Scary Movie 5

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Scary Movie 5

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Scary Movie 5 Message Board

Welcome to the "Scary Movie 5" Message Board - the place to discuss anything and everything about "Scary Movie 5."

Use this board to discuss the cast and characters, the director and producers, the plot, and effects. Use our message boards to communicate with other people who share common interests. Make your "Scary Movie 5" message board for expressing your thoughts, generating discussions, and meeting new people.

i love to be in a scary moviefilm i am 17 and have experinces in acting and loe main part in this
i loe horror and want to became actress.i am a great actress

Posted by steffanie turner (2011-05-05) 241

My name is Ashley, im 15 going on 16 a year from now jan 1st , yes i'm a new years baby.
My dream was to become an actress for the longest time and i still want to now, basically a comedian and not because of the money, so its not about the uh chi~chang~chi~chang and not about the uh bli~bling~bli~bling. I want to become an actress to make people laugh and have fun while im acting on stage and prove all those who doubted me that i can become one.I took some dance classes in Okinawa,Japan.I just love to dance when ever music plays i just have this urge to dance. I worked at a haunted house before and put my leg behind my head and a bunch of people freaked out! I would love to be in scary movie 5 and work with whoever. I honestly can say, i can act. My insperations are Selena Gomez, Micheal Jackson(Love you, Rest in Peace<3) and Lady Gaga she's a really nice person out there, always be yourself.
So i love you guys and i hope i can get any part.:)

Posted by Ashley Janice Reyes-Cawilan (2011-06-14) 435

My name is Kent Milsap im 19 and I think I would be perfect to play apart in this movie. The one actor I look up to the most is Marlin Wayans. He is hilarious and i can be just as funny and I wouldn't mind playing a part like he did in "Scary Movie". If i get the chance to show you, you will be amazed and that's a promise.

Posted by kent milsap (2011-07-20) 629

OMG!! PERFECT!! I'm 14 and well...scary movie I'd love to starr in! I know parts to every movie don't get me wrong but I'm a very good actress whether or not I've been told so but yess :)!
I would be a good pick in this movie and I'd love to star in this great movie!!!!

Posted by Shai-kira (2011-07-24) 642

Im 13, im in talented theater and im an amazing actress. Im very good at acting I love it ,its everything i do. I breathe it and live it everyday i live in covington,la

Posted by joselyn irvin (2012-10-23) 1088

Hi my daughters name is Alina she is really flexible she loves dancing and acting if you give choreography she will dance to it

Posted by Yuleida Gomez (2013-04-05) 1125

hey I like this movie my sister is scared of the guy in black and white but I think that to be in this movie it would be kinda scary cause u wont know when u will get killed but please contact me I would love to know more things bought this movie

Posted by vanesa (2014-11-11) 1241

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