Spy Kids 4: All the Time in the World

About the Film

Year: 2011   Rated: PG   Runtime: 89 min
Type: Action, Adventure, Comedy
Director: Robert Rodriguez
Writer: Robert Rodriguez
Awards: 6 nominations

Plot: A retired spy is called back into action, and to bond with her new step-children, she invites them along for the adventure to stop the evil Timekeeper from taking over the world.

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i will like to be part of the spy kids 4 crew i like like acting very much and i think i will be perfect for this job my name is Gabriel . I have been in one play this year in my school. I preformed it around 5 times. I want to be in this movie because it would give me a chance to prove myself. I have a passion for acting and being in this production would be a true blessing. Any role would be okay, i act everyday, all the time. Just give me a chance. It would give me opportunities to come. I have decided and I'm committed to taking this challenge throughout my life. No matter what it takes i won't give up. I consider myself a outgoing, funny, cool Please consider me for this movie.

Posted by gabriel (2013-10-22) 1156

Hi I am Nolwenn but mostly people call me Mercedes that is what I am known for. So....I think I am good for the role in spy kids. I am a great actress and I know I am good for any role you give me. If you hire me you will never regret that . I am a great co worker so if you are interested please notify me with my email

Kind Regards Mercedes

Posted by Merecedes (2013-09-25) 1154

SO want to be in it. i was thinking of making a movie myself but i think i should get some experience first. i am funny and can keep peoples spirit up. i don't care if i am in for a while and i die or something, just so long as i am in I'm good.

Posted by Michaella (2012-04-23) 988

I will like to be in it

Posted by elliot (2012-03-10) 960

hey wassup this khalil comin at cha sayin i can dance krump act whatever you wan me to do i will do it fast quick and in a hurry

Posted by khalil herron (2011-12-16) 925

I have wanted to be an actress my whole life I am very experienced with kids ( I have 8 siblings ) I am a Mormon. I can sing a little I am in my church choir. I am just barely 13. I love the spy kids movies and have watched every single one. I hope I can help!


Posted by Alicia Taylor (2011-10-24) 895

i will like to be part of the spy kids 4 crew i like like acting very much and i think i will be peferct for this job

Posted by thato bore (2011-10-12) 886

Hi I'm Jake,
I have built up a pretty good resume' and think that I would fit this role just right, I am just the right age, have acting experience, and I am looking for a job. Please consider this. For further contact, I have posted my email.

Posted by Jake (2011-09-28) 846

Hello, I was wondering if you could get me and my friend Kierra a casting call, if so please contact me at my email address. Thank you have a great day!

Posted by Chyane (2011-09-19) 821

Well I can't say that I'm the best actor but I had drama class for six years and I always had a good grade in that subject and I've always wanted to be a actor I even told my drama teacher and she told me that I could be one if I tried and we were close and I want to make her proud. Even if there's a part that's more or less than 5 seconds that would be fine with me I just want to make my teacher proud. :)

Posted by Rodney (2011-08-07) 680

Hi, my name is Sophie, I would love to be in the movie!. I'll take any part really, even an extra is fine. I've been wanting to become an actress for a while now. I have long brown hair, blue eyes and a lot of freckles. I'm 5"7 and athletic. I hope i can be apart of this movie.

Posted by Sophie (2011-07-25) 643

I'm not gonna say that I'm amazing at acting, actually i have technically never acted before, but i have dreamed of it, and at the moment i haven't had a chance to see how good i am, so i might not be perfect for any roll, but it would be amazing if well i could go on a set, see the actors and cameras and feel how it is to do this on a daily basis,if you put me in as an extra i will very happy, but if u don't i completely understand, i could have no lines at all, my names Raph and I'm 14 years, hope you end up reading this comment

Posted by Raph (2011-07-22) 636

hi, my name is lily and i am 13 years old. i would love to be in this movie. i have brown hair/eyes. I might not be a pro but i think i am a pretty good actress. i have been in productions at my school. i would mind having a small part, even if it is a no speaking role its still going to be a start on making my dreams come true. i am good at memorizing my lines and i dont think i am a very shy person. I have a lot of energy. thank you !

Posted by lily (2011-07-15) 597

I have all three of the Spy Kids adventures, and I know them all by heart, so I think I would want to be a part of a really cool movie. I'm Louis McCann, an 18-year-old brown-haired young man with a small passion for acting, and I want to be a part of the action a lot.

