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John Christopher Depp II was born in Owensboro, Kentucky on June 9th, 1963. Though born in Kentucky, his family moved quite often during his childhood. Eventually, his family settled in Miramar Florida where he'd spend of his adolescent years. He is a man of myriad hues who loves music and acting. As an actor, Johnny Depp is most talked about because of his informal and unorthodox strategic acting style. He was born to John Depp Sr. an engineer and Betty Sue a waitress in a hotel. He has three siblings Debbie, Christie (Depp's manager), and Danny. Depp's parents got divorced when he was 16, and due to the changing conditions at home he became a victim of drugs.

Depp left school because of his involvement in various other nefarious activities apart from taking drugs. His school had suspended him a number of times because of bad behavior, brawling, petty robberies, smoking and drinking habits. Soon Depp got involved in a different kind of after school activity, luckily, it was playing guitar. This lead to stints with various bands, the most successful was a band known as The Kids.

Ladder to Fame
Johnny Depp's walk into the world of acting started when he was introduced by his ex-wife to Nicholas Cage in Los Angeles. His debut film was "A Nightmare on Elm Street" in 1984, although he came back to play a cameo role in the last of the Elm Street series. He shot to fame with the TV series "21 Jump Street" in 1987. "Edward Scissorhands" happened to him in 1990, and he continued to climb the fame ladder with notable works in "Benny & June" and "What's Eating Gilbert Grape." His performance in 1994's "Ed Wood" was highly acclaimed. Following afterword, he played an accountant in the film "Dead Man" and appeared in Mike Newell's "Donnie Brasco." With each additional film Depp found his box office draw growing and elevating him to a higher level.

Depp tried his hand at sci-fi horror movies when he signed up for "The Astronaut's Wife" in 1999, followed by Tim Burton's "Sleepy Hollow." The next year brought "Chocolat," a drama with a tinge of romance and also "Blow" in which he portrayed a cocaine mafia drug dealer. His recent hit as the charismatic pirate Capt. Jack Sparrow in "Pirates of the Caribbean - The Curse of the Black Pearl" was a roaring success and he is back in the sequel, too.

Personal Life & Trivia
Depp has led a very colorful life being engaged to the likes of Winona Ryder, Kate Moss and others. He had Winona Ryder's name tattooed on his arm while dating. At present he is said to be dating French singer and actress Vanessa Paradis whom he met on the sets of "Ninth Gate" in 1999.

Depp has been accosted by the police and arrested for a brawl in the wee hours of the night in a hotel lobby, he has been found guilty of selling drugs in his club, The Viper Room.

Past Projects
Sweeney Todd.... Sweeney Todd
Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End.... Jack Sparrow
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest.... Jack Sparrow
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.... Willy Wonka
The Libertine .... Rochester
Finding Neverland.... Sir James Matthew Barrie
Secret Window .... Mort Rainey
Once Upon a Time in Mexico.... Sands
Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl.... Jack Sparrow
Blow.... George Jung
Chocolat.... Roux
Donnie Brasco.... Donnie Brasco/Joseph D. 'Joe' Pistone
Nick of Time .... Gene Watson
Ed Wood.... Ed Wood
What's Eating Gilbert Grape.... Gilbert Grape
Edward Scissorhands.... Edward Scissorhands
A Nightmare on Elm Street.... Glen Lantz

Johnny Depp was born in Owensboro, Kentucky on June 9, 1963.
Name: John Christopher Depp II
Date of Birth: June 9th 1963
Height: 5' 10" (1.78 m)

Talent Agency: United Talent Agency
9560 Wilshire Blvd. 5th Floor
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

"Me? I'm dishonest, and a dishonest man you can always trust to be dishonest, honestly"

Capt. Jack Sparrow

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Welcome to the Johnny Depp Message Board. Get in touch with Johnny Depp to voice your support, appreciation, or opinion.

