I love everything you do and I want to be famous someday but there's one problem...I live in wapato Washington! You probably dont know where that is but if you google it you would see how tiny it is and how far away from fame I live! Please help!

Posted by Faith Jacob (2011-09-11) 3313

oh my gosh, Selena I've been dying to meet you. Your my favorite star, and I would love to meet you like I would for real freak and pass out I'm your #1 fan love you

Posted by kala Thomson (2011-12-07) 3498

hey selena i love you any tips at all i am a fan i want the tips from you. I am writing a song any ideas?

Posted by Sahari (2012-01-08) 3542

Hi Selena, I really want to be an actress. I love being in front of people, and just having a good time. I'm very funny and I'm so out going. I really think your an amazing actor/singer. i would love if you could give me some advice, or some good agencies? Thank you, Amanda :)

Posted by Amanda (2012-01-24) 3566

SELENA PLEASE READ: I llove acting/singing but i dont now how to tell my parents plz help maggie

Posted by maggie (2013-01-06) 3902

Selena I'm your biggest fan and I wanna be just like you I wanna presume my acting carrier and I wanna star on a Disney Channel Show! I'm 14 and my names Seaira (Sierra) And I would love to get to meet you and get some acting tips from you

Posted by Seaira CheyAnne Mims (2013-02-22) 3907

Hi Selene,How are u doing i hope good,i love your song u sound really good i think u are a good singer,actor,actress

Posted by Peter Smith (2013-07-10) 3933

Sup!I will beat you at acting

Posted by Andrea (2013-08-29) 3952

Hi selena gomez i LOVE YOUR WORK.My name is hailey cimbura. I live in page north dakota. Im thirteen years old. All my life i wanted to be an actress and a singer. I just dont know where to start. If you have any advice i would really greatly apreciate it. I LOVE YOU THANX Please write back as soon as you can. :)

Posted by Hailey (2014-01-26) 3972

Hi Selena I am a young song writer from Quebec city and I am writing in English for artists and producing my own. I was wondering if you would like to do business and have a lot of fun thank you

Posted by Jimmy Dessureault (2016-02-12) 4983

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