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hi my name is Holly and im 13 years old and have plenty of acting experinces in 3 hour plays with over hundred people watching so i can learn lines well, also i have been in numerous short films such as: (The astonishing tale of the Arkwright Jewel) i would love to work in POTC because i am one of those crazed fans who have only dreamed about being in the actual movie. i have blonde hair and dark eyes i can also Ride, sing a little and swim( i love the water) i dont care what part i get even if im just an extra wo dies i am happy just to be in it and witness the amazing actors at work. BTW i am a tomb boy so i dont realy care about geting dirty or doing anything high in the air.i know its a long shot but if your interested please email me it would be a dream come true.

Posted by Holly (2014-12-27) 1247

Hi I'm 14 from England, I don't really have any acting experience but it's my dream to become an actress, and to be an extra in a film like this would be a dream come true. I don't know if you're involved in casting for this film, but if you are please notice me :) aha long shot I know but whatever 😂 xx

Posted by Anna (2014-07-23) 1221

My name is Taylor Blaine Bevan, and I have golden brown curly hair, I am about 5'2 tall. I am a female, born May 27th 2000, (age 13.) I really think I would be a great actress. I act out a bunch in school, and everyone thinks I am great at acting. I can make everything real and dramatic. I can learn my lines in a very short amount of time, and I do a even better job when I am one of the main characters. I have always wanted to get famous, and I think this could be a very good shot. I am a descendant of a Titanic traveler, and I am very popular at my school. I get very good grades. It would be an honor to play a role in Pirates of the Caribbean, since I am a huge fan of the series. Thank you!!! -Taylor Blaine Bevan

Posted by Taylor Blaine Bevan (2014-04-12) 1210

Hello, I absolutely love Pirates of the Caribbean! I have a lot of a experience in acting, as it has been a passion of mine all my life. I could recite so many scenes off by heart! I'm 16 and I am 5'1. I'm half white/half Asian but I could pass as just about anything from Hispanic to Mediterranean, because of my tanned skin and dark eyes and hair. I have an abstract and animated face, I can talk piratey, and my language setting on Facebook is set as English (Pirate)! And also, I have dreads;)

Posted by Sam Boothby (2013-11-25) 1159

I'm obsessed with the pirates of the Caribbean films! I'm 15 years old and even now I watch them all at least once a week! I am British so I have as much of a British accent as there is and would live to be an extra in the next film!!!! Please get back to me!!

Posted by Olivia (2013-11-17) 1158

I LOVE the Pirates of the Caribbean movies so much, I've watched all 4 films about 100 times each. I'm 16, female, got very dark naturally curly hair, brown eyes, I'm 5'4 and I'm 3/4 English, 1/4 Italian. I live in England, near south London and have done all my life, I have quite a strong 'cockney - ish' accent. I have had lots of acting experience as I have been involved in musicals performed at my local theater in the past years such as High School Musical, The Wiz and soon to play in Annie and also Grease. It would be my DREAM to play in Pirates of the Caribbean as it is my favourite film series EVER. This probably isn't relevant but I also have great dancing experience as I have been dancing since I was 3 years old and i am continuing to persue this throughout my life because i want to become a dancer, I'm not sure if this will help considering me for a part but who knows. Thanks!

Posted by Rosanna Silvestri (2013-07-24) 1147

Hey! My name is Maddy and I would love to be apart of this movie. I have school acting experience. I am 13 years old and 5'4. I CAN do a British accent but i am from New York. I have brown hair and brown eyes i am heavy but i am working hard to lose the weight. I would really love to be apart of potc 5 or even 6. I know this probably wont be seen but I have to try! I played a pirate in the peter pan play and i played a princess in Cinderella. I can also sing. BTW i can sing

Posted by Maddy Sullivan (2013-07-18) 1145

Hello my name is Amanda! I am 15 years old with brown/ blonde hair and green eyes, and my body type is thin. I am about 5'2. I would absolutely love being a part of this film. Though little acting experience... I did have the privilege to be an extra in a movie this year with Diego Boneta ("Rock of Ages") , Ksenia Solo ("Black Swan"), and Richard T. Jones ("Why Did I Get Married"). Anyway I would l love to just be an extra if possible. Please email me of interested. It would be much appreciated. Thanks.

Posted by Amanda George (2013-07-15) 1144

hello I am Brianna as you can see, and I would like a part in this movie, I am a huge fan of the pirates of the Caribbean movies, I adore them. I am a non-experienced actress but I would love to try it out to see if I am capable of acting. I believe I am good. I know that your most likely not going to choose an actress off this site so if there are any auditions I would be more than happy to try out. I am 14, I have blue-green eyes and I am pretty tall for my age, I am also slim. Get back to me if you can or even get this. Thanks!