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Hi Johny, I’m Sara 13 years from Brussels. You are a amazing talent actor and you have inspired me since I was a little kid. You’ve inspired me to want to become an actress when I am older and too always believe in my dreams. My favourite roles you played are Captain Jack Sparrow and Rango (which I am planning on watching). I wish you still a good evening, Sara

Posted by Sara (2019-11-28) 5855

Dear Mr. Johnny Depp. My respect for you is high, i have seen all of your films and think you are amazing, I have always wanted to play a part in you pirate films, they're are like no other, I loved your Dark Shadows and the rum diaries. You put 100% effort into every character. Its incredible. All of my friends and I think that pirates of the Caribbean would be terrible if you were not jack and all think your hot. I'm 14 and watched the first the curse of the pearl at the age of 6 and have always dreamed of being a pirate.
I know you get thousands of these types of letters, i have posted a review/casting thing for pirates #5.
there is a clip on you tube for the pirates solo by the piano guys.

Posted by Emily Symons (2012-10-27) 3876

hi. i'm not really sure what to say.i'm 16 and i just love your acting and would like to be an actor like you one day. if you could, please hint me to some ways i could take to pursue my path and achieve greatness... like you... looking forward for an actual reply;

Posted by Hasan (2012-06-30) 3771

Mr. Depp. I love your movies, I completely forget that you are Johnny Depp when you take on your rolls. I truly love that you have a wonderful friendship with Tim Burton,in your industry true friendship is hard to come by. I have heard the rumor mill and with all my heart pray its not true. For a man that been my boyfriend for over 20yrs now,and don't even know me;) Sometimes I've broken up with you, my sis says its because I'm jealous you have better hair and makeup than me.(Sorry I love to joke) Always by your next movie we are back together. Serious though I'm praying things are well with you and your very beautiful lady. I've been married 22yrs and hey I'm ready for my own bedroom but that don't mean I don't love my husband with all my heart. Hope your whole family is doing well. Take Care. With love Angela

Posted by Angela (2012-01-20) 3561

Hey johnny im one of your biggest fans and i really love your acting it is the best it is my dream to become an actor just like you. You have inspired me please message me tell me what I can do to become successful like you I live in Hamilton, Ohio I would love to audition to be in one of your movies

Posted by Jesse Abney (2011-11-13) 3416

Hi I have a very beatifull daughter. She is 10. We are poor and I sometimes think geting her to acting is only way away from poverty. She is top student, very sociable, sings country very well (Taylor Swift).

Posted by suchan (2011-09-11) 3312

Johnnie I really liked your movies, but the latest movie was not so great; supporting letting 3 murderers out of jail. Don't you know everyone isn't guilty of anything in jail. If you trust and believe in these so called not guilty individuals you supported to get out of jail, then let them live with you. I don't know you, but like most of Hollywood your minds have become clouded by clear judgement. Think about it, at least 12 people on the jury convicted all of them not one, not two, all THREE of them!!! Go ride with the police sometime, you'll soon learn!!! For this lastest move I will NOT ever support anything you make, say or do!!!

Posted by truth, justice, and the American way (2011-08-24) 3280

You are my idol you are such a inspiration. I know that there is a BIG chance that you won't read this but you might there is a chance you might read it, it might be small but it's worth a chance. I love ALL of your movies you're a amazing actor it would be a dream come true if I got to meet you let alone be in a movie with you. I watch your movies a lot because I love them. I am home schooled so I have time to act I just don't know how to get started I love to act but the thing is that my mom has no clue how to either I'm lost please help me Mr. Depp I can't do it alone you're a lot stronger then me to get to the top all by your self. Please reply :)

Posted by Morghyn (2011-08-16) 3268

Hello I'm Sam, and 13.
And my dream is to become an actress.
I have wanted this for a while and just haven't taken the second step to actually find an acting job for me to try out for.So I kinda need help on were to start and actually finding things for me to do.
So if you have any ideas please fell free to help... =)
Ps. I love all of your movies especially Edward scissor hands!
And I really hope if I get to be in movie, I would really really love to work with you!!!!
Thank you!
thank you!

