Final Destination 5

About the Film

Year: 2011   Rated: R   Runtime: 92 min
Type: Horror, Thriller
Director: Steven Quale
Writer: Eric Heisserer, Jeffrey Reddick
Awards: 2 wins & 6 nominations

Plot: Death returns to claim the lucky survivors of a deadly bridge collapse in this fifth frightening installment in the series.

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Hi, my name is Christy. I'm 16 and I'm 5'2. I want to try acting because I could be dramatic and I've seen all the Final Destinations and I'd love to be in the 5th one.

Posted by Christy Khouanmany (2013-10-28) 1157

I am 22 and i can look from age 16-29 I am VARY creative and i have a look and personality like none other...i know i look good i had chances in the past i did not take for personal reasons..but I'm here and the first person to put me on the spot will not regret it i will not only be able to make it big. But i will be know and remembered. Email me for some more info right now I'm my own Agent and i am a character myself.

Posted by Diaton Sabaoth (2012-11-01) 1090

I am tall 6'5 and skinny. It will be a honor to be starred in this movie. My final destination movie was when i was younger, creeps me out and still does. My favorite one was Final Destination 3 because of the thrills and roller coasters...I am 17...I'm white but more tan(i don't use tanning beds)...I think it will be a neat experience to be in your movies..I live in Indiana just so you know...It will be a dream to be in your movies..Hit me up sometimes!!

Posted by Kris Tennison (2011-11-24) 910

i am 14 years old and i would love to star in final destination 6 or 7 i am crazy about these movies and it is my dream to become an actor and i will work hard to be the best cast member in the movie

Posted by Terrence Weeks (2011-10-24) 896

I would love to star in Final Destination 6. I love horror movies. My dreams are to be an actor. I would love to be a extra in this movie. I would really love to be a star in Final destination and work as hard as possible to be one of the best actor you could ever give a chance to. Thank You

Posted by Mary Callaway (2011-10-18) 893

I love all of the final destination movies and have watched them over and over, and over again. They are one of my favorite series of movies. I was estatic when I heard that Final Destination 5 was coming to the theaters this month. Then I checked on-online and learned that there will be two more. Now I'm overjoyed. Imagine how awed I would be if I could actually act in one of the last two movies. (Maybe they won't be the last two. When I'm a grandma, maybe I can take my grandchild to Final Destination 99 and say, "I remember when I saw the first one!") I am 17, I'll be 18 in February. Star is my nickname. My mom calls me a drama queen because I've acted in many school plays. I've also been to a couple acting camps. I always wanted to be in a movie. You can make my dream come true! I'm 5'00. I attend school online and I can drive. I am half Native American and look almost Hispanic. I am very smart and a very outgoing says a lot of my friends, family, and teachers.

Posted by Scarlett Wojciechowski aka Star (2011-08-09) 686


Posted by TRAVELL LOUIE (2011-06-21) 451

My name is Louis Montgomery i am 14 years old. I love all your movie, i will accept any part you will give me, im 5"9, i have black hair, brown eyes, lives in Mississippi, im a male and i weigh 136. I will want acting as a career. Thanks for your time.

Sincerely, Louis

Posted by Louis Dwain Montgomery (2011-06-21) 449

well im 16 years old turning 17 in 2 months, im from NJ ,im 5'10. I am most likely to start going to acting school in NY on september 2011.however, I am willing to act and work any character needed.

Posted by carlos gomez (2011-06-15) 436

My name is Matthew Cord Sebastian and I am from Thomasville NC. I am a Certified Nursing Assistant and I have a huge passion for the medical field. I am currently in school to be a Surgical Technician and have a wonderful family. I have a wonderful wife and two year old son who is two years old. I have been through lots of things in my life by just loosing my father recently to pancreatic cancer and I have joint custody of my son. Luckily their is no drama we get along great and work together for the childs sake. He is my pride and joy and I would do anything for him. Enough about my life and to the point I would love to be given an oppurtunity and would be greatly blessed with anything I might could do. I have always loved acting to the point if I sing or even talk in front of anyone I have a wonderful sensation I cant explain I love to entertain people and it gives me great joy. I enrolled in Theater arts in highschool and excelled and loved it every step of the way. I'm not asking to become famous but would love for this to be a stepping stone in my life and to whatever doors are open I will have this in my life and would greatly and respectfully enjoy any oppurtunity I am given. I am a 23 year old white male. I am 5'7 and 173 lbs. I have blue eyes and brown hair but my head is shaved. Thank you so much for your time and good luck in all your advances as these movies are doing very well and people will always be watching them.
Cord Sebastian

