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About the Show

The hit sitcom "Wizards of Waverly Place" engages kids and tweens through funny, adventurous and aspirational storytelling that celebrates family and the pursuit of goals and dreams.

In the series, set in Manhattan, Jerry Russo long ago relinquished his wizard powers to marry his mere mortal wife, Theresa. Their kids, Justin, Alex and Max, have each inherited wizard powers and continue to hone their budding skills, even though only one member of the family can keep their powers.

While Jerry tutors the kids in wizardry and tries to stay one step ahead of them, Theresa encourages them to learn about her side of the family and although she loves her kids, she won't stand for magic run amok. Self-assured Alex is undisciplined when using her powers; overachiever Justin exercises restraint with magic as he vies for the wizard spot in the family; and youngest sibling Max is steadily gaining confidence in his magic abilities.

Jerry and Theresa have their hands full running the family-owned sandwich shop, Waverly Sub Station and although Jerry does his best to teach his kids the proper use of magic, and to practice only when supervised by him, comedic chaos ensues as they experiment with magic and test their skills. Even when their wizard works go awry, the Russos know they can ultimately rely on each other.

This season, Alex pursues her dream of becoming an artist and designs her own art studio inside a miniature dollhouse. Justin, in his last year of high school, plans to savor every senior moment and try his hand at monster hunting. Max hones his wizard skills and becomes a serious contender in the Russo kids' quest to become the sole heir of the family's wizard powers. Now that Harper knows Alex is a wizard, she adjusts to a life filled with magical adventures and chaos with her best friend.

Whether it's going to prom with a vampire as a date, working with a spell that animates an inanimate object, or conjuring up a Pocket Elf to help with a Spanish test, the Russo kids learn the good, the not so good and the often very funny consequences of deploying their magic.

Starring are Selena Gomez ("Wizards of Waverly Place The Movie," "Princess Protection Program") as Alex Russo; David Henrie ("Wizards of Waverly Place The Movie," "How I Met Your Mother") as Justin Russo; Jake T. Austin ("Wizards of Waverly Place The Movie," "Johnny Kapahala: Back on Board") as Max Russo; Jennifer Stone ("Wizards of Waverly Place The Movie," "Secondhand Lions") as Harper Finkle; Maria Canals-Barrera ("Wizards of Waverly Place The Movie," "Camp Rock") as Theresa; and David DeLuise ("Wizards of Waverly Place The Movie,""Stargate SG-1,") as Jerry.

"Wizards of Waverly Place" is a production of It's a Laugh Productions for Disney Channel. The series was created by Todd J. Greenwald and is executive-produced by Peter Murrieta, Greenwald, Vince Cheung and Ben Montanio. It carries a TV-G parental guideline.

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Wizards of Waverly Place Message Board

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Do you have a small role on the show??

Posted by Madelyn (2008-08-03) 166


Posted by kathleen (2008-08-05) 177

i love your show,i think that demi lovato should guest star in it,considering that she and selena are bestfriends,also if there is a small part i would love to be considered. :)

Posted by alexis (2008-08-05) 181

If you need a girl with red hair, I'm your girl!

Posted by Sabrina (2008-08-10) 199

Im only 10 and i really want to be famous so i want to be in this show!!!

Posted by Kayla (2008-08-14) 231

hi. my dream has always been to be on disney channel. so just keep me in mind and consideration. because i do love 2 act!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by autumn (2008-08-14) 234

Hi, I've always wanted to play a role in Wizards of Waverly Place ever since i was ten years old. My talents are i can sing, dance, act, and i do gymnastics. Please cosider to be in your show. Thank you so much for your time.

Posted by ariana (2008-08-15) 242

hey they r casting for like small roles check it out look up wizards of waverly place casting calls on google and it should come up o and btw i have red hair 2 and i want this part as much as the next girl if not more lol hahaha no but u have to have an agent to even adution so if u dont dont even think about waisting ur time

Posted by caitlyn (2008-08-17) 248

My dream is also like alot of other kids too, I want to be on disney and show the world what I can do. I will have to work for it and I know it will take some time to really get going. Just remember anything is possible, chase your dream!
~Raquel Peper~

Posted by Raquel Peper (2008-08-22) 265

Hello. I'm Emily. i have the same dream. disney channel is my thing i watch disney channel almost 24/7 when im home.if i'm not im playing sports like cheerleading basjket ball or running. nno, i dont have an agent but i dont think you need one to discover real talent thanks for your time.(: have a nice dayyy!

Posted by Emily (2008-08-22) 266

First off I would just like to say it would be a HUGE honor to be on Wizards of Waverly Place. It is my favorite show in the world. I know I do no have an agent, but I can work on that once I get an audtion and if I get an audtion I would be the happiest girl alive. Secend; I was the lead in my school play (I know it's not exactly the same but...) I got A LOT of compliments everyday since then. Well Thanks for reading this. Bye

Posted by Hunter (2008-08-23) 272

Hello I'm Ashley and I really would like to be on Disney channel. I do have acting experiences and I am taking drama classes in school. If you want to know more about me, I was in a play called " Legally Blonde" which was based on a movie. I was Ella's best friend in the play (one of the main characters) ,and after the play ended I was accepted into advanced drama classes. I was also on a TV show called "Home made simple" which is coming on Tv on the 30th on TLC. The show starts at 2:00 pm and I'm the pretty 13 year-old on the show. Please watch the show. So far, I have auditioned in two agencies and got accepted but I couldn't afford it. I am about to turn 13 in a few days now and it would be great if I was on Disney channel.

Posted by Ashley (2008-08-23) 274

Hey! Its Ashley again. I'm sorry that i keep on posting messages but there is something I forgot to mention. I have a little brother who loves to act and he is eight years old. I also have an other little brother that is too young to act and he is about two months old. He can be used in extras and stuff that you don't need lines for. One last thing I'd like to say is that acting is in my blood because my dad and his brother, sister, parents, and cousins were in extras in movies like "Chains of gold", "Making Mr. Right", and "Invasion USA". I also have an amazing singing voice and took singing classes for four years. Please post back if you are looking for a girl like me because it would be an honor to be on my favorite show with Selena Gomez (my favorite actor ever!). I AM TOTALLY AVALIABLE!!!!!!

Posted by Ashley (2008-08-23) 277

hi my name is samantha and my dream is to become an actress!!!
i am 15 yrs old. i weigh 170. i have brown hair....
and if you dont want me on the show than please tell someone else on disney about me!!!!!

Posted by samantha (2008-08-24) 286

just so you no i may be on your show so cool right i no

Posted by Katie (2008-08-24) 287

hi i dont want to be an actress just because u can be famous i want to be an actress because i like feeling what other people are feeling and its like i feeel the emotions when i play a roll well if i play a rool and im ony 10 but im going to take acting classes and you dont know how badly i want to be on your show please let me be on the show i will audition when you want me to thank you

Posted by vanessa (2008-08-29) 299

hi i dont want to be an actress just because u can be famous i want to be an actress because i like feeling what other people are feeling and its like i feeel the emotions when i play a roll well if i play a rool and im ony 10 but im going to take acting classes and you dont know how badly i want to be on your show please let me be on the show i will audition when you want me to thank you

Posted by vanessa (2008-08-29) 300

I am a great actress and I love wizards of Waverly place so it would be so great if i was on this show

Posted by kenya munson (2008-08-29) 302

acting is my passion, I took acting classes when I was 5-6 and have a diploma for Tiger Tales Theatre after that i stopped because school became harder and i had to focus and get good grades now i am 12 and acting means everything to me. I realized i wanted to take acting seriously when i was 9. I act in school plays , I was the stepmother in cinderella finds time(a school play in 6th grade). I am not a shy person, I love to read and act in front of people all the time. Selena Gomez is my rolemodel i look up to her and i would like to follow in her foot steps and act. It would be unbeliveable if i was to be on Wizards of Waverly Place. I really would be the happiest girl on earth to live my passion in front of the world. So thank you and if u need me for anything i am always available.

Posted by melissa (2008-08-30) 309

hi, i was wondering if you have any roles that i can play in any upcoming shows. If you need any info on my age, how i look, and my background, please contact me at my email. THANK YOU.

Posted by thao le (2008-08-31) 311

I would LOVE to become an actress on Wizards of Waverly Place! I just enjoy the show so much that I wanna act in the show! I have been practicing acting in the mirror ever since I was 7 years old, and still now! I would just be over exited to be on Disney Channel!

Posted by Jenny (2008-08-31) 320

hi! i've always wanted to be on wizards of waverly place with selena gomez and jake t. austin. sometimes me and my friends just pretend we're acting on a show. ;) contact me at my email!!!!!

Posted by alison (2008-09-06) 335

My name is Rocio and I am a beginner in the entertainment business. I am very interested in an acting role on Disney’s Wizards of Waverly Place. Now I know I might seem naïve, but I can guaranty that this role is very important to me and I am hoping and willing to work with the cast. I might not have an agent or manager, but I am 100 percent confident and outgoing. As for my previous work, I have been on about three school talent shows and also a school play called " The Ransom of Red Chief."Thanks again for taking the time to read my message. I am available any time for an audition. Feel free to contact me.

Warmest Regards,
Rocio Rivera.

Posted by Rocio (2008-09-12) 356

Hi! My name's Hannah. I'm turning 13 REALLY soon and believe me, I would love to be on Wizards of Waverly Place. Seriously, I wouldn't mind even a small part. Sure I'd probuly never get it because I have done no acting before in my life. But I'm sure I could pull it off seeing as I trick people I know t tink I'm depressed when I'm really cheerful that moment! Its been my dream to act since I was in kindergarden and it still is. I want to be an actress mainly since I don't got all sorts of money, and I figure this could help. I do relise ths may never come true, but I still want you to read this message and possibly concider it.

Yours truly,

Posted by Hannah (2008-09-14) 364

Hello. My name is Marrissa. I would love to be a part of the show. I have some expirience with acting and singing and if you can find a place for me that would be wonderful. I am 14. Contact me if you have any positions for me or need me to come in and audition or something. Thank you.

Posted by Marrissa Hutton (2008-09-15) 373

Hey, im Stephanie.
and i really like your show!
i have been watching it since
it came out and i was wondering
if you guys had any acting parts,
i would really like to be in it.
i am tuning 14 in a couple of months,
i have been wanting too act since
for ever i havnt had any training but
a lot of people tell me im good
because i can make peopl laugh
and change my mood really good!
please contact me.

Posted by Stephanie (2008-09-24) 404

This is one of my favorite shows. Please e-mail me if you have any places. I'm 13, and I'm looking for a audition.

Posted by Dova-Symane (2008-09-25) 407

I would love to be on this show more than any thing in the world im good at acting and im realy funny!!!!!!

Posted by richardson victor (2008-09-28) 433

I love the show wizards of waverly place ive been watching it since it first came out i have good expirence with acting im 11 years old and in 6th grade whenever we have a school play im always the lead but one of the first reasons i want to be on the show is because selena gomez is my idol so pleas e-mail me if thier are any auditions

Posted by marisa trull (2008-10-01) 444


Posted by TIFF (2008-10-01) 445

I Would Love
To Be in the Show! I have experience.
Please tell me if you have any open parts or castings!

Posted by Daniela (2008-10-04) 448

I would love the chance to audition for a small part on the show. I am 9 yrs old and I have an outgoing personality. I have curly, dirty blonde hair. I am currently taking voice lessons, I play the piano, and I have done some small plays, and have been in kids performing arts singing in choirs, dancing, and have been in musicals. I am funny and can deliver lines quite well. Please contact me. I am an excellent reader and I can remember lines. Thanks. Kaitlyn

Posted by Kaitlyn (2008-10-06) 456

Hi, i'm Neeahna and I'm 12 years old and I would love to be on the show!!!!!!!!!!!!.
I have short brown hair and I'm funny. Please can you tell me
if you have an opening part:)

by: Neeahna weaver

Posted by Neeahna weaver (2008-10-10) 467

Hi! I'm 13 years old and I love the show. I have blond long hair up to my shoulders and I 'm funny! I'm also pretty cute!

Posted by Tori (2008-10-11) 468

hey i would realy love to be in your show cuz ilove it and its my dream to be in your show well right now i dont got an agent but i'm goning to auditions for one and i'm hoping to work with you guys it would make me so happy if i wre to be in it!

Posted by stephanie padilla (2008-10-13) 472

how do i get on disney channel that has always been my life long dream

Posted by brittany (2008-10-14) 475

ive always acted ive been in commercials

Posted by lauren pande (2008-10-14) 476

i really want to act. if there is any possible way to get on your show i would really appreciate it big time.i love the show and im 13,from cedar hill texas(in dallas now) i have brown hair brown eyes.PLEASE IF YOU HAVE ANY AUDITIONS TELL ME.its always been my dream to act,

Posted by alondra (2008-10-15) 480

do u have a smalll roll on the show open 4 me

Posted by wertyuiop (2008-10-16) 482

Hi my name is Abdul im 15years old and i would like to be on your show.The reason i would like to is because i like your show and i have a lot of potential and i lnow i have what it takes to be on your show.Any role you throw at me i can handle it.Thanks for your time and if you have any roles for me please let me know and i have a some expereince

Posted by ABDUL WRIGHT (2008-10-20) 489

hi my name is julie restrepo i am 13 years old and i would love to join the cast of w.w.p. becuase the people there seem very nice and mostly my fav. selena, jake,and david they are the best and i mean it idont just say i mean every word and if i ever join i will try to to be a good actor and that is a promise so hopefully i get chosen

Posted by julie (2008-10-21) 491

My name is Jaylynn Atwood and i am 13 years old. I would like to be on disney channel's show
"Wizardz of Waverly Place". I have a great attitude and personality. I am also very determined and i WILL DO ANYTHING you telll me to.

Posted by jaylynn atwood (2008-10-25) 501

My name is Ceylan Bradford and i am 12 years old. Im 5-4 born in july with brown hair and eyes. im 105 pounds of joy, as my momma says. Im half turkish and american, but i look fully american. What makes me different from everyone else is that, i can do it. What ever it takes, im willing to do it. I have been singing for one year and acting, the same. Yes i know it's not a lot but, from the complements that came from my voice lessons teacher, acting teacher at school, acting teacher outside of school, family, and all students.. i have a pretty great voice. Some say that the National Anthem is my best. I take voice lessons at the Septien Entertainment group and advanced acting at school and acting lessons at Everybody-fits.

