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How to Find a Talent Agent
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by Cathy McKim
First, decide what you want in an agent. Consider how strong your resume is, what kind of experience you have, whether you are a union member, whether you have had an agent before, and what kind of work you want to do. You must look realistically at yourself, your ambitions, your talents, and decide what kind of agent you need at this stage in your career. Few actors spend their entire professional life with one agent.

Agencies can be categorized in many ways: do they represent clients for extra work, or for actor and principal roles; do they promote clients for union or non-union work; are there many agents, or only one or two; does the agency maintain a large or a small roster; does the agent pay close attention to each client's career, or act as a booking agent; do they represent established, experienced actors, or develop new talent. Some of this can be found in the listings in this book. The rest you must learn from the agent and others in the industry.

Don't give in to desperation. While many kinds of work can only be accessed through an agent, there are projects that are available to the unrepresented actor who works at self-promotion. Signing with an agent is a major step in the development of your career. Make sure that the agent is right for you. Committing yourself to the wrong agent out of panic may place you in a worse situation than when you had no agent at all.

In order to get what you want in an agent, you must also be able to offer an agent what they want in a client. Compromises may be necessary, particularly in the early stages of your career. However, once the negotiations are over and you have a mutually satisfactory agreement with your agent, keep in mind that you are the client; you have hired the agent to perform services on your behalf.

Getting a good agent is not easy. There are many things you can do to improve your chances. Take classes to improve your skills and make contacts; do whatever you can to gain experience: community theatre, fringe theatre, student films & videos, non-union work, co-op productions; create your own projects; develop your craft at every opportunity. Keep in contact with receptive agents; invite them to see you in theatre projects you've developed.

Once you have an agent, don't expect your agent to make it happen for you while you sit back and collect cheques. Keep in touch with your agent, and continue to develop your skills. Your agent may be able to suggest ways to do this that you have not yet considered. Work with your agent to improve your chances and build your future.

From "An Actor's Guide to Agencies in Toronto," published by Moonlighters Publishing Inc. Copyright © Moonlighters Publishing Inc. Used with permission of the author. All rights reserved. Not to be reproduced or distributed by any means without this copyright notice. email:moonpeg@inforamp.net

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Reader Comments
What would an agent do for me if i wanted to be in plays?
Posted by Chrissy (2007-12-18) 13
i would like to know how to find a agent or where can i look for castings i`m studying at the london a cademy.isabel reis
Posted by hi (2008-02-01) 30
i need to found talent agent
Posted by miroslav mihalev (2008-02-26) 56
please help me find an acting agent id appreciate it if u got back to me on 0782443017
Posted by kgothatso mabitsela (2008-05-01) 79
i need to take acting classes and i need to find a good agent one who has worked with famous teen actors i really need this i want to be famous more then anything and i would like to start off in movies