Posted by Louis (2011-07-15) 595

hey, my name is Alex. I would be willing to be in this movie. I think im good when I act. i have been in many plays at my school. I think i would be perfect because i remember my lines easily and i'm very, very funny (when im not shy). I have black spikey hair, thin, brown eyes and i would do ANYTHING to get this job.

Posted by alex (2011-07-13) 580

i Would Love This Role. I Have Black Hair, With Big Brown Eyes, Oval Face Shape, Thin. And Determined To Be An Actor. I will Never Give Up On My Dream !

Posted by Karen (2011-07-10) 564

My name is Bradly Kent, i am 15 and about to be 16. I go to Ironwood Ridge High School in Tuscon, Arizona. I just now felt like becoming an actor and I never acted before except towards my parents. I would try to persuade and act to my parents without knowing it. I have brown hair, but i'm not particularly good looking. I also have a terrible social status. I'm definitely sure i won't be able to compete with the name above me though...

Posted by Brad (2011-07-09) 559

My name is Quincy A. Gray Jr. I will like to be an actor and singer this has been my dream for 7 years I am very determined to do this actor and what ever there is to do in the show busseness.

Posted by Quincy Gray (2011-07-05) 533

Hi, I'm Ashley, I'm 13 and I'm not professional. I am 5'2", from Kentucky, go to East Carter Middle School. My natural hair color is Brunette but is currently blonde though, I am planning on dying it back and would love to be in this film. I have been searching for something in acting for a long time and I think this would be perfect for me. I like to have fun but, I can be very serious at times when I am suppose to be, and my parents won't let me audition for anything except for when I am requested or unless it is here, in Kentucky. So please write back. This could be an amazing oppourtunity for me.

Posted by Ashley (2011-07-05) 531

Well, I liked the first 3, so what the heck. Blond. 5'3" or something. I've wanted to be in a movie or TV show since I was 6.

Posted by Nick (2011-06-26) 488

Hi, My name is Chloe, i'm not a proffesional actor or anything but ive been doing it for fun most of my life, i was in a school play, and did an improv class at school. I practice with my grandma and my cousin, my cousin is an actress/singer. Me and my siblings make short movies and I am really interested in acting. I am an outgoing, fun, talented girl and i would love any role in any movie or show. All i want is a chance even if it is a really small one. Thanks, please write me back.

Age 14

Posted by Chloe Dibble (2011-06-26) 484

Hey let me just get to the point I'm I'm not professional at acting but I'm not bad at it I have been acting mostly all of my life I'm fun funny energetic but can be serious when the time is needed or given all I have to say is I would really life to have this shot to be in a movie so please write me back

Age 14

Posted by Qushawn Cleveland (2011-06-21) 453

Hi, my name is Cristy. I have been in one play this year in my school. I preformed it around 5 times. I want to be in this movie because it would give me a chance to prove myself. I have a passion for acting and being in this production would be a true blessing. Any role would be okay, i act everyday, all the time. Just give me a chance. It would give me opportunities to come. I have decided and i'm committed to taking this challenge throughout my life. No matter what it takes i won't give up. I consider myself a outgoing, and dorky girl. Please consider me for this movie.

Posted by Cristy (2011-06-08) 430

My name is Dillon I would love to be on in the movie I'm a real good actor and wish to be on TV I'm just a simple boy.

Posted by Dillon (2011-06-04) 422

hi, im 14 years old i have blue eyes, im 4'11 i love to ACT!!! i would do anything for a small role in this movie! i have been in a few plays before. me and my friends act everyday, if i got a role in this movie, i wouldn't dissapoint you!!!(:

Posted by marky (2011-05-30) 406

Hi, im Selvedin i want to star in this movie! i love to act and its my dream once i wake up im pumped up about everything im not shy im outgoing person i would love to audition for this movie or another movie, i would also star in a horror movie ! please reply !

Posted by Selvedin (2011-05-17) 306

I think I should be in this movie. I don't really mind if it's a small/minor role, I just have passion for acting. I got into acting when I was 7 years old, & I'm 13 right now. I'd love to be in Spy Kids 4. I just need ONE chance to prove myself! I'm Asian, about 5'3''. I don't think you'll regret it if I get a chance to audition! Thanks!