I have all A's. Grades are a really important part of being successful in life so i am sure to keep them up. So, i am really looking forward to auditioning for this role. and if you are worndering why I am requesting this it's because i went to a casting call and the director asked me to call and ask questions and asked me to do everything. Not my mom. So learning from past experience, I email you with great confedence. I hope you contact us. I am really looking forward to it.

Posted by Ceylan Bradford (2008-10-29) 514

Wizards of Waverly Place is one of my favorite t.v. shows it's funny and it is something you can relate to since the characters are so real.
Acting is something i've always wanted to do so if there is any open parts big or small i'd be interested in it.
It'd be great to be part of such a great cast and awesome show because since im a teen i think i'd fit right in.

Posted by kimberly (2008-11-01) 520

I want to be an actor and i love the show.....so i was thinking maybe a good way to jumpstart it is to be on the show

Posted by claudeson (2008-11-03) 521

Hi! I am a thirteen year old girl that loves the show!!! I would really enjoy getting even a small part in this show! I have brown hair and I am fairly tall. Acting is my passion!

Posted by Sarah (2008-11-08) 532

I think Max should have a love interest. She should be very smart and focused, kind of like his opposite. I would like to play that role!

Posted by Zazzie (2008-11-09) 534

Uh, im pretty sure this site isnt the casting for Wizards.. Just telling you guys. That would be like me saying,for ex.: I'm 13, brown hair,can play ages 8-13 about,smart,funny,athletic,etc.
The chances of a casting director for something even reading this is probably 1 in a thousand, and no, you do not need an agent necassarily. If you have a casting director like you,there is a 99.99% chance you will get signed with an agent. And dont ever sign with an agent/agency that makes you pay.. You dont pay until you get a part, and the agent is only supposed to get a percentage of that.. Need any more info?? Just post a comment saying it;; im smart in this business.

Posted by bob rawdreegez (2008-11-09) 537

Agents only get about 10% and managers 15%, but thats AFTER you earn your pay.
Also this show DOES relate alot!!

Posted by keyon (2008-11-12) 550

Hi. I'm a teenage girl. I know you've probably heard this alot. But i want an acting job. I would be extremely dedicated. Even if I was just an extra in the show. It would at least get me on my way. So email me back please. Thanks!\


Posted by Erin (2008-11-13) 556

i am 14 years old i am repersented by mtm i am a perfecinal morel runway model and actor i would love to be in this show

Posted by amanda (2008-11-13) 562

Hi, this is Kaylie! I am 12 and just love this show to death! I am interested in auditioning for a small part. When and if there are any available, please contact me! I have been in 3 plays and gotton a leading role each time! So please contact me!

Hello! I'm Madison (Maddi) and I am twelve years old, I have been acting since as long as I can remember! I have been the lead in 4 school plays, and have been a munchkin in the WIzard of Oz production at a major theater! I love everything about your show, and I was hopeing that I could audition for a part in the show, if and when there is an opening! I don't have an agent, but that is how confadent I am! I really hope I hear back from you!!!

Posted by Kaylie and Maddi (2008-11-15) 572


i was thinking
if i can be in it

Posted by mark (2008-11-18) 585

Hi. I am 13 years old soon to be 14. I have not experienced any type of acting other then school plays and acting classes. But I know and I am determined to learn the acting business. I feel that acting does come naturally to me. I love acting, it's very hard but very, very fun as well.
Thank you for your time in reading this.

Posted by Alyssa Flores (2008-11-22) 605

My name is Brittney Chanhthavichith and I am 15 years old and live in Fresno, CA. I would love to become, probably the first Lao actress on Disney Channel. Many people here think I won't become an actress just because I'm from Fresno, but I really want to prove them wrong. So please if you can, tell me when you have an opening for this show and it'll be an honor to be on it and prove everyone with doubt wrong. Plus I absolutely LOVE watching Wizards of Waverly Place. Thank you!! =)

Posted by Brittney Chanhthavichith (2008-11-24) 615

Hi, everyone My name is Paula Rojas I'm 16 years old I live here in Stamford CT, not to far from New York. I have a passion for acting and I'm here in the computer everyday of my life trying to search/look for auditions specially for Disney Channel either way I love acting I have a huge PASSiON for it and I would love to audition for the show Wizards of Waverly place. Please I would love to get a chance. Thank you for your time.

Posted by Paula (2008-11-29) 625

i love this show it would be totally awsome if i was on it

Posted by keisha (2008-12-15) 669

hi i am samantha i am 13 years old and i love acting well i only have done it with my bff haley. i live in texas and would like sooo much to be in a movie it would be so much fun and i would be happy with just one little line. thank you for your time

Posted by samantha (2008-12-15) 683

Hi im Nicole and i've always wanted to be an actress since i was 6 years old and i've wanted to be an actress on disney channel im 13 now so if you have any spots please tell me i would be happy with your smallest spot you have and i dont mind even if its one line just please let me know thank you.

Posted by Nicole (2008-12-18) 690

I think I'm ready to be an actor because I act all day and all night.I love acting because acting is a way to express how I feel also another reason why I love to acting is because it makes me who I am,and if I try out for acting and I don't make it the first time I'm gonna keep acting and when I come back I'm gonna come back better and I'm gonna have my head up high!!!!!!!

Posted by nefertitiingram (2008-12-22) 702

Hello, my name is Jasmine and i have what it takes to become an actress.
I can be mad,sad,happy,and everything else. I can show emotions maybe crying it really doesnt take long for me to act cry. I have the potential to become a big time star. I can bring alot to the table if i get a chance to prove myself that i have what it takes. I will do the role with much courage and to perfection. Any part will be just fine, and i guarantee the outcome will be a success if i was able to be on the show. sincerely, Jasmine

Posted by Jasmine (2008-12-26) 715

Hey I always watch your show and after seeing your message board I know it's a one-in-a-million chance I'll be on it , my parents don't even believe acting is a real career. But my thoughts are different. I know there are alot of other girls who have
much more potential than I do. And I know there are girls who begged harder than I did. I'm sorry for being so negative but I would be very grateful if you considerd letting me audition for Wizards of Waverly Place. Then I would be able to show the world that I can do anything if I put my mind to it.

-Thank you for taking your time to read this message, Annabel age 10

Posted by Annabel (2008-12-26) 716

I want to be an actress and a singer,but i want to start off from Wizards of Waverly Place.Also i am a HUGE fan!!!!!!!Oh, by the way i`m 11 and pleasently plump

Posted by Martiana (2008-12-27) 717

I really,really want to be on the show.PLEEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am a wonderful actress and an alright singer i am 11 in the sixth grade and i am a HUGE,HUGE,HUGE fan

Posted by Anonymous (2008-12-27) 718

HI, ive truley been in love with acting since i was 6 years old. im only 12 but i know that my dream is to b an actress. i have brown hair and im sooo funny. if u would ever need another cast member i would deffinently b intrested. im not just a fan i truley love wizards of waverly place. this is not just a joke to me i would b sooooo grateful if u let me on this show. and i know other people probably begged much harder but i would scream if i ever got to even b a little part in this show. if you have any parts no matter how big or small ill take it. thank you soo much.

-thanks soo much for reading

Posted by Anonymous (2009-01-01) 749

I am fourteen, and have always dreamed of working beside Selena Gomez...she is such a great girl. Just an episode would be nice

Posted by Hanna Kate (2009-01-01) 750

Hi I'm Brian.. And I always was searching for auditions for wizards of waverly place..please I wanna be a cast member for the nee season wizard of waverly place movie or show see I love acting its fun what I want I acted out the lion king with my brother age 7 or 8..please I want this for chance to catch my dreams. I'm 16 sweet guy live in Los angeles, California. I have such a imagintive mind I act like I'm Dante from Devil May Cry or Vampire from twilight.. I want this be in the wizards of waverly place show.. Please call me!!

Posted by Brian Gonzalez (2009-01-02) 754

I'm begging I no selena well anyways we talk to eachother. Online and she's not a poser..we get along just fine..I can ask her for anything and she can come to me for help. If we trust and know eachother. I know we can getalong just fine and kick it while were off set. Please I wanna be a new member on wizards of waverly place. And one day just wish I can start a film with her a action/romance film..Devils Warrior..where this guy name Daniel has defeated the devil emperor but now his brother is loose and raising hell and stoping his brother Kelso from unleashing hell and suddenly selena as Trish been kidnapped and kelso command his army to stop him so there's no way he can save her.. But he's does and ends up in hospital.from the dangerous fight brother v.s.brother

Posted by Brian (2009-01-02) 755

Hi, my name is Karina and I'm 14 years old. I'm Caucasian, 5'3", fit and I've always wanted to be an actress. I live in Ottawa, ON. I have the looks and the personality to be an actress. I am willing to do whichever part is necessary, whether it be an extra or an actual role. I'll be happy with any role I'm given. I just really want to have this great experience and try being an actress. It's something that I think I have talent for and could deliver my part very well. I'm very outgoing and love camera's and I am very convincing on screen. Please give me a shot,



Posted by Karina H. (2009-01-03) 819

Well I'm not looking for the fame first of all I'm not going to lie and say I know selena gomez. But I do love to act and preform in front of large crowds. Iam 15 years old I am 5'2 fweet tall I weight 130lbs. I have brown eyes and brown hair I am hispanic and I have frekels. I just want to expiriense new things in life and I feel like if acting can be good for me. I can learn things fast. And well acting is my passion. So please I'm looking to land a role in whatever possible.

Posted by pedro ceja (2009-01-17) 885

im 11 and i thought it would be cool if harper had a step sister and she bugded harper i think you should choose me because im 11 im funny,smart,a good actress,and ilove wizard of waverly place . i would get along well with the cast and crew .

Posted by lauren (2009-01-17) 889

Hey i love your show! I am 12 years old, blonde hair, and blue eyes! I can sing and act ( and be very dramatic if the role calls for drama ) ! I have always wanted to act since i was 7 or 8! If you guys have any casting calls can you please email me! Thank you!

Posted by Brittnee (2009-01-19) 903

I love that show i wish i was on it

Posted by Jayson (2009-01-19) 905

Hey kids, I know you're typing, but it'd be good if you capitalized your i... I.
Know grammar, punctuation and spelling. A good cover letter, note, and email
are the first impressions lots of people will get. Do you know the basics in English? That shows lots about you basically studying, doing homework (as in memorizing and studying scripts and characters) and taking your work (any work such as a background actor, actor or STUDENT which is your job as a kid) seriously.
Break a leg.

Posted by Rose (2009-01-20) 907

yo wazzzup my name is sara and im 11 and i will be 12 in July! i have always wanted too be in a show and i thought this one would be cool soooo please pick me!!!!!!!

peace out!

Posted by Sara (2009-01-22) 918

Hello. My name is Madison and I am a beginner in the acting business. I would love to play a small part in this show. I am 12 years old and I love acting! I excel in school and I study for tests and quizzes all of the time. Therefore, it is easy for me to study scripts. I enjoy movies and TV and I really examine the acting to teach me to act. Please email me soon!

Posted by Madison (2009-01-25) 926

Hello. My name is Alexis And I am 13 almost 14. Looking into my future i hope to be a succeful actress and i think that this would be an awesome beginning. Is there a role that I could play? If so email me please..

Posted by Alexis (2009-01-29) 944

is a Great show and the actors are very Talented.
I would be honored to be on this show.
i feel i would be very proffesional if i got a part on the show.
lol im 14 going on 15 so me and selena could be great friends

Posted by Kristie lynn (2009-02-01) 961

Hey this is shelby;;I love Selena and we talk a lot on myspace.....anyways i know everyone up there says they should be in it but I really should if you want a brunette with beautiful brown eyes...just like selena! I am 12 well just consider it...I am the one you are looking for...Message me

Posted by Shelby B (2009-02-05) 971

Hi! I love this show and I really want to be on it! I am 11 years old, and I live in Alaska! I love disney channel and it would be so fun!:)

Posted by Joey (2009-02-08) 983

helllo im emily,
ii proballlyy want this more than annyyonne in the worldd no doubt about it evverryonnee i knoow thikns i am succhh a greatt actoorr i am 13 years oldd turningg 14 in twwo weeks if you pick me to be on thee shooww andd get me famouss trust me on this you WILLL NOT regret itt pleasee this iss the only thikngg i want to do for a livinnggg this is prollyy thee purposee i am alivee no lie if i dont get this i dont know what wouldd happeen pleasee i am the onee you guyss have beeen searchingg forr thankk you bc i havve hope that you will chooose mee thanks for yourr timmee

Posted by emily (2009-02-19) 1025

Heyyy it's Lexi;
I love to act, sing and model and am a t the top of my group in all three. I have amazing talent and want all this more than ANYONE in the world no doubt about it. I have plentiful experiance and know that I'm totally right for every part part you can through at me!


Posted by Lexi (2009-02-20) 1033

Hi! I'm Izzy (is-e) I love the show and I am very quite but I can be loud. I 10 but I look 13. I have never acted in my life but I think if I try really hard I can. I would like a small job but if you want me to do big I can!

Posted by Izzy Austin (2009-02-23) 1044

hi my name is katie. I'm 14 and i'm very interested in acting and singing. i spend most of my time doing it. i don't want to be famous for all the attention and fame. i want to do it because i love it and it's my passion. it's what i want to do in life. Wizards of Waverly Place is my favorite show. Selena Gomez is such a great actor and she's my rolemodel. i will do whatever it takes to succeed my future career. i don't have much experience,but i want to start out. i have been in plays and it's so much fun. i understand acting takes a lot of time and work and i will be willing to do that. i'm very serious about this!
i would even take a small role or be an extra. please contact me on my email. I'm looking forward to your reply-


Posted by katie (2009-02-28) 1072

i just started watching this show and Salena Gomez is one of the funniest girls ive ever seen on Disney. She did Fantastic in that cinderella movie and she can sing? she has such a diverse background. i would love to be able to meet her and see what shes like in person. She seems to be more real in character than Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus..

Posted by Mike Todd (2009-03-02) 1083

im iris and ive always wanted to be on Disney channel but my parents are always so busy to take me to auditions and i love wowp
i love selena gomez
and i just wish people will no my talents on tv
thank you for your time :)

Posted by Iris (2009-03-02) 1091

Im William Guardiola and I love your show!! Its really cool!! If there are any acting rolls left I would love to be on it. Im 16 and soon 17, I live in Puerto Rico and I love to sing I sing really good and I also act and play basse and do alot of sports. But Im mostly into singing and acting.
I know that being and actor takes alot of worck but I'm willing to take the hit cause its one of my passions. Im looking forward for this oportunity. Anciously I will wait for you reply.

