Bad Boys 3

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Year: 2002   Rated: X   Runtime: 90 min
Type: Adult
Director: Alex Schnegr
Writer: N/A
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Plot: N/A

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Hi I have experience in film, major movie. Keep me in mind if needed . Feamale 5'7" 138 Brown eyes brown hair.

Posted by Sherry (2019-10-26) 1715

I would love to audition for this movie

Posted by Dwayne Fitgerald Simon (2019-03-27) 1698

My name is Cleveland Betts age 30 I want to be inside this movie from Dallas TX no kids i will make u laugh i promise iam black male

Posted by Cleveland betts (2019-01-12) 1690

I am 51 year old woman 5"2 sporty lookin and good sense of humor age is only a number. I am a huge fan of all, bad boys movies including actors. im self taught in alot of things including talent. Well thats what people say about me. Im very easy to get along with. Im interested in a tiny part or just an extra. And even their to take out the trash. Lol.

Posted by Anita Navarro (2018-12-01) 1682

Huge fan of the franchise! Would love to audition. I'm a martial artist with some performance skills, bi-lingual, strong improv. Very easy to work with, coachable, and determined!

Posted by Moyram (2016-11-09) 1430

My name is Gerald Pickett im 24 years old I am from Detroit ,Michigan very familiar with the Hollywood life, I was originally casted for straight out of Compton but due to family issues wasn't able to attend.

Posted by Gerald (2016-10-21) 1408

Hi i am interested in being an extra in the bad boys 3 movie.. i live in Phoenix Arizona i have been an extra in the transformers & batman movie..

Posted by Devante Funchez (2016-09-03) 1363

Hi I would like to be a extra cast actor for the movie BAD BOYS 3, i LOVE THESE MOVIE.
I am living in MIAMI.Please contact to me.Thanks

Posted by Julian Guillen (2016-02-14) 1294

My name is Laquay I am 17 years old. I do stand up comedy and I look just like Martin Lawrence

Posted by Laquay Rhodes (2015-12-12) 1284

Just moved to the Miami area as a law student - 23 years old, 6' 1", and hoping for a role as an extra!

Posted by Dave (2014-08-14) 1226

Hi I am 30 yrs old black male looking to play a roll or be an extra in bad boys 3. I'm 5'10" 175 36w 2xl 11 1/2

Posted by Randall Mayo (2014-08-14) 1224

Hello Bad Boys Team,
I want to Act in the Film, because i want to be a succefull actor and i like Action Film because there are fast Cars and Explosions.
My Name is Fatma Caglar
I am 18 years old

Posted by Fatma caglar (2013-06-26) 1138

I would kill the part of will smiths son or an extra please get back to me!!!!!

Posted by Tyler Alexander (2012-06-30) 1023

I am a highly motivated actor and would love the grand opportunity to audition for Bad Boys 3. My personality and character compliment the roles in the previous Bad Boy movies and truthfully I feel I am the next to carry on tradition for the next generation of black actors.

Posted by Kinte Ellison (2012-06-27) 1020

I could play a major role in this movie and ace it!! Just need the opportunity.! :)

Posted by Levoid sallis (2012-06-04) 1007

Hello any and everyone, I'm a 19 year old African American woman who loves performing. Whether its singing, dancing, or acting. I would love to get an opportunity to be in any movie. I am very open to learning about the entertainment business and getting the much needed experience I need. I would like to be able to audition for a small role or an extra. I would even love to be an intern or secretary for the Bad Boys 3 project or any other movie there of. Thanks so much for the consideration.

Posted by Gabreal Willis (2012-05-24) 1004

hi, im 20years old, and i love bad boys and bad boys 2 and i would love to be in bad boys 3, as an extra or just anything, i can take great directions.

Posted by Shelby (2012-02-05) 938

Hi, i am a 15 year old girl and I'm interested in being in this movie as a daughter or an extra or some sort. I love the series and i would love to be apart of the movie. I am very athletic and I can take great directions .

Posted by Javonna Hill (2011-12-29) 928

Hi I'm a 25 year old female and I'm very interested in having a part in this movie, even as an extra. I'm fun, easy going, and take directions well. I'll take any part available.

Posted by C. Hall (2011-08-08) 681

I am a really good actor, I am good with people, and I always think about becoming an actor this will be a really cool thing for me to do. I would like to play someones son or an extra. I'm 15 going on 16 in November.

Posted by Dametrius Watkins (2011-08-01) 662

I am interested in performing in this movie as an extra, good guy, bad guy, or man on the street. I am easy to get along with and enjoy new adventures.

Posted by Baron Williams (2011-07-25) 649

Im a wonderful actor & i would love to even be an extra, or someone's son in this movie. im 16 going on 17!

Posted by Geoff Payne (2011-07-15) 594

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