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How to Become an Actor
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by Sarah Bennett
Most people believe that acting is all about exhibiting a natural, instinctive skill that you are born with and hold inside you. In reality, acting is actually a trait that can be stimulated and sharpened with the proper training. While thousands of actors work around the world on a daily basis, there are but a few exceptional actors, who by exhibiting their natural talents have made it big in tinsel-town. Do you have what it takes to be one of these exceptional actors? Do you have the determination and desire to give it your all to achieve your acting dreams, aspirations and goals? Or are you simply looking for a short cut, which will most likely lead to uncertainty and disappointment. If you are willing to stay focused and work hard, you can make it as an actor in showbiz. Read on, if you'd like to learn the practical steps you should take if you want to become an actor or actress.

It is good to have a formal education in acting and drama. There are many schools and universities where one can get trained in acting. If your quest for the theory on acting is insatiable, then there is the Master in Fine Arts for you. While such formal education in acting can teach you the fundamental acting techniques and even history, heritage, and acting traditions, nothing is more important and provides as much training as actually performing on stage in front of a live audience. Therefore, to truly complete your education, it is imperative you begin practicing and performing wherever and whenever possible.

You don't need to move to a major city to find outlets where you can practice and improve your acting proficiency. You can start acquiring your practical on-stage experience in your very own home town. There are plenty of opportunities to perform in community, school and church plays. Don't simply dismiss these plays as amateurish before you give them an honest try. You'd be surprised how many low-budget community and school plays are professionally produced. Plus, many local talent scouts regularly attend community theater productions since many will be friends with the theater's producers and directors. You'll also find it's simply great fun to part of theater or performance troop.

You may also try getting involved with your local college or universities' film or media department. You may not get paid, but you can get yourself on film which could be seen by other casting directors and talent scouts. Plus, you'll get a copy of the finished film that you can use as an audition demo video to send to talent agents.

Once you've decided to give acting in your local community theater a try, you'll of course need to know how to go about auditioning. Scan your local newspaper's entertainment or arts and leisure section for notices of open casting calls. Another simple and more direct way to track down audition information is to call the theater's ticket sales phone number and enquire about future auditions. Some other ways include searching the Internet and also trying to establish contacts in the local school or university where there may be open public auditions that are used for community outreach programs.

In spite of these efforts, if you are still not able to make it as a performer in the play, don't give up yet. Volunteer to help behind the scenes in roles like costume, set design or lighting as this may look good on your resume as creditable experience. It is interesting to note that many great actors started by working behind the scenes, so keep trying. (continued...)

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Reader Comments
i want to become a actress like ash
Posted by neha (2007-11-30) 7
Posted by danny valcarcel (2007-12-06) 9
I want to become an actress more than anything
Posted by Aisha Brown (2007-12-21) 14
hi i am scared i want to become an actor its th be st i i will become an actor but i keep looking at my self and saying i am ugly but its stupid and my mum keeps saying i have to take it 4 g.c.s.e but i dont want 2 b old and do acting how do i get were i wana be and i want a friend who knows all about it
Posted by kyle (2008-01-01) 17
kyle, just get a bt more confidence; it is essential to this career path and any others, too. Acting and performing has alot to do with self-confidence, and in order to have that you must have high self-esteem.
You shouldn't worry about age too much. I know it's hard to wait, but it will probably be easier if you do it after the GCSE,or maybe even after you're done school. If you want to act in films, they usually have private tutors on set, but it gets hard to keep up with schoolwork, because you're working days. While you're waiting, I'd suggest taking a drama class and acting in a play or two if you're not already. always keep your eyes open for opportunities, and grab them when you get them. they may not come straght away, but if you keep looking, you'll find one.
Posted by JAnin (2008-01-05) 18
hi i want to become an actor
Posted by Harsh Patni (2008-01-16) 24
i want to become an actor what will i do i am a guy of 19 yrs old i know how to act properly and i can play my role very well.pls i need your help
Posted by ikechi James Anulaobi (2008-02-06) 32
Hi, I would love to have a part in a T.V. sitcom or even a movie. I love acting. I would love it, to see my name in lights.
Posted by Casey Luther (2008-02-08) 36
Hi. I want to become an actress so much because I think it would be an awesome job and experience. I want to be like in episodic show or a movie.
Posted by Erin (2008-02-09) 37
hi i have been wanting to become an actor for sometime now and still are looking for work. i am 14 years old and was wondering if you could help me. many thanks
Posted by harri burbury (2008-02-10) 38
Hey there please help lol i have a GCSE in drama and would like to be a full time actor how do i got about making my next step any thin that could help please E-mail me with some answers would be appreciated.
Posted by Matt (2008-02-16) 40
i would like to be an Actor beacuse acting is not a want its a need for me :) I would like to star in Tv shows like Wizards of Waverly Place :) if your an agent looking for an actor just ask me. :)
Posted by Christopher Weeks (2008-02-19) 43
Hello the best think to become a actore is i thinks so thats what i fallow
think your self you are you, you acting do your best when your like 8 years old or lower or hight you can still do it i am 13 years old i always try'ed hard always i never gaved up if i gaved up thats it when your little do best in drama get highter lvl and better school i had a lvl 8 in drama and i got send to the acture school the hightest drama actore school mates. SAY TO YOUR SELF SAY THAT. I SHOULD NEVER EVER GIVE UP !!!!! keep trying!!!
Posted by MiniIce (2008-02-23) 49
hi im 13 is it to young to start acting i really want to but i dont kno how to start
Posted by dakota (2008-02-24) 50
When I was 7 years old my feelings were that the life is like a movie and I'm an actor play the role, now I'm 27 and still feeling that, still an actor, and wanna be an professional actor.God
Posted by ileos (2008-02-25) 52
Acting is my heartbeat, am currently seeking to attend a acting school, am already accepted, but I have to come up with $40.000.00 for tuition of two years, do you know organizations that sponsor the Arts. if you have any info please let me know
Posted by Jen Jen (2008-02-25) 53
im really shy, but i really want to do acting, so does my friend, but were too shy, and we dont know how to find auditions;and how to satrt in the acting business
Posted by chels (2008-02-25) 54
I have no experience but i am really good at acting and i don't know where i can find an agent with out getting scammed or conned for money.. Help me PLEASE
Posted by Rachel (2008-02-28) 59
I Wanna Be In Corro, Sad, I Knoo =[
Posted by Garyy Smithhhh (2008-02-28) 61
my name is bryton gore and i would like to qualify as an actor.i am 15 yrs old and have quite a few experience but if you give can use me in any script that you think is possible then im all yours,and i also want to be an actor because half of my family has a history of acting,people in my family like: ben vereen(chicken geroge),cedric simmons.
Posted by Bryton gore (2008-03-03) 63
my name is riya i am 13yrs old. i want to be an actress I CAN ACT , DANCE , & SING. I HAVE DONE 7 SCHOOL PLAY & 3 SCHOOL MUCILES . i want to be an actress because i dont now when i get on the stage .i just know i shod be there.
Posted by riya (2008-03-22) 69
I am a ten year old boy who wants to be an actor. I have attended the John Robert Powers acting academy and I know that something that is deap in my to do. I dont only want to do it for the money but I want to make people laugh.
Posted by Jacob Smith (2008-03-24) 72
hi my name i s mai doua vanng and im 13 going on 14 years old. it hasnt occured to me to become an actor when i was small. but as i was watching highschool musical 2 i started to want to be an actor. i dont want the money, but i just want to travel, make new friends, and have fun.
Posted by mai doua vang (2008-03-31) 74
Hi my names Alex,
People say i should act because of my funnyness. Acting is what i want to do though. Im struggling with acne. Will that effect my carrer? Im 14 years old, i want to be able to act on a show like Drake And Josh. HOW CAN I GET HELP????

