Dorothy of Oz

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Dorothy of Oz Message Board

Welcome to the "Dorothy of Oz" Message Board - the place to discuss anything and everything about "Dorothy of Oz."

Use this board to discuss the cast and characters, the director and producers, the plot, and effects. Use our message boards to communicate with other people who share common interests. Make your "Dorothy of Oz" message board for expressing your thoughts, generating discussions, and meeting new people.

Hi, my name is Emily Harris. I'm 18 years old and i live in Southern Maryland. I have had a little experience acting in school plays, even assisting as stage manager as well as having two small parts in a play. I love having fun on sets and meeting new people. I'm not one of those people who would absolutely die if i didn't get a part but I would definitely enjoy the experience.

Posted by Emily Harris (2011-01-01) 25

sounds thrilling

Posted by Oree Holbein (2011-01-14) 45

Hey , My Name is Quentanett Tidwell. I have always wanted the chance to play this part , I am a quick learner, Energetic And Willing to make change.
Pleases Give Me A Chance !!!!!

Posted by Quentanett Tidwell (2011-01-15) 51

This movie looks really good. And I would love to audition as Dorothy. I'm fifteen. A me be a bit young but I look older then I actually am. I would be good for this part because I know a lot about the movie and I know that I could do this.

Posted by Carly (2011-03-15) 121

This movie looks great!!!!! I used to love seeing this movie in black and white. I have some experience in acting and have participated in a school play and a high school play. I would love to have the part of Dorothy. I have a good memory and I would be willing to participat in this play. Please give me a chance!!!!

Posted by emily farrell (2011-03-17) 130

I'm Jackie, 17 I live in Illinois. The only acting I've done was in our school, and no matter how talented you are at acting they always give seniors the main roles so my experience is lacking. But since I was little I've always wanted to, plus I love anything to do with the Wizard of Oz.
I'd be extremely grateful to have a chance, even if it's just an audition. Please?

Posted by Jackie Boaden (2011-04-20) 177

I'm new to Delaware. I moved from Philadelphia to Delaware on April 10 2011. I've been acting for 8 years and have an agency I work with in Philadelphia. I live in Milford De now and looking for some casting agencies in my area. Can anyone help me become familiar with the casting agencies close to Milford and Dover? Thanks.

Posted by Nicholas Herbert (2011-05-14) 277

Wait......when and where are auditions for this? I'm in my 20's but I look like a teen. I live in NYC - I'm an EMC and a member of AFTRA. I would love the chance to audition for Dorothy. Thanks!

Posted by Rebecca Johnson (2011-05-22) 357

I've been playing the Wicked Witch of the West in a local non-profit production. Our last show date is June 17. I have the voice and, most wickedly, the laugh. People keep telling me I should do this for a living.

Posted by Deb Alina (2011-06-12) 434

Hi, my name is shelby and i'm alittle new to acting, but i acted in 3rd grade. For me i can start at a small part then build my way up.

Posted by Shelby Godfrey (2011-07-08) 553

Hi, My Name Is Darlloyd And Im Just As Unique As My Name Sounds I'm Goin to Be Honest i Never Had Any Acting Experience But Trust Me Raw Talent Is Hear So If Anything Contact Me At My Email Address :] Believe As God Does

Posted by Darlloyd (2011-07-08) 558

Where can I send the resume & photos?

Posted by J (2011-07-10) 565

is there any wy there might be a part for i am 14 so yeah.

Posted by Emily Noakes (2011-07-19) 624

Hello Im a 14 year old i really want to be a actor so can someone please message me so we can go to the next level. THANKS AND GOD BLESS

Posted by shea (2011-07-19) 625

My names is shaikira calloway and I am glowing about this movie! I truely love fairy tales and true happiness! I'm 14 years old acting is my biggest talent I've feel in love with it for years but I want to take it to the next step. If I do get to star in this movie hopefully..I'd love to play dorothy!

Posted by Shaikira (2011-07-24) 641

My name is Paige and I love singing and acting very much. I would love to be any character in this movie or any other.
Thanks you,

Posted by Paige (2011-08-04) 673

i am energetic, have a fun personality, love to to learn, and willing. i love singing, acting, and dancing. i am perfect for the role of Dorothy. if you give me a chance you wont regret it. i promise. i hope you choose me. i am not immature.i am serious but love to make people laugh. i was born to entertain and please people. being a part in a movie based on the best movie in the world, would be the highest honor in the world.

Posted by veronica (2011-08-06) 677

hey my name is Naudia and i would love to be part of this experience. i have some acting experience. I also made it as a contract winner in the american mall model search. they wanted me as an actress. but i couldn't send them pictures of me in time so they tossed me aside. i would really love a chance at persuing my dream. so if u could help that would be great!

Posted by naudia iannuzzi (2011-09-01) 790

Hi my name is Katheryn Lewis I'm 13, Ive been in three plays and took two years of acting lessons I love meeting new people, very energetic and this something I would really love to do. Please give me a chance.

Posted by Katheryn Lewis (2011-09-18) 818

Hi my name is Payten. I am currently 14 and I am in High School. Acting is my life. I am 1/4th black so i am slightly tan all year long. I have Dark brown hair and I am 5'1. I am very outgoing and a quick learner. Please get back to me soon!

Posted by Payten (2011-10-11) 883

Hello everyone! I'm Ally i have a fun personality, love to to learn, quick at it too. i love singing I have a great voice, i love acting, and dancing. i am perfect for the role of Dorothy brown hair and all. if you give me a chance you won't be sorry. I hope you choose me. I love to make people laugh. i was born to entertain everyone. being a part in a movie (my favorite movie actually) would be absolutely the biggest honor ever, not to mention the highlight of my career. Thanks a bunch!

Posted by Ally (2011-10-14) 890

HI! Im Georgina, an aspiring actress and singer. I am 13, turning 14 in March. i am not afraid to work hard and fight as hard as anyone. I am not easily broken. I am an African American with a talent for singing and some expireince dancing. I would love it if someone would see that i am worthy of lead roles in blockbuster films, and i will not stop until i get a grammy award:) i have dreams. But i don't expect for all of them to come true at once. I wish to go to the New York Conservatory for Performing Arts or, of course, Julliard. i am a star student, so this shouldn't be difficult for me. I am constantly on honor roll. I also participate in many extra curricular activities that have to do with music such as chorus in school, and out of school, and many acting programs. If you know someone who may wish to talk to me i would love to know.

Posted by Georgina Smith (2011-11-27) 914

hey i love dorthy i wanna be an actress i have always wanted to be an actress since hannah montana

Posted by Terri Narmi (2012-03-01) 954

Hello, I am a mother of four, 36yrs. old and have procrasinated what I have always wanted to do until now. There has been something missing inside of me and I have barely figured it out. I have never gone for my dreams due to fear of failure. I am ready now. I just don't know where to begin. Can anyone help me to get on the right track? I live in Upland Ca. Do I need to attend classes or do I just dive right into an audition? Please let me know what to do. Thankyou.

Posted by Jessica L Diaz (2012-11-06) 1093

Hi my name is Hailey Anderson, I am 17 years old. I have no experience in acting, but I was told by the drama teacher at my school that i should act just by my outgoing personality. I want to make people happy with my acting. I feel that with my energetic personality I could really bring this role to life. I hope you consider me for this role.

Posted by Hailey Anderson (2014-06-29) 1216

Hello directors of 'Dorthy of Oz'. I am a fourteen year old female with blonde hair and green eyes. I am interested in being a part of your movie including being an extra. Thank you for considering.

Posted by Anna Fuller (2014-07-31) 1222

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