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Hey this is daisy and I ask of on tips for being famous I know your a man but being actress that's me and I need your help please this is my dream and I'm serious about this please respond back that's to the honors if you do respond back 2 peace.

Posted by Daisy Raquel (2012-04-25) 3723

My name is maddy and my entire life i've wanted to be an actress and i'm a huge fan of you and your wifes work. I truley see you as an inspiration and I would do anything and take any part to get to work with the greatest actor my opinion. You have true talent and I want to learn how to become a success like you. I'm hopeing that this could be a start to my future career. I won't stop till my goal is complete. Thank you for your time and good luck to you your family and your next project.

Posted by Madalyn Valentine banks (2010-06-23) 2468

hello Mr. Downey jr.
my name is Alyssa i am 16 yrs old and hopeing to get my acting carrer started soon, but before i do i wanted you to know your the reason why i wan to become an actor. Your the reason why i will keep going and striving till i get to where i know i can get! Although you will probably never see this it makes me happy knowing i tried to let you know! God Bless and keep doing what your doing!

Posted by Alyssa Garcia (2010-04-17) 2371

Hi my name is ian and i love your movies. Awsome job on the movie Iorn Man. I really want to see your newest movie Sherlok Holmes! You are an awsome actor and i cant wait to see Iorn Man2. talk to ya lata. PEACE OUT!!! : )

Posted by ian (2009-12-28) 2184

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