Posted by Alex Russell (2008-05-06) 84
I became very perssionate about acting hwen I was just a little guy about 8 years old and upto now I still love acting wth a passion but I have never got the opportunity to auditon anywere or even acting though I have done very many stage performances especially in dancing and singing.If there is any opportunity for me to audition anywere or even get an opportunity to appear as an extra in any movie,I would be very greatfull.Please help me I want to meet my dream and fufill my talent.
Posted by MARVIN (2008-05-27) 93
hiim 12 and ive had a great passion for acting and i want to show it.
Posted by benny (2008-05-30) 95
I <3 Acting !!! =]
Posted by Lanloun (2008-06-07) 100
I have always wanted to act since the age of 4 and i am now 16.
Ive always felt that acting was my life. Im deep in love with acting and I know that I have talent. Ive been in this acting production for 3 years and I absolutely love it! I dont care about the fame, or the money. It comes from the heart, acting is so important to me. I can spend days watching movie and analyzing actors' perfomances and I study acting every day. My acting coach says that the first time he saw me act, he was blown away by my perfomance. He also said that I have a lot of talent and that I have the determination to audtion and to persue an acting career on television or on the big screen. But I live in a small town in the middle of nowhere. There are no acting agents in my town and if I tell my parents that acting is what I want to do in life. They'll just laugh at me.
Posted by Chloe (2008-06-26) 112
Acting is my love, my life, all I ever wanted to do, I know about plenty movies (Imdb.com) and plenty actors, I'm open to all kinds of movies, documentaries or plays. People have told me that just from a video I made, "Faggy Jason" on YouTube, that I should go to Hollywood. And nothing is gonna to get in the way of my dream of being a legendary Actor, after all I'm a 16 yr. old, mixed with lord knows what, gay male, I heard it all plus more, I'm ready for this.
Posted by Rossi Potts Jr. (2008-06-28) 114
hi, acting is about luck and who u kno....to be honest all of u shall and will fail so get a real qualification and save wasting money on drama schools that will hate you... get over yourselves.. mums
Posted by ACTOR FOR PROFFESSION-EALLLL (2008-07-03) 117
I am 13 and I think that I am fat and ugly.. or thats the way i feel when i look at the actress's in the movies and magazines... but it has been my dream scence I was 8. And I was hoping that someone could help me achive that dream...I would most definetly want to become and actress in one of the Disney movies like High School Musical!!.. so please help me!
Posted by Brittany Leighton (2008-07-05) 119
hi im ashley , im not afraid to be an actor im just doubting the fact that people wouuld like to see a bahamian do well and i have heard many comments please help me with my decision.---- oh and in twelve.
Posted by ashley moree (2008-07-16) 130
Hi Im israel campos and i Want 2 Become An Actor im 12 years old and i want 2 be in da disney channel with my own show but i heard that ican just find an agent that can represent me but its hard and my parents found a place for me to act but its 2 much money if an agent reads this or any one in the acting Bissnes Reads this Please Txt Me Back Any Tips
Posted by israel (2008-07-18) 136
hi my name is deshay and I'm 11 years old and I would like to
become a celebrity I can sing I can act and I would love
to be a actor
Posted by deshay (2008-07-23) 146
Hi this is deshay again and I really want to be on disney channle in the suite life of zack and cody.
Posted by Deshay (2008-07-23) 147
hey guys its shay I would like to say I am messing up in
math well like my times table like 6,7,8,9 because we just
start working on it in 5th grade and I'm repeating it and at
first I was doing grate and I thank its because of all the
nose in the classroom but if I get help than I may
get in my right grade please help me and if we
do meet I'm not big big but I do have a little fat
but I'm lossing it I'm working out and I have
hair on my head .. ps. write me later or call me
tonight or write tonight
Posted by shay shay (2008-07-23) 148
hi im 9 and im really good actor and a singer even though im nine its kinda weird
Posted by kiin (2008-08-01) 158
im an actress and i really enjoy it
Posted by shhh miley cyrus (2008-08-03) 162
hey im 20 years old female, i want to become a actor/musician. i would love to star in comedy shows or anything that has to do with comedy, becausee i tend to make people laugh with the way i react or just turn a bad mood into a laughable one. my family tells me i'd do good in acting, but where do i start? so if anyone out there can help or would want a person like me send me a message.
Posted by Taniah stephan (2008-08-06) 183
I am 16 years of age n i have a passion to become an actress.I am from the island Barbados n tryin to create an acting career here is close to imposible but i will not give up cause i am determine to reach my dream n goal.
Posted by Rasheda Primus (2008-08-15) 237
hello, i want to become an actress really bad. I need some help and advice for doing so. I one day i want to maybe become famous and act in movies and tv shows. I do the play in my school that we have each year. I enjoy doing it and i get better each year. Now i think i want to do something bigger and hopefully become even become famous. Could you help me out by doing so? I would fully appreciate if you would do so. Thank you very much.
Posted by Stefani (2008-08-16) 245
i am a 13 yr old girl that all i want to do is act but my parents wont help me but on my own i try to get better and all that stuff
Posted by nikki (2008-08-24) 285
i am verrrrrrrrrrrrry passionate about acting, and i want to become an actor. i know it is hard but not impossible. i will not give up and soon you will see me in hollywood.
Posted by kamal (2008-09-09) 351
Posted by DJ NIGHT REX (2008-09-20) 382
Posted by DJ NIGHT REX (2008-09-20) 384
Been in black light a couple of school plays now I'm taking an art center in an Edmonton screen scripting for theater's. I have a 16-year-old kid. I am interested in getting an acting career. But no singing. Or dancing. Something like soap opera or Star Trek.or scary movies.
Posted by sherry (2008-09-25) 412
I love acting, its so much fun, and also a lot of work. I've been cast as one of the extras, int he New movie Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen... And I've been call back to audition for a few tv shows as well...
Posted by Anna (2008-09-26) 416
I would love to be an actor I am a male my birth was:1997/august/15th. I always wanted to be an actor and meet some people I don't know. I have enough of self esteem and good sense of humor. I was mostly told by my mom I can act so good. I'm not saying that my mom forced me to act but, I think I would be a good actor too I've been waiting for so long to be an actor since, I was 4 years old.
Posted by Kyle Duggan (2008-10-03) 446
I would love to make that jump into movies i have been trained in theater and was a Drama club kid in high school. The only thing i would like to know is how to make it i love acting and want to make it my career and life but i think the bad thing is i live in Ohio. I would really love it if i could get some help!!!!
Posted by Taz Mayle (2008-10-15) 478
please......please......please!!!let me be an actor i seem young but im really good at acting in romance and lot of thing you want me to do i will do it.you will be happy to have me if you just let me be an actor just please i will follow direction,have fun an be the best actor i can.so just please give me a chance to show you guy how much you will want to have me.oh yeah im 13 year old by the way i hope that not a problem.
Posted by mike muangvong (2008-10-17) 485
i want 2 becom a actor becoz i am intrested and i have that talent what actor should have so can u plz and i have nice persnolity so plz give chance 2 become
actor in Kannada serials
Posted by vijaykumar (2008-10-24) 495
I'm a good singer and i want to play Disneys Channel's film like:
the suite life of zack and code or Hanna montana...
I wanna play because i want people to know who i'm really are!
And I want to be a famous actris plz...
I was born in 1994 in USA but know I live in Indonesia for 2 more years...

Posted by Diana (2008-10-25) 499
Hi I'm Harrison and i've always wanted to be an actor since I was 9 now I'm 14 and I've had some chances when I was younger but I got stage fright in the audition and that agency ended up being bogus I guess. I want I know whether I should start soon or around adulthood like 17-19.Anyway I would realy like to become a at least amateur actor,but hopefully find by big break,like a regular on a sitcom when deserve it. I just need some ground to start off with, I don't have anything to put on my resume but am willing to learn and gain expirience from other actors.
Thank You.
Posted by Harrison Kennedy-Lewis (2008-10-27) 507
ive wanted to act since i was like 7, im 15 now & its the only thing i can imagine myself doing. im at grade 7 in my lamda exams & im taking drama as a gcse. i Started a Drama School last september & Really Enjoyed It but Over the last couple of months ive been getting more & more shy & i keep messing things up. i NEED to get my confidence back so i can go to auditions.
Posted by Liv Gutteridge (2008-11-03) 522
You dont just become and actor because you want to be rich and famous, you do it because you love to act.
Posted by bob rawdreegez (2008-11-09) 535
acting is light work. naa meann??
Posted by jose (2008-11-17) 579
im 12 going on 13 in march and i love to sing and act i really wt to be famous i think its the best for my mom and brother and sister we really need this in our lives
Posted by sadia (2008-11-20) 594
Hi everyone i would love to be in a movie playing a big roll because i am talented. Im a very good listener and a fast learner. I could take whatever you throw at me but i live in a very small town with nothing to do (acting wise) and i dont know how to get started so please if you can help me please do. : )
Posted by jessica cooper (2008-11-25) 619
Guys, if you want to be famous, you gotta start off small. I mean, i'm 14 and very passionate about acting, but I know that 99% of the actors aren't famous at all. I would never act to become famous, and the liklihood of that happening to anybody, regardless of talent, is extremely low. Plus, if you want to be an actor on stage, even though its kind of sad, you gotta have good looks...
Posted by Pepe (2008-12-01) 629
Correction, if you want to be an actor on screen, you gotta have good looks
Posted by Pepe again (2008-12-03) 638
Hi my name is arnold and i love acting im a good listener
and a fast learner. I wanna be an actor because i love movies and i always
thought of it since i was a kid plz contact me on my e-mail
Posted by Arnold (2008-12-06) 647
I understand that this kind of work can be near impossible to get in to, but I do have what it take's. I'm not asking for a hand out, I'm just asking for a chance. If I could somehow be observed by someone deeply involved in acting than I can assure any casting director that, this is all that I would need. I'm still 19 right now, but time is passing me by. I can listen, and if it's actually needed, I can learn. I will give anything at all for just a chance. If any casting director does not like me than they will lose nothing, but a few moment's of their time. Please give me a chance to prove that I am what I truly believe that I am...
An actor.

Posted by Mike LanZer (2008-12-13) 660
I am 16 years old and have recently discovered my love for acting. Tom hanks is my idol, i think he is truly the greatest figure in cinema. I dont sing, but people tell me that i'm pretty good at acting. I am more funny than i am serious, but that can be worked on. (irrelevant: i can juggle!!!! i just learned 2 days ago!!!!!! how awsome? it's just another part of my goofy personality.) i hope to make a career out of acting someday. it is truly my passion, along with making videos, writting, drawing, and playing basketball. why am i even typing this? i have no earthly clue. thanx for reading.......if this even gets read. ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!! cya!!!
Posted by Tiff (2008-12-16) 684
oh...wait....is this like an application to become an actor? i have been reading the previous comments, each one begging for a chance at the biz and screaming in bold lettere I'M REALLY TALENTED AND WANNA BE FAMOUS!!!!!!!! It would be nice to be famous, but would probably get old with time. I like acting just because it's fun.....that's it.....it's just fun. Any other reason to become associated with the biz is useless. Get into it because it's fun. If you just wanna be famous, you could always throw your shoe at President George W. Bush!!! ha ha ha.....but seriously, i enjoy the thrill i get when people laugh and clap after i have performed a little monologue for my drama class. Again, it's just fun. Don't jump into it for other reasons. "Once you find something that you enjoy, God will make a way for you to persue it. And that's your calling." (that sounded really good)ha ha ha ha
Posted by Tiff (2008-12-16) 685
i really wanted to become an actress since i was two but i couldn't finda a way to become on and its really making me sad so if u know how then please tell me
Posted by Jeresha (2008-12-23) 706
my name is ashley keith im 14 currently liveing in parma ohio all my life i have watched tv shows and dreamed one day i will be on that channel i am currently preforming in my schools dramaclub we are going to the the musical west side story and i have been emailing people so i could maybe try out for a commercial or tv show or movie or somthing i am a pretty good actor and hoping to get a part in somthing soo please write me back
Posted by ashley keith (2008-12-24) 709
Don't you know you are supposed to be writing to acting buisesses or celebrities? They can help you and get auditions and tryouts. Even if you aren't chosen, you'll STILL be famous! (But please don't use them just for their limelight!)
Posted by Ashley Bowen (2009-01-04) 824
Hi I am 12 about to be 13 on January 25 2009 and I was wondering if I could be discovered as an actor in a movie or t.v. show. But I don't know where you guys are located but I live in Alabama. I don't have any experience with acting but my family says that I act all the time. And I do sing but I don't know if I am any good I think I am though but please reply back to me!!:-)
Posted by Allison Wright (2009-01-06) 842
If you don't have experience, you should become a movie extra. No Experience Required! That's the best way to get experience and build your resume. It's also the best way to get Discovered! Check out Moviex.com for more information.
Posted by Robert (2009-01-09) 850
honey i feel for you. its hard in the business but if you push through the first couple of years it will be easier.
just listen to me! i sound so silly. im trying to become an actor too. thats just what im asuming. im good at these kind of assumptions. ;P
Posted by alexx (2009-01-16) 881
Posted by aasma poudel (2009-01-17) 883
To all you guys who have posted that you wanted to become "Famous Actors"...GOODLUCK!!! First I would like to let u know that I myself am pursuing an acting career and I should tell u that its a bad idea to get into anything with that frame of mind,bcuz u'll only b setting urself up for failure.Do it for the love and not for the fame...Be true to urselves guys,and goodluck in ur acting careers.
Posted by Arnyzy (2009-01-17) 888
i really want to become an actress.i hear you have to get an agent but i don't know how to start. i have no experience in anything but i'm surely good at acting!people tell me that and the resume is the hardest i mean u have to have experience right?i don't know what to do.i'm a thirteen yr old girl who wants to make this dream come true but first i need help.i guess the first thing i need is acting classes!
Posted by Stephanie (2009-01-26) 933
hey i would love to be an actor i just need a walkthrough of how to do so. oh ya, and i dont know if this may help but i live in regina sask. in canada. if you can help, please help.

