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Avatar 2

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Welcome to the "Avatar 2" Message Board - the place to discuss anything and everything about "Avatar 2."

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yo, whats up :) i'm john, im fourteen years old and i'm the weird kid :). I stand out the most in my little town and there probably isnt another person like me. I dream of doing special effects makeup or joining a non-animal circus. i love to make short video skits around my house and town for fun and my best friend sierra and i are actors. We're not professional but we did good enough to put together a play for our middle school, but the princepal *cough* retard *cough* said no JUST KIDDING! love you mrs.Clark...well anyways. i play a good homeless kid, zombie, crazy person, sick person, russian, voodoo man, comedian, retard, or anything if i can get into the emotion of the part. Anyways...back to Avatar. When i saw the first movie, it blew my mind! the language and culture of the Pandora people made me so BLAH! i LOVED IT! i've always loved aliens and the super natural but this...this made it amazing. i even learned some Na'Vi language but... i forgot :) but yeah, if any of the directors or film makers of the new avatar are reading this...i'm here! feel free to contact me! i love the na'vi..(my character is Mo'at)

John <3

Posted by John Owens (2011-05-31) 409

I absolutely loved this movie. The actors are brilliant and I would be a great addition to the cast of this ingenious performance.

Posted by Karen Sue (2011-07-25) 648

I would really like to do this. Because I'd like to grow as being an actor and I am 14

Posted by Toi Wall (2011-08-10) 687

Id want to start my acting career so email me opportunities, I am 15 almost 16

Posted by Caleb Bennett (2012-07-18) 1065

Hello, my name is Eve and I am nearly 16 years old. I have studied Drama for GCSE and I am taking it for a-level. It is my dream to become a well known, well established actress. I am just looking for an opportunity. It would be an honor to be included in this production. If you would consider me or if you hear of anything please email me, I would be very grateful. Thank you.

Posted by Eve (2013-01-20) 1107

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