The Chronicles of Narnia: The Silver Chair

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The Chronicles of Narnia: The Silver Chair

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The Chronicles of Narnia: The Silver Chair Message Board

Welcome to the "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Silver Chair" Message Board - the place to discuss anything and everything about "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Silver Chair."

Use this board to discuss the cast and characters, the director and producers, the plot, and effects. Use our message boards to communicate with other people who share common interests. Make your "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Silver Chair" message board for expressing your thoughts, generating discussions, and meeting new people.

It would be awesome to be Jill Pole :) It's my dream

Posted by Roanne (2013-12-12) 1160

When will we find out if the cast is chosen? some people would like to audition. Thanks

Posted by frog7782 (2015-11-12) 1282

Hello, I am interested in auditioning for the role of Jill Pole in the new Narnia movie the Silver Chair.

Posted by Brynne Elisabeth Hurlbutt (2015-11-26) 1283

This would literally be my dream. Narnia was my childhood

Posted by Ellie (2016-10-16) 1398

Hi! So I'm not sure if they are still casting for the movie, but I have wanted to be Jill Pole since I was in 3rd grade and read the books. I literally wanted to be her so bad that I have taken acting classes for 6 years now with a couple camps sprinkled in here and there. I'm now currently 14, and when I heard they were making the movie I nearly screamed with excitement. I have NO idea on how to audition so I'm hoping this website doesn't fail me :) When I was a kid, sometimes I would read through the Silver Chair all at once and say her lines when they came. I'm kind of obsessed if you can't tell...

Posted by Julianne (2016-10-16) 1400

Heyo! I've been a fan of The Chronicles of Narnia since I was 7, and I have been infatuated with The Silver Chair for years now. I would jump at the chance to play Prince Rilian, and would be honored to be a part of the Narniaverse. Will there be casting calls?

Posted by Benjamin (2016-10-20) 1406

Hi. I LOVE Narnia so much and whether they're still casting or not ( I don't know ) it would be beyond my wildest dreams to audition for The Silver Chair as it is such an amazing book and I'm sure if the last three films are anything to go by then this film will be astounding! Please please please give me a chance to audition I am a keen actress and have experience with shows including acting singing and dance ! I am professional but also have that cheeky side to my personality!

Posted by Ella (2016-12-03) 1495

I would love to play the role of Jill pole. Please let me knowwhen auditions open if it's still open!

Posted by Rozelle (2017-01-05) 1566

Hey I'm really interested in playing the role of Jill Pole in the silver chair as I've been a fan of the chronicles of Narnia since I was young and it's been an ambition of mine to act professionally since I was around 6. I am currently 14 and I've been an extra in 2 films and I've been part of the cast of numerous musicals on small scale productions. I'd love to know when the auditions open and/ or if they're still open thanks

Posted by Fiona (2017-05-01) 1620

I literally grew up on Narnia and really want to audition for Jill Pole if auditions are open yet!

Posted by Abigail (2017-05-01) 1621

Hi, i would like to audition because i grew up with narnia and really love narnia, please give me information about the audition.

Posted by Velish (2017-06-07) 1622

Any openings for the Queen Giantess? I'm too old for Jill Pole but would fit in as a nasty giantess!

Posted by Lisa (2017-07-18) 1623

Hi I am 14 years old and I would love to know more about auditioning not much is mentioned about where and how I can audition. I don't know if I am to late hopefully not. Thank you

Posted by Gracie (2017-07-22) 1625

Hey I'm 14,15 in November, I literally had narnia on the brain before I could read. I got an audiobook. It would be amazing to have some part in the silver chair especially Jill's. It is mine and so many others dreams as soon as I knew there would be a narnia film series is there any way I can have some part in this film if it's not too late. I have had drama and stage experience and wish to know more information. This series is a part of so many peoples lives and dreams

Posted by Katie (2017-08-24) 1628

Hi. Seems like we all start off saying how much we love Narnia, and want to be a main character? Well clearly we love Natia we grew up reading and watching it. There great! To play in the move its self would be amazing. Jill, Puddleglum, en owl, evil queen a giant, the chef, or just en exstra. It all sounds like fun and a wonderful opportunity! If I could play in the movie I would love to play the Chef. I'm short though. 5 feet. So it would be pretty funny to see. Well Best of luck to all!

