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Wendy Williams

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Welcome to the Wendy Williams Message Board. Get in touch with Wendy Williams to voice your support, appreciation, or opinion.

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hi wendy im from albany ga i watch u on the dtv converter box love love everthing bovt your show

Posted by mary (2010-04-13) 2366

I watched Tuesday's show and was wondering why Wendy never acknowledged one of the stars from the hit tv show Leverage was sitting in the audience.They kept putting the camera on him, but he was never mentioned. What was the reason for this since whoever was operating the camera kept showing him.

Just Curious

Posted by len cole (2010-05-19) 2410

WHY... ?? W.W. mentioned how she didn't think Tom Cruse should say publicly that he's giving his daughter 5 million $ for her b'day.. due to the economy and people hearing this.. THEN she turns around and says how MUCH Brittany S. is worth,, (People Mag. article) WHAT?? Almost EVERY show W.W. comments on how much someone makes OR will ask them to their face..... like asking Tori Spellings mom,, "how many carats are your earrings" .. RUDE.. and we.. the public with the poor economy hear this from W.W. ALL the time. She is so spoiled, a POOR looser (DWTS) and why always go on about someones skin or hair or shoes..... do that stuff offstage!!!!!! Then to say..I'm 43 yrs. old or 46 and on the other side of death?? Again WHAT? Grow up W.W. stop acting like a 13 yr old... trying to be the most popular, and your ENVY of others does show thru.... sooo glad you are now able to wear heels again!!!! I've never written an email to someone like this.. but couldn't hold it in any longer!!!!!! Sorry W.W. but you are NOT "ALL THAT" that you think you are ... sorry, an ex-watcher...

Posted by Karen Hatfield (2011-04-14) 2778

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