With respect: William Guardiola

Posted by William (2009-03-10) 1113

hi my name is katie i'm a small town girl in tennessee i've been in 6 plays and i'm trying out in the fall for one in my town people tell me i can sing and i would love to have a part on disney channel selena gomez is my favorite actress and i have a crush on jake t. austin so if there's a part for a country girl i'm so there

Posted by katie (2009-03-19) 1164

Hi, my name is Blake Hudson. I am not an experienced actor but i would love to become one!!! I am a huge fan of Wizards of Waverly Place!! I would love to have a role, big or small!!! Please give me some thought acting is my life dream!!

Please E-Mail me for more info.!!!

Thank You and GOD Bless,
Blake Hudson

Posted by Blake Hudson (2009-03-22) 1180

Hi, I'm Jessica (Jess) just wanted to say i love this show and I'm interested in being in it. I'm 16, will be 17 in June, about 5'8". I've always wanted to be an actress but haven't done much to start out yet.I have been in a school play before, have taken a drama class, but other than that haven't had much experience in acting. I was just wondering if there was any casting calls for any type of role, even an extra?

Posted by Jessica (2009-03-27) 1212

Hey im amanda! Im 11, almost 12. Im a great actress and I'm very belivable. I can make tears come out of my eyes on comand, i can act under any circumstance, sad, humor, happy, drama, anything. I was in a play in fifth grade and my teacher recommended drama school, she said I was a great actress, I was the lead role. I usually like to be the main character and have great leadership skills. If you pick me I priomise I won't disappoint.
Email me for more imformation, thanks.

Posted by amanda casimiro (2009-04-03) 1241

My name is Hanna Nicole. I am 9 years old and i love to watch your show. I try not to miss any of them. I can sing very well and I have been known for a lot of jokes and awesome talents at my school. I love Selena Gomez as well.
For any more info. please email me.

Posted by Hanna (2009-04-06) 1252

HEY! My name is Molly and I want to break out into show biz. I'm in 8th almost 9th grade and I am currently 13 years old. I am not in it for the fame... it is my true dream and I know that's a cleshea but it actually applys to me. I absolutely love acting singing and danceing and i am good at all 3. I have been dancing since I was 4 and now I take jazz, ballet, and Irish step and am good at all 3. Singin is my most recent break out and I found that I am good when I got a lead role in my school's mucical in my first year trying out. Acting has always been a passion of mine and I am really good. I have a natural stage/set preasence. Being on Wizards of Waverly Place or any Disney Channel show would fulfill my dream. Thank you for taking your time to help me.

Posted by Molly (2009-04-12) 1279

If you need a girl to play a role you can always e-mail me :)

Posted by Ericka (2009-04-12) 1282

HI, my name is Paulina. I'm 12 years old and currently in the seventh grade. I have always been wanting to star on Disney channel. It's my dream and i would appericate being an extra.=) I believe that i could do this. I love the actors and the show itself. Thanks =)

Posted by paulina (2009-04-13) 1292

hey im a good actor to be funny,smart and can jus be acting as a dummie lol but i think u should choose me because im very active and i hav a sense of humor and most all i have fun by doing this kind of work so if u need a teenage boy than you can text me on my email and see if hopes come bye.

Posted by Ty (2009-04-14) 1299

Hi, my name is Chanler Kelly. I live in Texas and I am a 12 year old boy and I am exactly 5 feet. I am in the 7th gade and make really good grades. I have always made all A's but ever since I got into spanish in middle school I have been getting all A's and 1 B in spanish, but that's still a pretty good grade. I am in a theatre class in my middle school and I am making a 100 in it. I really think that acting is something that I would be really good at. I have wanted to be an actor ever sence I was 7 years old but my mom didn't ever know how to get me started in it. She really thinks that I would be good at acting. I REALLY want to be in a TV show! I think that it is so fun but I also know that it is hard work but I am willing to give all I've got to show that I have what it takes to be an actor. It has always been a dream of mine to be on a cool and fun show like Wizards of Waverly Place or Hannah Montana. I am a really cool and funny person that can get along with everyone! I can be serious too. Please help me find a way to help me get in the acting buisness! :D

Posted by Chanler Kelly (2009-04-14) 1301

hey iam a black african girl and i really want to become a actor and singer plz help me and my parents dont have the money to pay for it

Posted by philomina (2009-04-16) 1310

Hello! My name is karissa and, i know the show well, but i think its a grate production, and im looking for something, to start with, i know how to act well, and i think ill do well. Im 14, and skinnny, nice, brown hair/eyes, five foot two


Posted by karissa (2009-04-18) 1322

Hi my name is Blenchorne lawrence but my friends and family call me blinky, I know it sounds funny but it works for me or they call me fame, but any way I love watching your and i know you here eveybody say that but I really like your show and yall i might not be your biggest fan and know everything about the show I just wanted to ask you Alex,Max, and justin aka wizards can i try out for the show i live in albany new york but i am moving to s.c after my summer job.

Posted by Blinky lawrece (2009-04-28) 1355

ok, i would love to be in your show, but i cant stand being known as a number or something. I am a person that would die to be in this show. Just a guest star, or maybe if i get the chance to be a lead or something. Nice talking. bye

Posted by Emma (2009-05-02) 1389

Heyy okay i love the show and would like to be apart of it.
Well im 13 alost 14 and 5 ft 6 inches. im normal weight and a pretty good singer and pretty good actor. So if you think you need me for acting tell me and please say yes !! :) TNX

Posted by Natalie (2009-05-03) 1393

My name is Jessica and I have been watching Wizards of Waverly Place ever since it came out and i really love the show. I am 13 years old, I turn 14 in September and I'm in 8th grade, soon to be freshman. I live in Iowa and i really want to act and model. I don't care if i don't have a line or not I just really want a part. I'm a committed, caucasian girl and I'm 5' 7". I have brunette hair, (used to be blonde, but open to changing) and I have blue-ish green eyes. I'm most definentally not camera shy, I like becoming a character and taking pictures, and just being a teenage girl, but I'm also very responsible for my actions. I've been a model ever since I was 6 and I love it, but I want to do both modeling and acting. My hobbies are sports, dancing, reading, listening to music, acting, watching t.v./movies, taking pictures, hanging out with my friends, and much more. I just really want to act and I would love getting a part. I haven't done much acting at all, but you have to start somewhere, and I just really want to act.

Posted by Jessica L. (2009-05-08) 1428

I am interested is their any roles that are open and do you need a young female actress? I wouldent want to waste any of your important time but Please consider responding to this message.

Posted by Marielle Morris (2009-05-13) 1448

Like i really have to brag you so i can get a part.NO. Female and awesome. No. im mix. Acting: i can pretend. Good at it: lets see:)

Posted by vanessa (2009-05-21) 1474

I love Wizards of Waverly place and it's been my dream to be a actress with the cast!!! I love to work with animals just not spiders, ekk!!! I'm 12 years old and female. I love to act!!! I'm also a cheerleader, so I'm good at stuff like that!!! It would be a dream to work with so my stars!!!

Posted by Kaleigh G. (2009-05-23) 1480

can i get the update on 2010 auditions because i'm leaving school in july2010 and my next move is to try to be a disney channel star.

Posted by benjamin (2009-05-29) 1512

My name is Natalia and i've been wanting to act since i was 10. I take singing lessons, i have a manager, i take piano lessons, and i do very well in school. I'm 16 now, and i've been trying to get my big break SOON. I'm 5'2", i have red hair with blonde streaks; natural; and i'm pretty skinny, i work out a lot, and i try to exceed in what i do. I've been dreaming about this for a while, and i'd love to get my big break here. My family and friends are all very supportive. I also have green-blue eyes, and I have good features on me. I also do take acting lessons. And i'm a huge fan of this show! :)

Posted by Natalia Zarnowski (2009-06-08) 1554

i am a pro actor i acted in a movie before i am12 turning 13 please i would love to act with selena and the rest so please contact me if there an opening

Posted by bryan eli sebunya (2009-06-15) 1583

hye im brittany i sing and act.
my whole life well since i was 6 i have been singing..but along the way i started to love acting...when i was younger me and my sisters would play house i played the mom..sister...and friends..i did it all and that showed me i love acting as much as i do singing...im 14 almost 15 and i think it would b good to have an evil wizard or a wizard from the past...or somethingg but i will play anything i can play different types of charaxters...i live ine Ky so thats far away...i have always dreamed of signing with hollywood records before im 18 and getting a show on disney in 7th grade we lost our home and we had to live in our churches baasement and kids would be on me on the bus so that just made me want to reach my dreams even more..i have sang in front of my 8th before so i dont get nerves so contact me soon on my email.

Posted by Brittany Marie Colyer (2009-06-17) 1594

Hi,Im Katie.
I love to act.
When Im in the bathroom or something, I act.
Since I was little, I've always wanted to be on the screen with famous cast.
Every one should have a chance to follow their dreams right?
I am one of those people. If you give me a script, you won't be sorry.
I would love to tell you more so please, email me soon.

Posted by Katie (2009-06-19) 1609

Hi my name is Katie I really want to be in your show so bad because all of the cast funny and if was in your show it will be fun ps i like david henre,and selena gomez they are so funny email me soon

thanks so much

Posted by Katie (2009-06-23) 1639

Hi it`s katie again i think that selena gomez is really funny ! so is david henre i think that zac efron should be in your show I like Wizards Of Waverly Place i watch every day

Posted by Katie Navarro (2009-06-23) 1641

Hello. I'm 18 years old actor and I'm from Texas. I want to join this show because being TV Actor is my dreams. If you hired me, I will say thank you for changing my life. Will you please help me? I promise I will do my own good behavior.

Posted by Trannon Cheek (2009-06-23) 1644

Hello. My name is Jessica. I am 12 years old. I have blonde hair, brace,and blue eyes. My friends and family say i am very funny. I am a gymnast. I am searching to be a actress for my family and its my dream. I pray i would be on disney channel everyday. This is my chance to show my personality. Your missing out if you don't choose me to be on disney channel. any questions about me email my mother

Posted by jessica (2009-06-23) 1647

My name is Mariah and i love this show.
I was wondering if you have any small rolls,
or are needing extras for an episode.
I would mostly like to have a roll.
PLEASE respond!
Thanx!! :D

Posted by Mariah (2009-06-24) 1651

Hello, I am Sabrina and I am fifteen years old. I am a 5'9 African-American. I am looking to be in a disneychannel episode. I really would like to become and actor. I sent pictures in like 5 or 6 years ago and I got called in, but I didn't know how to act that good yet, but I have practiced and took some classes and I am ready. Please email back if I have a chance.

Posted by Sabrina (2009-06-28) 1685

I would to be on Wizards of waverly place.You should put me on your show.PLEASE.

Posted by Darren (2009-06-29) 1693

Hello im rasheda
i am 14
i would love to be on the show
if u need a funny girl, who loves to sing, and dance im ur girl
i would love to be on disney channel

Posted by Rasheda (2009-07-02) 1713

Hi, my name is Kasey and Wizard's of waverly place is one of my favorite show's. I've been told by many people i should be an actress because i have such imagination! Many of my teacher's have told me i am too. I'm 12 years old and a female. I want my dream to come true of being an actress and just think, you can help me achieve this. I will understand your desision. Thank's!

Posted by Kasey (2009-07-03) 1718

I see you get alot of messages about this every day but, I want to be on this show. I see that you have good actors on the show that I would not only like to meet but also work with. I am an eighteen year old male. I'm about 5'9'' I have hair that is longer than most boys it's dark brown and I am willing to cut it if need be. Like i mentioned earlier I know you get millions of messages like this every day but i would really appreciate it if you gave me a shot at acting with the talented actors on this show. Thank You for you'r time and consideration.

Posted by Zachary (2009-07-08) 1736

heyy. i really like this show and would love to be an actress.im 15 and i would be veryy easy to work with. i have dark brown hair and blue eyes. thank you for your timee.i know you get many messages every day i wish you would at least consider me for a part.thanks againn,byee:)

Posted by Kristin (2009-07-08) 1739

heyy. i really like this show and would love to be an actress.im 15 and i would be veryy easy to work with. i have dark brown hair and blue eyes. thank you for your timee.i know you get many messages every day i wish you would at least consider me for a part.thanks againn,byee:)

Posted by Kristin (2009-07-08) 1740

Acting has always been a dream of mine. I look up to selena gomez so much and I also look up to demi lovato. I can sing and act and i would love to have a chance to be on the show. if you read this please consider me.


Posted by Mikaela Gutierrez (2009-07-10) 1752

Im not like most girls. i have a unique personality, im smart, and I can sing and act. I have dark brown hair and beautiful blue eyes. Im from michigan and not that many people cast for auditions there. I would like it so much to be on Disney Channel. I have been watching it sice i was a baby. my mom even said that when i was a baby i would watch it. Please consider me.


Posted by MIKAELA GUTIERREZ (2009-07-10) 1753

hey i was wondering if you guys have a roll in you cast for one more star...this was my dream...and as you guys would say follow your dreams...so im following my dreams so if you have a roll then that would great...im so happy that im at this big step...i really need this for my family...and if you dont have the roll i understand but plz plz plz...let me have the roll...im really good

Posted by giselle (2009-07-12) 1762

Hey, I'm a 12 year old boy just looking for acting oppertunities. I know everyone else complains about their family issues, but I can give you proof that I'm not doing so good: I live in an apartment in the ghetto, my older sister is 23 years old and she still live with us, and last but not least my 19 year old sister had to drop out of college, and that made me so mad.I just wish that I can support my family, but I'm too young and this is the best and only way to get my sis back in college, and to get us up on our feet. And plus I really enjoy acting. It's my #1 future career!

Posted by Kentrell Braxton (2009-07-14) 1770

Hi my name is quan im 15 yrs old im 5' 9" tall and I have always wanted to be an actor or some sort famous life style but I never could decide until now that I want to be an actor. Being as though Disney channel is one of the most popular stations I decided to give Disney channel a shot. The only thing is that I live in York Pennsylvania and there really is any acting places here and also I don't have an agent so I'm not sure if that will affect anything. So I would love to be givin an opportunity to act so please contact me if there is any open spots for any Disney channel show or infact any kind of show.