Posted by Azaria (2008-06-25) 111
I would like to find an agent who has dealt with other teens before, i would only like to start off in smaller projects, example,commercials, or movie extra, and move on from there, if any agent out there wants to work with me, contact me on my Hotmail at hockeystar4life2
at hotmail.com
Posted by Eric (2008-07-17) 132
I would like to be on Disney Channel, but I don't have an agent. Could you reccomend any Disney Shows that I could audition for where I would not need an agent?
Posted by Kayla (2008-08-07) 188
i need an agent
Posted by gabrielle (2008-08-28) 297
hi mine nam is steve koroma mine dream is to makemne own show on disneychannel i am lookinf fo the best talents agents.
Posted by steve koroma (2008-08-29) 307
HI!!to be an actor is my biggest and strongest desire and dream!! I will do anything managers or agents, cast directors or producers and directors will tell me! I really want to change thiS world. To bring something new in this movieWorld.I want to be a successful actor and play in a good movies. Im looking for the way to get into this buisness almost all my teen life. If there someone of the people I've counted please Just Give me a chance!
Posted by MeRuErT WALIE (2008-11-08) 530
I've always dreamed about being an actor but always dismissed the idea as unreachable. Lately I've been giving it some serious thought, though. My friends and I have always kind of joked around and been "dramatic" and I can manipulate my voice some but I don't really have any professional idea if I'm good or not. The problem is, I don't really like crowds, but being a movie actress isn't like theater; you perform only in front of a few people (director/cast/etc.) not thousands of people. And with some practice I might get over it. I was wondering if a raw teenager of fourteen could be cast as something small without having any background (not even in plays) and go anywhere from that.
Posted by Grace (2008-11-18) 582
Hi. I am an aspiring actress with little experience. But this is something I really want to do. If you could either help me find an agent or reccommend auditions that do not require an agent that'd be awesome. If you could reply soon, I'd really appreciate it
Posted by Bgirlfan (2008-11-19) 591
I wanna show the world what i have got some talent been in the few commercial,looking foward to be in the movie been in acting school very talented looking for agent to help me whit my career
Posted by Roudy dieudonne (2008-12-05) 644
I would like to show the world my talent , no matter what kind of sacrifices i have to make.....who wants to help me....it`s the only thing know how and i want to do and i am at a dead end here in my country
Posted by Richard Gamma (2009-01-15) 874
hi, im Alex. My friends and I want to get famous. But the problem is, we dont know where to get one. Please help us.
Posted by Alex Alaurin (2009-06-09) 1560
I'm 16 and a junior in high school never acted, but I'm very good at making people laugh and i was thinking of doing stand up/ Acting/ improv for starters and getting my name out. Me and my family are low on income I'm not looking at acting as a way out, its just that i have a desire for some reason to act. I have no previous experience in acting. I'm new to this game. But is it to late to start at 16? Ive done my homework and i see that most "actors" are born with middle class parents who can afford acting lessons and taking them all over to make their kids known. My mom and sis are all i have. And we have trouble making it. But through our odds we're making it. Also say i did get it, my family cant move to Hollywood or New York. If your in a low income family then what happens were do you go? Anyway I'm in band right and i play the drums i was going to change one of my electives to drama class. And beginning my career their. Before i wanted to be an actor i wanted to be a doctor or a video game designer. I figure that if i had to choose between those i should choose the one ill most enjoy. So what if you were in my shoes. what would you do?

P.S. this letter is to help me figure out what i should do and thank you for your time.

Posted by Michael Young (2009-06-19) 1610
could you please tell me where i can find a legit agent. i really think im ready for an agent and i really need one. i just dont know where to look for one.
Posted by jullian (2009-06-29) 1692
how come other's get to be known and not me..
i wanna be known.. for beatboxing.. cause im hispanic..
Posted by DavidG (2009-08-09) 1923
All of us must USE the talent in us that we came to earth with. Many actors are wannabes and should persue other work. You know by gut feel what you have in you if you take time alone and meditate.
Posted by Joe (2009-09-29) 2126
Im from The Bahamas.
I think I can be one of the best performer out of the Bahamas.
im a steelpan performer.
people call me King David The Bahamian Pan Man.
I would Love to tour around the world performing concerts just like michael jackson did.
and i would love to meat some woderful kids and familys.
you will love to work with me and have fun.
God Bless
Posted by David Nathaniel Hoyte (2009-11-10) 2177
Hello, my name is Shama, im 16, and a junior in high school. I currently reside in New York City, i am inexperienced, however i've done school plays. I wish to find an agent, and if anyone knows how i can find one in my area that would be eager to help me set off my career, please contact me on my tmail: wtfuhsam at tmail.com

Thank you for your help!
Posted by Shama (2009-11-16) 2186
i need to find a agent ASAP please contact me
Posted by jennifer (2009-11-23) 2199
Hey, Im Ryver
Im 15 in tenth grade, ive never acted before except for in school plays, and i reeally want to be an actress, it's my dream. I am doing everything I can to get into acting, but i'm not exactly sure what to do so can you please tell me how to get an agent and how to start acting in movies.
Thank you for your time.
Posted by Ryver Knutson (2009-11-25) 2206
Im an 18 year old Actor who can be the next Eddie Murphy with the right amount of help. I love attention from anywhere and can te the scene. I think I have the potential to make it as far to the top as possible. Im 5 feet, 10 inches tall and 138 lbs. Im African American from Fayetteville,North Carolina and I, at least need to star or co-star in a T.V. show if not a movie. I don't get a lot of chances like this, so i really would appreciate some support. Don't miss out on my talent you will regret it.