Posted by matthew (2009-01-28) 941
Posted by MOKETE VINCENT MOLEFE (2009-02-05) 969
guess what if want to become an actress if live in ca thats good u can go to LA!


Posted by kenna (2009-02-05) 970
Posted by c.cris (2009-02-14) 1010
I really want to be an actor and i need help and tips so can you please help me? Please e-mail me thanks. rico
Posted by rico (2009-02-15) 1013
i want to act i am funny and cute.people say im a realy good at acting.
Posted by rubi lopez (2009-03-01) 1074
hmm so many petie things of people asking to be a star right? Well i have always wanted to be a preformer. I feel the best form of acting is probabley via stage work.If you can do that then flim will be esay compared to that. Even if getting in the flim itself is difcult. If you want to be an actor then hear this most actors don't make it big. Me i don't care about that i just want to act. So before you set you'r heart on acting think. Do you want the fame? or do you just want to entertain and preforme?
Posted by The truth (2009-03-05) 1097
I'am 12 years old, and I love seeing other adults and kids act,In the past few years I've had the Idea of becoming an kid actor. I've looked at loads of comments and Q's on the Internet on how to become an actor. I was wondering if theres anyone who could give me some advice on how to become a kid actor.
Posted by Mason (2009-03-08) 1109
I'm 28yrs love acting and dreaming everyday that my dream will come true.is any 1 can help me 2 fullfill my dream
Posted by Angel (2009-03-20) 1170
I am 22 yrs old and I have always been interested in acting. It isnt the money or the glamour that draws me in, it is being able to become someone that you are not. Feeling things that you would not be able to feel doing any regular job. When I watch a movie or television show or even read a book I can become each character and feel what it is that they are feeling and I want to be able to portray those feelings myself and be able to become each part that I am givin the opportunity to play. I havent went to school to be an actor, I havent been acting any plays around town because I do not live in a town where much of that happens. I dont know if it is too late for me to fulfil my dream or not but I really hope not because as each day goes by my hope to fulfil my dream gets larger. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank You
Posted by Greg (2009-04-05) 1247
i really want to become an actor. i know you hear that day in day out but it's differant for me. i live in a deprived neighbourhood and i am, i hold my hands up, mixing with the wrong kind of people, so i think acting is a escape clause. i've not long left in school, around a month to be precise, and i have been looking at the college courses but when you have a reputation like mine it's mentally tough to find the courage. all other acting school's i've looked at outside of my city require tuition's and, like i said, i live in a deprived neighbourhood, so i can't afford to attend. is there any way the government or charity organizations help? or is there anyone i could talk to to help me? any information will be great! thanks
Posted by anthony (2009-04-12) 1286
im called nabeel and im 16. i really love acting and i think im able to act.
Posted by nabeel (2009-04-14) 1298
i dont believe in any of this. Because most of the actors i personally talk to, just got what they wanted because they tried. You dont have to take classes, read books or get an agent. It all on trying hard and believing. just believe in yourself have a good headshot and keep yourself clean... Just try and belive.
Posted by Fagorea (2009-04-17) 1313
I always wanted to be an actor.that had been my dreams . having friends that are actors it is amzaing.I alway wanted to express myself.

Posted by mel (2009-04-17) 1317
hala i'm the actor i realy need help through casting agencies or drame group and i have something special wich is not there in south african dramas and soupies
Posted by tshepo (2009-04-29) 1363
just wanted to be actor and put all my mind on it please help me
Posted by benitomontesdeoca saya (2009-04-30) 1365
I would like to be a actress always wanted to. Im 18 and afican american and hungarian. Im 5'5 and average weight. im a really good listener and i can learn roles very fast. Im from staten island NY i really want a shot at this. Thanks
Posted by Ebony S (2009-05-05) 1411
get a Agent!! that is how i became one.
Posted by nadia (2009-05-10) 1440
hi im veriah im fourteen years old im 5'4 and im average weight, and ever since i can remember i always wanted to be an actor, i want to show my skills and i want to show i can be worthy for everyone and help everyone by shining my light........ I really want to be an actor, please help my dream come true
Posted by veriah (2009-05-20) 1471
hi i'm sabrina and i'm almost 13 years old. i reallllllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy want to be an actress. the hard thing is that i can't find an agent in the Washington, D.C. area. i have talent. if any agents, directors, producers, casting directors etc. are reading this pointers or refrences to anyone in my area would be greatly appreciated. i have a passion for acting like you don't even know! i am interested in film and television productions.

please respond!!!
thank you,
sabrina :)
Posted by sabrina (2009-06-03) 1528
hello well right now im in an film&&media accadamy class(;
&&nddd let me just sayy there pretty damn fun i would love to become an actor im really interestedd in horror movies andd i just love to be in a horror movie i can play a serious role andd a funny one as well i have a dream to one day take my parents to the movies andd they can see that i worked hard to get on the screen and i followed my dream to become an actor well thank you for your time and i hope i get a hearing back .
thank you for your time.

- christian
Posted by Christian Benitez (2009-06-03) 1534
im 16 years old
if any agents or anything is out there please let me know i will try my hardest ot become what i always wantedd to be thank you
Posted by christian benitez (2009-06-03) 1535
I'm 16 and a junior in high school never acted, but I'm very good at making people laugh and i was thinking of doing stand up/ Acting/ improv for starters and getting my name out. Me and my family are low on income I'm not looking at acting as a way out, its just that i have a desire for some reason to act. I have no previous experience in acting. I'm new to this game. But is it to late to start at 16? Ive done my homework and i see that most "actors" are born with middle class parents who can afford acting lessons and taking them all over to make their kids known. My mom and sis are all i have. And we have trouble making it. But through our odds we're making it. Also say i did get it, my family cant move to Hollywood or New York. If your in a low income family then what happens were do you go? Anyway I'm in band right and i play the drums i was going to change one of my electives to drama class. And beginning my career their. Before i wanted to be an actor i wanted to be a doctor or a video game designer. I figure that if i had to choose between those i should choose the one ill most enjoy. So what if you were in my shoes. what would you do?

P.S. this letter is to help me figure out what i should do and thank you for your time.

Posted by Michael Young (2009-06-19) 1612
I'm twelve years old and am really desperate to become an actor/musician, but I have very low self-esteem and confidence. Are their any things you might suggest to help with my self - esteem / confidence problem?
Posted by Leanne Stanfield (2009-06-22) 1629
hi my name is nour mohamed manoun im 14 years old i borned on june 24 in the 1995,im lebanese girl i live in lebanon in tyre,please help me to be an actor
Posted by nour manoun (2009-06-26) 1660
Hi :)
Im 12 years old and i've always wanted to be an actress ever since i was 6 years old. I do have confidence in myself and its something that i have always wished to be. The only problem there seems to be is that i really dont know where to go audition. I even traveled to New York to pursue my career. I also need to know where to get an agent and i already took acting lessons back in San Diego. Can you help me find where to go and how i can get an agent please.
Posted by Fatima (2009-07-03) 1720
i want to become an actress but why do you have to pay for signing up? i don't want to pay; i thought you get payed for acting not you paying for acting??? if anyone knows where to apply for being an actress
Posted by Cassie (2009-07-21) 1803
Hi! I want to become an actress or a singer it has been my dream for a while... but I' scared to tell my parents i asked my mom about singing one time but she just brushed me off...... I don't know what to do!!! I'm 11 years old and live in Georgia!!!
Posted by lizzy (2009-07-29) 1857
My name is Wes and alot of people tell that i would be a good actor, and have been for years. I can play an athelete, the bad guy, drug dealer etc..........
Posted by Wes (2009-08-03) 1885
hi my name is noah i am nine years old.Every christmas Eve night we do a play and every on says you were the best.I am to shy to ask my mom and dad to get a acting agent for disney channle what should i do my emial addres is noahvt at yahoo.com.please tell me what to do
Posted by noah (2009-08-17) 1977
i want to be an actor and maybe get a part in breaking dawn? there are supposed to be alot of vampires from all different covens and it would be grat to be one.
Posted by Jeremiah Turiaga (2009-08-17) 1978
hi my name is aurora im 12 years old. I'm deaf and im really want to become an actor in any movies. what should i do?
please tell me what to do.
Posted by aurora frias (2009-09-01) 2037
I am 13. I have been in one play. I'm not sure if I could get an agent. I am willing to do whatever it takes. I have wanted to do this since I was 6. I am homeschooled and can no longer be in plays at school. I was going to go to college, but I don't want to wait. I want to do it now. Is there anyway for me to do this without going to college first? If you can help me or know someone who could help me please do so. Thank You.
Posted by Cami Taylor (2009-09-02) 2041
I really would like to become an actor i just don't no how or where to start i have looked everywhere on the internet but i can not find anything if anyone no's something please let me no as it as allways been a dream of mine since i was 5 and i am now 13 going on 14 soon Thank you so much : )
Posted by Bethany (2009-09-02) 2042
i loveeeeeeeee acting ever since i was 4 i wud act in front of my parents and also now that im 12 and i go to middle school in my electives i wud choose drama but i wud never get it =[ i really want to act in my favorite show wizards of waverly place =] i am always acting if theres a show i wud ask to be in it i have like a passion for acting the only thing is that im a little shy.... but if it was for acting i wud so just do it any ways i hope u choose me. p.s please choose meee.
Posted by dorthy (2009-09-03) 2045
i m 17 what can i say about it i m a natural actor with good looks,nice attitude,i have performed 3 shows with my school my idols are daniel craig, will smilth... i just want to see my self as an actor in future inshallah but i dun know from where to start i m full of confidene n i m just looking forward to finish my school then after that go in modelling stream... if you can help me out pleasee....
Posted by ehsan (2009-09-19) 2102
Hi I am Dallas Branham. I am going to be 16 on December 6th. I go to a small school in Ayersville Ohio, so I am not given the chance to show off my talents. Being an actor means EVERYTHING to me. It has been my dream for quite sometime. Making great music/being in a movie is GREAT publicity....but it's not everything. I also enjoy acting and singing. So the fame is not everything to be an actor. Oh well, I will never get it. I am so depressed now...HAHAHA GOT YOU...see I just ACTED that I am a depressed person when actually, I am a very excited and preppy person. Well...If anyone knows any Talent Agents or something, could you PLEASE contact me and let me know?...I have myspace. So just search me on there...Later people! =]
Posted by Dallas Branham (2009-09-24) 2119
hiya i am 16 years old looking to be and (martial arts)! movie star or stunt dbl, well something to do with action, i am fit and i do tae-kwon-do i have for two, going on for three years now. I know that isn't a very long time but i am willing and i can learn swiftly if it is necessary. I have never dona acting, but i am pretty good at impersonations, people say, like i said i am willing to harder than hard, if that's possible:)
Posted by Timothy hunter (2009-09-26) 2123
will you help me become an actor
Posted by salena rhodes (2009-10-13) 2142
hi, My name is Jacob Dazey,