Posted by Matthew Cord Sebastian (2011-05-31) 408

hello, my names Elias Fuentes I am 18 about 5,6" and i would be honered to work with ya'll and i really like all the other movies. please give me a call to let me know something. You won't regret it. i'm really looking forward to a call back. Ya'll have a good day.

Posted by Elias (2011-05-27) 404

I would like to be considered for a role in this movie, I have always been a huge fan of the films. I'm 18 years old, Caucasian female, brown hair and hazel eyes.

Posted by Kaylee (2011-05-16) 293

Hi my names Morgana im 14 years old, and im from honolulu hawaii.
One thing i like about acting is that i can try new experiences,like horror movies.When people see horror movies they want to get scared or might think its an intresting
movie but when the actor/actress protrays the role you know
it can also help you face your fears of death,blood,ghost
anything that scares the heeby geebys out of us and i think
personaly all types of movies actually help us throught out
life.Characteristic defines us all and to be honest im a kinda shy girl but through acting i think i can express the braveness outta me and not be that typical shy girl at school.When i see interviews of my favorite actor/actress you know you gotta make different expressions to hype yourself up for a certin roles and me im that weird type that pratices roles and facial expressions i see on tv and it might sound strange but yah thats me.Another reason i would like a role and into the acting bussiness is because now a days things dont come cheap,people getting laid off and stuff like that so i always wanted to be famous not for the popularity but knowing i can make my own money and helping out my family and giving back to them,what they done for me these past 14 years I've been living.So to wrap this up it would be soo cool to get a role in cool,intresting movies or TV shows and thanks.

Posted by Morgana rechirikl (2011-05-09) 253

i am 17 year old , i have brown hair , hazel eyes , and all i want is someone to believe in me to tell that i am good , i want acting as a career, i don't to grow up working some other job i know that i hate and that i don't care about , i care about acting it's what i want to do in life , here is one of my fav. speeches think about it everyone sometimes may not always know what they are doing but I'll try to make things better. And when I make a mistake, because face it, we all do, I promise I'll ask for your help. I can't do this alone, but if you'll take a chance on me, we can do great things together. I promise if you believe in me, I'll find the courage to reach for your every dream. John F. Kennedy said, "the courage of life is a magnificent mixture of triumph and tragedy. A man does what he must, in spite of personal consequences, in spite of obstacles and dangers and pressures. And that is the basis of all...

Posted by Rania (2011-05-07) 246

my dream come can true
became acting

Posted by steffanie turner (2011-05-05) 239

i love the films and doing acting level 2 next year and hae experinces i loed to have a small part and one for the main character.
my family and friends see in acting
i love to be in final Destination 5 and 6
and 7

Posted by steffanie turner (2011-05-05) 238

I am a Bahamian student studying biology at Philander Smith College. However, my passion has always been acting. I have been in acting since the age of 8 years old and I am currently 18 years old. All my family, friends and even random people have been amazed at my abilities. I would really love to be given the opportunity in whatever role is offered to me, to prove my abilities.

Posted by Ariel Usher-Donaldson (2011-04-27) 197

My name is Jacobie and i'm would like too audition for final destination 5 i am the best actor any one has every seen if you could just give me a shot i can prove it.

Posted by Jacobie Evans (2011-04-20) 176

Hello, my name is dajour dashawn bennett. I am 13 years old and i am the best actor anyone has seen. I will accept any role in this movie. I'm hopeing that you guys will write me back soon. I am very hard working because i want it. I want my acting dream to come true i hope you guys will make it happen.

Posted by dajourbennett (2011-04-18) 171

im keandra and im 14 turnig 15 this year but ive been told by alot of people that i can oass fro a 16 year old so in hoping being in Final Destination 5 will be my big break.
and i love the final destination series. its very original.
i do have some acting experience when i was little.
im 5'6 and african american mixed with spanderian, asian, white, and indian.
and im not a shy person at all.

