Men in Black III

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Men in Black III

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Men in Black III Message Board

Welcome to the "Men in Black III" Message Board - the place to discuss anything and everything about "Men in Black III."

Use this board to discuss the cast and characters, the director and producers, the plot, and effects. Use our message boards to communicate with other people who share common interests. Make your "Men in Black III" message board for expressing your thoughts, generating discussions, and meeting new people.

I love the way you guys use to advice young talent to keep it up that they can do it THANKS GOD BLESS

Posted by David (2010-12-31) 21

Hello, I'm seeking extra work for the Men in Black III production. How do I obtain such information?

Posted by William Waddell (2011-01-10) 37

Hi, I love Men In Black, and would love to get a part in the upcoming movie. ^^ Just send me an email for more information about me. ^^

Posted by Tabitha Lee Fuson (2011-02-07) 78

i am a small town boy from zephyrhills florida looking for a break i have acted before in local plays and what not but i am looking for a largerscale movie to try a give me some work i can lead or be extra i would play any part to my full potential if you need some people please shoot me an email

Posted by zachary (2011-02-09) 81

I am from Gulfport,Ms Great Actor have multiple acting personalities From Serious, Dramatic, and Comedy. I am looking very foward to be a part of i any work from lead to extra would be ok with me shoot me a Email if Interested,

Posted by Emmett McNair (2011-02-17) 87

Hello my name is shamon, and im from louisville,ky. I have done small plays, but nothing bigger then that. I have a natural talent to act. If you need someone that's very versatile shoot me an email.

Posted by shamon waller (2011-03-10) 114

Can i get a shot at this or what i. have seen both Mib and Mib 2 and knew there was going to be a 3 and i am feeling a four come from some where in the universe!I have links for both my Music and acting one is one explore talent.My name plus 5..please i would be the Happy kid in the galaxy!

Posted by Travis Watkins (2011-04-05) 144

Hello. My name is Alexis Thomas I have some experience as an extra in acting professionally. I am currently in the Los Angeles area! I am very good at acting and I have a deep passion for it! Send me an e-mail to hear more about me personally. I look forward to hearing back from you!

Thanks Alexis

Posted by Alexis Thomas (2011-04-23) 181

Hi, my name is Simon Johnson and Im an 18 year old high school student graduating June 2011. Im going to pursue an acting career once I graduate. I have acting experience on stage In dramas such as To Kill A Mocking Bird and Great Expectations as well recieving two first place awards for Best improv team In CSULB festivals. I was wondering if you guys needed any extra hand cleaning for no cost. If so I could do it for no cost while getting an insight on how television works. Honestly its a win win! If you are interested just send me an e-mail.

Posted by Simon Johnson (2011-05-13) 271


Posted by ADAM (2011-06-04) 417

Let me start off by saying one can only be discovered by what another person see that hasn't been seen by anyone. All my life I have been told by my peers and others that I can be a true actor if I was really discovered. I don't just believe what anybody tells me but I have confidence and a desire to bring to light any character that I portray whether it's in a script, play, or just for fun. I just want what most people will never get in life and it's one chance to show the world that I can become and grow into a real actor. Please just give me that opportunity.

Posted by Dwayne (2011-06-07) 428

I never have wanted to do something so unique and so brilliant as acting in my life. If you are a producer or screen writer I promise with every breath in my body that you wont be disappointed if you just give me a chance and let me open up and read a script. I know this sounds like a desperation moment and maybe it is but if you don't give me a shot then who will. I got to start somewhere. I am going to keep it real and say that I haven't been in any big time movies but I do believe in my strengths and who I am. I have prayed day and night for a moment like this but it's not left up to me but it's left up to you. If I make good on this it will be a dream come true and just maybe stardome will be on the rise and I will be able to stay it didnt just start with a email but it started with you...i can imitate charcters.... ican do great accents and I can get emotional and cry and you will think it's real...just try me! Thanks for listening.

Posted by Dwayne Dixon (2011-06-07) 429

my name is marcus and i would like to be a extra for this I am 16 and live in battle creek michigan.if there are any spots for me email me. thank

Posted by marcus koch (2011-06-10) 432

i want to aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaact i got the looks the character and yea am awesome.. when i fill out aplications on the internet they end up with a credit card number, so i never know if its a scam or not

Posted by sami chayeb (2011-06-26) 486

I'm 13 and interested in this job.

Posted by Takaela (2011-08-02) 665

MIB 3 aww men yall guys doin good but who goin to play the lead roles will smith is gettin to old for the part but im available for the role cuz i have good acting skills

Posted by andre tipton (2011-11-23) 909

Hi my name is darin hicks, i am looking for stunt work or an extra role in this film. how can i get some information about it?

Posted by Darin Hicks (2011-12-05) 920

I would also like 2 act 2 but than my dream hasn't come truth and now I think i should give up but guys u did a good well done hope u are proud of urselves

Posted by palesa makoti (2011-12-20) 926

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