Will Yun Lee


Will Yun Lee can be seen as Dr. Alex Park on the ABC hit drama "The Good Doctor." Based on the South Korean series of the same name, the show premiered in September 2017 and received a great amount of viewership and favorable reviews. Returning this fall, Lee will reprise his role as a series regular.

On television, Lee can also be seen as Takeshi Kovacs on Netflix's original series "Altered Carbon," opposite Joel Kinnaman (season one). Lee previously starred as Taka, one of the leading roles of USA Network's ongoing series "Falling Water," directed by Juan Carlos Fresnadilla. Additional television credits include his role as Sang Min in "Hawaii Five-0"; Kwon in the Cinemax series "Strike Back," opposite Michelle Yeoh; and Mr. Gus in HBO's final season of Alan Ball's "True Blood."

On the feature side, Lee can next be seen in the "Rogue Warfare" trilogy, opposite Stephen Lang. He will also lend his voice in Sony's upcoming animated feature film "Wish Dragon," opposite Constance Wu, John Cho and Jackie Chan, which is slated for a 2020 release. Lee was most recently seen as Agent Park in New Line Cinema's science fiction, monster film, "Rampage," opposite Dwayne Johnson and Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Additional film credits include Dr. Kim Park in Warner Bros.' blockbuster standout "San Andreas," opposite Dwayne Johnson and Paul Giamatti; supporting role as Timothy Cress in "Spy," starring Melissa McCarthy, Jude Law, Rose Byrne and Bobby Cannavale; Harada in Twentieth Century Fox's "The Wolverine," opposite Hugh Jackman; Captain Cho in FilmNation's "Red Dawn," opposite Chris Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson; and Marek in Colombia Pictures' "Total Recall," opposite Colin Farrell.

Lee is a master in Taekwondo (fifth-degree black belt), following the footsteps of his very influential Taekwondo Grandmaster father. Receiving a full athletic scholarship and majoring in political science and ethnic studies, Lee graduated from the University of California, Berkeley.

Lee currently resides in Tarzana with his wife and son.

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