Posted by Quan G. (2009-07-15) 1774


Posted by tyanna moran (2009-07-17) 1783

Hello! I really love Disney channel and I hope to get my own show someday. I really love acting and it's my passion. Selena gomez is like my idol and I hope to get a main role in the show. I'm a big fan and I would be so happy if I get a part in it. I've done acting before but I always imagined what it would be like to be a real actress. I've always wanted to be an actress since I was 4 or 5. My parents do have a different future for me but this is what I would like to do most of all. I might be 1 out of the million people that wanna be an actress but if I got a part then I would be more than happy to be it. And this might lead to a career for me which would be great!

Posted by Michelle (2009-07-17) 1788

Hi my name is Ninoshka. I'm 10 years old. My height is a 5'3 and I have always wanted to be an actress. I wanted to act since I was 4. Acting is my passion and I hope someday I would become one. I would love to have a role in wizards of waverley place. Selena is my number 1 idol.I would love to work with her.

Posted by ninoshka (2009-07-18) 1793

Hello, my name is Rafael and im 15 years old. My friends tells me im funny. I always wanted to act in Wizards of Waverly Place because of their funny acts. Im about 5 feet and 7 inches tall. Im kind and gentle to other people. Selena Gomez is my favorite actor and singer and I love her work! I would love to play as a character that has magic and hangs around with Selena and other cast members.

Posted by Rafael (2009-07-19) 1796

This is my absolute FAVORITE show in the WORLD!
It would make all my dreams come true to be in this show!!!!
I don't even have to have any lines, just being there would mean the world to me!!!!
I'm a really good actress and even though i don't have much money, i just need one chance to show the world what i can do! Please just give me a chance.

Posted by Jessica (2009-07-21) 1809

Hi, My name is Allison. I am 13 years old. I live in Danvers, Massachusetts. I'm Caucasian, 5'2. I am a hardworker, very open minded and would love any type of role in Wizards of Waverly Place. I am not experienced any type of acting yet. Only a few school plays and acting classes. I am determined I would love to learn the acting business, acting does come naturaly to me. Thank you.

Posted by Allison McDonald (2009-07-22) 1819

The show is really interesting and I would like to have the chance to be apart of it. My stage name is Carson, I'm sixteen years old.

Posted by Crystal Murphy (2009-07-23) 1825

Hello, my name is Autumn. I'm Caucasian, 12 years old, hazel eyes with brown hair and I'm 5'4. Acting has always been a dream of mine. I might be a little young but acting has always been something I was good at, It's a big passion of mine. I'm very good in front of the camera I was on a show called wife swap about a year and a half ago so I'm not at all camera shy. I've played in many plays so I'm also good at being very dramatic and funny. I'm trying to get into acting school next summer. But family and friends say I don't need it. I'm not looking for a huge part in the show something small will be fine. I'm nice and easy to get along with. I don't have an agent but I'm willing to try and get one. If you don't pick me I'll be upset but I now there is many of other girl/boys that would love to be on the show as much as I would. A thing I've been hearing my whole is,"Follow your dreams they can really come true." and I believe anything is possible if you put your mind to it. I will chase my dream until it comes true. I love this show and i would love to be a part of it. Everyone at Disney is hilarious and i think i can be too. I'm very skilled in the drama area i can show Disney a whole new side of emotions, astonished, sad, frightened, or even happy. I'm a very hard worker and will do anything to prove I'm worthy enough to act on any show or in any movie. Being in front of the camera makes me feel alive and is to me the best feeling in the world. I'm not good at singing but if singing lessons will get me on to Disney channel then that's what ill do! I'm open to try new things and I want to discover the making of these shows. Selena Gomez and Demi Lavato are my roe models and i look up to them. This is my dream so please help me in my dream career.

Please Message me back
Thank you so much
Autumn T.

Posted by Autumn T (2009-07-25) 1835

hey, im lea. im 13 years old. i'm not going to brag about myself and how "acting is my passioon" on this thing. i'm just looking for an acting role, because acting really is my thing(not going back to the passion thing). Acting is great. Pretty much that. I havent had any acting expierence, but i am not afraid to be myself in front of you.Well, i have been in a few plays and i can dance. but honestly, i cannot sing whatsoever. so this is me, to learn more, message me, eh?

Posted by Lea F. (2009-07-27) 1843

i am a 13 year old girl who has a passion for acting. selena gomez is my idol! i love her soooooooo much! if i could be on the show, it would be the best day of my life! i have a very unique look because my mom is a filipino, but my dad is italian. please, if you ever need somone to play a role on the show, PLEASE, contact me. i sing,dance,act and model. :D thanks

Posted by Ruby DeBellis (2009-07-27) 1847

HELLLLO...will as u can see my name is yasmeen ive been wanting to act since i was lil i love ur show by the way selena is SO CRAZY... any ways i just really dont care wat show am on as long its a sow on disney...ie been on casting calls and stuff...been in plays...PREASTON CLUB....yea lead girl..hahah will...i dont have a lot of expericne with like realy auditions but ive done a few plays here and there am black,arabic,french,indian....i love acting idols are...WILL SMITH.SHIA LBOEUF.SELENA GOMEZ...SO EMAIL IF ANY PARTS OPEN THANKS

Posted by yasmeen rahhal (2009-07-28) 1853

Hi, my name is Holly, i am 14 years old. I live in Florida. I am brunette with hazel eyes and i am 5' 7. I've always loved acting and i've done some theater but i would really love to be a guest star on the show. It is definitely one of my favorite shows. I don't have much acting experience but i would really love to become an actress and I feel that this is a good way to start.

Posted by Holly (2009-07-29) 1855

Hi my name is melissa and i love this show. i always get told that i look like selena gomwz and i recently won a look alike contest for bop and tigerbeat magazine. I am in drama and i love acting and preforming for people. I am very outgoing and friendly. i hope this isn't a scam cause if it is don't even reply . i am 16 , hispanic, ( i could pass for italian, caucasian, hispanic, native american, etc,,) I can do several different accents and i am not a shy person .

Posted by melissa (2009-07-31) 1871

hi my name is tristan im 13 and ive always dreame of being on wizards of waverly place i love all the actors and i really would like this please please email me

Posted by tristan (2009-08-02) 1879

i would love to be in the show im 12 a heuge fan of selena gomez i love her. my uncle can act and he's good so he can teach me or learn from yall hes been on comercials and like 3 movies so i would absoulutly love to audition and im actually got some acting in me so please email me

Posted by michael neal (2009-08-04) 1892

Omg i am such a big fan of Selena Gomez and i would love to cast on ur tv show plz let be on

Posted by Stacy (2009-08-04) 1893

I am 12 years-old. I live in Mississippi,I'm 4' 9.I'm brown haired with hazel eyes.I don't any experiance exept for a Christmas play i did at church,I got the main part.I'm a huuuuge fan of Selena,David,and Jake.I love WOWP!!!!!!!!! If you have a part open I want it.Please give it to me.Email me.

Posted by HadDEn (2009-08-09) 1910

my name is Arione. I am 13 years old...im open to anything i have a very open sechudule...i have lots of expirence i have been in several comertials,school plays,a public wwizard of oz play (i was drothy)
i really am good at acting and it is something i love. i really would like to know if you have any casting calls for any teen shows. thank you

Posted by Arione (2009-08-09) 1912

Hey!~ My name's Jess, I'm 12, and I live in MA. I really want to be an actress in a movie or on television. It's my dream! I will commit 110%. I love this show so much, and I usually don't watch Disney channel unless I see that Wizard of Waverly Place or The Suite Life on Deck is on. Pretty please cast me! I'll be all that and a slice of pizza LOL!!! ^^

Posted by Jessica S. (2009-08-09) 1918

Hey, My name is Rhaamell Missouri and I really want to be an actor. The show I hope to get casted for is Wizards of warverly place. I think thats would be a good start because I had some experience in middle school and high school and I am outgoing kind of person. I am also a singer and model so if there is a part open, please give me a chance and email.

Posted by Rhaamell Missouri (2009-08-09) 1920

Hi, My name is Randy Santiago I am 9 years old and very funny. I can play a serious part and had little experience. I would love to be on your show as an extra or anyone. So give me an email.

Posted by Randy Santiago (2009-08-09) 1921

i just had/have to clear a few things up. I am in the 9th grade and i have auditioned for many plays. I meant to say I am a outgoing kind of person. Sorry for the second post. So if any open parts give me a chance and an email.

Posted by Rhaamell Missouri (2009-08-09) 1922

if you need a girl as a short roll i would be willing to be in it:DD

i love disney channel with all my heart

Posted by Dasha (2009-08-10) 1925

hey i would really like to be on the show i can act if i have to and i can run fast i am hopeing you have a small role on the show fro me to act in plz i always dreamed to act wit hselena gomez plz let me act in the show i will be any charter i have to be as long as its a boy plz i really want to act with selena gomez like if i could act in the show could i be alex's cousin or something plz find a open stop i can act in plz.

Posted by mikey (2009-08-15) 1962

I love Wizards, And I would love to be able to audition for the show im 15-in a half and I love to act and sing, I have wanted to act since I was young and I would love to be able to audition for the show. I have a good personality and I persevere,I have allot of determination and im willing to work hard because this is somthing I have always wanted to do.

Posted by jessica v. (2009-08-16) 1967

Hey. I just wanna be an extra.

Posted by Emily (2009-08-17) 1980

hello my name is chelsea.im an ordinary girl in a somewhat small city.i live like evrey other teenager have freinds school and drama i would love a part thanks.

Posted by chelsea brown (2009-08-18) 1982

i would love to be casted on the wizard of waverly place show. I love acting it would be a honor to be in disney channel. so plz cast i will commit perfectly

Posted by KATHY OLDHAM (2009-08-19) 1985

Allie and I have always been wonderful actors, and we really want to have a start in the acting career. If you have a part on the show, or any Disney Channel show, please contact us. Thanks so much, see ya. :]

Posted by Allie & Bree (2009-08-20) 1987

hi my name is joanna i very love your show people say i look like selena gomez people ask me if shes my cousein i say no but they are like realy you look kind of like selena gomez and i REALLY WONT TO WORK WITH YOU I BEIN LOOKING FOR AUDITIONS BUT I CAN'T FIND ANY. also i hope you guys out there get this.

Posted by joanna (2009-08-26) 2013

Dear talent searchers,
no need for anymore searching i am a 13 year with determination . i have meduim light brown hair, blue/green eyes and white skin. i'm willing to do anything to achieve my dreams i'm willing to start out as an extra but im convinced you'll like me and i will most likely move up the entertainment ladder.
thankss :))

Posted by bethen cork (2009-08-28) 2021

hey .i am 12 years old and i would like a star role in wizards of waverly place. it would really mean alot to me if you picked me to host on the show. i love your show so much that i begged my mom to put wizards of waverly place wallpaper on my wall and computer.i want to win the do lunch with the wizards stars.it would be an honor to be chosen.

Posted by Cheyenne (2009-08-31) 2036

I want to become a star can u help me

Posted by Ramel jackson (2009-09-05) 2046

im 21 and looking for my big break. i can act and i live in L.A if you need a part filled look me up

Posted by Rhaamel (2009-09-17) 2099

Hi.I just want to say, if your looking for someone to play you cousin (a girl) I would loved to be her because I was looking forward to this the whole time wizards of waverly place was on and im a GREAT actor trust me. thanks

Posted by Raegan Sanders (2009-09-19) 2103


Posted by mardrekus linsey (2009-09-24) 2119

To whom it may concern,
I have wanted to be an actress since I was 6 or 7 years old.I'm now 12 and have been looking for auditions for about 1 1/2 years.I watch comedies such as "three's Company" and "The Golden Girls" so I know how to use expresions when I talk.I can be loud or quite.I can sing and I'm very entergetic so I can dance and run alot.I didn't put all of this stuff on here to impress you, just to inform.
Humbly yours,
Morgan Cooper
P.S. If I am supposed to talk proper I CAN but mainly I say stuff such as ain't.

Posted by morgan cooper (2009-09-25) 2124

hi my name is david and i am 12 and i love to act i have never been on tv before but have acted on stage for my school stuff i have no fear on stage i can yell loud and i talk fast and be funney amybe at the fast time i dont know but anyways bye and plz tell me if u know any talent agents so yea bye

ps i am from canada bye

Posted by david (2009-09-25) 2127

hi i am shivani .Iam a great fan of David Henrie and Selena Gomez.I wish that i can meet you both but unfortunately i am staying in Chennai.please send your both's e-mail address to my e-mail address which i have given.

Posted by shivani (2009-10-02) 2152

Hi.Iam sorry i forgot to say about acting as i got excited.I have never tried once,but when i chatter with my friends i say them what happened the previous day and the reactions of the people.when i keep my face as the people kept my friends say me that i act well that is why i wanted to ask for a chance.I know that i am in chennai and mostly i won't get and i look ugly,but still i just wanted to try.
I hope i get.Thankyou!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by shivani (2009-10-03) 2153

Please !!!
May I have a a part in this show?
I amk only 11 though.
I really love the show

Posted by Karen Yamaguchiu (2009-10-03) 2154

My name is Montana and I am 7 yrs old. I just saw Selena at South Coast Plaza In Costa Mesa Ca. yesterday where she was signing her new cd(which I love!). We waited in line for hrs. and finally got to see her, we were at the end of the line and so they really had to start rushing people through and I didn't get to tell her much or hug her like I had hoped! She was so nice and I know she would have spent more time if she could. I am a huge fan and would love a chance to see her again either at a show taping or some other way, Thanks' for listening!

Posted by Montana Tobler (2009-10-04) 2156

hey i am 11 years old and i am a great actor i plays and always acing an d i want to be noticed now because i think i have true potential

Posted by Moriah (2009-10-07) 2160

Hi my name is Treshun Walker and i am a 16 year old boy who really wants to become an actor really really badly i dont care what show, movie, or part i get i just want to become an actor and notice i said get because im a GREAT ACTOR SO PLEASE GIVE ME A CHANCE!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Treshun Walker (2009-10-14) 2184

hi am brown hair green eyes i light up everything and ill make you laugh .but i can be serious .i always try hard i mean always right me back

Posted by tayler,paige,conner (2009-10-17) 2188

hey,i alwaysz wanted to be an actress. i really want to be on disney channel and i want to play a role on your show. i really do. please help me make my dreams come true.

Posted by petitemama (2009-10-24) 2213

hi. my name is jalize. im turning 14 in march, yet i pass for 17. im 5'6 1/2 with black shoulder length hair. tan skinned. my memorilization skills are high, and this is one of my favorite shows. im in an acting school and ive been a dancer for 10 years now. i love going to auditions, i live by new york but i live in new jersey. please let me in on any information, i am willing to work and reach my destination. i love a challenge and living a dream.