Posted by Jenny Huynh (2011-05-03) 233

Hello, my name is Heidi Sepulveda. I think i would be good(if you have any roles for girls)for any role...and even though i am completley un-experianced and i dont go to any fancy acting school i have my [roach] skilsl which allow me to adapt to anything. And most important my want to be a great actress, and do some good(and i dont mean good as in filling my clothes with tons of designer clothes!). Anyway, I am Mexican:) but i speak the language better than most americans can, i am 13 yrs. old with short black hair up to my shoulders i have an amazing smile, the only problem is that am short 4'9(do you have midget roles??:) but greatness comes from with,doesnt it:)

Posted by Heidi (2011-04-27) 198

Hello, I'm Jessica. I'm 14 years old with little experience apart from school plays. I am white, about 5'4" with short, scruffy/boyish, brown hair. I am friendly and open to different genres. I am British but i can do American accents.

Posted by Jessica (2011-04-25) 183

Hello, I am Haven, I am 15 years old and I would love to be in Spy Kids 4. I am a fun and out goiing teenager who is new to the acting business and need more experience. I am white i weight 123lbs i am 5'4" my hair is cut into a bob i can dance and is open to new things.

Posted by Haven (2011-04-21) 178

Hi, my name is Tobi. I am 13 years old and ready to work. I am not just looking for something fun to happen, or waste my time in the business, I am looking for work. I could act out different characters with different personalities, so I won't just be classified as a "one role" person. I won't put my hopes up, because the casting directors and producers have probably already picked the lead roles (and most supporting roles), but I would like to start as an extra. I won't lie: I am not that experienced. I have only been in a few plays, I've done the "talent shows" twice, and I don't have the most angelic voice, but if you are looking for a black girl who is 5'1", weighs 120 lbs. and has shoulder length brown hair, I am YOUR girl. Please email me where,and when, they are casting for extras, or supporting roles. My parents are standing right behind me 1000%, and I am ready for anything you throw at me. Thank you.

Posted by Tobi (2011-04-13) 160

i just wont to act i dont wont to get paid i just love acting give me the or give me one for the next video

Posted by quavon matthew (2011-04-12) 159

I would love to be in this movie. Im outgoing I love acting. I have tan skin brown hair and a beauty mark an inch from my nose its not one of those big ones. Im very dedicated and I would love to have shot. Please consider me. Thanking for your time.

Posted by Samantha Giannelli (2011-03-29) 137

hi i think i will be great in this because i am active and i dont care what character i am so please wright back

age 13

Posted by jason hurford (2011-03-27) 136

Hello! My name is Luke Atkison and, like many of these other participants, I am extremely interested in being apart of this fantastic series of children's action movies as well as other productions of its kind. I have large experience in multiple areas of performing arts including theatre, vocal performance, and dance in multiple disciplines. I would be an asset to your crew because I have very dedicated work ethic and have been told that even in a group of 50 people, I can grab the attention of any anudience. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested! Thank you

Posted by Luke S. Atkison (2011-03-26) 135

hey im April and im 15 into athletics and very weird. i would love to be a part of your movie because i grew up on spy kids. i really hope i have a chance i have tannish skin, brown hair and eyes, and i love running no matter how tired i get =)

Posted by April Eldridge (2011-03-20) 134

Hi, I am very outgoing and outspoken and I also have 3 children that loves to act.And if you are looking for new acts email me, hi,hi. THANKS:)

Posted by sheena h. (2011-03-13) 120

i want it. My name is Rachel and I know i can make it to the top if i put my my mind to it. I really think that i have a chance. Thanks. Where are the auditions? Where are they filming?

Posted by Rachel (2011-03-10) 113

Helllo, Im Breanna Ezell liked to be called Bree. Um i really like Spy Kid and i think that i would be a great add to this move. Ive seen all of the movies. I really enjoy them. Im 15 really like acting ever since 6th grade i was in a play very fun.

Posted by Bree (2011-03-07) 109

Hi my name is David Hutchinson I am 16 years old and I am hoping to become an actor. I can play the roles of both good and bad characters. I can play funny ones emotional ones and even Psychotic ones. If I am chosen to be in this film I promise that you will not be disappointed. Like the saying goes "Cockiness is another form of Confidence."

Posted by David Hutchinson (2011-03-01) 104

Hey whats good! My name is Nicholas Mizell and I am a very talented actor. Im 16 years of age and ive had plenty of acting experience already. People tell me im funny and charismatic but i am also good at portaying serious roles. Im passionate about acting and I can guarentee any casting director or agent that they will not be disapointed when they work with me. Hit me up anytime.