Posted by Anthony R.Harris (2009-12-03) 2229
Posted by Linda (2010-01-03) 2282
Hey Dear !
I' am a young black male from burundi , with a a full talent to be on the screen tv. but today i live in cape town .south africa,
i' am looking for acting job theatre, shot film, feature film,anything, I' am an athlete and dream of
beinng in a sport film, i have been seaching sites on google and all of them are for teen
i' am not skinny not fat though just musculan, afootball body,
but watever , really ned some help, would be of the up most appreciation, to show case my talent ,thanks.!!!
Posted by joseph kiwawa (2010-01-16) 2304
Hi,i am an 18 year old girl from Lesotho.I am so passionate about acting i would give up the B.COMM degree that i am currently majoring in just to achieve my acting dream.The acting industry of Lesotho is so small that it seems not to exist at all.i have experience of stage acting,which i have been doing for roughly six years in high school.I am also mad about t.v presenting and being on t.v adds-i am simply in love with the screen,t.v acting stands out for me.i really need your help,i am willing to give it my all,even if it means going through all hard procedures to get to South Africa.
i would so much appreciate your help,please get back to me,THANK YOU.
Posted by KANANELO KOBO (2010-01-25) 2311
If you are looking for a great actress ,Here I am , My experience is in Theatre,work ,and some film work Thanks
Cora Anne
Posted by Cora Anne Williams (2010-02-08) 2337
i am a 16 year old girl i can sing opra soprano 1 and anything alto i have a very wide range and i also act i also consider my self "gorgoues" =) can you help me?
Posted by shayna mulhall (2010-02-16) 2357
Hi my name is jasmine abdullah artist name "prinssa Jazmin" i am experinced and can sing very well . I am 5'll so i am also able to model and i have alot of fun doing what i do . I make my own song and so far people have loved them
Posted by Jazmin (2010-03-02) 2406
I am a 56 year old experienced Singer, Actress and Comedian . I attended the Perfoming Arts School , 4 years of Theater and Stage Acting at the University of Puerto Rico. I worked for many year in Plays, singing and comedies on PR TV. I am older now and a heavy- duty woman
With lots of experience and talent and I need a good agent in New York.

Posted by Lillian Hernandez (2010-04-12) 2475
My name is Albert Estrada i am 15yrs old and i am currently a freshmen. i would love the oppurtunity to become a actor it is my dream to become one. i was told to chase my dreams and never look back. i really would like for help looking for an agent. so please if you guys can help me get an agent.
Posted by Albert Estrada (2010-04-18) 2484
Hi, My name is Carmen and I am looking for an acting and singing agent. I've loved acting since I was a really little girl. And I love singing, I'm 16 years old. If you can help me get an agent I would really apreciate it. You would make my dream come true. Thanks
Posted by Carmen (2010-05-08) 2511
Hello, my name is Maritza Larios and I am 16 years old. I'm looking for an acting/singing agent in the Los Angeles area. My experience in acting and singing consists of community theater, highschool theater and choir. I can play very serious roles and be a good comic relief. I've known that I wanted to be in the industry since i was little. I look forward and would appreaciate a reply.
Posted by Maritza Larios (2010-05-18) 2539
I realy wnt 2 be an actres o do an advertisements.i jst nid an agent 2 help me.any1 wilng 2 help.
Posted by Lindiwe nomqa (2010-05-20) 2543
hey, my name is Emily, and my biggest dream is to become an actress on Broadway! I am thirteen years old, and have searched what seems like all of the internet for agents, or opportunities to become a Broadway star. Please help me if you can.
Posted by Emily (2010-05-24) 2553
Im Marina , im 11 and ive had alittle acting expierience. Ive been in a few plays and im gonna be in 2 more this summer . Im interested in being in music videos , extras in movies , tv shows , commercials... and maybe alittle modeling . Im trying to find a really good talent agent . I have a lot of free time soo i could do an audition anytime. I also sing and play alittle guitar . If you know ANY good agents please comment . THANK YOU
Posted by Marina Scherer (2010-06-07) 2579
i am 12 i have been singing since i was 4 i have a good voice i love to sing but i need to find an agent please help