Posted by Keandra Safo (2011-04-16) 166

I would really like to be in Final Destination 5! I like the Final Destination Movies!
I also want to star in Final Destination 6, Final Destination 7 as the person who has the premonition,
Final Destination 8 if there is one ( I want to help the survivors),
Final Destination 9 ifthere is one ( I want to help the survivors again), and
Final Destination 10 if there is one ( I want to help the survivors yet again).
Premonition Ideas: Final Destination 6 Train Tunnel Collapse
Final Destination 7 Cruise Ship Disaster.
Final Destination 8 Ski Lift Disaster.
Final Destination 9 Department Store Collapse.
Final Destination 10 Hotel Collapse or Fire.
These are my ideas for the next 5 Final Destination Movies after Final Destination 5. I hope you like
these premonition ideas. I wish I could be in Hollywood, California staring in Movies. Please make
my Dream come true.

Posted by Mike Walker (2011-03-17) 131

hi my name is Jessica Burford and i would LOVE to star in the movie i would love to only be an extra if thats all i can get ! :) this is my dream & i really hope it comes true!! :D

Posted by Jessca Burford (2011-02-22) 90

hi my name is Jake Allen im 14 and i really enjoyed all the moviesd except the 4th one no offence but there were parts that could need improving. im 5' 01 and i have black hair im a little fat and i am australian. im good for living or dying please get back to me!!!

Posted by Jake Allen (2011-02-10) 83

Hi my name is Abraham Nunez and i really love your movies and i hope that i could get a part in your movie. I will accept any part of your movie. My dream is to be an actor. I am 4'10 and have brown eyes and am tan i've got thick wavy dark brown hair. I am a mexican kid. I would prefer to die in the movie. I am experienced actor. But the problem is that I don't know how you are going to contact me. I hope to meet you soon. I am praying that i get the part of my favorite movie.

Posted by abraham Nunez (2011-01-12) 42

Hi my name is Abraham Nunez and i really love your movies and i hope that i could get a part in your movie. I will accept any part of your movie. My dream is to be an actor. I am 4'10 and have brown eyes and am tan i've got thick wavy dark brown hair. I am a mexican kid. I would prefer to die in the movie.

Posted by Abraham Nunez (2011-01-12) 40

You people obviously have no idea how the acting industry're not gonna get a part in a major motion picture just by asking for it LOL. And John Parker, 30 mins and "even" 10 mins in a film is pretty damn good screen time, not a tiny part like you're trying to explain...

Posted by Wow (2011-01-09) 36

I am a experiences actor and would like to be in your movie. I would make your movie the best i can. i can do drama/action and realistic. I am looking forward to meeting you and thankyou and i am looking foward to meeting you.

Posted by adam oumar (2011-01-08) 33

One thing I forgot to put in the last message is that I am 6'2" and my weight is around 172lbs so I've got an average body type and like I said if you put me in this movie you can have me in it for 30 minutes or even 10 minutes or even 5,3 minutes, or even 30 seconds to have my head blown off goodbye.

Posted by John Parker (2010-12-03) 6

I was just thinking that I was the right age for this movie since all the other Final Destinations had teenagers in it and I'm nineteen years old and I don't know if I would be right for any parts but I would like to be in this movie because I am a big fan of these movies and I don't really want to be in this movie for fame or fortune because I've been wanting to act ever since I was a little kid and these kind of movies have been my favorite ever since I was around eleven or twelve years old so it would be pretty cool if I got a part in this movie and I wouldn't really care if it's only for half an hour or even ten minutes any way that's it bye.

Posted by John Parker (2010-12-03) 5

Hello my name is anastacia rodriguez. I am 15 i am in love with these movies. I am told i am so dramatic. I am 5'6 and am accepting any position i get including a movie extra.

Posted by anastacia (2010-11-24) 3

Hello my name is anastacia rodriguez. I am 15 i am in love with these movies. I am told i am so dramatic. I am 5'6 and am accepting any position i get including a movie extra.

Posted by anastacia (2010-11-24) 2

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