I'm 27 yrs old and looking find an agent for my job. I want be become an actor trying my best in my life. I m really want like 3 to 4 times cuz I always love kinda of HORROR. I will follow your word and how to play on move. I would like to listen on you say.. I can learn more a lot in the movie.. Im deaf and can feeling a thing I can. It is an imporant to look, ear, smell and else I do. I am skilling a breakdrancing, mime, flip back, and anyway i can.. I would like to do it more than FEAR... I always good talent my face move a diffenert you would see me do.. I want become work full time. I m proud of deaf my life and try my best . I have a lot collection HORROR movies dvd that is my favorite.......

please writie to back to me

Thanks you
Jake Dazey....... V
Posted by Jacob (2009-10-22) 2154
hello, my name is everett ball i have been really intersated in becoming a movie actor for years now. im only 15 yrs old but i believe ur never to young to become a actor. this is my dream n i want to follow my dreams and reach my goal i havent had lots of expericences yet through my piont of view and many other say im talented at what i do and i am willing to go through all hardships and sacfrices to fullful my dream in acting im a quick learner and i am determined to become a star on the big screen i need some help to make it there but i have no clue how to please help fulfil my dream thank you
Posted by Everett Ball (2009-10-23) 2155
hi i want to become a actor!
Posted by daniel (2009-10-25) 2159
um, dont think this will work,
but hey want to become an actor.
no experience, no nothing, but there's nothing wrong with trying if i'm going to give my all
Posted by capacheno (2009-10-28) 2162
hello, My name is Ashley i have a passion for acting i've never really been into acting as much as i am now, My mom tryed to get me into going on barney at the age of 6 but my mom said i didn't want to do it and so she just forgot about it. But now i wish i would've because i probably would of become something big. i am now 13 years old and live in a small town in North Carolina. I'm not really for sure how to start off to becoming an actress. i haven't done any school plays or church plays. I was in a church youth play at my church but we ended up not doing it for some reason. Anyways i don't care about the money or fame or anything i just want to live my dream and be who i want to be. I just need to know how to get started. If you would please let me know i would apperciate it so much.
Posted by ashley caroline (2009-10-29) 2165
hi! i am a mas communoication student and as that i get lot of opportunities to show the worm of acting in my college and now i have got a nice list of contacts of celebs. I bet and i wear if u want to get going in the field of acting being a student of mass communication really helps.
Posted by DEBLEENA (2009-11-07) 2174
hi my name is nicole and i am very fond of acting.i am 14 and I played as a charecter in romeo and juliet in 7th grade, and in 8th grade was in anouther play...i dont recal the name...as the main lead. This year, our high school is doing the musical a christmas carol and i am playing as the ghost of christmas past. later in the year, i will be trying out fora part as one of the 7 sisters in the musical seven brides for seven brothers. if you could give me more info on getting more oppertunities like thesse that would be great. :) many thanks
Posted by Rebecca Peterson (2009-11-20) 2195
i wat to but i cant afford to go to an acting schol

Posted by maria (2009-11-24) 2202
Hi my name is Ricky,

I've always been interested in this area, I've always had that urge to give it a go but I've never had that confidence to go for it, however recently I've realised I'm never going to be content unless I give it a go. I just need more self confidence and earn some qualifications that would be looked highly upon, however I'm 19 years old and not too sure how to go about it, I've looked into local acting schools etc, so I was just looking for some additional advice if possible :)

Many thanks,
Posted by Ricky P (2009-11-29) 2211
Hello my name is Andre and I love to act, I have no acting experience but I hope to gain that with this site. I always dreamed of being an actor or singer but never thought i would be attemping to pursue it I hope that this site can help me get my career started
Posted by Andre (2009-11-29) 2214
i love emily jean perkins. i have always wanted to be up onstage with her. i love acting. it makes me feel like a totally different person, i could be whoever i want and no one can stop me. its like i have multiple personalities. i have this sexy southern drawl and then i could turn right around and can be this totally civilized english girl. im only 13 but i believe i hav e a chance to be with emily perkins onstage and goofing aroud offset.
Posted by emilyperkinslover (2009-12-02) 2224
my mommy tells me im famous in her eyes(:
hahaa. i just wana be famous so me and tayor lautner can be in a movie together
team taylorr!
Posted by ashley cantey (2009-12-02) 2227
IH my name is curtis redmond and i wanted to be an actor all my life. and im raedy to do any thing to be come an actor.
Posted by Curtis Redmond (2009-12-03) 2228
Hi, my name is Anastasia, but people call me Stacy...I'm 18 years old and I am really interested in acting! Acting is my thing. I used to act in school when i was 15 but then i wanted to do it again. so can you please help me.
Posted by Anastasia (2009-12-08) 2233
Hi Im Tyius garviso I will become an actor and movie star intill May 3rd 2010 To be a stsr to become one and I will get Imcoming Perfect get filmed And i will Be come a star by the time Im 13 will become a star.
Posted by Tyius Garviso (2009-12-08) 2234
Hello, we have all heard the phrase "its never too late"? I just turned 44 yrs old. I want to break into the acting business. I want to be an actor! My mission plan is to attain an acting coach, attend as many work shops as i can and get my name in as many circles as possible? I will audition for any non-paying gigs as I can... My question is how many actors/actresses started at my age and suceeded or are well known
Posted by Richard (2009-12-09) 2235
I have not had time to read war and peace but im sure this is longer

anyway the couple of sentences i read were brilliant (the name is because i dont want any strangers knowing my real name)
Posted by Dudeskin664 (2009-12-15) 2240
I've always wanted to be an actor, the money part never occured to me until now, I'm thirteen years old and would love to become one, but my parents think I've always wanted to be a teacher. I'd love to be a teacher but would rather be an actor-or writer. I was raised not to be conceited or think I'm superior to anyone, but aso to follow my dreams and hve confidence. I cant tell you how good I am because I honestly dont know, confindence is something I don't have a lot of, for fear that I will come off as concieted but I know that I can have confidence-I just need to know if i really can do this. Thats all.
Posted by icanttellyou (2009-12-20) 2243
hi i am Mohamed from Algeria my dream is to be an actor i am just 17 plz answer me

Posted by the lord Baouta (2009-12-23) 2245
hi my name is rohan n m jus 18 i m from a small town in india.............i always wanted to be an actor ......i believe that i have got few exceptional skills in acting n can do really well at it ......i m gone be really hinest i hav never acted in any play or skit in my life , my parents are also nt very supportive n do not encourage me taking acting as my career so i opted to become an enginner but i still dont want to giv up my dream of becoming an successful actor plz plzp lz plz pzl plz plz plz plz plz do reply
Posted by rohan (2009-12-26) 2253
hey i know nothing comes for free without sweating out for it but there got to be someway in which i can make it big in short time i do have talent i got extraodinary acting skills .....giv me a solution in which i can achieve maximum in little time n i m really talented m serious plz reply
Posted by invincible (2009-12-26) 2254
hey.. i'm a blk n rican sexy guy in virginia. i just recently got out of the navy. i'm looking to become an actor. please contact me..
Posted by Jose (2009-12-29) 2260
i have acted since i was 9 in school plays and i was with a group called Gospel Rocky for 2 years but my father said that i had to stop acting we went all over the country it was amazing and i want to get back into acting but i dont know how Please i need some help xoxo
Posted by Dani x (2010-01-02) 2276
hi i'm 15 years old and i really wanna be an actor so please can somebody help me
Posted by lussi (2010-01-03) 2280
I want to become an actor to meet my favorite actors and to act and save up for later in life.
Posted by Lance (2010-01-03) 2281
I want be an actor and new creative movie
Posted by Crazy (2010-01-06) 2288
ok so i am 13 and i am acting in a middle school play as the lead female part the play is a remix of roxane i really love it and hope to become and actreess some day, my play directory brags about my acting skills all the time and i have gotten many compliments on my looks aswell do you think i could make it in the acting world

Posted by julia (2010-01-16) 2305
i really want to become an actor someone please help!
Posted by kanaan (2010-01-30) 2318
I'm a Filipino-American that was raised as an infant by an all black family in an all black neiborhood and was raised as such,with all the characteristics of a black man except my features which is of course Asian.I have never met anyone like myself in my 43yrs. of living and when people hear me speak I always see the heads turn.I always felt like a natural actor all my life and always wanted to be a professional actor.I'm a quick learner and believe with all my heart I can make it big and be an asset to anyone that's willing to invest in helping ole' Tone Tone Taylor find his way
Posted by Anthony Taylor (2010-02-02) 2322
Hello. My name is Roy. I'm only 24 years old and I would like to become a outstanding actor in my heart. Even though I didn't take drama class in high school, but I want to be a serious actor. If I do anything, I can do comedy. Because I would like to make people laugh so much, they would like to get their money's worth just like the Three Stooges in their days. Can you please help me about becoming a serious actor? Because I want this to be a once-in-a-lifetime career.
Posted by Roy Capel (2010-02-10) 2340
Hi my name is heavenly and i love to act i wanted to be an actress ever since i was 3 and now im 10 and still want to act. I know i will be the best one out there because acting is my life and soul and the chance i get i will take so PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME BECOME A GREAT ACTRESS.
Posted by Heavenly (2010-02-11) 2342
I want to become an actress I think that I am going to make my dream a reality because I work hard in my drama class . I hope that I become an actress because I want to make novelas and movies . I want to help a lot of people that are homeless and little kids that don;t have homes.
Posted by karina (2010-02-16) 2354
HEY what do i do to become an actor
Posted by KEYONIA (2010-02-22) 2386
i always wanted to be on tv and get famous and rich but i dont know how
Posted by Ashley (2010-02-22) 2388
Hi My name is Richard Hostler, I live in Hoopa California. I will love to become a movie actor, I had some experience in some ways But in 2008 I started a Indian Film Insitute for the Stop the violence and someday I will love to join in the big Movie actor because my dream is to be a star. I hope you'll guys will consider me as a actor.
Posted by Richard Curtis Hostler (2010-02-22) 2389
Hi i really wanna become an actor
like Comedy And Horror Movies!!!! its My Dream!!!
I Really Would Spend My Whole Intire Life Doing This... I Hope This Will Go Good For Me :D
Posted by Tianna Frank (2010-02-23) 2394
I want to be an actor its my only dream to have many different roles in life and play people in movies and see my name on a movie. There are no chances for me. I cant audition, I only dream one day i will have a chance, to become a star, and give entertainment to people all around. If there are any chances out there for me i will search for them, but yet i am only twelve. I wish someone could see this and help me in my dream to become an actor
Posted by Oliver (2010-03-01) 2404
Hi I'm tharius Lutor lebeaux. I love to play on stage. My one experince was at my school in a wizard of oz play. Please pick me. I wear glasses. I can be mostly played as a character for a nerd mostly. But i can play other characters. So please. send me amessge right away.