Posted by dakotah (2010-06-13) 2585
Hey, People! My name is Ginnie. I've been going to my local children's theatre since I was 5 or 6 and I have been in MANY plays. Those plays include Harry Potter and High School Musical (with singing and dancing!) and some made up plays we made up as a group. Anyway, I need a fantastic agent. I'm interested in music videos, tv shows, commercials, and movies. If we do an audition this summer I have a lot of time except for July 11-17 when I will be at overnight camp. I'm also getting singing lessons and guitar lessons on thursdays from 11:30-12:30. Of course, a lot of camera's were out when I was on stage... thanks!
Posted by Ginnie (2010-06-23) 2607
Hi my name is Mase I need an agent for doin extras on soapies and do adverts. M a 25yr old Female currently workin in da SANDF
Posted by Mase (2010-07-03) 2623
Hi I reaaaaaallllllllyyyyyyyyyyy want to become famous i can act and sing well. I live in South-Africa and i need an agent please contact me if there's anyone available!!!!!!
Posted by Sabrina (2010-07-13) 2637
hello i'm looking for someone willing to hire me as an actress i really love acting and i think im really good all my life i've wanted to be famous and fufill my passion on the big screen and in the homes of millions of people and make a living while i'm at it
Posted by capria (2010-07-16) 2638
Hello, i'm a attractive 18 year old aspiring actress and singer from cape town, south africa. i'm searching for a legit agent to guide me on my road to success.
Posted by Fijonica Blaauw (2010-07-16) 2640
hi, im looking for someone who will be able to hire me for acting, modeling or rap. I am very talented. I am only 16 years old and i have been told that i am very dramatic. I know that i can work with so many different people and things. Im not really looking for fame im looking to inspire young people like me. i can tell them if i can do so can they,
Posted by arie monae (2010-07-20) 2643
Hi, im looking for an agent who will be able to hire me for singing and acting because people say im a drama queen very energetic and i would be could on the big screen. i can work with ANYONE! and i would love the opportunity to be hired i really need help and this would be a lot of help for me and my family! and i am very easy to work with and im really nice and fun once you get to know me! thanks for your time. im very talented and shy and i have dimples and im 14 years old
Posted by Kenya (2010-07-23) 2648
I am looking for an agent in South Africa JHB. I am an actress and I want to get into Radio DJ and also TV presenting. Please call me if you know of reputable agents.
Posted by SamQ (2010-07-31) 2653
Hello, I am 13 years old and i love singing, acting, dancing, playing the guitar and piano! Everyone tells me that i do all of that really well and i dont want to hide it anymore.
Posted by Anastasia (2010-09-15) 2711
Hello, i am seeking an agent to represent my daughter. She has been singing since the age of five. She has had training in this field and has competed in many competitions..thank you. Mrs. Herrera
Posted by Alexis (2010-10-13) 2746
The name is Trevor. I have been told by many strangers that I should pursue comedy or comedy acting. Very outgoing and an energetic jokester. I only tell personal life experiences, which there is a very large amount of them. You'd have to be humorous to live in my shoes. For pictures and basic information, please feel free to ask.
Posted by Trevor Scott (2010-10-22) 2752
hy im 20 years old guy very talented in acting nd poems. im In SOUTH AFRICA Black. I jst need help 2 be the nxt south african best actor.
Posted by sipho collen mashila (2010-10-26) 2754
hi my name is chris im 24 years old single dad looking to expand our lifes in the acting fields in and around boston ma
Posted by chris (2010-11-01) 2762
I am a 25 year old comedian and i was looking for a agent are a manager. I would like for my comedy to take me to the big screen are something is there someone who can help me
Posted by Dwayne Rawls (2010-11-29) 2793
hi i really want me and my little girl to be an actor and a model she is 5 and very talent i just want to know if anyone can help me or help me get started for her thanks
Posted by sherika (2010-12-04) 2800
I am 15 and since I was 8 years old I've wanted to act. I don't say anything to my family because they do so much for me and my brothers and I can't possibly ask them to support me in a career as well as everything else. There wasn't really a reason for this post, I just had to let it all out. Sorry.
Posted by Rhona (2011-01-13) 2829
i have talent and a big passion for acting and singing, so i would like to access any agent willing to take me up so i could build my career in this field freely.please choose for me..........no regrets.God bless you.