Posted by Brianna Berman (2013-07-07) 1139

Hi, my name is Kira Nichols and I am 26 years old, I have had my experiences with commercials, and my sisters have been extras in movies. I have blonde hair and bright blue eyes, 5'6 and I would really enjoy being able to be a cast member In Pirates of The Caribbean 5. I live in California about an hour away from LA. I would really appreciate it if you had the time to read this and contact me by my email. Thank you,
Kira Nichols

Posted by Kira Nichols (2013-06-19) 1137

I've done allot of acting before and know I have potential, I just ask for a chance. I can do anything If given the chance. I've done Shakespeare and mastered the part. I've even been a pirate before. I have a special eye for perfection and can go out of my way to perfect my character. I only wish to be an extra in my favorite movie:)

Posted by Cori Reed (2013-06-16) 1136

I want to play in the pirates I love Johnny Depp

Posted by Mirka (2013-05-30) 1133

Hi! my name is Constantina im 17 years old and i am from Greece. I WOULD LIKE TO PLAY in the pirates of the Caribbean 5. I speak English fluently. I have already performed in some theatricals shows. ( height:1,76. I have big brown eyes and curly brown hair) I would like to play every role in the movie for free. I would absolutely love to be in pirates so as to meet face to face my favorite actor Johnny Depp. Remember i will work for free.Thanks you very much!

Posted by Konstantina (2013-05-30) 1132

I am 13 years old and i am quite tall for my age . I have brown hair and eyes and I am slim and Tanned . I live acting and I would be Privileged to be part of the film . I have played in shows which have been on stage and I have had to say stuff also had to sing on stage and have done singing classes for 1 year . I also do gymnastics and lots of sports. I would love to have a go and be part of some big

Posted by Nadia tarkowska (2013-05-29) 1131

hi im kasandra.im not denying that anyone of these people would be great actors. i dont have much experience acting. but ive always dreamed of acting. being someones role model. helping poeple acheive there dreams. i would love to be in this movie, just like everyone else. but i have a fire raging inside me, begging to be released. im 15. im about 5'4/5'5. brown hair and brown eyes. thanks you for considering me.

Posted by Kasandra Newman (2013-05-15) 1130

Well first of all hi :) my name is Courtney and I believe that the pirates of the Caribbean is my all time favourite! I'm from Australia, I am about 157cm tall maybe less, I'm 15 years old and weight 40kg! I'm tanned and have long light brown hair and hazel eyes (mainly green but change to a light brown or hazel) and was originally from South AfricaI have some acting experience manly school musicals and auditioned for an Aussie movie however didn't get the role! I would love to be anything in the movie I would just love the experience! Thanks :)

Posted by Courtney Henri (2013-04-30) 1127

Well first of all hi :) my name is Courtney and I believe that the pirates of the Caribbean is my all time favourite! I'm from Australia, I am about 157cm tall maybe less, I'm 15 years old and weight 40kg! I'm tanned and have long light brown hair and hazel eyes (mainly green but change to a light brown or hazel) I have some acting experience manly school musicals and auditioned for an Aussie movie however didn't get the role! I would love to be anything in the movie I would just love the experience! Thanks :)

Posted by Courtney Henri (2013-04-30) 1126

Hello i am 14 turning 15 in may. I have amateur experience with acting, but I am a very good actress. I usually get considered for main rolls when i audition, but if i don't get the roll it usually goes to kids older than me. I have long, wavy, red hair that people rave over. I have blue eyes and I am about 5'4, but my mom is About 5'11 and my dad is around 5'9. I have a strong singing voice and have pretty good range. I have a decent English accent and 'm working on an Irish accent. I am in the process of learning french. I took Irish dance for about 5 to 6 years.I love all of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, and Johnny Depp is one of my favorite actors. I was hoping you guys would make a 5th movie and always came up with plots in my head and would act them out. I know you are very busy people, so thank you very much for taking a look at this. Have a nice day.

Posted by Emogene cronnell (2013-04-02) 1123

I'm a 14 year old male that is in love with acting. My only experience in acting though is through plays. I usually get the lead role. I am not afraid to embarrass myself and I will always stay in character no matter what the situation is. If you are looking for young person to be in the movie contact me. I would really love to be in this. Pirates of the Caribbean is by far my favorite movie. I think it would awesome if I was able to get a part in the movie.

Posted by Steven Cech (2013-03-31) 1117

Darling, I am 15 years of age and would be honoured to be an extra in Pirates of the Caribbean 5. I have experience through local productions.

