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Scream 4

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Scream 4 Message Board

Welcome to the "Scream 4" Message Board - the place to discuss anything and everything about "Scream 4."

Use this board to discuss the cast and characters, the director and producers, the plot, and effects. Use our message boards to communicate with other people who share common interests. Make your "Scream 4" message board for expressing your thoughts, generating discussions, and meeting new people.

Hello my name is anastacia rodriguez. I am 15 i am in love with these movies. I am told i am so dramatic. I am 5'6 and am accepting any position i get including a movie extra. I never knew there would be another one :)

Posted by anastacia (2010-11-24) 4

hi mynaem is alex. i am 5.11 in height. i weigh 128.8 pounds. i am fine with any part i am put in. i just want you guys to know that i care alot about the arts and what it takes to be a tre star well hope to hear from you.

Posted by alex topalis (2011-02-02) 72

Very inters. in casting for this movie. I'm in broadcasting! So I'm excited to move forward in the movie Industry!!
please email

Posted by Meredith Gardner (2011-02-05) 74

hello my name is kimberly and i love scary movie funny movies all of those i am 14 going to be 15 on october in 2011. and i want to be a actress..

Posted by kimberly (2011-02-18) 88

My name is Brianna Armour and im 16 years old . Im so dramatic and a team player. I really want to be an Actress . Please Email

Posted by Brianna Armour (2011-02-24) 94

I would love to be in a movie! i do not have any experience, but love to learn new things! I will be 16 in May. I have blonde hair, blue eyes, and i am 5"6. Please email me

Posted by Danielle (2011-03-07) 110

you must get thousands of messages talking about how they don't have training but good looks or no training but some type of talent. i have gone to acting classes since i was 3, so i have talent! i know how to make the audience believe my skills, and staring in scream 4 would be astronomically great!

Posted by amber ambrose (2011-03-13) 119

i would love to play a part in this movie ive seen all the sceam movies so please give me a part. sorry for leaving this last minute.

Posted by avery (2011-04-06) 151

hi, my name is marcus and i am 16. i would love a role in this movie. this by far my favorite horror movie. please email me if you need me for anything. im from battle creek michigan. thank you

Posted by marcus koch (2011-06-10) 433

hi my name is nasir richardson. i am a 14 year old african american and i live in hamden ct. i have always dreamed of be comeing a actor . i have alot of experience. i had particapated in workshops, schools, programs and much more. i started acting when i was 10. i am very humbled and is willing to take any open job that comes to me. i was checking out this web page and i found your scream 4 movie interesting and was hopeing i can be assigned a role in it. i am will risk everything i got to get into the acting business and this movie will help me get to where i need to go.if you are interested please contactme as soon as possible.

Posted by nasir richardson (2011-07-25) 646

i would love to be on this amazing movie i love to scream and be dramatic please pick me this is my dream

Posted by laura shaw (2011-08-12) 699

Hi my name is angel im 18 and i love movies like these, Ive been told that I should go out for acting but never really thought about it. So now im intrested in acting and i would love to try out for this for any position. Thank you

Posted by Angel Mendez (2011-12-11) 923

hello my name is lerato i live soshanguve and i love acting and i wish i can are chance to act

Posted by lerato (2013-03-07) 1114

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