Posted by alice shekanabo (2011-01-23) 2840
Hi im a young teen looking for an agent and can i say i want to act soooo badly ever since i was little this was my desire and ive been told im a good actor and should be on disney channel soo help me please because i am what you are looking for
Posted by Michael Imperiosi (2011-01-23) 2841
I've been acting for 8 years and i'm now doing stage plays. I'm 18 years old and right now I'm looking for the agent to take me to the very top. Thank you all for your time and helping mine.
Posted by Emmanuel Croxton (2011-03-10) 2921
Hi im Uyanda i wana act sooo badly since i was 4 i reali wana act in a South African film my u find a manager for me.
Posted by Uyanda (2011-03-11) 2923
Hi I am 13 years old i always wanted to act but there was no one to help i want to be a secret agent so i want to try agency act but i don't know where to find help i need an agent to help
Natasha Mogorwa
Posted by Natasha (2011-03-22) 2969
Hi ..m 16 yrs old n i have a passion 4 music and acting...
I also play the piano and i like dancing..
So if u can get me an agent that wud b great...thnx <3
Posted by Savage (2011-03-25) 2983
Hi ..m 16 yrs old n i have a passion 4 music and acting...
I also play the piano and i like dancing..
So if u can get me an agent that wud b great...thnx <3
Posted by Savage (2011-03-25) 2984
I have dreams of becoming a singer, dancer, rapper, or even a song writer.
Im tired of people saying i cant do it, And that the chance are slim.
Even if I fail atleast I tried.
Posted by Erika (2011-04-29) 3044
hi i am a song writer and singer,always dreamed of becoming an actor, lives in the bahamas. help plz...
Posted by linzy (2011-05-03) 3070
im a song writer i do all around music "hiphop" you can google, youtube me anything i just really need a agent asap..."koolastic"
Posted by koolastic (2011-06-08) 3368
Hi, my name is Miguel Estrada. I'm looking for a good agent to help my songs reach the ears of well known recording artists. I'm tired of paying those no good record companies or agents that demand cash in advance in order to hear my songs.
I have many original songs waiting to see day light.
Posted by Miguel Estrada (2011-06-09) 3369
Hi, my name is Sifiso,looking 4 an agent on behalf of my sis Natalie Strang, she is 10 years old, loves to sing and act, dreaming to be infront of a camera one, she has been an MC at her school, and a performed in drama, plays a fluet too.
Posted by Sifiso (2011-06-22) 3473
Alright, I'm just going to come out and say it. I'm desperately trying to find and agencies who is willing to hire a young actress. I'm a young teenage girl who's been in only one play. Little part, though, but I love it! Please oh please, someone acting agencies help! My dream has to be real and I so deeply don't want it to be some child dream. Any acting agencies who is looking for a young actress, I'm your gal.
Posted by Erin Burns (2011-06-27) 3632
I really need an agent that can find me auditions in south africa for acting an modeling. I'm 17 years old plZzzzz help me.
Posted by thato koketso taunyanα (2011-06-30) 3710
I really need an agent that can get me auditions in south africa for modeling an acting plzzzzz help me.
Posted by thato koketso taunyana (2011-06-30) 3711
I really need an agent that can get me auditions in south africa for modeling an acting plzzzzz help me.
Posted by thato koketso taunyana (2011-06-30) 3712
OK I really want a talent agent so, I can be an actress. I'm a 4.0 student. I can sing and act. I think i just might be right for this job. Please my family and I really need this. My mom and my older siblings have been living in this house since I was 4. Also, I like to entertain people. I entertain my family all the time. I love to entertain the elderly. I also, never lie I love the truth.
Posted by cierra (2011-06-30) 3714
Hello. My name is Matt. Ever since I have been able to talk i have been singing. That's all I ever wanted to be. I don't want to let anything come in my way of being just that. I'm 13 so I can't go out to Hollywood or NYC to go audition. When I was 9 I went to an acting camp (I was just an extra). The director of the play I was in heard me singing a song from the play and thought I was better than the person who sang the song in the play. So if you can help me make my dream come true, I would be grateful.
Posted by Matt Parker (2011-07-14) 3997
Hello, my name is Gemma, and I have always wanted to be an actress. Would you be able to tell me, how i could get an acting agent please? If you can make my dream come true then I would be more thankful than ever, thankyou.
Posted by Gemma Shand (2011-07-15) 4010
contact me please asap!!! i sing, dance, piano, and guitar.