Posted by Fleurine Wolstenholme (2013-03-27) 1115

Hiyya, I'm Rhiannon and first of all i lie in England which isn't ideal but.. Anyway it's my lifetime dream to at least meet and be in a film with Johnny Depp and i also love Disney. I am 14 and i have experience performing in plays but no film experience. I have blonde hair and blue eyes. I love Pirates of the Caribbean and would love to play any part in the film. I can sing, dance act and play the flute (not a common instrument but oh well). I can do anything and i am not shy. I can memorize scripts easily and would love to do this. Thank you xx

Posted by Rhiannon Raitak (2013-02-24) 1113

I am 14 and i have little acting history but i have seen every pirate movie and it wasnt until the last one when i realized that it would be a blast to be in one. And hope that i could get a chance to audition for a part in the movie

Posted by Danilo Gerwatowski (2013-02-15) 1112

Hello. My name is Arielle, I am currently 15 years old, and an actress. I have acted in three high school shows and am currently casted as a lead in Legally Blonde. I have had training in acting and I'd like to say I have very good acting skills since I was accepted to the best acting high-school in New York City which is LeGaurdia. I'd love to work in this film seeing as through the years I have been a big fan and really admire all the actors, as well as the directer and producers for all their hard work. I'm looking for my break through job and hopefull this is it.

Posted by Arielle Jurado (2013-01-23) 1109

Hi I'm 15 and I adore pirates of the Caribbean I am always quoting it and I have a proper British accent!!!!! And my dream would be to be in a pirates movie. I haven't really got any proffesional acting experience but I'm doing drama GCSE and have been in a number of plays and musicals as well as being in an acting school for 6 years ;) I know I have a one in a billion shot of getting a part but it doesn't hurt to try !!!!!! ;) thanks xxxxxxxxxxxx

Posted by Nadine Barber (2013-01-21) 1108

hi im kayleen iam 13 and have some acting expieriance. acting is my pasion and i have always dreamed to be a pirate i have hair like elizabeth swans color and blue eyes and i can act out any acsent. i have been watching this series forever and love it. i was the only girl in my 2nd grade class that had a pirates of the caribean bday party. i love to sing and have a good voice...so please if u are interested in making me apart of the 5th movie please let me know it is my dream and pasion!

Posted by Kayleen Nelson (2013-01-12) 1106

Hello, my name is Aubree Riend. I am a 21 year old female, and I have been interested in Pirates of the Caribbean since the year it came out, though I wasn't allowed to watch it until two years later. Since then, I have seen every movie that has come out. I have some acting experience, mostly from school plays and a group that I was in for 3 years called The Studio for Singing Actors, where the group created the script, characters, and performed for people all around where I currently live. I have been told that I can follow directions pretty well when it comes to something that I enjoy doing, and I have also been told that I remember things if I like them enough, which includes Jack Sparrow's lines, his way of talking and walking, and sometimes the way he speaks. I am very good at random improvisation. I may not be the best at handling swords or guns, but I am a very fast learner and I like to practice a lot in order to get things right. I can do a fairly good English accent when prompted to from paying close attention to different people speaking. I am a visual learner by nature, and I also learn quickly if I listen to something I like. I have short dirty blond hair, grayish blue eyes which I am told are kind of big, and I fairly pale skin. I am actually very short, only standing around 4'11", and I weigh around 94lbs, which isn't unhealthy, considering my height. I might not be a perfect being, but really, who is a perfect being in this world? If I do get this, not only will you have gained a new actress, you will have also gained yet another unique personality... at least, I hope so. Haha! Anyway, if I do not get this, then it is not the end of the world, since it doesn't hurt to try something I have never done before. Whatever the decision is, I will look upon this and smile, knowing that I have done what I could and the rest if out of my hands. Good day and I hope everything works out!

Posted by Aubree Riend (2012-12-10) 1096

My name is Andrea I am 19 years old, I have little acting experience but I believe that a love for what you do is what makes you special, and I would LOOOOOOVE the opportunity to be in the next Pirates film!

Anything I can do to be a part of it, anyone know?

Posted by Andrea (2012-11-04) 1091

My name is Emily Symons age of 14. I have golden / brown Blondy hair, blue eyes, and from an English and German background, but I have an Australian accent not too strong and would absolutely
love/ thrilled to be apart of the series! I play piano, a certificate of 5th grade ( but can read and play 7-8th grade) or complicated pieces. I have played in the opera house 5 times and have a lot of confidence. Currently leaning the Pirates of the Caribbean solo the main theme. I have a provisional black belt ( one before black), this Christmas I am going for black! by the Mountain Wolves Taekwondo club Trained by Master Andrew Johnson. I do the sport classes which train for tournaments, but have never been to one yet! Skinny and weigh 49 kilograms, I have watched many productions and musicals. My personality, I am loud and sensible. My friends and I love these movies and we act out the scenes. I was 6 when i watched the first movie and absolutely loved it and have always thought these movies were the best. I have been cast in a couple productions through the school, but nothing huge, I would love to be a main role like a daughter of Jack Sparrow, If there is a role like that. I love a good laugh and work co-cooperatively. I have seen all of Johnny Depp's films and all think they are fantastic!
.. and really bad eggs, drink up me harties yo Ho !

Posted by Emily Symons (2012-10-27) 1089

Hola! I'm latinoamerican from Puerto Rico. My name is Andrea I'm 20 years old, about 5'3' i weigh around 110lbs, my hair is naturally curly and dark brown. I really love the pirates movie. I think it would be nice to be an extra or anything in the next movie which was signed in " la isla del encanto" Puerto Rico.

