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My name is Cherrye and I am a long time fan of Oscar-winning actor/social activist Adrien Brody. I absolutely adored him in The Pianist (glorious acting, beautiful cinematography) and loved him as the late Leonard Chess in Cadillac Records. His acting rapport with actor Jeffrey Wright (Muddy Waters - Cadillac Records) is some of the best I've ever seen between two male actors and I really appreciated how they got along so well with each other in the movie.

I want to ask a question about the movie Splice, though: in the movie, actress Sarah Polley's character, Elsa, ends up pregnant. I want to know, because I'm still unclear about it: who (or what) is the "father" of the "baby" she's carrying? Is it the male Dren? Or is it Clive - Adrien's character? The reason I'm asking is because Elsa and Clive did have sex on the couch (with him asking her about birth control because apparently they didn't have any on hand at the research facility) before the male Dren sexually assaulted her in the woods at the end of the movie. Is it possible that Clive might have impregnated Elsa before the male Dren did what he did? And also: why did Clive have to die? Why couldn't he have survived, and there'd be a sequel to Splice, possibly exploring his dilemma as to who impregnated his wife - himself or the male Dren?

Thank you for answering my questions and if possible, please pass on to Mr. Brody my adoration for him as a superb actor and my best regards for him in his acting career!

Cherrye W.

Posted by Cherrye W. (2011-07-29) 3240

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