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NEED to know if auditions happen, will fly in from Alaska to audition for BB.

Posted by ED Pratt (2015-09-23) 1261

Just saying... I WOULD FUCKING KILL TO BE IN A TARNTINO FILM. I've played Abigail williams in the crucible so that automatically means I'm fit as a bitch who can use a gun.
Just kidding.
But Seriously.
Ugh, I just want to meet mr. Tarentino himself.

Posted by Natalie Allen (2013-01-07) 1104

This is very exciting! I would love to be apart of the Kill Bill crew! Seeing Nikki Green getting revenge on black mamba and the training she has to go through would be quite amazing!

Posted by Secret Turner (2012-12-18) 1098

I would like to audition for the part of B.B.

Posted by Nancy - Susan Malagon (2012-09-12) 1070

I think we should have a teenage B.B. all grown up as an assasin with her mother. nikita green could come back 4 revenge of beatrice and i know someone who might audition 4 b.b.'s role. hint, hint.

Posted by Kami Flanders (2011-11-02) 899

Quintin Tarantino ! I can play the part of Copperhead's daughter, Please review my interpretation of what could happen......

Posted by Yodit Tesfamicael (2011-09-22) 826

I would LOVE to see a 3rd and 4th installment to this movie! I think I would do a killer job playing Vernita Green's daughter seeking revenge. My numerous talents and abilities would definitely allow me to carry out this role!

Posted by Alyvia (2011-07-15) 596

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