Posted by Andrea Mercado Torres (2012-10-13) 1086

Im a female, 15. I love Pirates of the Caribbean and want to be an actress when I grow up. I have never acted preofessionally but I have been in some school plays. I just want to be an extra or give a small part a go. This is my dream, to be in these movies. This could be too late and 1 in a million but thankyou. :-)

Posted by Chene Roberts (2012-10-12) 1085

I'm 20. I have little acting experience. I'm 5'4. I have blonde, long hair and blue eyes. Petite figure. I would absolutely love to be in a pirate film! I even have a pirates of the Caribbean tattoo. I know that I would make a good actress, even if I was just an extra. I meet people's expectations. That's what I'm best at. I do not disappoint. Shoot me an email!

Posted by Laura Teakell (2012-10-08) 1082

Hi i'm Franzi (: First i want to excuse for my english :D i'm from germany (: but i'll speak english well, i think :D ok lets start :
looks: multicolor eyes & blond long hair
size: 1,63 m or 1,64 :D
age: 13 years young (:
languages: english , german and a bit french
grade: 8
hobbies: sing, act, paint and so on :D

and i've got one big wish ( i pray every night for it ) : i want to be an actress
ok now you say : why she thinks , she can act in pirates of the caribbean? her english isn't perfect and she is one of a billion.

yes i know .__. and i want to try it (:
and another thing , i'm not perfect and i don't want to be it . I'm me (:
oh so and i act in the school and that very well (:

good luck in your search (:
xoxo franzi (:

Posted by Franziska Steppat (2012-10-07) 1079

I am Sixteen and i am a little bit experienced in acting, i am taking acting class right now so i can improve, i live in Hawaii so it would be easier for the production team to come down here and shoot like the last movie. Well anyway i can be extra or actually have a part in the movie. Message me if you want any info about me. Thanks

Posted by Byrd (2012-07-21) 1066

I would absolutely love to be a part of this production....shame they'll probably go through agencies though...no money, no job :( But we can all hope we might at least get a chance (:

Posted by Zee (2012-07-13) 1052

I'm 16 and am about 153 cm tall. Iam from an Indian village. I always had the interest of becoming an actor in a film. I do not have any experience in acting and i see acting not for money but to get a everending position in people's mind. I am lacked to any connections with any directors or producers or anybody related to movies. Please be kindful to give me a chance in pirates of caribean 5 or any other upcoming projects.

Posted by Nikhil Krishnan (2012-07-09) 1043

Hello, my name is Madeline! I would LOVE do be in the 5the pirates movie! I am 15, have dark brown hair with a few highlights (highlights can be taken out easily, though!) I have olive-toned skin, brown eyes, and am 5ft3in. I slightly resemble Johnny Depp in an odd way! If you do not already have a storyboard, I was going to suggest that me and Captain Jack can be relate? Just a thought! ! I can be serious, but I also study the art of improv-along with writing short stories. Being in a pirate movie would definitely help me fulfill my dream-job of being an actress! Would love to hear back, thanks!

Posted by Madeline N (2012-07-06) 1034

my name is Michael Roberts and I am 17 years old, I love all the Pirates of the Caribbean films, I think Johnny Depp is amazing, I could not think of anyone better to play his role as Captain Jack Sparrow all the other actors and actresses have been great as well, I love the films so much i would love the opportunity to be in one and meet all the cast and crew. I have not got any experience in acting, but it is something i would like to do or at least give it a try, the reason i don't have any experience in acting is because the area I live in does not have any opportunities at all for acting or singing, there are opportunities for sport but there are limits, but to be in a film has been one of my dreams, I may not get picked but there is nothing wrong with trying but the experience would be amazing if I were chosen. Thank you very much for allowing me to speak and I hope you will find the person(s) you are looking for and good luck to you all with the film and good luck to all the candidates, thank you

Posted by Michael Roberts (2012-07-03) 1026

My name is Hasan. I am 16 years old and would be very interested in taking part in a movie especially pirates of the caribbean series. I am looking for a chance at auditioning and would like it if i get a chance.

Posted by Hasan (2012-06-30) 1022

Hello, my name is Madeline! I would LOVE do be in the 5the pirates movie! I am 15, have dark brown hair with a few highlights (highlights can be taken out easily, though!) I have olive-toned skin, brown eyes, and am 5ft3in. I slightly resemble Johnny Depp in an odd way! If you do not already have a storyboard, I was going to suggest that me and Captain Jack can be related! I can be serious, but I also study the art of improv-along with writing short stories. Being in a pirate movie would definitely help me fulfill my dream-job of being an actress! Would love to hear back, thanks!