thank you
Posted by Tharius LeBeaux (2010-03-07) 2414
Hi am Tharius LeBeaux. I really want to be an actor please pick me. I love acting. Please I'm very wanting to be an actor. I know everyone else wants to. I can play mostly in my character a nerd. But I can play other people. My hopes and dreams are in your hands. I'm in honors too!!! Please pick me.
Posted by Tharius LeBeaux (2010-03-11) 2421
Hi I would love to be an actor. Please pick me. I'm 12. thank you
Posted by Tharius LeBeaux (2010-03-11) 2422
My name is Sabin(19) and i'm from Brussels ..I want to become a professional actor, this is my biggest dream.. i'm studying the architecture on HighSchool..my question is: do i have to study something special to become a professional actor and where should i go for this? I swear i'm ready to do everything for my dream..help me please
Thank you very much.
Posted by Sabin (2010-03-16) 2428
Anyone that is interested in being an actor should go to www.aaronspeiser.com

It is the best acting school in Los Angeles.
Posted by Lauren R (2010-04-11) 2472
Hello, I am James Parman i am 13 ,
i do acting,dancing,& or singing . . .
i have been acting since 6 . singing
since 5 & dancing since 7 i can
do musical theatre or any other genre.
so please message me if you think
i am to young or what,...

best regaurds,
James Parman
Posted by james parman (2010-04-15) 2478
I don't like scrolling through hundreds of comments in all caps asking for acting jobs. I seriously doubt that the author wants to read every single post and then contact them one by one. Just sayin'

Good article btw. I like it.
Posted by Sid S. (2010-04-21) 2489
Hiya I wanna be an actress because I love acting and I think I was born for it and I live in ashton which is a small town and I need help some could any off you guys give me some advice and point me in the right direction of life? x please help x
Posted by Trishna (2010-04-30) 2497
I will act so I want to be famous

I love it
Posted by stefy (2010-05-04) 2503
im 16 and want to become an actor. I havent ever done acting but my heart is set on it.
And i no i wan to do it. and dont no what i need to do to become a tv actor please help me i want this so much.
Posted by connor (2010-05-05) 2506
pero"" lahat naman ng nangangarap kung gusto nyo po maging isang artista gawin nyo po lahat lahat wag po kayo maging oa wag po kayo mahihiya na ipakita ang inong talento dapat gawin nyo di bawat salita nyo wag lang puro pangarap dapat kumilos din kayo kung gusto nyo maging artista e di mag audition kayo gaya ko kasu di ko kapalaran pumasok sa ganyang trabaho kaya ako sa inyo kung malapit naman din kayo sa isang talent search gaya ABS CBN OR GMA network mag auaudition ako hanggang san man ang kakayanan ko kaya dapat un gawin nyo mag aral muna ng mabuti bago pumasok sa isang showbizbussines
Posted by arthur (2010-05-12) 2519
I have always wanted to be an actress, but never have had the courage to do so, but my heart is definatly set on this.
My personality is very bubbly, i have loads of friends so am a very compatible person, and acting is where i can express in ways i don't normally, it make me feel like a better sort of person.
Posted by Charley (2010-05-15) 2525
I need to have an interview with someone who has experiance in acting or knows a lot about it for my language arts class project.So if anyone can help me that'll be great.!
Posted by dario (2010-05-19) 2540
Hey my name is Garrett Gatz. I'm a great actor and I don't worry when people watch me. I've been acting for a while now, and I'm 13 years old. I'm looking for a part in anything whatsoever if you have any info let me know please.
Posted by Garrett (2010-05-20) 2546
I have got my mind locked on being an actress no mader how old i am. I LOVE acting it's one of my favourit things to do.I also so Dance I'v done 1 big show in front of 300 to 400 people. it wasn't hard it's so FUN.
Daning is my passion to i'v been daning since i was little and also doing acting for only 5 months and already making a progress. BUT there is 1 thing! I get so nervouse that i forget what i am going to do next. It's hard to work on being none nervouse!
But i am way better now and i am not going to forget about my determination. I am 16yrs old and love to everything outside and also inside
Posted by Rachy (2010-05-25) 2557
everybody want to be an actor wif this kind of competition how do i distinguish myself from other actors?
Posted by charles okocha (2010-05-27) 2560
im so confused right i dont even no how im supposed to get started with my acting career and i have no idea how im supposed to explain it to my parents if anybody has any good advice pleas email me i could really use the help. anybody thats in my position i wish you all the best of luck
Posted by kaitlin hanold (2010-06-06) 2578
Ive always wanted to become and actor slash singer slash dancer...but for now...i just want to act and sing. my grandmother and my mom and pretty much my whole family says that im really artistic and smart and intelegent...and beautiful,and amazingly charming and sooo cute..ok so i exaderated a little....but they do say that im capable of putting my mind and soul into what i love doing.and to be honest , i think their right...ever since i was little,i wanted to open my mind...i luv to act...since my grandmother calls me a disney character...and she soo right....b cause thats who i am...and no one will ever change that... i luv to write dark poems,read,sing,im a cheerleader,dance,draw...and i absolutely love to make my own muvies on muvie maker ...its funny i know....i know that i writting too much, but if i want to be famous..then i have to speak my mind...i cant put my own videos on youtube like how justin bieber got his career....because i dont have a camera and even if i did it still wouldt work...o well i gues im just going to do it this way :) thanq for listening and being therteen...its sort of every girls dream to become famous
Posted by C@rrie (2010-06-22) 2605
Hi, my name is oscar torres and i am 14 years old trying to be an actor and really hoped you can help me. I have always dreamed of being an actor but i dont know how? Please and Thank you.
Posted by Oscar (2010-07-07) 2630
i really want to be an actor but ive only decided this at 12 and have no expereince is it to late.
I think i can be a really good actor if i boost my confidence and work hard. The problem is my town dosn't really have much acting oppurtunities but i will still try do u have any ideas and i'm from australia the closest city is perth
Posted by Ash (2010-07-12) 2635
i want to be a actor so i dont have to worry about my mom given me an alowence
Posted by Brian Washington (2010-07-27) 2649
i believe someday i will become an actor
Posted by Ben (2010-08-03) 2657
Hi, my name is Sarah and I know i have what it takes to be a actor i'm 13 years old and i'm pretty much told EVERYDAY that i look like Daeg Faerch, i would love to be an actor.. it's pretty much my WHOLE life goal and my life isn't gonna be complete until my dream comes true.. and PLEASE let me know if your interested please.. it would mean the world to me, thank you, (:
Posted by sarah sasinka (2010-08-05) 2661
ibelive that i can be a actor if some can give the chance to be one ill take it becaues6 i belive
Posted by jordan gordon (2010-08-14) 2671
hi i am nini naskidashvili i am 17 and want to become an actress very very very much also i have a great talent too but in my country it doesn't cost so what can i do ??? only i really need to help somebody me to give somebody only one chance and i swear nobody won't regret i know that it will be very difficult but i so much want to become an actress and so i can do everything,so if anyone can help me please write me
Posted by ninii (2010-08-15) 2672
ibelive that i can be a actor please give me a chance
Posted by jordan gordon (2010-08-16) 2674
I really want to be an actor more than anything. i just dont know how to start. i mean, i tried singing but i just wasnt tht good. ppl at my school say im a good actor but i dont now. i want ppl to notice me and so i can start my carrer. but i just want to start off small. How do i do it? plz answer
Posted by Ever (2010-08-28) 2686
you should never be afraid of acting, just believe that you are an actor or an actress, even if you are shure you will never become an actor or an actress, never give up, even if you dont have any money, just believe. I am a therteen year old girl and i really want to be an actress. I believe that someday I will fulfil my dream and become an actress.
Posted by mariam (2010-09-01) 2694
i so would love to be in any movie. thanx if you get me in one.
Posted by daegan (2010-09-14) 2708
I really want to be an actor and you don't know how bad i want to be one cause i really do soooo please if you can help me become a actor i pray and bless you and thank god everyday sooo please help me.....and i really want to be in the diseny movies.
Posted by Jessica brown (2010-09-19) 2712
hello, I'm a 17 yr old male, graduating high school and going on to college, and ever since meeting my favourite actor Corey Haim who starred in the film The Lost Boy's, and passed away on March 10, 2010, i have been fascinated in trying to get an acting career, which i know in this worlds time and the economy isn't easy to get any job of any kind.... but i have been noted to be a hard working determined young man which means by all means necessary i am willing to go through the hours and hours on end of training for this career and try my hardest to succeed which is very very likely for me because of my constant determination to succeed.....but if there is anyone out there who has any ideas for me to try to kick start with this or where to go to try....it would be much appreciated
any thoughts or ideas....try to find me on facebook name: Cory DeLaughter send a message

thanks in advance.

p.s. i live in a very small town called Grass Valley in California so if there are any opportunities anywhere in that region or around the Sacramento area please inform me. thank you.
Posted by CoryD. (2010-10-10) 2743
Hi this is Deshay holmes I'm 13 now Ive been on here before Im a really good actor and I would love to become a actor but there a little problem can you help me get a plane ticket because I cant aford it rite now you guy;s call ed me before I'll do everything I can just help me plz
Posted by Deshay Holmes (2010-11-11) 2776
Hi I'm Dylan I'm from Orlando Florida I know there is at least a little bit of hope in there for me so I am told that I should become an actor because of my good sense of humor i have been trying to audition for years but my mom thinks I will never make it so if anyone has any auditions or help please help me thank you.
Posted by Dylan LaRocca (2010-11-12) 2777
Have you heard of the acting process called "THE METHOD" it teaches you about the Magic IF. It starts with, What if your character that you are acting did this, what would you do?
Posted by Thom Mcfadden (2010-11-18) 2784
i want to become a actor and a director ilove movies and come up with some of my own which i act out with my freinds atlanta ga please help me
Posted by chris roldan (2010-12-18) 2812
Hi, I'm Brandon Isaiah Pittman from Butner North Carolina. I wanted to become an actor every since I was 8. Now I am 14 going on 15. I don't want it because of the money and fame. I want it because I get to meet new people and explore the world. I am having a really hard to become an actor. I don't know where to go. I want to be on shows like Degrassi: The next generation, The suite life on Deck, and other shoes. If you have any comments or questions contact me! I really want to become an actor. I have been in plays in school and in local communities. Please contact me, because I want to make it big.
Posted by Brandon Isaiah Pittman (2010-12-19) 2813
Hi I'm Jonny and I have always loved the craft of acting. I'm 13 and live in Hawaii but am moving to Dallas and Baltimore soon. I have been the protagonist in 2 school plays. One of which I memorized about 100 lines in a 45 minute musical play. We played in front of the entire school and the parents. I loved the experience. I currently have a 3.8 out of 4.0 G.P.A. so grades are not a problem. I am caucasian, 5 foot 2 inches, and weigh 105 pounds. I am physically fit enough to do about any action role too. My main talents are in comedy and action. I have the passion and drive to excel to the top of my potential, I can do whatever it takes, it is my passion. I would appreciate it if someone would contact me. Thank you.
Posted by Jonathan Weidner (2011-01-19) 2838
Oh my gosh this was a web sight that got me into the Leven Thumps movie! and I'm only 13!!!!!!! thank you sooooooooooooooooo much! and good luck to all those young actors pursuing their dream!

