Mean Girls 2

About the Film

Year: 2011   Rated: PG-13   Runtime: 96 min
Type: Comedy
Director: Melanie Mayron
Writer: Cliff Ruby, Elana Lesser, Allison Schroeder
Awards: 1 win & 1 nomination.

Plot: The Plastics are back in the long-awaited follow-up to the smash hit Mean Girls - and now the clique is more fashionable, funny, and ferocious than ever.

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Hi my name is Taylon Scott I always wanted to be an actress because it always inspire me to the what i best at and it is being a actress and when i first saw the Disney shows i got happy because it interested me because was so amazing to be on Disney Chanel

Posted by Taylon Scott (2015-10-12) 1265

Hello - I am 15 years old female about 5'7, this and fit, blonde hair, bluish green eyes. I can sing and dance and would really love a chance to get into acting. I think I can play a good part in the snobby rich girl role, or an innocent young loner, I have a very diverse look that you can work with easily. I live in Southern California and have easy access to the auditions in L.A. Please contact me and I will make myself available.

Posted by Ashlynn Mae (2013-12-17) 1161

Hi(:. My name is Valentina Jaime, Im 15yrs old. I am from Colombia. I consider my self very talented because i know how to dance ive been in many dance competitions, i know how to act ive been on a television show called Despierta America. I speek two lauguages both english and spanish, im very responsible ive been told the camera likes me , im not shy and follow directions very well. And this is why i believe i can be a great actress.

Posted by Valentina jaime (2013-06-06) 1135

I really would like to become a actress I am really good. It has been my dream to act on mean girls. I am very hard working nd willing to do anything that comes my way. I am 13years old I am in high school I live in south africa and I am willing to travel I really wish I could act on this movie so could u please select me as one of the actors please

Posted by kayley (2013-01-06) 1103

Would love to be in your movie!!!

Posted by Eulesha Gross (2012-06-24) 1013

Acing is not just a job or career, it is a way of life. Every morning I wake up is a new opportunity for me to be innovative and imaginative. I can take direction very well and criticism. It is my hope to one day be an inspiration to others, both young and old, that any dream is possible as long as you keep it alive and keep striving for success in it. This is why I would be and am a great actress!

Posted by GiGi Devers (2011-12-09) 922

Hey, I'm Kayla McElhaney! I just turned 15, although I would pass as 13 or something! I want to be a actress!! I love it! I've never been in a movie... Of course that's why I'm here. ;) I live in a small town! So it's hard for me! With school... It's hard.. But I am 100% sure I can do this. Thank you! Bye!

Posted by Kayla McElhaney (2011-11-25) 911

I'm kelvin richardson, and I have been trying be a an actor for the longest and I've done a play in the 6th grade, and mean girls is one of my favorite movies and there didn't seem to be much of guys acting out so I would be a good person for that.

Posted by Kelvin richardson (2011-10-11) 881

I'm Destiny and i really want to be a actress I'm in to modeling and singing 13 years old and I'm in sixth grade but I'm really tall I'm in love with acting when ever i see a actor or actress on my TV i can just see my self up the acting out my scrips and having fun with my crew and cast members so this is just something to think about bye and thanks

Posted by destiny smith (2011-10-06) 866

Im Tiara! Simply Dramatic, loud, outspoken and well rounded. i can adapt to anyone, anywhere. i totally love to act. I have different exciting unpredictable personalities, always was a class clown, love to stand up in front of a crowd and be center of attention. I am very interested in persuing a new dream that I've discovered within myself. With the love i have for acting I will do my best and anything i can to find myself in the world of arts. Never mind the fame but just to put my heart into something that I've grown to love and accept where I belong I am more than ready to be the next best actress.

Posted by Tiara McCloud (2011-09-23) 828

I have always wanted to act since I was a kid. I am 15 now and think I am perfectly qualified. I am 5 foot 3.I have pitch black hair and eyes.I am fair complexioned.I have a waist of 28 inches.I am extremely charismatic,vivacious,hardworking and a perfectionist. I can guarantee you I would be an asset.

Posted by Anica Belal Karim (2011-08-06) 676

Im 22 years old and was wondering what is the age range?

Posted by Blaine Chesley (2011-08-05) 675

i have always wanted to be famous but for modeling i attended a modeling/acting school. i think im ready to give acting a try though. im 14 years old 5 ft 2 and one of my talents are dancing.

Posted by jonna (2011-07-01) 522

I am 5 foot 1 with light brown hair. I take dancing and singing classes. I have been dancing since i was 3 and i do tap, jazz, hip-hop, ballet and lyrical. I have wanted to be an actor since i was little and i really wish you could help me achieve my dream. I want this more than anything else.

Posted by caitlin (2011-06-29) 507

I am a fifteen year old girl who has always wanted a chance to become an actress. I am 5 foot 7 with light brown hair. I am a hard worker and a perfectionist. I believe that I am the kind of person who would be asset to your film and will be ready for any role!

Posted by Nicole Miller (2011-06-28) 501

hello my names christina, and im 14. im italian, french, VERY skinny, tan, short-ish & i once made an acting career in a play. i find myself to be AMAZING in scary movies, i love to scare people. um, i have a huge heart and was always a dramatic person, which made me great at acting. my only problem is the screaming, unless im roling in a scary movie. But i think im ready for a part!

Posted by christina (2011-05-13) 272

If their's an audition for this movie, then I could do it. I am only 13, but I look older, and am very energetic, and not shy at all. I would be great for any role, and am ready for anything,

Posted by katherine touchberry (2011-05-07) 247

Hi my name is Caressa, Im 28 from a small town called Lake Wales Fl. It is very few people make it out to really follow their dreams, because of it's location. I always wanted to move to ny to follow my dreams to become a big actress, and if there is anyone out there who would give me a chance, or let me be apart to learn more, or even a p.a. I love it.