Posted by Jalize (2009-11-13) 2276

Hi, my name is Elizabeth. I'm caucasian, about 5"4, shoulder length brown hair with natural highlights when I'm in sun. I have brown eyes and I'm turning 12 in January. I live in West Virginia, and acting/singing is something I love to do. I've been in several plays, and sing around town and at my church. I do comedy roles in most plays, but I can be serious and have a soft side. Please consider me and, if you want, get back with me. Thanks.

Posted by Elizabeth (2009-11-16) 2295

Hi,my name is jim and I am 19 years old trying to get a role in wizards of waverly place. I sometimes watch this show and try to picture myself on it and other tv shows. I would love to act for this show.thank you.[no experiance]

Posted by James Kalesse (2009-11-18) 2307

Hi,My name is Ivanna Ruiz,
Im an actress/dancer/singer. I love all the dedication it takes to make it big. Im 5"3, brown hair/eyes, 15 years old. Please Reply!!

Posted by Ivanna (2009-11-24) 2332

Hi i'm Jasmine. I'm half hispanic and half cherokee indian. I've got long brown hair, brown eyes, and alot of confidence:) i'm a great dancer and i've got a fun personality. I'm 14 years old and I dream of becomming an actress...please write back.

Posted by Jasmine (2009-11-30) 2347

i would really love a chance to act on a show like this one...i have some experience from school plays and drama clubs and im am very good at play other people... ihave a unqiue personality and would love an opportunity to start my acting carrer...so do you have any roles avalable?

Posted by Samantha (2009-12-06) 2357

Hi I'm 14. I would be honored to play on this show. I'm about 5'5 with blonde curly hair. All I've ever wanted to do was act. I love in a small town and my personality is through the roof! I love to smile and have fun.

Posted by Yarbi (2009-12-09) 2363

Hey! My name is Kathleen, I'm 14 years old and am a very big fan of Wizards. I have Shoulder length brown hair, brown eyes, and I'm around 5'5. Being on the show would be amazing. It is one of my dreams. I enjoy singing, but i also think acting would be something very fun to do. I auditioned for a Pringles commercial before but things "fell through". Having an actual role or just being an extra would make me happy!! :) Thank you so much for your time and feel free to contact me ANYTIME!!!

Posted by Kathleen (2009-12-23) 2390

hi i was wondering if u had any opening spots im 11 ill be twelve in june please let me know

Posted by sam (2009-12-25) 2392

i am 15 years old and always wanted to become an actor.im a big fan of this show wish one day my wish will come true...ps selena your cute

Posted by sivan yalda (2009-12-25) 2393

Hi, I am Shrey Bhargava from Singapore. I am Indian. I love to act and have been doing it since I was 5 years old. I am 14 years old now, becoming 15 in March 2010. I have been doing camera acting here in singapore but would like more chances. Please consider me. Thanks.

Posted by Shrey Bhargava (2009-12-28) 2401

hi i know you might not pick me but could you at least think of me because i have had a main part in the school play and i go to acting called jackliene chadwick drama academy i am from england and if you do pick me you wont regret it trust me bye age 11

Posted by reece (2009-12-29) 2403

Hey im 12 years old and I would like to be a big or small part in wizards of waverly place because ever since I saw Wizards of Waverly Place it inspired me to become an actress. Im shy and i get nervous and i may mess up sometimes, but hey it would take time to get used to. Im a confident girl. And I think it would be cool workng with selena gomez. yes i have no experience in acting but i will if i get a part.
P.S. my e-mail was made when I was like 9.

Posted by sophia (2009-12-29) 2405

hey! i am a huge fan of wizards of waverly place and all of its casts. ive always wanted to be an actress im 14 and i have brunette hair and blue eyes. i plan on moving to hollywood when i get older and plan to take on acting classes. im a good actress so ive been told and i would really love to show you what i can do. so please send me and email i would love to be an actress and i would be proud to say that my first acting job was on wizards of waverly place! so please its my lifes dream. :)

Posted by Amber Friend (2010-01-01) 2414

Hello my name is Madeleine Dearth but I go by Maddy :)
I am a thin, 15 year old, 5'5" Asian-American girl. I have dark brown hair and brown eyes.
I am extremely dedicated in everything I do and work hard but I still have fun doing it. I am excellent at memorizing lines as well and portraying different emotions. I have only been in a small school play as leading role but please make my dreams come true. I would absolutely love to have a role in "Wizards of Waverly Place" or any other show for that matter. Email me if you're interested.

Thank you :D

Posted by Maddy (2010-01-01) 2417

Hi, My name is kesha and I am very interested in your casting call.

Posted by kesha (2010-01-02) 2423

hi, i want to be an actress so bad, but i can never find anything. i want to be on a disney show. im really good at acting, please pick me!

Posted by Jessica (2010-01-03) 2425

Hello, i want to act on this show really badly!
i am willing to commit and do anything i have to!
It has always been my dream to act! please let me be on this show!!

Posted by Estelle (2010-01-03) 2430

Hi, I'm Mary. I would be honored to act in the castng call. I'm an exclent acter I'm 11, 4'6 Hazel eyes dark brown hair and I want to be in Wizards of Waverly Place mor than anything!
Please email me if your intresered! I really wanna be in it! I have experiance acting and I really wanna be on TV..Email me back if I get to be in it! K

Thank you! =D

Posted by Mary (2010-01-09) 2459

Hi, I'm Chloe and Wizards of Waverly Place is my absolute favorite show. I'm 13 years of age and I'm about 5'4". I have blonde hair. I would love any role in the show. My dream is to be an actress. So it would be an honor. I'm originally sacrcastic. I'm an outgoing person. I'm willing to do anything on the show. I'm willing to commit to this job, and I am willing to give up alot to be on this show. Singing and acting is my passion. I spend alot of my time doing it. So please contact me and tell me where/when to audition. I'm looking forward to your reply. Thanks!

Posted by Chloe (2010-01-10) 2460

Hey its Natalie here. I might be just an 11 1/2 year old girl but I have BIG DREAMS. I would luv to be on Wizards of Waverly Place. I would even luv to be on a Mcdonalds commercial. Im about 4 feet 11 inches with wavey dirty blonde hair. I would give 110% to be working hard in any part of any acting role. This would be a dream come true to me. Thx. :}.

Posted by Natalie (2010-01-17) 2477

Awwab here.Hi first of all,i love this show i think its the best in the disney channel.It's always been my dream to be an actor,a disney one ofcourse.Am a year younger then Selena Gomez.My skin tone is light brown i have brown eyes,am a yemeny well,i was born and raised in Kenya.I have done five acts,which three of them,i was the main charactor.I did a dance show for one of the theaters there and i sang on the same day.After that i realised that acting and singing was what i wanted to do,what i loved to do.
And i decided to start a doing something for a start with this.I would be honoured to be given a line in the show.One step at a time,i bealive that i can do this,am not overconfident about any thing.If i do pass i want to thank Selena for inspiring me.To follow my dream,THANK YOU.
we moved to yemen with my father,if you give me a chance i will find a way to reach there.I am determined to follow my dream where it takes me.I just need a chance
For me acting and singing is not all about fame its about bringing something new and,and helping people,inspire them
Thank you,please consider this and respond please.i will be waiting(patiently)
Sorry forgot to mention that i acted two comedies shows and one drama show.

Posted by Awwab (2010-01-18) 2483

Hey, I love your show! And Iwould love any parts that I can get. I have done acting classes and been in a play, peter pan. It's always been a dream to be an actor. Small or big, it's the one thing I won't stop doing.

Posted by Brittany (2010-01-18) 2487


My name is Julie Gomez you know like Selena Gomez, and im eleven im in sixth grade and i really want to be on Disney Channel ive always wanted to be an actress...and i can sing sort of my family says im good , but idk anyways i would be really honored if i get to be on the show i know a lot of other people want to be on it but i just want a small part

Posted by Julie (2010-01-20) 2490

im turning 14 in 4 months and i have blonde hair i LOVE wizards of waverly place and selena is so funn y i would do anything to be on the show(:

Posted by Bebhinn (2010-01-22) 2497

wow such a small world. so anyway everyone wants to be on this show. including me! I know Selena Gomez since my friends and me got tickets. i told her that almost everyone wants to be on her show and she said that if you want to be on my show you can audition for a role if you want. but to be on the show you need a talent manager and a agent so basically you need to start from th bottom. so just by posting comments on the internet will not get you discovered but lucas (ferd figglehorn) got discovred for his videos so did justin bieber so if yu wanna be a star get a head start

Posted by Jessica (2010-01-24) 2502

ok , my name is jada pearl ; im twelve years old . i live in louisiana . im a very good actress , i love to act ican be madd ; sadd ; ghetto ; and ialso can make myself cry . WEIRD iknow . but ithink ihave what it takes to become a star . am a african american . i have big big dreams . i love the show Wizards Of Waverly Place ! and i would really love to be on the show one day . i watch it everyday , even when im not at hom isometimes tune in on my phone and watch it . but please if you are looking forward to meeting me or auditioning me . i would love to do it for yall ! but thanks please contact me back for anything .

Posted by jada pearl (2010-01-25) 2507

My name is Jeffrey Im 13, Im funny and can be a great audition to your show. Please Help My dream become a reality. On March 19 i will be performing in Aladdin as the Sultan. Please come and check me out.

Posted by Jeffrey Monroe (2010-01-30) 2519

My name is Jeffrey Im 13, Im funny and can be a great audition to your show. Please Help My dream become a reality. On March 19 i will be performing in Aladdin as the Sultan. Please come and check me out.

Posted by Jeffrey Monroe (2010-01-30) 2520

hey i would love to be a part of this i don't care if there is no pay just the experience would be great please consider im 13 in march with shoulder length brown blond hair ( :

Posted by alisha (2010-01-31) 2526

I'd love to start out as a minor role on the show and then become a bigger star and get into bigger roles. I'm turning 13 April 2nd and I love to act.

Posted by Nick (2010-02-03) 2539

HI!!! I am Miranda and I am eleven years old!!! I LOVE your show!!! I love to sing,dance, and most of all,act!!! I have been into many plays, have sung many solos, and I have won first place in my Speech and Word festival!!! People think my acting is very good and I love it SO MUCH!!! I have always wanted to be an actress my entire life and if you need an 11-year old girl for the show, I'm your girl!!!! Than you!!!

P.S. If you need an actress who can fake cry, I can totally do that,too!!!

Posted by Miranda (2010-02-05) 2542

I love this show! I would like to be on this show! I love this show

Posted by Emily (2010-02-21) 2620

i really want to be an actress if you need a 10 year old with acting skills iam the one and if you let me be in the show i wanna be like bestfriends with alex

Posted by alex (2010-03-01) 2650

i am 14 and i want to be an actor all my freinds said im funny and should be an actor so pick meeeeeee

Posted by brandon (2010-03-07) 2657

hey my name is Miranda Henson. i am 14 years old. i am from north carolina. i have great acting potential. i have a great spirit and fun to be around. i am white and i have brown eyes and light brown hair. i also have a beauty mark on my cheek. i am a fan of selena gomez and i look up to her so please contact me i promise you will not be let down.
thank you for your time - Miranda

Posted by Miranda Henson (2010-03-14) 2688

I LOVE your show. I have always wanted a role in it i am 13 and would LOVE a role. I haven't had acting lessons but I am really good and would LOVE a role if one opens up.

Posted by Amanda (2010-03-20) 2703

i am 14. and an african american. my parents and i love the show and thought if i could in it then well,it might be more fun than watching it.

Posted by Kiah (2010-03-23) 2709

im a talented girl i love to sing and act my friends say im the greatest actor and singer and im like selena gomez

Posted by Stefanie (2010-03-25) 2719

My name is kevron madden very very big fan best show and maybe i can be a guest star IT'D BE MY DREAM

Posted by KEVRON MADDEN (2010-03-25) 2721

I would love to be cast in Wizards of Waverly Place. I am a 14 year old caucasion male... and I have had small acting roles.. usually plays etc.

Posted by BG (2010-03-29) 2733

hiya my nam eis charlotte finnigan i am just a small town girl with a big dream i have been acting singing and dancing since iw as 2 1/2 years old it is my passion i have attended many clubs which have given me wat i need i practise weneva i have free time being on disney channel even if it is a small part would mean the world to me. i wanan be just like my rols models selena,demi alyssa milano, ashley greene and dianna agron. i don't have an agent yet but i do have my family behind me 100% thanks for reading this hope to hear form u soon charlotte xxxxxxx

Posted by charlotte (2010-03-31) 2750

Hi im 15 years old from Mexico I really want to be part of it even if im an extra or something I dont have experience by exception of a class im my school (I know thats not important) but im not bad.Yes I had seen the show I lovveeee it!!! I know the characters and I can be a friend or something soo please email me byyeee

Posted by Pam Gmz (2010-04-03) 2766

Hi, My name is, Jennifer! I am trying to convince my parents to let me get into Acting! I have had stage when I was young, so my parents do not believe me yet about my passion for acting. I have always LOVED acting and I am ( almost!) over my stage fright! My parents have decided to let me find the Oppotunites and then they will talk about it. I do not have an agent yet, because they have not exactly talked about everything yet! But, Disney Channel would be great, because It is family friendly and no bad inflences. I am bubbly, fun and my friends ALL say I would be great on the Television screen!!! please email me and give me My start in acting!

thank you SO much for this opportunity!

- Jennifer

Posted by Jennifer (2010-04-05) 2778

Hi my name is Shannagh, im am 13 years old and im english.
the thing is i have a huge passion for acting and ever since i was a little girl i have wanted to be a star!
I watch your show and i think it is amazing! I think even a small role on your show will show the world my talents. I act, dance and im also interested in modelling.
Disney channel is so inspiring for young people and shows that dreams do come true.
Please consider having someone english on you show as it will be introducing different people from other countries on your show!
Thank you so much for your time.


Posted by Shannagh (2010-04-10) 2805

Hi my name is Luke Wilson and i am 12 years old and live in Auckland, New Zealand
Ever since i was young i thought i would love to have fun acting. Then came along wizards of waverely place. I thought this would be a terrific show to act on. 1: its a comedy 2: a cast with a great personality 3: a childrens show. I have been a main part in one of my productions and got drama boy of the year. In year 7 i was voted best joker and comedian in my class and so i think that is a great step to an achivement to comedy acting. I think any role i could get on your show would be my dream come true. i act, sing, play sport, and am interested in anything related to vocabulary, like reading, english, writng etc.
I appreciate your time and hope my letter is any use to you. Please email me for a notification of this.
Regards, luke wilson.