Posted by Madeline (2012-06-29) 1021

Hi I am Kat sndvi am Sarah! We are best friends and adore acting and pirates of the caribbean. We have been acting our whole life and and have done over 20 shows and preformances. We both are straight b students and love to run and write songs. We have watched pirates of the Caribbean almost every sleep over we have had. We love to modle and to dance. We are always acting together and have amazing British acents from shows and just messing around. Sarah is blonde with gray eye and is very fit but has a figure and weighs 110 lbs. Kat is exactly like Kat from victorious and has blonde hair and blue eyes and is fun sized. She is 5 foot and is 105 lbs and Is very very fit. We both have great figures. Kat is flexible and Sarah is normal. Thank you for your time! :D

Posted by Katherine moniz (2012-06-26) 1019

Hi i love acting and adventure/action. Movies well why not be in one acting is my dream even if I was a background person as long as I get to act I am perfectly. I would be thrilled to work for you guys thank you :)

Posted by Delaney Morris (2012-06-25) 1016

I am a girl, i have long Fair brown hair, blue eyes, am quite slim and look a bit older than my age because of my height. I really want to be in the next pirates of the caribean. I have been told i am a good actress and in fact i am auditioning for a musical next year called footloose. I really want to have a part in this film! I'm told that i'm funny and pretty alot. Pirates of the Caribean is my favourite film in the whole world and i even have a idea for the next film!Please just consider my idea for the Film. It's Great! Please just contact me to find out what it's about. it's filled with action!

Posted by Nadine (2012-06-24) 1015

Hello, I am like many others in the respect that I one day wish to take on a career in acting. I have taken a few steps towards my goal already. I have completed an BTEC in Performing Arts at Merit level which I very much enjoyed and I have been in a fair amount of stage performances. I used to compete in Tae-Kwom-Do which is a form of martial arts. I enjoy being with animals which is why I found training my dog to perform Canine Musical Freestyle (dog dancing) was perfect for mr as it was the opportunity for me to spend time with my best friend and excell at doing what we both love, performing. I am interested in the art of fencing and I soon intend to begin to learn this new skill as a new hobby. The rarer sports and hobbies have always seemed to have inspired me.

I am 16 years old, 17 in August. I live in the United Kingdom and have a common British accent. I am 2.6 inches and have naturally ginger hair allthough am currently growing out a black hair die. I am energetic and easily motivated. I am known as the hyper person as I am always on the move. I am good at concentrating and am quiet happy with going along with anything. I am in full time education which is a three day week course studying Animal Management as I hope to be an animal trainer for films along with a career or voulentry career in acting.

Thanks for your time reading this. Good luck to all and I can not wait to see Pirates 5.
Kayleigh Scrivens

Posted by Kayleigh Scrivens (2012-06-11) 1010

Hey my name is Emma (actually Emmaly) I'm French/Italian but I live in Holland right now. I'm 16 years old and I have a lot of experience with acting (commercials,school plays, theater performances), I speak English quite well. I have dark red-brownish hair ,blue eyes, pale skin and I'm quite tall. I would love to make a movie, if anything email me thank you anyway

Posted by Emma Rosette (2012-05-27) 1005

Hi my name is Emily and I am 21 years old. I would love to be in one of the pirates of the caribbean movies, I know all the lines of Johnny Depp and Penelope Cruz. I love watching all the pirates movies. I have blonde hair and blue eyes, I'm about 5'8", and I know that the chances of this happening is like one in a million, but I still wanted to try, because I would love to be an actress, because it's an opportunity to be someone else, and I've not had any acting experience, but when I was little I used to act out different parts of different movies and I always got the lines right. Thanks :)

Posted by Emily Hubbard (2012-05-20) 1001


I'm arisa and I'm 18 years old and I come from Holland. I'm a very big fan of Pirates of the Caribbean and it would be a very cool if I could have a part in Pirates 5, because I always wanne know the experiences to be on a really movie-set and it would be a honor to get that. I have a little experiences with acting because I have been a few years in a acting school. I have sought-after audition for pirates 4... but I couldn't find some :(. And I really want to be in a movie once, because I wanna know how it feels likes to be acting with great actors. I have blond hair, green eyes, I'm tin, I'm about 1.70meters long,

I hope I will get a mail :)
thank you

Posted by Arisa Angenent (2012-05-08) 999

my name is bethany starr and i am 13. i really whant to be an actress. i love the movies and dream to be in a film with johny depp xx i havnt had any acting experiences but would love for this to be the first xx

Posted by bethany starr (2012-05-06) 998

AGH :) The Pirates movies are my Favorite! I'm Bryanna West :) I'm almost 15 but I can pass for about 18 if I need to. I'm 5 foot 3 inches tall, with long legs, and weigh about 108. I have long, naturally strait blonde hair and eyes that change from blue to green to grey. I'm fairly pale in the winter but when summer rolls around, I get TAN! I have tons of acting experience, and singing experience. I've been doing both as long as I can remember. I've always wanted to act, and being in a PIRATES MOVIE? Dream come true... Thanks :)