Posted by alexis (2011-07-16) 4042
Live in Alabama is 13 years old and really want an ACTING JOB
Posted by D33-D33 (2011-07-19) 4075
i am an young girl that have talent and need to get sign quick
Posted by brittany (2011-08-12) 4331
i am 18yrs and love acting since i was a kid.i read a lot of novels and visualize myself acting them but i do not have anyone to assist me in this.
Posted by waithaka kamau (2011-08-18) 4555
Hi I m michael am 6 ft 4 tall with a model body type I have an awesome singing voice and I also want to go into modelling singing and acting as a proffession I need a talent agent
Posted by michael (2011-08-30) 4709
Hallo i would like to promote talents i have written television programs for m-net south africa, e-africa south africa, nation television kenya, kenya television network kenya, citizen television kenya, k24 television kenya, kenya broadcasting corporation kenya, family television kenya, cnn america, bbc uk and wwf wrestling series, music for puff daddy, snoppy dogg, sean paul, mariah carey, elephant man soap opera english, nigeria, south america television commericials and much more so if you are interested please get in touch kenya east africa.
Posted by Benedict (2011-09-11) 4752
Hi there, I've been acting for a while now and i'm looking for an agency that can take me to auditions, theaters and for short films to express my skills and my abilities of my character. In will be glad if my request can be considered.

