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Zombieland 2

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Zombieland 2 Message Board

Welcome to the "Zombieland 2" Message Board - the place to discuss anything and everything about "Zombieland 2."

Use this board to discuss the cast and characters, the director and producers, the plot, and effects. Use our message boards to communicate with other people who share common interests. Make Actingbiz.com your "Zombieland 2" message board for expressing your thoughts, generating discussions, and meeting new people.

Wow I freakin love zombieland 1 and can't wait 2 see zombieland 2! Ha and I would love to be on this movie I'm 13 and I look 16 or 17 with my mustache and beard also I'm black. people tel me I'm really funny that's probly because of my adhd and my fun personality

Posted by robert bronaugh (2011-06-24) 472

i could be an extra, or (and this is just an idea) i could be like a kid that grew up in the hood and is very skilled with guns because he used them alot, he would be very carefree and joke alot. He would join the group and help them survive. The only reason why they let him join is because he is a 13/14 year old boy by himself in a zombie world and also they seen him take out some zombies easy, he could really help them survive. ( Im the guy who just posted a coment)

Posted by Robert Bronaugh (2011-06-27) 500

HEYYY Im Cassandra.I'm 13 and i have been in every single play in school since i was in 2ND grade, Ive also been in one drama,all the rest comedies and remakes ( so thats about 5 in school plays, 1 out of school) . My parents and I love ZOMBIELAND!!! .I live 50 minutes away from Detroit, And im a big fan of it. im 5'3, really skinny, weigh 96 pounds, medium length dirty brown hair. and i am known as the school pervert and comedian, Zombieland is one of the best movies ever ..im outgoing, im very spontaneous and weird..yay. this will be my big breakthrough, thanks you guys :) p.s i actually know how to shoot guns and i love zombies

Posted by Cassandra Beattie (2011-07-23) 639

I'm Jacqueline, and I am 15 years old and i happen to be obsessed with zombies even though i scream when i play zombie games. The first movei was freaking histerical. I live in Rhode Island though adn nothing happens here!! Please come at least near here!!! We need some action if you know what i mean!!

Posted by Jacqueline Youngdahl (2011-08-16) 721

My name is Jonathan, im 16 years of age and i have been involed in acting classes going on now for three years. I was also in a drama class for a year. Theres alot more that i could tell about myself; When im not in school, im a Volunteer Firefighter and a Lifeguard. Besides me being a Firefighter/lifeguard, i also fly stunt planes on the weekends. Out of all that i am involed in, i enjoy acting the most. I hope and pray that im picked to be in the "Zombieland 2" movie, which happens to be one of my favorite movies!!

Posted by Jonathan Peters (2011-10-21) 894

my name is Diego Portillo I currently got out of a short film I am experienced actor I love zombie movie i love zombie movies I'm a huge fan of zombie-land i would love to be in the movie zombie-land 2

Posted by diego (2012-10-09) 1084

Hi I'm Jomeley, I am australian and live in Australia, I am under 13 but got a really good attitude in drama and plays. I love the movie 'Zombieland' but would love to be in the second one. I might not be able to audition as I live in Australia but please give me a chance at this oppunity

Posted by Jomeley Garcia (2013-07-09) 1141

By far the scarriest movie I ever saw was I Drink Your Blood in 1970. A band of saiatnst hippies roll into a town and begin terrorizing the local folk. They rape a local girl and her grandpa goes after them. He fails and is given LSD. This bothers his grandson and he gets back at the hippies by feeding them meat pies infected with blood from a rabid dog. They turn into crazed lunatics and begin killing and/or infecting everything in their path.I drove home from the drivein theater and keep looking in the back seat the whole way.

Posted by Mohammad (2014-02-07) 1185

Hello! my name is Nicole and i heard about zombieland 2 and i freaked out because i've been waiting for it to come true and it is. I Would like to play a 13/14 year old girl (named Zoe) who has a older (2min) twin brother (named Matthew). She only knows how to use bow and arows. Before the begining of the apocalypse she was learning first aid and a little bit of science.

Posted by Nicole (2018-07-30) 1659

My names Taylor Ross I am seventeen of age, I go to high school at Ogemaw Hieghts HS in west branch, i'm a junir, I don't do theater but I've always thought of it, I was wondering if i'd be any good at it, and I l love Zombie land for sure i'd love to be a new role and not as an extra but as a new person they find along the way to where ever there new adventure is

Posted by Taylor (2018-08-06) 1660

As Columbus shows his back story from his first girl approach, he helped 406, but then she almost ate his face because the man must've scratched her or something then it showed recent, Columbus met up with Tallahassee, the hard ass of the movie and he explains the one thing he loved was killed, which Columbus thought was a puppy but it was his son instead, that's why Tallahassee loves killing zombies, and then as they were looking for Twinkies the fluffy creamed filled delightness that Tallahassee shrines over they meet the trickery of Wichita and her little sister Little Rock, the only way they survive is to trick people into getting what they want even before the apocalypse they were good at it, and even though they tricked them twice, Columbus and his big heart couldn't help but feel he needed to break his one rule and be a hero and Tallahassee decided because of Columbus's horrible bike skills, he needed a ride and a person who knows how to create a distraction, they saved them and Wichita and Little Rock are eternally grateful, where i'm going with this is my story would start off with me surviving on my own in an abandoned house with my kid brother, Little Rock get's separated and I introduce myself as Brighton and my kid brother age 14 is Bellmore, she tried to get in running from the dead and she couldn't because the door was boarded up and locked, she banged on the door and I looked through the window and seen a girl and unboarded the door to let her in, she explained that there was a swarm and the only way to get out of there alive was to split up and because my trust for people asked her to help me board the door back up before they get smart enough to know how to open the door, we boarded it back up and my brother comes down stares slowly and asks what was going on and I explained, and that's what I got so far, I am a writer, and I know Zombie land really well I know I live in West Branch, MI but I was hoping you'd be able to come here to shoot the movie because nothing exciting ever comes here and it'd be great to meet Jesse, Woody, Emma, and Amber and i'd love to be part of the exciting next movie if you will have me.

Posted by Taylor (2018-08-06) 1661


My name Aviad Yeivin, I'm from Israel.
I am 30 years old, I got 24 years of experience in the LARP community, I have military special force record and got 8 years in acting small part in Israel movies.

I got a lot to give and I willing to give as much as required to be part of the Movie Zombieland 2. I loved the 1st one and saw it like 10 times I think... I can be part of the casting or crew or stunt or just give hand with anything in the studio when shooting the movie.

Thank for the time and hope they movie team actually going to read that...

If you will get me to the team you will have an awesome additional person with a lot to contribute.

Posted by Aviad Yeivin (2018-11-14) 1679

Hey I see that Zombieland is being shot near by me. I live in Macon Georgia and looking to be a part of the movie. I am a teachers aide and a medical assistant. Are you looking for extras? Please email me

Posted by Qutanglus Emory (2019-02-02) 1697

Hello My name is Brian Miller I would love to be part of this movie Zombieland 2. I am 48 years old and I am hard of hearing.I know Sign languages.I am white and live in Macon Georgia.Hope you guys looking for 6 Foot 207 pounds .I am the one for you.Pls email me for any questions.Hope to hear from you THANKS..

Posted by Brian (2019-04-22) 1703

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