Posted by luke wilson (2010-04-10) 2810

Hey my name, is Jessica McMahan and I'm 23 years old. My favorite show, is Wizards of Waverly Place. I would love to be an Extra, or a supporting role Aka Justin Russo's' Girlfriend, on Wizards of Waverly Place. I've been a movie extra, when I was little. I was in the movie "The Wizards"! In high school, I took choir and drama. I have a little stage fright, but it's getting better. Hopefully my dream can come true!

When the hiatus, is over! Hopefully, you'll be looking for young girls like me to star in the show!

Posted by Jessica McMahan (2010-04-11) 2812

My name is Laurie and I have been watching Wizards ever since it came out and i really love the show. I am 14 years old. I live in Indiana and i really want to act and model. I don't care if i don't have a line or not. I'm a committed, Caucasian girl and I'm 5' 7". I'm most defiantly not camera shy, I look becoming a character and taking pictures, and just being a teenage girl, but I'm also very responsible for my actions. Working with that cast has and still is a dream of mine :) i think all the correctors are awesome! i am also friendly so i wouldn't make anyone hate me. please give me a chance and an email thanks so much for your time.

Posted by Laurie King (2010-04-12) 2817

HEY you, you looking for an actress to be on wizards of waverly place then you dont have to search anymore i might not be as great as Sandra bullcock or like Jennifer Joanna Aniston but im not hard to work with.I'm a good listener and a good actress. I'm only 12 years old and about to go to the 7th grade. I love acting and singing,i'm a hard working student and i am a A and B student. i love being in front a camara and love writing poems. i always watch disney channel and know what the shows about,who doesn't?i believe in myself and theres not alot i think that i cant do. i dont know what my friends see in me but they think im hilarious.i believe if i get to be on the show ,with only that line you give me i can make the show the best show you've ever watched. i'm good a playing any role i can even make myself cry in 3 seconds.i really dont have an agent well because when i was hearing the radio they were giving the number to find an agent in my area but i couldnt get cause my baby niece was screaming. thank you so much for reading my letter i hope you give me this opportunity.

Posted by cheilyn sanchez (2010-04-13) 2823

My name is Star, [not joking]

i am currently with the young agency trying to move my way up to the big screen. all i can really say is i will work hard and do whatever it takes to be apart of disney productions. Disney is my goal, i have taken many acting workshops and am considered by my agency a model/actress. i am 16years old female hispanic. hopefully somebody important reads this and offers me an opportunity to show them my talent. -thank you

Posted by Star Santos (2010-04-17) 2827

Hi my name is taylor and ever since i was a little girl i have wanted to be an actress, because i find that i can take all of my trubls and emotions and put it into my acting and make it my own. i have been told many of times that i have a gift that many people dont have because i can do these things. when i was 12 i was taken away from my mom and my sisters and they went to foster homes and i went to my dads whom i had never met before. my sisters would have came with me but we all have differant fathers. that was in north carolina but then we moved right hear to iowa i am now 16. so as you can see i do probalby have a lot of fellings and emotions to put in my acting . when im acting its like theres notiong else aroujnd me but those peopole with me and the seane.

Posted by Taylor Walters but everyone calls me bella (2010-04-20) 2840

I am on only a 11 year old and I am a really good actor!

Posted by Mik (2010-04-30) 2892

im 5'7 red hair blue eyes very athletic i love acting, people say i should be a stand up comedian.

Posted by Tori (2010-05-02) 2894

I'm 13, going on 14 and I feel that I am a dedicated actress but I don't know if I have what it takes to become a professional actress. My goal was to get on Disney Channel and I love the show Wizards Of Waverly Place. I look up to Selena Gomez as both an actress and role model. I started acting when I was 5 in school plays and such and is still acting but I really want to expand my horizon in the entertaining arts. I'm not embarressed to be in front of a camera and I love having fun while getting work done. I don't like to show off my abilities just randomly and if I get a chance to show it off, I would be blessed.

Posted by Fiona (2010-05-05) 2903

if your looking for a 15 year old african american male 5'5 in height and weight 130lbs. that almost landed a roll in thats so raven, and has experience,,,, im your guy!!!!!!

Posted by Ja'Quan Jones (2010-05-17) 2969

heyy we are to best friends looking for a break we are pretty good at acting mostly comedy and we love your show and would do anything to be on it we really need this i no there are a lot of other people like me but we have serious talent and no matter how scared or nervous we are we get up and do wat we need to do and we are very smart and catch on to things very easily and quicly we hope u make the right decision and e-mail us

Posted by amanda gayhart and amanda dedanato (2010-05-17) 2971

My name is Naidia i like to act and i am interested in being on tv shows I have experience I graguated from John casablancas acting and modeling i am 5,5 i am 13 years old i can sing dance and act i have over 70 songs origanally tat are mine and if you could email me w could talk more thank you.My email is naidiajackson2yahoo.com

Posted by Naidia (2010-05-26) 2988

hi i am happy to inform you that i am a great actress and i would be honerd to be on this show. ill do great i have played in plays at my school and everyone loves my work.I will do a wonderful job im 12 years old and have alot of potential.

Posted by keishawna farrar (2010-05-31) 3000

Hi, my name is jake s*****k and i live in a small town. I have been known as the best actor in plays i roll in. I have done many plays but here are some, The titanic, The cay, Jason's Gold, bye,bye Birdie and a lot more... As you know when it comes to theater i do not mess around about theater, I wanted to became a actor because i am getting sick of playing in small plays i'm ready to go to Hollywood babe. And all you actors in Hollywood be ready when i get their! if you ever have any parts i'm your guy!

Posted by jake (2010-06-05) 3011

I'm Marissa and I would love to be in Wizards of Waverly place even as an extra. I have been in 4 plays and a commercial, I want to be an actress when I am older so I'm trying to start mazl and work myself up, I would love it if you helped me on my way to my dream

Posted by Marissa Finlay (2010-06-06) 3014

Hi, I wanna audition for your show.
do you have an available role even just an extra or something?
I'm 13 years old
but my height is 5"3/2. I can speak 3 languages
I'm a Filipino Kapampangan so I know Tagalog
Kapampangan and English, my English is very fluent
not like other Filipinos. I'm very good in acting
I always play a character on our school play plus
I'm a very very good comedian.

Posted by Phoebe Vicencio (2010-06-07) 3019

Hi,I want to be on the show,because I have always dreamed of being an actor and being on Disney Channel. I always get a part on my school musicals or plays.I could be like an friend of max that he found out was also a wizard. You guys would be a big part of my life and i would appreciate it very much.I'm 10 years old.Tell me where to go,if i could be in,and if so what am i'm going to be doing.(I'm from St.louis and still lives there.)

Posted by David Duncan (2010-06-09) 3020

Hi. My name is Monica Jones. I am an teen who's trying to follow her long time dream of becoming an actor. There are many parts i could play on Wizzards of Waverly Place. I am 14 years old and I have a nice personality. Im a very outgoing, friendly, bubbly person. I love to be around people who love to have fun. Acting has been my dream since 4 years old, and could never give up!

Posted by Monica (2010-06-15) 3036

Hi. I am Ali and I live in Ohio. I have grown up watching Disney Channel and I absolutely love Wizards of Waverly Place. I have looked up to so many young actors and actresses. I love movies and television shows! I am 14, soon to be 15, and I have always wanted to be on TV! I have a great personality and I get along with anyone and everyone! I can fake cry, sometimes it comes in handy. I would be the happiest person if I was able to be on the show, even for a second!

Posted by Ali (2010-06-17) 3042

I absolutely love this show I am very dedicated and a hardworker and fast learner and even though I havn't had my chance to act yet acting is my passion I will do anything to prove it to you I promise I won't let you down please consider me for a part even if it is really small I don't care I just really want to act.

Posted by Ali (2010-06-21) 3058

Hello,my names Alyssa.I'm 5'3, a latina(cuban and puerto-rican),black hair,brown eyes.More about me,i'm very outgoing,hard working,easy to get along with,smart,dedicated,open minded,passionate,etc.i used to attend a school of the arts for acting and film producing but now attend a technical school(because my grandfather was diagnosed with cancer we moved closer to him).On a last note i'd absolutely love a role on the wizards of waverly place,no role is too big or too small and i love experience.Thank You. :)

Posted by Alyssa Muniz (2010-06-23) 3062

I'm a boy (the name is controversial, so). I love the show and have seen all but about 2 episodes. I'm about 5' 5". I'm fully willing to commit. I'll take any part in the show. I have no problem working my way up. Please consider me, I live in Indiana.

Posted by Hayden (2010-06-25) 3068

hello my name is Andrena,(an-jree-nuh), Juric,(jer-ick) and i love to act. its all ive ever wanted to do. i also love this show and disney channel. i am 14. i am 5'8" and i look older than i am. also, i am kinda sorta on the heavy side but im currently working on that. i am a very fast learner and can memorize lines easily. i love selena gomez as herself and her charactr in the show. Alex is such a funny character. she is a trickster but she's good-hearted and she loves a good laugh. i do belive i could easily get along with everyone and i would really just LOVE to be given any role on this show at all. i just want to at least be given a shot.

Posted by Andrena Juric (2010-06-26) 3084

i would love to be excepted to star on wizards of waverley place because everybody says i should star on television because i am such a great actor and singer. staring on this show would be my life long dream. everyday i never give up. i would love to get this job so i can succed in the proccess if this does not succed i will just keep trying.

Posted by kayla (2010-06-29) 3089

hey! my name is McCall. Mmy dream is to be an actress! I love acting! I would love to be on Wizards of Waverly Place it is one of my favorite shows. I am very good at dancing, but my perfession is acting. I am a confudent, willing, and hard working girl. I have some expressions in acting from many plays. I would love to be an actress because it is my favorite thing to do and i from my many plays that i have done its been a lot of fun! I am also a very talkative person and not at all shy. I'm also a very unique and creative person. I would very much like this job so i can forfil my dream and if i dont get this i will keep on trying because this is the thing i want to and this is the thing i love!

Posted by McCall (2010-06-29) 3091

my name is johnny, i want be actor in wizards of waverly place, i like the magic and the comdy and more i want see how kids like me can change there life and hope u girls get in show.

Posted by johnny (2010-07-01) 3103

Hi my name is Chasity Raley. Ever sense i was 7 i've dreamed of becoming actress! And i love wizards of waverly place! im obssesed with the twilight series and would love to meet them! i have blond hair, blue eyes and full lips! some ppl say i could pass as 14 or 15! i live in a small town in mississippi. i was raised in florida and the bank took our house!

Posted by Chasity Raley (2010-07-01) 3104

Hello! I like watchinq Wizards Of Waverly. I think Acting would be awesome & a good career for me so is there anyway i can be on this show?

Posted by Ruby (2010-07-03) 3117

heeey so i have been wanting to act since i was 4. i love acting and its my dream to be on disney channel is there any roles on your show even the smallest roll would help me(: thanks so much!

Posted by Kaley (2010-07-05) 3185

i was wanting to be in the show as a character that gets to be in every show

Posted by matt (2010-07-06) 3188

I always loved to act and sing because I've been doing it all the time so please because I always wanted to be on tv!

Posted by asia (2010-07-09) 3195

Hello, my name is Caitlin. I am Native American and I have short black wavy hair (but I do straighten it). I have tan skin and I was hoping if I could be on the show. I am 5'4. I have gone to acting camps since I was 7. I have a great sense of humor and can make thousands of hilarious faces and at my school I am known for being able to imitate Dr. Evil. Ha ha. I have been told I have a beautiful singing voice and I hope I make on the show! Thanks! :)

Posted by Caitlin Repp (2010-07-09) 3198

Ever since I was four years old I pictured myself on the tv screen, I always looked for auditions, but they asked for money, and I think if they ever really met me, they would beg me to be in there production, it never happened, so I started to hope someone would find me and I am thinking about giving up, but I am going to keep trying, not only do I love the thought of living my dream it would help my family with debt and more, I can cry pretty easily if you need me for a dramatic role, I can be funny, I can hold down my laughs but it is hard, I love to laugh, but we can work on it, I am a little over weight but i have been on a diet, the atkins one, is that how you spell it? My hair is light brown and i have light blue eyes I am 4'11 and i am soon going into 6th grade, i will get braces soon, but i have heard of braces that are clear and not very visible, please, i am not picky and i don't care what show I am on, I will be on any show playing any role, please consider me! -<3 elizabeth, but i like to be called elly rose!

Posted by Elizabeth (2010-07-17) 3217

I am not begging to be on this show. But you should really consider putting me on it. I am the type of character that acts like Alex. i would be perfect for this show. so please consider me, Thanks for your time. Hope 2 get a response

Posted by makala (2010-07-19) 3230

i am really into acting. i also have a lot of camera work and ive already been in a comercial. i would be a goood part for like maxs friend or someone on the street that has a big crush on alex. i have talked to selena already so i know her a little so i think i should at least get a shot at an audition. i am 14 years old thanks

Posted by ryan (2010-07-22) 3236

Hi my name is johan and i like your show id love to be on your show i know little in acting but im great at singing! send me a e-mail if you need a actor and im 11 years old

Posted by Johan (2010-07-31) 3265

I love the show and I would love to audition for a part in Wizards of Waverly Place. I would love to act with you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Aaron Garrett (2010-07-31) 3266

Hi, my name is Chanel and I'm 14 years old. Ever since I was little, I've always loved acting. When Wizards of Waverly Place first aired I knew that acting was a career path that I wanted to take. I haven't had any training in acting but I know I can do it. I'm very good at improvising so please consider me for the job(:

Posted by Chanel (2010-08-05) 3282

can you do a playscript of a show of yours

Posted by anna (2010-08-06) 3287

hey my name is joey johnson and i am 8 years old and i am funny and talented come check me out!

Posted by joey (2010-08-16) 3308

my biggest dream is to act this would star my carrer and make a younge girls dream come true so Please so much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you for your time

Posted by megan wright (2010-08-22) 3319

Hey, I'm Randy Harris, 16 years old and if anyone out there have connections or know a way to get me on disney channel as an actor please email me. I love comedy shows and I usually can make a person laugh if they have a sense of humor if you don't have a sense of humor it's your fault your not laughing. Seriously somebody email me.