Posted by Bryanna West (2012-05-05) 996

Hi my name is Emily and I love watching all the pirates of the caribbean movies. I know all the lines of Johnny Depp and Penelope Cruz in the fourth film. I would love to be in one of the pirates of the Caribbean movies :) and I know that the chances of it happening are one in a million but I just wanted to try anyway :) oh and I'm 21 years old and about 5'8", blonde hair and blue eyes thanks :)

Posted by Emily Hubbard (2012-05-03) 994

Hey my name is Mikayla! I ADORE the pirates movies and would love to be in one! I haven't had too many acting experiences, but I did a Peter pan play and played one of the pirates. My best friend and I ALWAYS act out the the lines from jack sparrow and have amazing English accents(: I have dark brown hair and hazel eyes. About 5'3. I'm 13 BTW(: I know the chances of this is 1 in a billion, but it doesn't hurt to try(: thanks!

Posted by Mikayla wurth (2012-04-24) 989

I'm 13, Dark Brown Hair, smaller than others, but very good at just about anything, I have a great smile, big eyes, a round-ish head, I have some experience in acting where I've been in my school plays, but nothing other than that. I would absolutely love to be in pirates and am a big fan. I could do things from being a boy extra to acting like someone's son (in the movie) can impersonate anyone I know about. I have a brother. I want to sing and act and I think this would really be exciting and be very helpful for others to see so that I can do more things in acting/movies.

Posted by Jonathan Saks (2012-04-12) 986

Im 17 years, about 5'10, long hair. I have some experience acting. I have done plays in and out of schools, never professionally. I also liked to play a pirate. I did once, it was a wonderful experience. Im a huge pirate fan as well i have pirate related memorabilia like a flintlock pistol, cutglass sword, coats, boots, things like that. It would be great if i get to play a pirate in the movie. If anything email me and consider having me in the movie

Posted by Alberto Herrera (2012-04-07) 983

Hi! Im Kristen and im 15 Years old with very little acting experience. I have been in 2 acting agencies since i was about 5 or 6, i have never been in a movie but i have been an extra for a few things. I have Dark brown hair, tan olive skin, and blue eyes and i am 5ft 5" and i weigh 110. I have been watching these movies religiously ever since they first came out! And i have been through alot in my life and these movies just get my mind off of everything and make me laugh when i need it! I know i have only little experience in acting, but i will do anything neccessary to even be an extra in the movie and i will do it for free! if not me, my mother is one of the top makeup artists in Charlotte and i can send you a resume of the celebrities and tv shows that she has done makeup for, and would be thrilled to have the honor of doing makeup for pirates of the Carribean 5! But as for me, i as well would be absolutley honored to land a role or be an extra in this movie! And remember I will work for free!

Posted by Kristen Hobler (2012-03-28) 976

Oh, it seems i forgotten to mention my physical features. I am a girl with brown hair and green eyes. I have some misplaced freckles. My skin is white, but I tan very easily. My hair is naturally curly but can be styled any way needed. I am 5' 3" and I weigh around 104 lbs. I am no underweight, although I am rather skinny. I do have braces, but I am more than willing to have them removed whenever it is needed. My British accents are good, either cockney or upper class, either is fine. If anything else is needed for you to know, please feel free to email me. I want this more than anything in the world, and having a chance to be on this movie would be a million dreams come true. Please consider me to be in Pirates of the Caribbean 5. Thank you for your time.

Posted by Amy VanBuskirk (2012-03-19) 970

I am a 13 year old girl. I am turning 14 in June. Sadly, I do not have experience as an actress, other than acting in plays. My dream has been to be an actress since I was in 3rd grade. My friends and I all wanted to become famous, but all those dreams faded over the years. Except for mine. I entered into a modeling gig only to find out that it was a scam. But i have watched every Pirates of the Caribbean movie and have researched far and beyond anybody else about pirates. I have a British accent that I am able to use. Sometimes I'll break out into an British accent when I'm with my family or friends. I have a real sword that I have been practicing with and I have been learning some scenes from the other POTC movies. I am a huge fan of John Christopher Depp and Keira Knightley and Orlando Bloom and the whole cast. To be in a POTC movie (to confess, any movie with Johnny Depp) is my dream. It is my only dream. I am willing to go above and beyond just to be in a POTC movie. I will do anything at any time. I know this is a long shot, but I am really desperate right now. This is one of my last resorts. Please help me to achieve my dream.

Posted by Amy VanBuskirk (2012-03-19) 969

lol i guess evrybody wants to be a part i came here the same reason as evrybody else but i wanted to try to use this as a gift to someone i hold dearly it would be the perfect gift so you might read this or not just trying would be awsome though and maybe a little part for me hehe

Posted by Arsak (2012-03-11) 961

I also forgot to mention that im skinny(nickname:slim[i hate it]), im about 5'3/5'2,I have long brown hair,im also mixed,and have very long legs. I'm a great person to work with cause I listen very carefully and I can memorize lines after hearing them or looking at them for a while.Sadly,my down sides are that i have a temper and get frustrated easily.However,when I meet someone im either shy or very open and friendly.

