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Welcome to the Jada Pinkett Smith Message Board. Get in touch with Jada Pinkett Smith to voice your support, appreciation, or opinion.

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I love you.

Posted by Prince Gunter (2010-01-12) 2197

Hello, Jada my name is Denise i been a fan of you since the first movie i saw you in.., your the most beautiful person an Mom there is... i always wanted to meet you nd hope one day i will... you is my inspirtion an thats why i calls you my sister, i dnt let one knw that i keeps it in my heart. Your family is grrrreat... their is one Tv family you guys remind me of is the Cosbys although that wasn't real life to me in my heart they was jada please remember me as your #1 fan and tell Will, Trey, Jaden, and Willow i sad Hello an keep up the good work in making they're Mommy & Daddy proud amd they,re in heart as well.
Your, #1 Fan
Denise C.

Posted by Denise R Collins (2010-06-17) 2453

Hola Jada me and my daughter Love u and your Family so much ,My daughter Wants to be and your Next Karate Movie we are Latinas u know all the Latin people Love too, we hope to meet you Soon,thank you,for Loving the latin people u and ur husband Will I saw him an the Latin channel Univision Despierta America!! I live N Georgia I hope to meet you Soon, my daughter is Ready for your call to be N one of your Movies she is a teen and she Love y'll a lot too!!!! We are your Latinas Fans #1 see ya!! I hope to receive a call from you Please!! God bless you!!

Posted by Tessy&Daniela (2010-06-28) 2488

Hi Jada,
My name is Berlinda. I absolutely love your show HawthoRNe. You are truly an amazing actress and you are my inspiration and my idol. I wish you and your family great success and much love. God bless you!! =)

Posted by Berlinda Lucien (2011-06-28) 3138

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