Posted by Caressa Monique (2011-05-04) 235

Hi my name is Taryn I'm 13 from South Africa and I wanna no if there are any auditions for this movie for me in south africa I'm from the indian race group

Posted by Taryn Layne Steven (2011-04-22) 180

hey, i have always wanted to be discovered and i enjoy acting and singing, i am one who never gives up and never quits what she has started i would really appriciate an oppertunity like this

Posted by Jessica (2011-04-18) 170

Hi i always wanted to be an actress grown up, and i really would love to do moives. I never really knew how to get found but this is my chances. I feel that i have what it takes to be the best of the best, i wanted this sooo bad words can't explains.

Posted by anita (2011-04-14) 162

Heyy, just wondering if there is anything go for this movie? i have an agerency. i am with vox talent manergment. i would love to be in a flim with you all, please get to back to me thanks Gemma.
p.s. my age 16

Posted by gemma pateman (2011-03-19) 132

Hi I have wanted to be an actress my whole life and I have been trying to look for additions for movies but I never found one and my friends think I am a really good actress really really want to be in a movieeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

Posted by Morgan (2011-03-02) 106

me and my bestfriend amanda seen this website and we are going to become singers and be on tv showes i ca not wite and im do happy

Posted by fee-fee (2011-02-28) 103

I have always wanted to be an actress ever since I was 6 that was 6 years ago. I have a plan A, B, C, an D. Plan A is to be a famous actress. Plan B is to be an actress on Broadway. Plan C is to be a makeup artist/hair dresser. D is to be an author. But I want to be a famous actress forever, and I love mean girls it is so funny and is my kind of movie. I'd give up anything to be an actress, I am begging my mom and dad to let me. It's funny because my mom and dad have both been actors. Not famous ones but still. I started out in ballet and love being on stage, but I wanted more I wanted to be someone else. Not 'Rosette Birches' but 'Eliza Doolittle' and more! My mom and dad said that I have talent. I can't picture me doing anything else. I read magazines and picture me in them. I have dreams where I where a dress that was $20 and then it jumps up $300. I see me walking on the red carpet with my hair done up and stuff. I know I won't ever have privacy or time alone. When I'm bored in class I practice my autograph, lol! I don't only want to be famous I just want to be in movies and I want kids to see me and think 'Wow, if she can do it, I can, too!
-Rosi Birches <3

Posted by Rosette (2011-02-26) 100

Hi im a 15 year old brunette who is looking for a good acting role. I think this movie would be a great opportunity and i would like to play a lead. If you know of any of directors casting for a movie,please let me know. I would really like to hear from you. Im tall,skinny,beautiful and have been wanting to be an actress all my life. Its something i want to do. So PLEASE email me!

Posted by Jordan Wiebrecht (2011-02-16) 86

Hey , My Name is Quentanett Tidwell. I would be honored to be on a show/movie like this , I am a quick learner, Energetic And Willing to make change... I Love To Act! My Parents Approve! And Im READY!!!!!
Pleases Give Me A Chance !!!!!

Posted by Quentanett Tidwell (2011-01-15) 52

Hello my name is Abraham Nunez my favorite movies are Final destination 1,2,3 and 4 and mean girls. I am praying that i could have a shot on being in the movie. I am Mexican and am 4'10. I have brown eyes and tan skin. I have thick, wavy dark brown hair but looks black.

Posted by Abraham Nunez (2011-01-12) 44

Hello my name is Abraham Nunez my favorite movies are Final destination 1,2,3 and 4 and mean girls. I am praying that i could have a shot on being in the movie. I am Mexican and am 4'10. I have brown eyes and tan skin. I have thick, wavy dark brown hair but looks black.

Posted by Abraham Nunez (2011-01-12) 41

Hello my name is shelby i am a big fan of mean girls 1 and would love to be a lead or 1 of the leads. I have been in a movie called the real steel i am in one source talent and i can be dramtic if i need to be. I am a girly girl who loves pink. i have blonde hair and brown eyes. I am confident to get the par thank you.

Posted by Shelby Simmons (2011-01-10) 38

hi im kristy price and im 13 years old and my dream is to become an actress and appear in a movie and i think this movie will be great for me please contact me back i am 100% qualified for this movie you wont regret it thank you for your time and please try to look into it.

Posted by kristy price (2011-01-06) 31

All my life i've wanted to be in the acting career!! Now that i am 13 years old and now currently looking forward to being an actress i do think that i am qualified for this job!! To even be talking to you and asking you about the different jobs is even a huge step to making my dream come true. Thank you for your time and i hope you can get back to me when you can.

Posted by Monique Jones (2011-01-06) 30

All my life i've wanted to be in the acting career!! Now that i am 13 years old and now currently looking forward to being an actress i do think that i am qualified for this job!! To even be talking to you and asking you about the different jobs is even a huge step to making my dream come true. Thank you for your time and i hope you can get back to me when you can.

Posted by Monique Jones (2011-01-06) 29

Ever since i was little I always wanted to be an actress. I always try my hardest and i never give up. I'm in 9th grade but if your looking for a real skinny girl then im sorry im not that girl but if your looking for a hard working and a person who never gives up then im your girl. Well I hope you give me a thought. And thanks for your time.

Posted by shaaron shea (2010-12-30) 17

Is there any auditions for this film? If so what is the age range?

Posted by Cierra (2010-12-24) 12

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