Posted by Nicholas Mizell (2011-02-27) 102

Hello, My name is Stephanie I'm 16 years old and it would be a privilege to be part of the cast. I've been acting for three years and recently completed two short films in West Palm Beach, Florida. I love acting, dancing, singing, I ride horses and have been involved in many sports. I love being in front of the camera. I have a head shoot and resume which I can send to you upon your request.
Thank you for your consideration.

Posted by Stephanie Fisher (2011-02-25) 96

Hi,my name is Munesh Ramnarine,i am 14 year old.ive been acting since i was a kid,but not the professional way,me and my cousin would re-act parts of our favorite movies,i do have a 2 min video on youtube of me and my cousin acting,i can send you a link,but i would really love to be an professional actor,thank you.

Posted by Munesh Ramnarine (2011-02-15) 85

hi my name is jenia and i will asure you that i am a very hard worker, listin well, years of training, very articulate, not shy at all will do just about anything to get to the top.

Posted by Jenia (2011-02-06) 75

my name is Ashlyn, i think i will be the perfect girl for the job. I have always wanted to be in a movie. Spy Kids is my favorite movie too! I have always to be famous and this is my destiny. This my only chance to become famous, so please make my dream come true.
I can sing & act. I am very entergetic. So please pick me. I am not experienced but i have been it many plays.

Posted by ashlyn b (2011-01-29) 68

hey my name is Kelsey and i love acting and still waiting for something big to happen. it would truely become a dream come true and i think i would be a very useful person to have around.

Posted by Kelsey S (2011-01-24) 65

hi my name is brandy im 14 years old and it would be cool if i was in spy kids 4 i can sing, act, dance (diffrent types), and im just a pre-teen waiting for something really fun to happen.

Posted by brandy (2011-01-22) 62

Hi I think I'm perfect because i am young handsome smart and this is my favorite movie spy kids so think about it

Posted by dakota king (2011-01-18) 58

Wus up. Its your gurl bre. I am a tap dancer, actress, singer, dancer, krumper, and football player. ON MY OWN TIME. IF YOU WANT ME TO SING ILL DO IT. DANCE, TAP, PLAY FOOTBALL, ACT, OR KRUMPT. IM GOOD. JUST CALL ME.

Posted by Bre'Asia Gibson (2011-01-16) 55

Hey , My Name is Quentanett Tidwell. I would be honored to be on a movie like this , I am a quick learner, Energetic And Willing to make change... I Love To Act! My Parents Approve! And Im READY!!!!!
Pleases Give Me A Chance !!!!!

Posted by Quentanett Tidwell (2011-01-15) 54

Hi I'm Ashley and I really want to be in this movie I don't care if I'm an extra if I get this job I will be happist girl EVER:) if I don't I will be the saddist girl ever:(

Posted by Ashley (2011-01-14) 49

hello, my name is jasmin bradley. im 14 years old and im columbus ohio. im not expierenced in acting but i have been is some plays. if i get a role in this movie i would be very happy and blessed. i love spying on my brothers and even made some videos. what ever i put my mind to i know i can do it and be successful with the support of my loving family and most of all my personal LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST. i want to be the first in my family to do something like this..
Thankyou, jasmin

Posted by jasmin (2011-01-14) 47

Hey. I'm 15 years old. I'm willing to do whatever is needed to be in this movie or any production. Even if it's just a background character. I have expirence in acting. Please contact me if anyting comes up. Thank you.

Posted by Rebecca (2011-01-12) 43

Hello! Im 14 years old, and im completely in love with acting and ive always known that i'm always gonna want to act as a career, but i never get the chance to show people what i can do. My school is Christchurch Girls' High School. Please contact me! Thanks:)

Posted by Kayleigh (2011-01-10) 39

I take theatre i have been wanting to be an actor for a while now

Posted by kymberly (2011-01-03) 27

I really wanna be come a actor

Posted by Jada sanders (2010-12-30) 20

Hi I'm jade and I think I would be very great in this movie because I'm active and willing to be any character so please respond Thant you very much.

Posted by Jade (2010-12-30) 16

Hi I'm jade and I think I would be very great in this movie because I'm active and willing to be any character so please respond Thant you very much.

Posted by Jade (2010-12-30) 15

hi i am destiny i think i would be excellent for this movie. I love to spy on people :) (my brother) i have always wanted to be a actor and i will do whatever it takes! i hope that one day i will rise to the top and destiny will be known as a star. thank you and have a happy holiday.

Posted by Destiny (2010-12-23) 11

i want to be in it

Posted by Rudy (2010-12-19) 9

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