your's: zane
Posted by zane (2011-09-17) 4778
hi my name is michele irene korelus, I lived in Vancouveri,. i aim 40 years and I am looking for agent. Iwho can help me with my acting Carree. I. have done a lot threater and three frrenches shows, .i am very allaby actress., i work well with others.. I am very easy going actress who likes to do her job. i never have trouble forgeting my lines.i love acting, i swin and do smorking. i am also love to write romance stories..
Posted by michele irene korelus (2011-10-16) 4912
hi my name is michele irene korelus, I lived in Vancouveri,. i aim 40 years and I am looking for agent. Iwho can help me with my acting Carree. I. have done a lot threater and three frrenches shows, .i am very allaby actress., i work well with others.. I am very easy going actress who likes to do her job. i never have trouble forgeting my lines.i love acting, i swin and do smorking. i am also love to write romance stories..
Posted by michele irene korelus (2011-10-16) 4913
hi my name is dernee and i can sing very well you can find me on goggle and on explore talent on google you can look me up under dernee baucum and press on images i am the on with my hair curled i want to be a singer but i never had a chance to sing in front of any one i am currently living in washington dc and i go to eliot/hine middle school and i am in the six grade and i would really love for you to give me a call and i love to sing i can do any thing my big sister is a mondel her name is kristin n bourn and you can look her up on google too she is dark skined just like me but we are caramel any way i very pretty outgoing aint afraid to shine i have sass and i am pretty lol bye thank you
Posted by dernee baucum (dernay boucum) (2011-10-18) 4918
hi, my name is michele irenel i lived in vancouver i really enjoy acting and i have done alot of threater and three fringe shows. i am five eight, my hair is brown and my eyes are brown. i am very alibly acress, and i am looking for an acting agent who can help me with my caree. i swim and do snorkling and write romance stories. i am very good looking, i also can dance. i am very easy going actress who likes to do her job.
Posted by michele irene korelus (2011-10-18) 4921
Hi my name is lelethu I'm looking for an talent agent.I think I have what it takes and I have the potential and I'm willing to learn and listen. I'm very good at singing and acting. I take drama classes at school and I have sang in front of many crowds at the VA waterfront. I know i don't have much experience but we all have to start somewhere. I have placed a comment for disney channel as well but I doubt it would be answered. Thank you for allowing me to write a comment may God bless you.
Posted by Lelethu (2011-10-29) 5055
Posted by NWELAND ELI (2011-11-08) 5122
hello, my name is jordan goyeau, im 14 years old, and i love to sing, over the past three years in choir, i have recieved two solos. i will survive by gloria gaynor, and here comes the sun by the Beatles. i love to sing, and i also act. singing and acting are two things that i love to do and i would greatly appreciate an opportunity to shine.
Posted by jordan goyeau (2011-11-09) 5124
my name is dernee baucum i had previously wrote on this wall can someone please give me a email need an agent my sister kristina bourn has one
Posted by dernee baucum (2011-11-29) 5259
I am an author, a scriptwriter, who has the zeal for acting. I want to go into movie production. I need a movie agency to sponor, help make my dream come true.
Posted by bankole olufunke (2012-01-01) 5324
Hi my name is Fahima I can sing I sound like an angel I can rap and I write my own music I enjoy writing music and I love attention and media I started singing ever since I was 3 years old and I had love for it ever since all I need is a chance thank you for reading
Posted by fahima (2012-01-29) 5450
Hi , my names Brianah and im 15 years old. i really love to sing alot and i feel like i have the voice sometimes and sometimes i dont . Being a actor or singer is something i always dreamed of. i one of justin biebers fans and he inspired me so much , that it really is possible to reach your dreams , andd i need someones help to pursue them , and maybe it can be you. if you can help , please do. im ready to take this serious and live out my dream. Thank You :)
Posted by Brianah Johnson (2012-04-04) 5736
I am seeking a talent agent to help me get noticed by the music industry. I am a professional singer, who is ready to take off in my music career after taking a hiatus to finish college. I sing in the style of Janis Joplin, and have a strong female blues voice. I can sing mezzo soprano clearly, but I sing my own music with a raspy, full throttle voice. I am willing to invest the money to make this happen.
Thank you very sincerely!
Posted by April Donaldson (2012-05-17) 5887
hello, I known you've probably heard it all but I am serious about this, being a singer/dancer/ and actor is my life. Ever since I was a kid I knew it was what I was suppose to do. I am very dedicated and will work harder than anyone you know to just be able to these things so please all I ask of you is to just give me a chance to show you what I've got.
Thank you for your time,

Posted by Alexsis (2012-05-26) 5895
halo iam paul ilive in south africa please help me ulike other chase for money fame but not me iwanna be asinging coz its my passion not because of the high life ilove beyonce ijust wanna be like her sing and dance like her she is the reason why istill dream of my career she is the reason ilove music soplease take the time to think thank you.
Posted by paul (2012-06-10) 5922
how my name is evan and i want to find an agent who can help me with my singing and acting career (dont know how to spell that) but anywase i know how to sing and act ive been doing it for years in a class since i was like 5-9 or 5-10 and i just need someone to help that lift on and sometimes i have no hope but my life quote is always "expect the unexpected". thank you and have a nice day...
Posted by evan (girl) (2012-07-19) 6262
Good evening my name is lizelle I'm 20 and stays in sou
th Africa I need a agent who can help me with becoming a actress to play in films and movies please if anyone is out there reading this please help me I would love to go to hollywood
Posted by lizelle (2012-11-22) 6336
Hi there I need a good agent to help me with my acting career I really want to be come a acter and if you could tell me which agent to go by I'm from (south africa kwa zulu natal durban) plz help I'll really be great full. Thank you
Posted by dershnee (2012-12-01) 6344
hi im layla my dream is to be a actress for disney or nickeloden and a singer please find me an agent this has been my dream ever cince i was 3 years old im willing to do what ever it takes so please please help me
Posted by layla (2013-01-12) 6402
am a boy 20 years,i have many talents ,am good in engineering,i have no hope.always praying to God.please help me.am also good in computer
Posted by Fataow Issah (2013-02-21) 6420

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