Posted by Courtney Lundy (2012-03-05) 956

Im 13 almost 14 and its my DREAM to be in a pirates movie. I do have some acting experience from musical theater and trying to audition for commercials and a movie. Im serious and committed to anything I love to do.Im also a fast learner. Dancing,singing,and a bit of acting are my skills so if you pick me for a main character or just an extra you'll be surprised at what i can do. Cause the Pirates life for me savvy?

Posted by Courtney Lundy (2012-03-05) 955

i am 14 and female and i do have alot of acting experience.... ive been in sea cadets and have worked on ships so i know i will be able to play the role quite well... and i think if you choose me to play in this movie you will be amazed by my talent

Posted by amber smith (2012-02-21) 949

Ok here it is......Pirates of the Caribbean is by far one of the greatest movie series of all time. Right next to Star Wars and Indiana Jones. Even the ride at Disneyland has been my favorite since I was a kid. To be part of the extras for movie number 5 would be a dream come true. My son who is 12, thinks that it would be cool for dad to be one of the extras. He loves the series just as much as I do. So if there is a spot for a 43yr old man, I'm your guy. It's a Pirates life for me. Arrrr

Posted by Mark (2012-02-10) 941

I'm 13, with very little acting experience... If I could pick just one actor to work with it would definitely be Johnny Depp... I've been told that I'm an easy girl to work with, I absolutely adore the pirates of the Caribbean movies... My friends say that I do exeptionally well when acting. I've been looking for a good place to start an acting courier for about a year or two now... As one of my weaknesses that I am very awar of, I do get frustrated easily unless I'm having fun with it (which I usually do when acting or making videos) This is an opportunity I hope not to pass-up. My family isn't exactly the richest people ever, so I hope to help the family with the money I get from acting.

Posted by Taylor (2012-02-08) 940

I'm 14 years old and have no acting experience apart from drama lessons ,, I would love to be in the next Pirates Of The Caribbean because they're amazing films with so much action in ,, I love to act and do anything that involves acting I am quite loud but can be quiet , I have dark hair to just below my shoulders and pale green eyes my skin is not exactly pale but not a perfect tan either ,, I'm not the most skinny or the most pretty but I do take acting very seriously and would love to have this chance of a lifetime.

Posted by Stacie (2012-02-05) 936

i have been in some local stage plays but nothing major like tv or anything. i have long brown hair, 5ft 1 height slim figure female 25 years of age. live in cornwall uk would love a part in potc 5 please
beth trewhela

Posted by beth trewhela (2012-01-24) 935

I barely noticed that I put Clay instead of Kay. Oops.

Posted by Sarahi Vargas (2012-01-07) 934

I also forgot to mention that I have light brown hair. I wouldn't say it's long or too short it's like medium size. Well I'm pretty sure this is my last comment. Sorry if I'm wasting your time. Thank you(:

Posted by Sarahi Vargas (2012-01-07) 933

Well if everyone is talking about weight, height, and if they have any experiences with acting, I guess I'll say somethings about that. I'm about 5'1 and weigh about 100 pounds. I do have acting experiences. Right now I'm doing a play for my school and I also did a musical for my school. The whole reason I'm doing the play is because I thought it was a musical but once I found out it was a play I was like "Oh imma quit" but I saw that there was only a little bit of people and most of them wanted to quit so I decided to stay. I also forgot to mention that I'm a girl. This is my third comment from Sarahi Vargas, thank you for your time(:

Posted by Sarahi Vargas (2012-01-05) 932

I also forgot to mention that the Cabin Boy is like the next Will Turner so they have to make Robbie come out in the fifth one. Everybody loved the Cabin Boy just like how everyone loved Will Turner. Robbie better come out in the fifth one.

Posted by Sarahi Vargas (2012-01-04) 931

Some people are obsessed about pirates:
I'm OCD about it.
I've had some acting experience before, at the La Jolla Junior theater before, and I'm auditioning for some commercials. I have taken various film courses, directing and acting in various student movies. My major goal in life is to be a movie director, and acting in a movie would help tons. People have said that i bear a resemblance to Elizabeth Swann as well. I can do a British accent, both upper class and cockney (mostly upper class) and a really good Jack imitation which annoys my parents a lot (haha). I go around acting like other characters from the movies too. I'm about to turn 14 in a month -1day, I'm dark blonde with gold and pale blonde highlights, 5'6", unusually pale green eyes, normal weight (but on the skinnier side) and i have an athletic build. Having a role in any Pirates film...I don't think I'd ever want anything else for as long as i lived. I hope you consider me and hope beyond imagining too be hearing from you soon!