Posted by Randy Harris (2010-08-23) 3320

hi im audree im 13 years old im a very good actor my friends always tell me that i should be come an actor i always wanted to be an actor ever since i was 5 when my grandma said that some day i will go to hollywood and get on disney channel some day please consider me on being on the show email me back please

Posted by audree ochoa-cazares (2010-09-03) 3341

Hi, im nydia im 13 and i was just hoping that there would be a role here for me i love to act and i wanna make something out of myself and i wanna go somewhere in life. my facebook page is Nydiia Zapata, and i wanna know if i could be discovered. i wanted this ever since i was a lil girl. thank you and bye.

Posted by Nydia (2010-09-10) 3353

Hey yall! My name is Susannah and I'm really cool and guess what??!!!! :):):):):) I love Wizards of Waverly Place!! lol I would be an awesome extra and really think Selena is the coolest!

Posted by Susannah Israel (2010-09-15) 3365

hi my name is kassidy. i am really good at acting and dancing. i would love to be on tv one day. i have been acting since i was 3 years old i am very talented. i love acting i don't know what i would do with out it.

Posted by kassidy morency (2010-09-18) 3371

i may not have a sob story but i this is one of my favorite shows. i may not be dieng to be on it but it would make me happy so its up to you.

Posted by emily henley (2010-09-28) 3386

my name is amethyst i am 13 years old i had be acting since i was in third grade (4 or 5 plays), but only at my church b/c i am shy. though once i get to know people I am what you could call a "spaz". I don't nessesarly want to be on this show but i hope this will be a step up to a future acting carrer. P.S hope this is a realz website an if it iz hhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyy DISNEY CHANNEL!!!!!!!

Posted by Amethyst Cody (2010-10-01) 3393

Hey there,I am Justice and I am THE ONE you are looking for. I am african American and you need one of those on your show>I could helpmyou guys increase your show watchers by 79%(I did alot of research)I just really KNOW that I am the person that can help your show.I just love acting so much I just dont know what I would be without it.I can also dance the roof off this showdown and I can interveiw like crazy! I basically went on tour with Selena Gomez because everytime she went somewhere I did too.Whatever you do you really need to consider me acting for your show.You would just know you'd be helping the world share a smile! Just shoot me an e-mail! thank you(in advanced because I know you guys are very smart and will take this offer to increase your watchers by 79%. Ohh how I would lovee to be on "Wizards of Waverly Place" I would just DIE if I couldn't so just know that you will be sharing a smile and saving some lives(everyones)So thank you very much if you took the time to read this and if you did. your not a moron like my ex-bff(she thought that I had no chance)So cya and Be smart!!!! Bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Justice Robinson (2010-10-02) 3395

I'm very good at acting and singing... I'll never give up opprotunities or hope to become famous... Even if people tell me that i won't make it i'll never girve up hope... So please I really want to be on this show! It's the most best show in the world... PLEASE! :) <3

Posted by Chloe (2010-10-03) 3397

hi I'm brenda and just wanna know do you have a role for me wel i wanna be an actor so so bad

Posted by brenda (2010-10-10) 3408

Hello, my name is Frank and I am indeed an aspiring young actor. I am a 15, italian/english, male. I have light brown hair and brown eyes, long thick eyelashes, I am 5' 6", and 175lbs. I have been in a few plays and I have also just recently just assistant directed a play, however I would like to start my career in TV acting. Please contact me if you or any other shows or movies would cast me. Thank You for your time.

Posted by Frank Fiarito (2010-10-21) 3439

Hey! Im Margret and im 14 yrs old. Im 5ft 41/2 in. and athlletic. Im into acting at me high school. and i am an absolute fan of Wizards of Waverly Place and I am a huge Disney fan. I am American Indian and Pacific Islander. I dont know why but people think i would be perfect on the show because i look like the main star Selena Gomez. Im good at memorization and putting my self into my characters. I dont care if its a tiny part, I would just really like to be apart of this amazing show.

Posted by Margret (2010-10-24) 3442

Well. . .where do I start? I know i'm like the millionth person probably, but I really want to act!!:D My name is Ana Melissa Karr but you can call me Karritos or Meli or just Ana:) I'm 13 years old & I don't know how tall I am. Ha. I'm skinny but not that much that I look like a stick! & I'm christian, smart, funny, out going, random caring, nice, pretty [if I do say so my self], & i'm also hispanic:)
Look, I know that maybe you have a better person before me, but at least give me a chance to show you what I got!! PLEASE! I love acting. & I been praying to be an actor! IDK what it is that attracts me to that, but it does:) & my friends always tell me, "You should be an actor or something!" I really like this show<3' Well, thank you for your time & God bless you. Oh. & you can add me on Facebook or you can add me on Myspace. Thank you once again:)

Posted by Ana Melissa Karr (2010-10-29) 3459


Posted by cammielle tinker (2010-10-30) 3462

CAN I REALLY be in wizard of waverly place its wat i wanted to do since the first day it came out
and i know how to act

Posted by princess (2010-10-30) 3463

Hi I've been acting since I was five years old and couldn't love it more!!! the only problem is that I live in Mississippi and my parents tottaly understand my dream so if y'all read this and understand that's really cool but I would love it if I could be discovered:) it means like the whole world to me soo please!!

Posted by Bethany (2010-10-31) 3465

I really love your show but im not going to start begging like the others. I just wanted to say that i know my chances of getting in are like 1 to 1 billion. So too cut a long story short I would love it if i could play in wizards of waverly place. So I hope you understand my need. cya 8)

PS: i dont have a agent but if you somehow end up choosing me i will take care of that. cya 8)

Posted by Adam (2010-11-13) 3490

dear web site , hi my name is david b conway, and my comments to walt company , i just love to see a third sequel of the tv movie of wizards of waverly place just a, long with the season 5 , season of wizards of waverly place tv series as welll , love david b conway

Posted by david b conway (2010-11-17) 3494

HELOOO!!! my name is haylee and I've always wanted to be an actress. i'm very good at being dramatic, funny, and enthusiastic.i'm 5'2, have reddish/brown hair, very dark brown eyes, slim, and i'm black. i can be an extra or a small part in wizards of waverly place. hopefully this will boost my acting career, and get me to be on a bigger part

Posted by haylee (2010-11-21) 3500

Hello my name is anastacia im 15 im 5'6 i love this show and would love to play any part in the show

Posted by anastacia (2010-11-24) 3506

Hi i'm 15 and i love to act and dance and just a little bit of modeling. Ive been acting, dancing, and modeling for 7 years and i'm ready to make it to the big screen. i'm a very hard worker i follow directions and i know this is a job but i do like to have fun. I live right outside L.A. I have an agent he drives me to all my auditions and i'm up for anything so email me back please.

Posted by Mikala (Kayla) (2010-12-05) 3533

Hi i'm 15 and i love to act and dance and just a little bit of modeling. Ive been acting, dancing, and modeling for 7 years and i'm ready to make it to the big screen. i'm a very hard worker i follow directions and i know this is a job but i do like to have fun. I live right outside L.A. I have an agent he drives me to all my auditions and i'm up for anything so email me back please.

Posted by Mikala (Kayla) (2010-12-05) 3535

Hey I am Jolynn just curious if you got any advice on starting acting I would really like to know I really love this show and I need some advice. I will never give up on my dream of becoming an actress but I feel as if maybe you guys may be able to give some advice to get their... I am not rich, so right now I am just in plays and theater class so everybody and anybody who is here and gots some advice on becoming a better actress or even auditions etc I would love to know thanks

Posted by jolynn (2010-12-08) 3546

Hi, my name is destinee and i would luv to be on wizards of Waverly place because i think i have the look and the personality so please give me a shot and email me.

Posted by DESTINEE (2010-12-12) 3557

Hello my name is Blenchorne Lawrence, but everybody calls me Lawrence I don't have much to say but i love Disney and i love to act and love to be on the spotlight and it would mean my life if i can get a chance to try out for your show, b/c not only to become rich and help my family and friends out but get to live my dream of becoming an act er even though I know you guy's only wanted people with good grades and all which i understand but I don't i just want you guy's to please give me a chance it would me the world to me if i could just have this one in a life time chance. Thank You for taking your time to read this.

Posted by Blenchorne Lawrence (2010-12-15) 3565

why is alex the crazy one and she is the best of prant's and on april fool's she trick you so so bad that you for got to put on your sox how was that alex how did i do am i funny enough to be in the part please write us back.But selena can sang.

Posted by eion scott (2010-12-17) 3576

how was my first letter above

Posted by eion scott (2010-12-17) 3577

Justin you would be funny if you was not so smart but it is good to be smart but not to smart because you might turn real smart and no on and i mean no one like you becuase you smart and all the time and i mean that now i know why people say you are like cody becuase your so smart but don't get a lot of girlfriends know i am going to give you brother some tips,
Max one inportant tip dont be in love with the willie's or what ever becuasethere crazy and spooky I was wondering how you even interect with people like that. you are not funny like your sis but you are funny that is good. keep up the good work tell your sis to thank you Max

Posted by eion scott (2010-12-17) 3578

hi im faith and im a soccer player. i play the viola sing and a little bit of guitar. im chasing my dream to act on wizards with selena. im doing everything i can but its hard living in a town thats small and hardly known. i hope you can reach me somehow to give me advise or tell me if theres anything that is open for an audition. i have searched for auditions but its hard to get one. i need your help. thank you by the way i have brown hair and eyes. im about 5ft 3in. and im very entergetic and athletic.
~thank you~

Posted by faith shelleman (2010-12-18) 3584

Hey, my name is Journey Acosta, im 15 and i live in Sumiton, Alabama. I have always wanted to be on Wizards since the show came. I just want to be on the show because i have always wanted to act.

Posted by Journey Acosta (2010-12-22) 3595

Hi I always loved your show and i wonder if you could put me on your show. And if you cant i uderstand. Its just that I've never been cool in my school ''Panther Valley'',and if im on your show i think i'll be popular because meeting selena gomez jake.t.astin david henery is cool then they'll like me again.

Posted by Devinal Roman (2010-12-29) 3605

Hi, my name is Emily Harris. I'm 18 years old and i live in Southern Maryland. I have had a little experience acting in school plays, even assisting as stage manager as well as having two small parts in a play. I love having fun on sets and meeting new people. I'm not one of those people who would absolutely die if i didn't get a part but I would definitely enjoy the experience.

Posted by Emily Harris (2011-01-01) 3633

Hi I'm Breann. First i just wanna say i love your show. Me and my friend Joslyn love singing acting and dancing. It has been our dream for as long as we can remember to be on Disney channel. We were wondering if you could help make our dream come true. Thank you.

Breann, and Joslyn

Posted by Breann (2011-01-13) 3679

Hi my name is Abraham Nunez and Selena Gomez is my favorite celebrity. I was just hoping that you have a part for me on your show. I am mexican. I have thick long dark brown hair. My hair almost looks black. My eyes are dark brown. I am an experienced actor. I have been in the movie extra Final Destination 4. I would really love to be in your show. At least let me be an extra in the back round, or better in the show with a talking part.

Posted by Abraham Nunez (2011-01-13) 3683

hi, im kelly mitchell and i would like to be on the show. i would do anything. i would rarly ever fool around, i would keep my mind mostly on what part i am working on. If you want me to do something,i`ll do it, no questions ask and no talking about it, i would just do it. im good at acting(a lot of people say), i can keep a serious face for a long time. im really good at it, you should see everyone thinks its cool. you can have a funny face and i wont laugh.If you choose me i will do anything.

Posted by kelly mitchell (2011-01-15) 3689

i wan't to be a actor

Posted by jordan gordon (2011-01-27) 3743

Hi my name is roslyn i love wizards bout there never going to choose one of us they just say that so we dream more i just hate it trust me there not gonna pick any of you sorry bout thats the truth unless they do want to help us :)

Posted by Roslyn (2011-02-04) 3767

Hi, i have ALWAYS wanted 2 act, especilly on wizards of waverly place, since it came out as a new show, i would take any roll, big or small i just want 2 be on the show, thanks 4 your time!

Posted by olivia (2011-02-13) 3788

Hey, Im Lindsay Smart. Im fourteen almost fifteen and im about to complete my ninth grade year in high school its always been my dream to be in the acting department and i would really love to cast in Wizards of Waverly Place. It would be a once and a life time chance to get to be on the show with all of you. If you are interested please contact me at the email given. Thank you.

Posted by Lindsay Smart (2011-03-03) 3822

im 14 years old and im very good at acting a lot of people tell me that and i practice every day and i never give up when thing get tough

Posted by Michael Sanchez (2011-03-05) 3831

My name is Sean I am only 13 but have tons to offer. I luv the show first of all tho! I have participated my towns theatre plays for 3 years I love to act I am cooperative, and enthusiastic, but I do live in a small town in Vanderhoof B.C there is not alot of opperatunities here in fact none at all it really does suck but I know I have great potential I just need to get noticed. Please, if you think I would have a chance in acting business. It would be my dream.Contact me

Posted by Sean riley (2011-03-26) 3898

Some people say that I could be Alex's lil sis on the show. I would hate it if the show stopped!! Turn Alex in2 a lil gurl played by me cuz i look like her a lil. Dark hair brown eyes, fashionista, and a little sense of humor!! Come on! i wanna b famous!! Im 14 and wanna be an actress.
I never took acting classes but its like a gift built in me. (like that girl named Jackie Evancho) I LOVE to sing and dance and play the piano and I hope to be an actress 2.

Posted by Viva-La-Glam (2011-04-04) 3925

I love this show. I sing along to the opening song, and memorize a few lines here and there for the next time I watch it. I would LOVE to be on this show! My real hair color is dark brown, but at the moment it is a orange-red... I've also had experience in theater since I was, 8-9. Please consider me as an extra or any other possible role.

Posted by Nyssa (2011-04-06) 3940

Hello, my name is Estelle and I'm 18 years old and yes I'm french from France (nobody is perfect I know lol). As you can see I can speak a very good english and in real life I haven't the french accent. I'm a 5'7" black girl with brown eyes and black hair... I have some experience in acting thanks to shorts movies I did and photo shoot. I think of being someone who tries to be in closer of the feelings, to arouse in each something whether it is the laughter or the tears! I am someone of been incensed and whom the work does not thus displease I always give myself to 110 % in what I make even more in the cinema because since I was a little girl that was always my passion and my dream. I am rather original, rather easy to live, I support well the criticism and with me we have fun non-stop.
All this is only a small part of me, but I think of credit note to offer a lot if you help me to realize this dream.
Sincerely. Estelle

Posted by Estelle (2011-04-18) 3974

whats up? My name is Robert and i am 13 years old. Now Im not going to lie I have no acting experience (Ha) but i beilive im good at it i work on it Enough to know i am. Im black (light skinded) with Black hair, Im 5'7 and real fun (i know my name sounds dull lol) because i love to enjoy life i see the good in alot of things; and finaly i just want to say i really love your show and love how it is put together and would love to be apart of it in any way.