Posted by kahlyn "winter storm" B. (2011-01-20) 2839
i believe that i can make my dream come true to be a actor
Posted by jordan gordon (2011-01-27) 2849
Hello I will follow my dream im 14 and im a guy and i want to become an actor i have so much experience that its not even funny CONTACT ME!! i will do this one way or another!!
Posted by mcg.. (2011-02-12) 2866
Hi my name is Mana (female) and I live in Toronto, ON. I ADORE acting and singing and I really really really want to become and actress (I'm good at it). I'd like being in comedy shows but I dont care as long as I can act on television. It's truly my DREEAAMM!!!! I really hope someone can help me out. Email me if you can help me with my dream of becoming an actress, thank you.
Posted by Mana (2011-02-15) 2882
Hey I love to act, I'm 15 years old, 5'7 blond and defanitly destined to act. Give me a shot!
Posted by Hannah (2011-02-16) 2884
hey guys I am Roudy and I know how to act and i just need an agent or someone in the acting business to check me
I'm 5' tall with an athletic body and plz give me a chance
Posted by Roudy Hanna (2011-02-26) 2898
Hi I'm Emma. I want to become famous help me.
Posted by Emma (2011-03-05) 2911
I moved to LA to act about a year and a half ago and after wasting a lot of time and money started finding some success! I've done 1 tv show, got a commercial agent and done 10 commercials! All the best!
Posted by Chris Connell (2011-03-08) 2917
i want to be a actress and make a lots of movies with john cena
Posted by brenda avalos (2011-03-13) 2926
how can i become an actor?
Posted by alika (2011-03-26) 2985
Hello Im Adriana Im 13 And I Wanna Become
Famous I Know How To Act And Sing SendMe A Massage:) Thank You
Posted by Adriana (2011-03-28) 2987
i want to be an actor doing movies be famous im really interested in it.... how can i start from low to famous ???? pleased help me
Posted by elka paz (2011-04-04) 2994
hi .I'm always a actor at my church even our community .and that is my dream .i want to get famous and rich so i can help my family and my community .please help me .I'm 19 years old .thank you so much God Bless .
Posted by Chromatic (2011-04-16) 3001
hey everyone my name is will and i live in reno NV i am 14. i have HUGE dreams and i WILL succeed!! it is my dream to become an actor in hollywood and i swear- ONE DAY YOU ALL WILL SEE ME ON THE BIG SCREEN! just remember that we all die young and that dreams DO come true!!!!!!! thank you for inspiring me thank you all for your support!!!!!
Posted by Will Griffin (2011-04-18) 3003
HI, my name is Lina. I'm trying to pick my future with either having a normal close family life by taking over my dads company or doing wat I truly love, acting. I also won't have enough money after college to fly or stay in LA or NY. I live in OH so I would hav no connections either. I'm currently only in 1 acting class but not in a performing arts school because my parents would never in a million yrs let me. I also can't get the nerve to really talk to anybody about this. Please help me to choose what is really important in this short life we hav. please.

also please don't think of me as another little girl going through emotions really listen to what this little but intelligent-(kinda) girl has to say, please.
Posted by Lina (2011-04-25) 3020
In the U.S army, been overseas for 4 years now. I'm 24, I've always had a fetish for the acting community and even got involved in a couple plays over here as well. Im trying to save up as much money as i can so that when i get out of the military i can get a place in L.A. Hoping to make my big break one day and will work my ASS off to get there. HOAH army strong!!
Posted by Christopher Palmiosano (2011-04-26) 3021
Hi. I am Deaf mother of 2 boys. I am born to be dancer and actress! I love them but I would love to be actress becuase its something for me to do since I am not in college cuz I was in college for 2 years so I really want to be actress and dancer..
Posted by Hannah Pauley (2011-04-26) 3022
hi my name is Minyar i'm 17 and my dreem is to become a proffesional actress
i always dremt of beeing an actress it's my dreem since i was 3 acting is what i'm good at it's my talent mom god rest her soul tought to never give up on my dreem so tha's what i'm doing trying to acheave my dreem if it's possible for you to help please write me back
looking foreward to it
Posted by Minyar Hagui (2011-05-03) 3069
hey am Jerry i will love to be an actor cos my friends or people when the see me the keep asking me am an actor........ i say wow no and just like y OK but from there i make up my mind to be an actor.
Posted by Jerry (2011-05-11) 3099
my name is melissa and i love to act i have never been in a play ever but i want to im just really shy. my parents say that im such a drama queen and i should become actress. and thats what im trying to persue in life. i just hope i can overcome my shyness.
Posted by melissa hunnel (2011-05-11) 3106
Hi, i am Kim. I am interested in acting. I want to be involved with it. Please tell me how should i be.... but i am at the age of 22 already, would it be too late to pursue it?
Posted by Chan Keem Siang (2011-05-19) 3185
Hi my name is Matthew Paul Holmes im 13 my birthday is July, 9 and i want to be an Actor. I've always wanted to be an actor and i hope get a chance to. Everytime i watch a movie i it makes me want to do it even more so just give me shot and ill show yall i was born to an award winning ACTOR.
Posted by Matthew (2011-05-27) 3336
This article is so great!!! I want to be an actress more than anything in the world, I would give up anything just for a big break. I find it just so hard to get near a talent scout. I'm desparate to find someone who can fix me up with an audition with a big name place. I'm almost 14 and my family isn't as supportive with my choice...i really want to star!!!! It's not looking too bright though...I see the actors and actresses on the big screen I want to be like them sooooooooooooo badly!!!!! Reading this article gave me some hope of acually reaching my goal. Thank you so much
Posted by Sarajane (2011-05-31) 3358
i want to be a actor so much and go to hollywood and walk the red carpet plz have hope and faithe in me plz guys good luck 8)
Posted by Breyon (2011-06-01) 3360
i want to become actor ia am 17 yrs old plz tell me how i become an actor.
Posted by gaurav (2011-06-16) 3383
HI i am 13 and i want to be a actor; every time i watch TV it makes me want it even more please help
Posted by kyle (2011-06-23) 3552
hi! i'm a 15 year old girl and i have a deep love and excitement for scary movies and would just love to be an actress for them!!! but problem is that i have no clue how to start. i feel that i would do great because of my love for the paranormal and spooky scary stuff. i've always been interested since i was a little girl. help plzz?!
Posted by venece (2011-07-06) 3855
NOTHING ELSE BUT SCARY MOVIES!!!!!! plus ppl tell me i can be great at it since i get so into them! i would really really love to pursue that dream!!!!!!
Posted by venece (2011-07-06) 3858
I'd love to be an actor in hollywood, i love acting and I'm funny but I don't know what the first step to making this dream come true can anyone help me?
Posted by Dylan (2011-07-08) 3899
my name is Cristian and I'm 14 and I I love acting I love all kinds of movies. I always take any role in any play. I need help on how to take on an aacting career there aren't any acting schools near my area.
Posted by Cristian (2011-07-12) 3933
hello, i know you hare this alot but i want to become a actress but people my age and family put me down saying i will never be one but i just want to perform for people and see them smile,so if you can help me i would love it or anyone can i'm 14 and just want to make people happy, it dose not help how much i love it thank you for your time :)
Posted by nessa (2011-07-15) 4018
Hey,well I'm Emily and I'm about to be 15. Some people think I'm crazy because I'm not afraid to be myself. i love making people laugh and love acting. i do theater at school, but i don't want to grow up and be on stage, I'm not sure what i really want yet. You see i play select soccer too and love doing that. But when i grow i don't know if that's who i want to be. every time i watch a movie, i wish i could see myself up there on TV too. How though? I'm mean, you never see people from a small town grow up and be famous. I'm 15 now too, isn't that to late?? and not all of this is for the fame for me, its just what I'm good at and wanna take my chances.
Posted by Emily (2011-07-20) 4087
hey, am alagie modou and am 16yrs old would like to be and actor but am faraway from america am in west africa want to be an actor don't know were to start. can you plz help me
Posted by alagie modou (2011-08-01) 4102
(but id love to start now if i could i live in San antonio tx )
All my life i wanted to become an actress and still do,thats my goal and i jus mt wanted to know if you have any tips or skills .. Im 16 and planning to go to college asap when i grafuate :)
Posted by Samantha (2011-08-01) 4109
Hi..... I so desperately want to be an actor!!! Is there any way how i can become an actor really, REALLY SOON!!:-)
Posted by WANNABE (2011-08-03) 4123
I'm 13 and see a whole bunch of rated "R" and "unrated" comedie and action movies. I'd like to get involved in a comedie.
Posted by Luis Gomez (2011-08-05) 4124
At least being a guest star won't hurt.
I want to be on disney channel but i guess many people don't have the biggest chance in life; i am an 11 year old girl and im scared it being to late to be on tv. a women once asked me if i want to be on disney channel but i said i wish because the next day i had to travel if i stayed that would be the best thing that ever happened to me i have talent i won 1st place in dancing, singing, acting and much more... please help me :(
Posted by Nour (2011-08-07) 4163
Hello. My name is Melanie , I'm 14 and going into 9th grade. I've been acting since the 5th grade. Acting is a big part of my life and I would love to do it for a carrier and I know that a lot of other people want to too. My mom isn't really full on support with it because she thinks I can do something better since my grades are really high. I love making people laugh so comedies are my main goal. But I also love playing mean girls/drama queens. I also live in a small town and can't afford to travel anywhere. I plan on getting a full scholarship to an performing arts collage. But If I can't , Bye bye dreams... I've also tried to get to acting jobs by modeling but the only agencies near where I live is asking for all this money that i just don't have. I never get Big parts in musicals either. . .I really just can't sing. <- I'm pretty bad at it.
Posted by Melanie Morton (2011-08-10) 4206
I always wanted to be an actress! It all started when i was 4.I was whatching Disney Channel. Im not realy 13 im 10 i just wanted to put this out there. If your an agent , please look me up on facebook as.. Danquisha Hornbugor. :)
Posted by danquisha (2011-08-11) 4284
hello my name is makela mason i really want to become and actress since i was 6 i can sing a little bit.i will be always watching tv and i will ask my self wow do they do the thing on tv i want to be a big star like selena gomez i want this so bad. i am 12 i live in barbados the place where rhianna lived i really want this so much i being in some plays at school but i want to make it big and i am hopeing i do so thank u
Posted by makela mason (2011-08-12) 4332
hello my name is Rachel and I'm 13.. 14 in January and i really want to be in the film industry even if I'm just in the back ground or something like that! i have always want to be an actress or something across them lines i live in England lancishire and threes some school plays going on but i work in like costumes and lights and props i would love to be in the show but i don't have that much confidence. in the future I would also like to be an agent please get in touch?
Posted by rachel emily (2011-08-13) 4368
Hi, my name is Emily. I am 15 and I want to be an actress more than anything. I watch a variety of TV shows and movies to get a feel of what I would want to work in and I love action shows and movies, comedies, and cop/police shows. I have a lot of confidence for being in front of cameras and in front of audiences. I liked being in plays when I was little, but now I feel like I want to do more and become something for my future. I would really appreciate if I could have someone get in touch with me so I can get some ideas about my dream to become an actress. I would love for my dream to come true and I would do what it takes to become the best I can be. Thank you.
Posted by Emily (2011-08-14) 4400
im a good actor and i can sing really good i want to be an actress/singer more than anything in the world! ... actually im trying out for america's got talent in January i write my own songs with my bff sarah we both sing amazingly ... at one point i could sing exactly like taylor swift but my voice has matured more and i dont think it could mature any more and all pop and country singers are my idol like miranda lambert and selena gomez or taylor swift and avril lavigne :) i hope my 1 and only dream will come true :)
Posted by nicole (2011-08-14) 4434
i want become a good actor,i am looking great and i have many talents.i want act any film,so please show me right way to my career . definitly i will be a best actor in future and, i am a 21yrs old.
Posted by Balamurugan (2011-08-16) 4512
I am 14 and English and it is my dream to be an actress/singer more than anything. It would be absolutely amazing if i was able to get in the film industry.I do realise that there are millions of people who want to become an actress but if someone could just give me a chance and contact me that would mean the world. So here is a few things about my skills: I have been getting distinction in almost all my singing and drama exams, I have been parts and a couple of main parts in our plays at school and will be doing some theatrical camps. i also write my own songs.I have confidence in front of people and love interacting with others. I do believe i could become someone big but i don't know how. So please could someone help. Thank you for your time and for reading this xx Good luck if you have the same dream. :)
Posted by Tia (2011-08-23) 4602
I'm A Mexican And I Want To Become Mexican Actor Please!!!!!!!!!!! I Will Get On My Brown Mexican Knees And I Will Beg You A Acting Part..
Posted by Jose (2011-08-23) 4603
I am 15 and i really want to become an actress professionally. Preferably through Disney channel. I live in a small town and i am low income. I am honestly trying my best to get involved with the few theater programs in my area. I have been in a few plays through school. I have wanted this as long as I can remember. I am passionate and I won't stop trying until I am where I want to be. Preferably before I am 20 :) I understand that a million other girls in this world have said this, and I know it won't be easy, however, I only need possible. I am determined.
Posted by Karlee (2011-08-23) 4621
i always wanted to be an actor and i realized quite of few actors that are from small towns and im 25 years old and i have a quite big knowledge of movies and i think it would be fun and a dream come true to have my dream fulfilled.
Posted by levi (2011-08-31) 4717
Hello Im 23 years old, i always wanted to be an actress or somthing in fashion... I know how to sing but i love to see myself doing something i like to do and im very passionate about it i dont have nothing and no body but myself i really want this. I want it so bad i will do what ever its takes and will not quit. I now there is a lot of ppl saying the same the thing but i really need it, i want to better myself. Being a professional actress on a t.v show or even in a movie. I dont have no support from family so thats why i want this for me.... Please help me i need this
Posted by Ozral Taylor (2011-09-15) 4767
Hi, My name is Sean, I'm 42 years old white male, 6 ft, 195 lbs, and I live in San Jose California.
One of my friends Raymond has been telling me for many years that I should be getting into acting, and specially acting by playing a bad guy in movies. I am told that I have a very loud voice, very intimidating loud voice, I can make quite a bad looking, mean looking or scary face when needed. I am sure that I could play a bad guy, or part of a bad guy gang in movies.
Please reply and let me know if and how I can do something about this.
Thank you