Posted by AnaMaria (2017-09-06) 1630

I would like to find out if auditions are still being considered for the role of Jill Pole. My daughter will be 13 next June and can do a great British accent. She has dark brown hair and brown eyes. Thanks!!

Posted by Jennifer (2017-11-19) 1631

I've always been a fan of Narnia, and I'm actually writing a continuation of the Narnia series focusing on Susan's daughter. Anyway I know the silver chair like the back of my hand and I have always longed to be apart of a Narnia movie production. Being Jill would be a dream come true!

Posted by Alli sauer (2017-12-13) 1633

Hello! I am very interested in playing the role of Jill Pole in the Chronicles of Narnia: The Silver Chair. I am currently 15 years old and I have drama and stage experience. I would love to know when auditions are / if they are still going on. I hope I am not too late. Thank you so much!

Posted by Sydney (2017-12-29) 1634

Hello, I am interested in auditioning for the role of Jill Poleor just en exstra. It all sounds like fun and a wonderful opportunity If I could be in the new Narnia movie the Silver Chair.

Posted by Annie (2018-01-11) 1635

I am a huge fan of both narnia and acting, so it would be a dream come true if I could get any part at all in the silver chair. I have been in drama clubs and done school musicals (I actually get to do sound of music this year!!!). Although, it may be hard travelling to where ever they're filming since I'm only a teenager and I live in Australia.

Posted by Clay (2018-01-13) 1636

I would love a role in the new Narnia film, and would dedicate a lot of my time towards it. I would originally like to play the role of Jill Pole but I do not mind other roles if Jill has already been casted. I am already confident in acting and attend a weekly drama group in Sutton Coldfield, UK. I would be very greatful to be considered for a role in ‘Narnia: The Silver Chair’.

Posted by Annabelle Bridgen (2018-04-28) 1639

I would love to be apart of the cast in “Narnia: The Silver Chair” I have read the books, and grew up watching the movies. I have some experience as an actor performing in several plays and a musical. It’s been my dream to be apart of the Narnia films. Please let me know when the auditions begin.

Posted by Christian (2018-07-08) 1654

I would absolutely love to be apart of the Narnia films. I have read the books and seen the movies. I have been in drama club before and have performed plays and musicals, I am doing the Sound of Music in the fall. I would like to be audition for the part of Prince Rilian or if he’s already casted then any part will do. It’s my dream to be apart of the films. Please I would like to know when are auditions or if they are still open.

Posted by Christian (2018-07-08) 1656

Hi, I have grown up watching the movies and reading the books and I absolutely love them! I have been a fan since I was a young child and went to the premiere of The Voyage of the Dawn Treader in London and from that moment it has been a dream to be apart of something so amazing and creative. I loved it! I have some experience in the field of acting and would love to have a chance to be Jill. I am 17 so maybe seen as too old but would love to play her (or at least have a chance to). Please let me know when auditions begin.

Posted by Layla-Sophia (2018-10-26) 1677

Hi my name is Lachlan Blake I am interested in auditioning for Eustace. I have had a couple of years of acting experience on stage with Australia’s Victorian youth theatre and maganded to successfully perform some major supporting roles in the performances the company performed. I am currently 15 years of age and I have a judge passion for narnia. I am especially fond of the film the lion te witch in the wardrobe and have been watching the film over and over taking in the way the characters move speak and perform. Thank you for this opportunity.
Kind regards Lachlan Blake

Posted by Lachlan (2019-05-08) 1704

I’m familiar with the Narnia series, and listened to the audio books repetitively when I was younger, so the book lines are familiar to me. This has helped me capture the personalities of the characters making it easier to portray their image. I would like to audition for the roles of either Jill (the last battle/the silver chair) Aravis (the horse and his boy), or Polly (the magicians Nephew).

Posted by Jane (2019-06-04) 1706

Hi, I would be interested in playing Jill Pole, I have had little experience in theater, three plays IN total, but I would be thrilled to be apart of this..

Posted by Mary (2019-07-28) 1712

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