Posted by Robert (2011-04-22) 3994

Hi i was wondering if you have any roles for me to play because i wwould love to be on your show.I am a great actress,singer and person.It would mean everything to me if you did so please and thank you

Posted by kayla (2011-04-28) 4048

Well, there's a lot of comments here so I'm just gonna get to the point. I just want to be an extra on your show.

Posted by Danielle (2011-05-15) 4198

hi my name is candice i am 14 years old i love to act and model i would love to be on this show

Posted by candice (2011-05-16) 4210

hi, im 14 years old i have blue eyes, im 4'11 and i love too ACT!!!! i would do anything too get a small role in wizards of waverly place, and also too live out my dream!!!!(:

Posted by marky (2011-05-30) 4450

Hey its Dillon I was wondering if u had anybody to be in your show I would really be gratefully blessed if you would contact me please.

Posted by dillon (2011-06-04) 4479

Hello! My name is Cristy and i am outgoing, and kind of a dork but i have a passion for acting. I will do whatever it takes to have any role on Disney Channel. I admit that i am a huge fan of this show! I have been i one school production this year in "The Wizard of Oz," i was Glinda. I did about 5 shows throughout the day. I have commited to doing this with my life and i will take any chance i get. I have a passion for acting, no matter what happens, i will not stop trying and i will hold my head up high. I like to goof around with my friends, we actually act like dif. characters sometimes, and just jump around, that explains a little about my personality. So i am Mexican, i have dark hair and dark eyes. My skin is not very dark but not light.I am about to turn 13 on July 6, and let's just say that i am getting old. I really want to start with my acting. Please... consider me for any role in this.

Posted by Cristy (2011-06-08) 4494

Hi, i'm Sumayya i'm a leo ,very outgoing and acting is my life and dream some call me a drama queen but usually im acting all the time. I'm muslim and theres not many muslim actresses in well.... at all and once this lady told me you'll never become an actress because they're will be seen where you have to take it off and if you cant you cant get the part i'm 14 so she crushed DREAMS but I wont quit i speak seven languages 2 fluently arabic and english ! I'm flexible 5 three and i learn very easily like if i hear a song twice i will know all the words ! ;D plus i wanna make money so i can bail my brother outta jail i dont wanna sob story so ill change the subject i'm told m bright,smart,crazy,and weird and i'm good at making friends so umm... please give me a try or atleast let me audition i'm currently living in Brooklyn N.Y. , but i'm moving back to Albany N.Y. June 20th just give me a chance i'll WOW the crowd and i promise you won't regret it Thanks You for reading and i was in a rush sorry for not correcting myself
Truely Yours,
Sumayya Abdur-Rahim

Posted by Sumayya Abdur-Rahim (2011-06-10) 4502

Hi im abbegail but people call me Abby. I would love to be a part of the cast. Im currently live in the San Mateo County. And i love acting its my passion. Im half Chinese half Filipino. Please Please Please consider me.

Posted by Abbegail (2011-06-12) 4516

Hi im abbegail but people call me Abby. I would love to be a part of the cast. Im currently live in the San Mateo County. And i love acting its my passion. Im half Chinese half Filipino. Please Please Please consider me. I live in CA

Posted by Abbegail (2011-06-12) 4517

hi selena im kyra, i love your show ....i love you ,you r my idol.i would love to act in your show with you and meet you.if i did meet you i would probably scream,it is my lifes dream to be able to meet you .and i was woundering if you and jb were still dating.plz write back.

Posted by kyra (2011-06-13) 4519

Hi, my name is shelley. I have a talent in acting and singing, does this show have a role for me?

Posted by Shelley (2011-06-13) 4520

Hi my name is preyuana and i see all your request of girls who want to be on your show so i want stress you about it but i'd love to be on your show because i knoow i have moxie,courage determination and energy!! im also willing to do tedious work if that is what it takes to be on the show oh yea im 14 yrs old and live in the usa i also am from ohio. P.S i love the show keep up the good work!

Posted by Preyuana (2011-06-17) 4533

iam jenny n i love the show iam just like alex i wanna b a famous acter

Posted by jenny (2011-06-19) 4538

I'm a thirteen year old girl and it has been my dream to be on Disney channel ever since I was five! I'm a very outgoing person and I would absolutely LOVE to participate in the friends for change games! If u have ANY small or big parts in wizards of eagerly place please email me and let me know where and when the auditions are!

Posted by Cooper handshoe (2011-06-21) 4558

If you need a blonde (haired not stupid like those retarded stereotypes) male, I'm right here.

Posted by Nick (2011-06-26) 4605

i am a huge fan of wizards of waverly place it would be so cool if i was on it if you need an extra person to act please chose me.

Posted by sarah (2011-06-27) 4613

My name assata I watch the show all the time I would love to have a role in the show
Im 14 years old great smile I also sing and rap so I can do about anything Im bout to head to a performing art school I also like to act out things

Posted by Assata gallimore (2011-06-29) 4631

Hi I'm Emily, I love to dance, and sing. It would be the opportunity of a lifetime to be on the show. I have dark brown hair ,and I am caucasion, and I love Wizards Of Waverly Place! Everybody says I am very funny. I really hope if there is a small part I could play on the show, I would.

Posted by Emily (2011-06-29) 4632

Hi, I'm Ashley and I am a really funny girl and I am nice and fun to be around. I'm from a smalltown. I was looking for a small, one-episode roll on the show just to be noticed. You won't be disappointed in me, I never give up and I try my hardest not to let anyone down. So if you have a roll, even as the background character, I am definately interested =)

Posted by Ashley (2011-06-30) 4646

hi im Dominique. im funny, different and loud. i love this show so muchh! my brother and my mum really love it too. im short and great at acting. if you need a new character i can play any part. thanks.

Posted by Dominique (2011-07-04) 4656

Hi, I'm Ashley. Many people do not think I can make it since I live in Kentucky but, I know I can. I am White, 5'2", 104 lbs. 13 years old and have been searching for an acting job for a long time. I know Selena Gomez started acting early, so I asked myself, why can't I? I go to East Carter Middle School and like I posted on many other boards, my parents won't let me audition anywhere else but here, in Kentucky unless someone request me. Thank you and I hope you write me back. This is a great oppourtunity.

Posted by Ashley (2011-07-05) 4658

They stopped making episodes of this show.

Posted by Desi Stafford (2011-07-09) 4699

Hello my name is Jasmin Washington and I am living in MD, I love this show and would love to be able to be an actress on this show, I have been acting for almost 7 yrs and dancing for 8 yrs and I would love to audition for any role possible, I have been in some of my school's plays and talent shows and also have been dancing at Strathmore school of performing arts, thank you and please write back, I'd appreciate it.

Posted by Jasmin (2011-07-21) 4778

I have two boys who are 6 & 3. They really want to be actors/models. Please help me m their dreams come true.

Posted by Jessica (2011-07-22) 4782

HEY WIZARDS!! Im Cassandra.I'm 13 and i have been in every single play in school since i was in 2ND grade, Ive also been in one drama,all the rest comedies and remakes . My parents and I love the show .I live 50 minutes away from Detroit, And im a big fan of it. im 5'3, really skinny, weigh 96 pounds, medium length dirty brown hair. and i am known as the school pervert and comedian, and this is the only show on Disney Channel i really enjoy!! Im also a musician and a tree hugger . and im very spontaneous and weird..yay. this will be my big breakthrough, thanks you guys :)

Posted by Cassandra Beattie (2011-07-23) 4804

Hi im Caia i would like to be considered because i want to have my dream like Martin Luther King had his i live in Milton, Florida i love having fun.

Posted by Caia (2011-07-26) 4824

Its my life long dream to become an actor and be known. I've been trying dor years but I've had no luck. I need someone to help me fulfill my lifelong dream. My name is Ben Nichols I'm 14 years old and I live in magna Utah. I really want to be an actor. If anyone can help please tell me

Posted by Benjamin Nichols (2011-07-27) 4826

i luv wizards... im sorry its ending but ill always luv it. and sel stay true to urself and dont turn like other celebs . peace .

Posted by jmcdo (2011-07-31) 4838

i was wonder if u have a role for this show i seen it and i love it and my name is makela mason i love acting and i want acting to make my life just not for who i am my life i also do a little bit of singing i really will like this job if u give me on chance at it thanks u

Posted by makela mason (2011-08-12) 4901

Hey i m 13 my name is kortney and i LOVE wizards of Waverly place i would be so so happy if i could get even a small part on wizards of Waverly place i need some where to start my acting career and i think this would be the best way to start it

Posted by Kortney (2011-08-27) 5009

HI my name's Diana and my dream is to become an actress
I do gymnastics ballet speak chinese and a little bit of spanish
i also did lots of plays! It so much fun
i don't want to do this because of fame and money
i want to do it because i love it and i would die for it

Posted by Diana Chang (2011-09-02) 5037

Hi, my name is Kaelin. I'm 15 years old. I love your show. I found Selena's character, Alex to resemble me a bit with her witty ways. I'm 5'3 and I have bright red hair, and blue eyes. I have a very fun and eccentric personality. I love to act and sing, and I've done it since I can remember. Please e-mail me for more info. Thank you :)

Posted by Kaelin Johns (2011-09-04) 5049

I luvvvvvv u max can I act with u plssssssssss dis is ma number

Posted by najat (2011-09-18) 5120

people, the show is OVER they recorded the last episode MONTHS ago

Posted by Mr.e-person (2011-09-18) 5121

hi my name is manoor i really want to be an actor and did and all ways want to be my dad has died and i really need this place and if i dint i will seriously die and take my seriously cause I'm serious REALLY SERIOUS !!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by manoor (2011-10-19) 5566

having to watch your show is the best thing of the day. its fuuny and i just love you guys. i want to be an actor just like you guys.

Posted by CHERLINE SAINT LOUIS (2011-10-24) 5620

Hello, I'm Darious. Being on a Disney Channel show has been my dream since I was a baby. If you pick me I will do my best in any thing you tell me to do. I love doing business and being kind to others. I will put all of my work in this show.

Posted by Darious (2011-12-03) 5894

hey kiara here and i just want to say i luv this show and i hate to see it end but as a fan i would really want to be in wizards of waverly place. i have blakish brownish hair and i am 5' 1". i will take any role even if its just a small or understudy. i hope u guys get this message!

Posted by Kiara (2011-12-04) 5897

Hi, my name is cali, and I am an actress in training. I love to act, and I love to get to know my partners that I am or would be working with. I love to act and I have had a love for acting ever since I was little. I always have a fun time acting and I love the joy and fun of acting and pretending. I am 5'1, and brown hair that goes past my shoulders. I have hazel eyes. I love to act, and hangout with my friends. I would be more than happy to be on a TV show, es-specially Disney. It has been my dream to be on Wizards of Waverly Place. Please take me Under consideration.

Posted by Cali (2011-12-08) 5915

Hi my name is Diana and i really loved this show. I have do acting for my school before. I really love it!

Posted by Diana (2011-12-17) 5944

Hi my name is Kassidy. I am 14 years old and love this show! I do not have any acting background, but i am a fast learner and would love to play a small part in the show.

Posted by Kassidy Ellis (2011-12-22) 5967

Hi, my name is Sapphire, I'm a big fan of this show, and I would love to be a part of it, unpaid job or not, and I would love to get a chance to meet the stars of this show, and I promise I will Be totally professional when I get there, all the way 'till i leave

Posted by sapphire (2012-02-16) 6203

Hi I'm shana and I'm 14 years old if you need someone I'm your girl.

Posted by shana (2012-04-12) 6406

Greetings. Wassup. Hey, I'm Trey and I am 14. I have always wanted to be an actor. I am not the hottest guy around. I was picked on a lot, so I started acting. I am a good singer, a great actor. when I act, it makes me feel different. you know, like I'm not that weird dummy sitting in the back of the class. I just want to be an actor, so I can sharpen my acting skills. Here are some of the roles I've played.

I've played a soldier in Stone Soup. I've played Frankenstein in Frankenstein. I also do a lot of acting at home. I have pretended to be a Pokemon trainer, a beyblader, and a made up character.

Well, please, someone find me. I have a chatango that's it. My user on Chatango is Shadowhawk1204. Well then, I will be seeing you all in the movies.

Posted by Trey Adams (2012-05-02) 6464

first off, I''m not going to say no one shouldn't be in the show. I'm pretty sure, anyone can do good in acting. It isn't just about good lucks, but about talent, and making Friends through acting. So, I just wanted to clear that up. OK I am Trey Adams, I'm 14, African American, and 5'5. I have always aspired being an actor ever since I saw Michael Jackson in The Wiz. I sealed the deal ,when Selena Gomez started and I realized you can sing and act, if need be. I can sing, and act, although my dancing area can use some work. I am willing to do a lot to become an actor. I want to try and get a big break, so I can be the first Actor in my family. I am willing to work hard, and long, so I can become an actor. I believe I'm perfect for an acting job, because I'm energetic, and friendly. I can also grow, which means I'll scale even greater heights, if someone would give me a gig. I know you get a million posts about this, so i would understand if I don't get picked. I wish everyone looking for an acting job good luck. and have a nice day. :)

Posted by Trey "The Dragon Master" Adams (2012-05-06) 6471

I'm sorry about not mentioning this in my first post, but acting to me, is becoming someone or something else, to make others enjoy themselves. Such as Selena Gomez, she goes from a beautiful, young, normal girl, to a irresponsible, young wizard. And Tyler Perry goes from a kind man, to a crazy old woman. So acting isn't about being famous. It's truly about what the fans are feeling.

Posted by Trey "The Dragon Tamer" Adams (2012-05-06) 6472

Hi I'm alex I'm thirteen with pretty much no acting experience I'm a boy with brown hair four foot something in hight I'd always love to be on this Chanel I live in wisscaset maine so think about me and keep in touch I would like it actually I'd like just to be and extra if it was possible.

Posted by Alex (2013-12-01) 7298

Ok so I love the show contact me and all I want is an extra rul thanks lol please really try to call unlike every one else I'm not here for money popularity or fame I'm just here to have fun

Posted by Alex (2013-12-01) 7299

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