Posted by Sean (2011-10-02) 4848
Hi! I'm JunelIem P. Quiseo and my nickname is El-El. Born on October 11, 1991. I live in Purok Orchids, Acmac, Iligan City, Philippines. I want to become an actress and singer. I'm good in singing. Hope you will help me, im pleaded in you.
Posted by Junellem P. Quiseo (2011-10-12) 4904
Hi :D well like everyone here i want to be an actor and singer.. and i know for a fact age doesn't matter like El Chavo started when Chispirito was in his 40s and like that little girl from good luck charlie shes just a baby.. i always liked acting and singing.. hopefully i am good enough :)
Posted by Rosa (2011-10-14) 4907
i am 13 years am in ghana i can act please help me to make my dream come true. thank you.
Posted by Andrew Potterson (2011-10-20) 4960
Hi, I really want to be an actress but I'm always to shy to act in front of strangers so I do not take acting lessons... But I have wanted to be an actress since I was 3 years old, please help me.
Posted by Kelly (2011-10-21) 4988
well i always wanted to be a actor so bad in my life i have been searching how to be a actor and i wrote to them and i did all the things did ho to get a agent ya but like i wanted to be a actor but like we don't have money to go to acting classes and i always dream being a actor only if you help me i am talented i play piano and drums and the bass i am really good me and my friend like to act and we have a camera we always want to be a actor if you help you might like my acting i am not very good but i do from the hart so if u please please please HELP ME A ACTOR my name Miguel and if your a agent help my dreams come true :) THANK YOU.
Posted by miguel (2011-10-23) 4996
Hi friends and admin.MY name is Khan and i am 16 yrs old and want to be an actor.i am student of class 10th of high school.i can act everytype and i want to be hero of hollywood.AlhamduliALLAH i am beautiful and have talent so plz help me!.thanx
Posted by Namdar Khan (2011-10-25) 5008
And i can sing and can dance.i like hollywood and want go there become a hero and inshaALLAH i will be king of hollywood so plz help me that i do it first :)
Posted by Namdar Khan (2011-10-25) 5009
i am 16 yrs. im doing 1st pu in mysore.i am a science student. i have a big craze to be a heroine in kannada film. i have a good looking. i have a good voice since i was anchor in my school. if you please giv a chance surely i wil try my level best. please give a role .please . thank u
Posted by pallavi (2011-10-26) 5026
I want 2 become actress, i'll proove better in actin, actin is my passion, so plz take me 4 actin, plz.................
Posted by Nidhi shah (2011-11-03) 5099
hi.. m anita chaudhary.. m 17 yrs old gal m frm delhi studying in 12th class frm arts section.. i have a big craze to being an actress..i wanna b an bollywood actress m gud lukng gal.. if u cn gve me an opportunity to do role in movie or serials i will b very greatful to u.. i reqst u to gve me one chance..plz plz plz... thank u.. regards anita chaudhary..

Posted by anita chaudhary (2011-11-05) 5101
hiiiiiiii, i can do someting different and contibute something new to the film industry and i am confident that i can do well.
Posted by Pradeep pillai (2011-11-09) 5125
hey, you probably get this a lot but i was actually thinking in pursuing a career in acting. You've gave the best advice I've heard so far but the thing is that the community plays in my area are not so good to tell you the truth. I do not have any experience but know what kind of acting i would like to be in. I was going more for the tv films or shows rather than theater plays. i live in New York and I'm guessing to start out going for auditions you'd need to go to some type of acting classes. My mom, however doesn't want to spend that much money and I don't have since I'm still not even in college. I was thinking about roles in shows like the ones in abc family or any type but definitely not reality shows. I feel like i'll have to start out young because chances for succeeding are higher when you start out young. Any advice of how I could start out?
Posted by Hannah (2011-11-15) 5129
I'm thirteen years old and I love acting. I always wanted to sing or act on TV an well I found this site, and thought maybe I can get some help with that. I'm tired of waking up and having no excitement, life's short and I need to make a move. I'm determined and I won't die on this earth without being on TV, atleast once. HELP! PLEASE :)
Posted by D'ajane Wright (2011-11-17) 5157
I think acting and singing would be a pretty cool career. I am inspired by people such as Adam Stanler, Marilyn Monroe, and Lady Gaga. I have sang in the school talent show (Rolling in the Deep by Adele) but I have really bad stage fright. If you could help me with that so I could land the role of the Red Queen in our play Alice in Wonderland I would be very grateful.
Posted by Anna (2011-11-17) 5159
Many people in this world wants to be actresses/actors but few are able to do so. I like acting but most of the time is pretty shy about it. In most of my school years I take acting classes or so called theater/drama, but for to this year i' m not taking acting classes. In the acting classes i took before this year has showed me that i actually was pretty good with acting i always thought that i never thought i could do something as to acting. i remember once in theater we had to get partners and do duet acting along with miming, and on the first like of my duet i missed up and for some reason i just continued acting seriously i kinda lost it there i didn't know what to do but everything just came out as i switched the whole scene around. I though everyone notices but as i finished no one came to me and said anything neither did my teacher in fact she never found out. Next year I'm thinking about auditioning for my school play. Most of my friends and i like acting. One of my friends even made the school plays 2 times while another made back stage crew. To be precise acting can be in one of my dreams category, but the truth is even if thats what i mainly strive for my parents don't support it at all. In my family what your parents want you to do and be in the future was always something you can never reject. I like acting i' m always hoping that one day i could at least act in a show or play. The reason for why i like acting and how it started was because of my favorite actors and actresses. My forever dream is to act and sing with my favorite stars in this world. The thing that got this dream started was the animes I watched called Skip Beat and Glass Mask. Acting is one of my many dreams i hope to complete in my life even if for a second it would go to no waste. <3 sorry if i wrote to much <3
Posted by mysterious person (2011-11-21) 5225
hey you guyz i want to become an actress like kayla pratt and tia mowery, kim kardasian!!!!! oh by the way i'm 16!!!!!!!