Posted by Samantha Wilkerson (2011-08-03) 3244

I'm a 14 year-old girl that's looking for some way to become an actress somewhere, but I have entirely no clue where to start. My mother and I both find you as an inspiring actor that can pursue any role that you're given. That's why I just wanted to ask you if you had any tips or ANYTHING that could possibly help me. Thanks!

Posted by Corinne (2011-06-21) 3107

Hey Johnny, just want to tell you that you really inspire me, I love acting as characters that are strange and different. I once even kitted myself out as capt. Jack sparrow and quoted the lines just to see if I could do it and coz I love the Pirates movies. I'm 17 and I really want to persue acting as my career but people say its not a stable job. What do you think I should do?

Posted by alexandria (2011-06-19) 3097

Hey Johnny, just want to tell you that you really inspire me, I love acting as characters that are strange and different. I once even kitted myself out as capt. Jack sparrow and quoted the lines just to see if I could do it and coz I love the Pirates movies. I'm 17 and I really want to persue acting as my career but people say its not a stable job. What do you think I should do?

Posted by alexandria (2011-06-19) 3096

Hey Johnny Depp :)
I am a huge fan of yours I've watch most of your movies, I've seen all the series of 21 jump street, & it was the best :)
I don't have much experience into acting, but I'm a fast learner, & I can try to do my best at it,
Well Thank you for letting me take your time I hope i hear from you soon :)

Posted by Traci Ashton (2011-06-07) 3082

Once again it amazes me how many people send messages to Depp on websites. The dude has two kids and is always working. Why would he spend time surfing the web and googling himself? Listen close people, He IS NOT Going to Read These!

Posted by Boo (2011-05-26) 3043

I know you get alot of requests but seriously my boyfriend is not only a treasuerer hunter but he actually dressed like you on halloween and I fell in love with Jack Sparrow all over again. Recently I had a 50th Birthday for him,,,,yes a pirate party it was awesome. Domenic never has any luck , its always two steps ahead three steps back, Just was wondering if you can cheer him up somehow, We live in florida and are looking forward to the next pirate movie. Love your work! Thanks in advance,

Posted by cindi from florida (2011-04-14) 2777

Dear Johnny Depp, I know the chances of you reading this and responding back is rare because your working hard but I have to try right?, I have no experience in acting and dint really like stage acting because of what the audience might say, I wont to be a actor like you and my other favorite actors but I just dont have the confidence in me to try acting, and fear of the audience as well. So please if you have any adivce or tips or anything else that can help me with these problems it would be an honor.

PS: I love your movies

Posted by Bradley Booth (2011-04-09) 2774

Hello Johnny..I much enjoy your movies and i hear you likea few other have musical talents right cool.I my self wouldlove to be in Movies like saw,Super Hero,Action sci-fi,Well as for what iam looking to do in my life buddy is make it!In all direction i alreay kicks ass in the music sence.(Alienfm)akaTravisWatkins
I Have allways love both Movies and music and want to be the best at what i can do!It make me happy and my floks!AND THE FANS.....Your Pal Travis watkins Aka Alienfm

Posted by Travis Watkins (2011-04-05) 2770

Dear Johnny,
How have you been???
I just wanted to say hi to you and I hope you are protected by my guardian angels who is protecting me also. I'm crying right now because I'm worried about you and I hope you're ok. That is all I wanted to say... Just keep in touch with me ok? You know where I am.

Alina Kaiba

Posted by Alina Kaiba (2011-01-31) 2698

Dear Mr Depp.
I am robby im from holland.
I admire your work and am i real big fan.
I always wanted to be an actor since im a kid.
People always say to me you can`t do it because your suck.
I know it`s hard to become an actor but that is all i ever wanted .
I try to get info about auditions but they don`t do that in holland because you have to graduate .
But that cost a lott of money and i don`t have that kinda of money .
Anyway i want to ask u if you know where i can do auditions for movies and i always wanted to meet u i know that`s impossible but it is something i hope will ever happen because you never know.
I hope you read these letter and i am praying for a mirracle.
Much Love.
Robby Demelinne

Posted by robby (2010-12-12) 2671

An exceptionally talented lady. Check her out. Jessie Desmond-North Pole Alaska

Posted by Edith Baker (2010-12-11) 2670

Hi there Johnny! I don't know if you'll reply but here we go! Well, I really admire you and I love the work you do! I dream of being one of the greats like yourself! I would be one of the happiest people in the world if you would give me the chance to act with you. THank you

Posted by Gaby (2010-11-05) 2640

I love you!!!! You are actually my inspiration for acting! Thank you for all that you do!