Posted by Lucia Macagno (2012-01-03) 930

I'm 13 years old and when my grandma took me to the theatres to watch the first ever Pirates of the Caribbean movie, I fell in love. I love all the movies that during the 2nd and 3rd movies I was auditioning for acting agencies to come out in the 4th one but after a year went by I starting thinking they weren't going to do the 4th one so I stopped acting. Then the 4th one came out I fell back in love again and especially with the Cabin Boy( Robbie Clay). He inspired to continue acting again. In the fifth one The Cabin Boy better be a pirate. I also would like to see Elizabeth( Kiera Knightly) with Will(Orlando Bloom) and their son. I also miss Gore and Astrid. Jack(Johnny Depp) and Angelica(Penelope Cruz) better come out. Gibbs has to come out also.

Posted by Sarahi Vargas (2012-01-02) 929

I'm 15 years old and i absolutely love all of the pirates movies. Ever since i was 10 and i saw the movies for the first time it has been my biggest dream to at least be in the back ground just to be on the set. and I'm finally old enough to try. I'm not a professional actress, but I'm good as my parents and friends say. I always act like the characters in my house, i pretend to be barbossa, captain jack, or Tia dalma a lot. These are my favorite movies in the history of movies, and it would be a great honor to be able to be in one. I have tan skin, i'm 5'6, and i am at a normal weight. Thank you for your time and i hope to hear from you soon!

Posted by Ruby Pena (2011-11-12) 903

I'm 13 years old, i LOVE all of the pirates movies, and i have dreamed about being in these movies for a lifetime. I have never been in a movie or commercial, but I've tried out before and I've been in the top 2. My mom and dad say that I'm a good actress ever since i was about 7 years old when i pretended to be Elizabeth Swann. The movie making and just to be in one would be phenomenal. My friend and i are actually talking about it right now, and we are making a huge deal out of it, blushing and screaming. For details about my appearance, i am 5 foot 2, with brown hair and brown eyes with an athletic body. Thanks for reading, and i hope to hear from you!

Posted by Amanda (2011-11-12) 902

I'm 14 and, of course, i want to be in this movie! although i have never done any 'real' stuff on screen before, i am great at talking to audiences and i perform piano in front of crowds very regularly so no problem there! i also have really good memory and great perseverance. i don't know if this is a good place to post stuff like this but other people think so and since i couldn't find any sites that were made for submitting subjections about casting, i decided to chance my luck here. just for physical detail, i am 5'7 and blonde and quite skinny but athletic looking (i swim competitively)
thank you for your time and i really hope to hear from the crew!

Posted by Gabrielle (2011-10-26) 898

Hello, I'm 13 and I belive that I am a very good actress. I dont have any acting expirence, it just comes naturally. The point is I want this, I want this sooo badly. If you could at least take the time to look me up, it would mean the world to me. Pirates of the Carribbean was a extroitenary movie. I can act and would love to in a movie like this. Plus I'm quite a piece of eye candy, when i have any good makeup on, for a thirteen year old. Thank you for your time!

Posted by Caroline (2011-10-13) 889

My name is Ibrahim im 15 and it will be my life dream to be in the new pirates of the carribean with my favorite actor of all time johnny depp, im working so hard on it and i will do whatever it takes for me just to be in that movie

Posted by CAPITAIN HEMA (2011-09-04) 791

You have to sign up with Moviex.com for movie extras. Then they call you.

Posted by Jack (2011-08-14) 710

So does anyone know how to sign up for extras casting? I'm 19 and I hear about ten times a day that I look like a pirate, Orlando Bloom, and Jack Sparrow, so I think it would be awesome to be an extra in the next movie.

Posted by Ian (2011-08-13) 708

I'm 14, and I don't have any acting experience but being in a pirates movie would make me feel like I've died and gone to heaven. I'll do any job. Being an extra or have an actual part in the movie, even if my character is supposed to die. I Want it so BAD! !! !

Posted by Gabbi (2011-08-04) 674

i'm 16, i don't have any acting experience but i would love to be in a pirates movie!! XD

Posted by tanya (2011-07-29) 652

I guess i'm another excited wannabe actress for a chance in pirates! I LOVE action movies and have always wanted to work behind the scenes, but movies like pirates, national treasure and indiana jones have really gotten me interested! I'm pretty tall for my age and some people think i look older than i am. i'm 15 btw. well, i'd really be honored to work with pirates because it is one of my fav movies! i've never really acted before but new faces are good...nevermind good, theyre great!! ooooookay so bottom line, i'd be awesome for a movie like this so please email mee:)

Posted by Christina Forte (2011-07-22) 633

I'm 15 and well I don't have any acting experiance. I would freaking LOVE to be a extra or something in the pirates movie!!!!!!! Eeekkk I have a very unique voice that people say i sound like i'm from England. anyways being in that movie would make my life!

Posted by Emmaleigh Bush (2011-06-02) 412

i am 17 and i love acting and i have experines in acting

Posted by steffanie turner (2011-05-05) 242

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