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Hi my name is Alex and I am 16 years old. I have always loved acting. I would love to be apart of this movie. I can act any part and make it really good.

Posted by Alex Spark (2011-06-16) 437

To whom it may concern,
My name is Travoughn Douglas & i'm 16 years of age. I would love to star in the new upcoming movie Transformers: The Dark of the Moon. I personally grew up watching this show, and i'm fascinated by how far its gone. If i could play a role in this movie it would be great, because i'm trying to become an actor. I see spectacular actors such as Shia Le'bouf, Will Smith, and many more and I want to be in the same position. Im willing to put myself out there, show Transformers, & the rest of the world what i'm of! Well thank you to whom it may concern!

Posted by Travoughn Lenard Douglas (2011-04-11) 157

Way Cool Transformers..i loved this show as a kid and i still buy the cartoons at the age of 33.I find my self want to act and even create my own dialog for Many a charecter good and bad!I am working on one now "the red jack"inspired by the Holloween mask..The king of all jokers!

Posted by Travis Watkins (2011-04-05) 145

to whim it may concern,
My name is Ashley and i'm 21 years old and have done modeling and acting at Image International. I hae been waiting for an opportunity to luanch my modeling and acting career, however, it's been a difficult task. I have recent headshots and a portfolio done, and just recently left the military. Im hoping i can recieve an email stating an audition or advice to get started. Appreciate your patience and help. Thanks so much!

Posted by Ashley Licolli (2011-04-02) 139

hey, im Daesha . and i just love transformers. you dont know how many times ive watched it , a lot . anyway, i am 13, im pretty young . but i'll turn 14 in a couple of months . i haven't act in any movies ,shows , or none of that sort. but i do take drama classes at school. i have been on stage a couple a times . and i just love doing it .im just looking for any opportunity to make my mark. i would love to be in this moviee:)!!

Posted by Daesha E. (2011-03-31) 138

hey im April and im 15 i want to be an actor because i want to have fun in my life. i would love to be a part of your cast. i love people, the camera, and i sing(pretty good). ive been involved in soccer and a bit of basketball. I am abour 5'7", tan, brown hair and eyes, and im skinny. i would love to be in your movie :)

Posted by April Eldridge (2011-03-20) 133

Wow is this going to be the new transformer movie? I love transformers....the director the actors/actress are awesome....keep up the good work :)!!! It would be an honor to appear in this movie!!! I'm a huge fan!!

Posted by Ashley Mills (2011-03-11) 115

Hello, my name is Stephanie I'm 16 years old and I have been acting for three years. I have recently completed two short films in West Palm Beach, Florida. It would be a privilege to be apart of your cast. I love being in front of the camera. I love dancing, singing, acting, I ride horses and I have been involved in many sports. I also have a resume and head shoot if you would like to view it.
Thank you

Posted by Stephanie Fisher (2011-02-25) 97

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