Posted by Phoebe Kurtz (2010-10-16) 2620

i'm astonished at the adoration you sheep show for such a punk as john depp. he so despises america that he lives in, of all places, FRANCE, and openly abhors all america stands for. that is ok, we are all entitled to our opinion. but why does he keep coming over here and raping our resources? because he is a worthless punk, without morals or conscience. just the kind of piper you all seem to love to follow. pathetic.

Posted by bill kindred (2010-10-08) 2609

hi i hope u read this.u are my favorte actor i look up tp you. i hope one day ill be as good as you. it is my dream to be in a movie. i love to act. but i have only done so in school. but i will get in a movie i dont care how hard it is ill do it. love yea ;D

Posted by loraine (2010-07-31) 2541

Are you still on the island?

Posted by lauren johnson (2010-07-21) 2525


Posted by IMANI (2010-06-30) 2491

Hi Johnny, you are a great actor.. I have been watching you for a long time. I am a up coming actress. What advice would you have for me to make it to the top? I am moving to calif to persue my dream. I hope to see you at the premiere of the movie I am in. Love Don't Let Me Down.
Thanks for everything

Posted by Kimberly Dalton (2010-06-26) 2484

Well i don't know if you'll respond to me, but here I any way. I've kind of always been the kind of person who believes any thing can happen (including maybe meeting my favorite actor) and I've almost always wanted to be an actress. I just want to know what it's like to be a movie star. i know there are some kicks and turns, but I think I already act most of my life through any way so it won't be to hard. Could you tell me if I'm wrong? and maybe some tips on how to act and how to find auditions. sorry this was so long.
thank you=>

Posted by Amber Rose Jessup (2010-06-18) 2454

so many people say that your style of acting is somewhat odd and unorthodox. and i guess there right. but honestly...i love it. Its so different than the way most actors are. Your different and that's what makes you unique. So what advice would you give to someone wanting to become an actor....where would i start?

Posted by cody drake (2010-06-09) 2431

i hope you can help..i design men's bag, wish for you to wear one of my bags..plz contact me i live in amsterdam. bye for now..yes you can!

Posted by ebby (2010-05-12) 2403

Taking acting at the local college and think I got it just like you just have to meet the right people. You inspire me !

Posted by Travis O'Brien (2010-04-29) 2382

I don't know what exactly to say to you either. You are one of my favorite actors because of how you bring a character to life. I have learned a lot from you. One day I'll be bring a character to life just like that when I earn my chance.

Posted by Marcus Thrash (2010-04-03) 2349

How do you go about finding your characters,I know you said you keep them all locked in a shelf inside,was wondering just the beginning process of finding the character inside, that you use and seem to passion is playin guitar and acting,its all I know,outside of my parents .I'm still into your band always and you hittin the solos so nice and rythym.rock on.

Posted by Joey (2010-02-27) 2275

I'm sure you get this a lot, but you are an amazing actor. It would be like a dream come true if I ever had the opportunity to meet you and even greater to have a chance to be an extra in a film or just be on set with you.

Posted by Kelsey (2009-12-26) 2182

I have to say that your inspirational to all actors out there. I can honestly say that i am still a beginner, but watching you, you have alllowed me to exceed my limits and i have to thank you, you have taught me alot.

Posted by Anderson Lara (2009-12-23) 2181

I've had a few problems with authority and all that stuff. I want to be an actor and want to portray many different characters. Is contacting you on a weird website even worth it? Guess it is because i don't know where to start.

Posted by Tegan (2009-11-12) 2145

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