Posted by raeneisha edwards (2011-11-30) 5263
Hi I am Lisa, I am 13 years old and I live in Austria.
I want to be an actress, when I am older!
I hope you have a job for me!
With love,
Posted by Lisa (2011-12-01) 5264
I am Anna and i am 13 i love acting but don't know how to get discovered. help me please
Posted by Anna (2011-12-02) 5267
I want to become an actor but I find it no helps me But i'm no mastered th English language good I have strong muscles i'm second ranks Africa in karat
Posted by hamdini yusuf (2011-12-09) 5273
I'm Erin and all I've wanted over the past few years was to become and actress. I am 13 and I have been told by many, many people that I could be famous just for my facial expressions if i wanted to. I really want to do something fun with my life before it is over. i want to be remembered. How do i get discovered? I REALLY WANT TO BECOME AN ACTRESS! HELP ME PLEASE I AM DESPERATE!!!!
Posted by Erin McMahon (2011-12-09) 5274
I would LOVE to be an actress and maybe a singer too. I am the best singer out of all my family and friends. I am also the second best actor out of all my family and friends.
Posted by Haley (2011-12-09) 5275
hi i like to be an actress! I wanted to be an actor when i was 11 years old. I love this job and i want to study that one day. I know that from this job you don't get enough money but this is my dream. But i like to sing too..So i don't know what i am going to study when i will grow up!
Posted by lady gaga love (2011-12-10) 5276
i want to be an actoress but i dont no if i have wat it takes
Posted by britnie (2011-12-10) 5277
^Proper English.
Posted by An actual actor. (2011-12-11) 5280
Hello, i would like to be an actress, and would like to get into an acting academy, however i live near perth. Does anyone know any good ones area there? Thanks
Posted by Yasmine Jade (2011-12-17) 5293
I am danyal i want to chance in acting. i have a proper skill.
Posted by Danyal (2011-12-28) 5320
Hi, my name is Samiyah Roberts and I'm 16 years old. I believe that I have what it takes to become an actress. What makes me so sure? Well I am a drama queen, according to my friends, and I'm also dedicated at whatever I do. I'm very ambitious if you ask me. I think acting can help me expose my great talent in acting. I hope that my dream can turn into my career of becoming a actress. Well I'm not giving up until it turns into a reality. :)
Posted by Samiyah Roberts (2011-12-30) 5322
Hey, i'm 14 got a GCSE in Drama, B-TEC in Music, and will be going on to do A-Level and more in Performing Arts. I have Acted on stage as leads and am confident with the stage. Acting came naturally to me, but i want it for a career, and nothing as come across me yet. Any help please?
Posted by Charlotte Tomlinson (2012-01-07) 5354
hi im 13 and im trying to get out there and be an actor, ive been in many plays and school shows since before i was 6. i have been looking for auditions but there's not that many in san antonio if anyone in the acting business see's this could u please leave me some tips.
Posted by che echols (2012-01-07) 5358
i want to be in a movie or tv show but im having a really hard time trying to find something that wants me! its been my dream ever since i was a kid please can somebody help me asap and let me know any good sites to check out thanks!
Posted by sierra (2012-01-09) 5364
Hi I am Andy (Male) I am Nearly 15 and I have not done any acting in my life but it is one of the things I have been planning to do sometime in the near future but I am more of a shy type of person and don't really get noticed anywhere i have never tried to get noticed before but I am gonna give it a shot I have done a little bit of music i can play the piano with instruction. I hope i get noticed soon and hope you guys will soon too.

Posted by Andy (2012-01-25) 5416
Okay kids, Please go back to school and learn how to spell, type, and create proper syntax in you sentences!!! After you type out what you want to write, read it over so that everything makes since!!! Most of you cant even write? Whats up with that? You want to be an actor and you cant even write a decent sentence???

You want a job in acting? Learn that become an actor, you need to become the corrector that you are portraying. You need to become the corrector, this takes discipline. I know a lot of you are saying or think that you need to go to an acting school, hey that is great and a lot of actors go that route and have been successful.

But, most of the actors you see these days just happened to be in the right place at the right time with no formal experience. A lot of our A list actors that we either, have seen or are seeing on Silver screen and the Big screen, either know somebody in the industry or were in the right place at the right time. Think about it, Harrison Ford was working construction building film sets, how do you think he got the scar in his chin? Hey, how about all the rappers that are now working as actors??? They all got themselves into the industry rapping and they knew nothing about acting. What about finding a television network in your area and getting into there page program?

Dont get me wrong, acting at you local theater will help, but also remember that there are a lot of jobs in the entertainment industry. Behind the screen, writing, producing, directing, editing, sound, lighting, photography, special effects, ect, ect, ect, all bring in good money and all very satisfying. First and foremost, get an education, graduate high school!!! During the same time see what you school has to offer that will help you on your way into the entertainment industry!!!

Good luck, and that is what most of you will need unless you already know someone in the industry!!!


Someone that has been there!!! And loved it, very rewarding!!!

Posted by Joe Joe Moma (2012-02-09) 5489
hiii umm i want to be on disney channel actress i want a tv show with some one
Posted by jerrinasia (2012-02-25) 5552
hi i am 17 and relly badly want to play in movies and be a actor. i only have a little experience but i am pritty good at acting. if enybody can help pleace let me know....thanks....
Posted by hunter (2012-02-29) 5580
I am 14 years old and I want to become famous but I live in the Netherlands and i don't know how I can do it could anyone give me tips?
Posted by namso (2012-03-08) 5622
I love acting , its very rewarding!
Posted by Madeline Rose (2012-03-12) 5632
i wants to become a actor and i am 16 years and i am from ghazipur
Posted by krishnaagrawal (2012-04-14) 5742
hi my name is kyle harris and i'm 19 years old but i have a thing to be a actor i don't think i'm ready to be a actor just yet in this life time maybe you can help me to become a actor in the near by future. yeah man help this wannabe to reach the star of hollywood thank you
Posted by kyle harris (2012-04-17) 5747
Hello, My name is Kayla Connors. I am 14 and have been wanting to be an actress since I was 7 I have experience, and I am working on my resume.
Posted by Kayla Connors. (2012-05-01) 5874
HI IM. Michael Covelesky im curently in the army and looking in getting into acting the only thing i want i want to know is how to addition for acting roles so hope anyone can give me an email that would really be nice of you
Posted by Michael Covelesky (2012-05-19) 5889
am Christie, i want to be a actress in i sign up for a audition, in i never been an any show but only when i was 4 in 5 but i teach my self by watching a movie, in watched 2 time in next time i acted like they do i copy them so that help me so is that a good sign do you think i got good chance of they piking me>?

Posted by christie (2012-06-21) 5931
I have always had the dream of being an actress. I have experience with acting. I have been in 4 school plays and starred in 3, have been in choir all my life, and take guitar lessons... I may be also performing on hard-rock cafe. My play director said I was too young to be put in other plays, although she would have let me. The choir teacher says I'm "gifted with the blessing of music". My guitar teacher says she's never seen anything like me. People recognize me sometimes as the "acting girl" or the "singing girl". People say I'm a talented young actress/singer, and that in the future, they would see me in their T.V screens. I started liking acting at the age of 4. I used to watch 'Annie' over and over again, and I sung the songs and acted parts of the movie. It would mean the world for me if you could help me fulfill what I am. Acting and singing is my life. Without that, I would not be Antonia Velez. God bless you all.
Posted by Antonia Velez (2012-12-29) 6368
Hey everyone ! I'm Behrad im 16 and i like acting. i was an actor since i was a little kid but not officially like in commercials or any movies or whatever, i almost acted everyday of my life , i used to thrill my brother by playing dead when i was about 5 or 6 , he would shout and panic but i couldn't control myself and i laughed ! He would punch me for the whole day if i didn't run away , he said i scared him a lot xD loll
so i really like acting and i think i have what it takes to become an actor ;) peace
Posted by BehradMsv (2013-03-05) 6426
Its going to happen, the showbiz YES
Posted by dowl77 (2013-04-21) 6474
hi, I'm Cami Reynolds and I want to be an actress more than anything, but every time I try out even for a school play I never get a part and I'm not sure but I think its because of my lisp some people say they don't notice it and that I'm a good actor and others tell me that I need to go to speech therapy and I don't know who to believe and its just to confusing I don't know what to do at times but it doesn't matter because I'm still going to follow my dreams and become an actor.
Posted by Cameron (2014-04-03) 6703
Hi..m minky from meyerton in vaal..I would really like to be an actress but I don't know anything about acting..please help me guy..m turning 22 this year..
Posted by minky (2014-04-04) 6706
I would love to become an actress,i do not have experience but a quick learner who loves acting and eager to learn,plz help
Posted by Ayesha (2014-04-10) 6707
I am 20 years old and all through high school I was In theater. I enjoy every bit of acting. I want to make it my life time goal. It would be a dream come true as if is for many others out there. If I could hear back form some one about an audition or some advice to help me get started would be very helpful. Thanks again
Posted by Brittney platz (2014-05-12) 6782
Good Afternoon.

To whom it may concern.

I'm Siboniso Nomgenge from South Africa, Johannesburg I'm also 18 years old and a student in Eldorado park a small town but a boy with big dreams and one of the greatest is to become a professional Actor but my background is not so strong and stable to get the knowledge a Actor devices. I'm still in school but I really need to build a good portfolio well being in school to be one of the greatest Actresses ever and would like my portfolio to be advertised on your Magazine or online to be seen and also to be know from the best Movie Directors in S.A.

I hope you will reply positively, God bless.

Posted by Siboniso Nomgenge (2014-06-09) 6825
Hello, everybody!
I have enjoyed looking through this site, and have found many useful things to use in my vocational paper. I am currently a senior in a small Christian School, and am looking into becoming an actress. I used to think that I could never become an actress, because the only experience I have had was acting in our school plays, but through these last three years, I have acquired an unstoppable longing to be an actress. I cannot afford to take acting lessons, but I am determined to receive a degree in Fine Arts from Pensacola Christian college. Acting is the only thing that thrills my heart, and I long to spend my life on stage, preferably in a movie. I know my high standards and morals may hinder my upward climb, for a while, but I believe that with practice, passion, and perseverance, I can reach my dream of becoming America's most loved actress. I wish the rest of you success in your dreams!
Posted by I- dream - of - being - an -actress (2014-09-23) 6993
Hey Every! Im kalyan when im kid i watch so many flims first i want to introduce myself im a south indian i.. like allu arjun dance.... but i dont no how to dance but i do so many dramasss in my life some body says you must introduced your talent to allll im being an inginear or doctor is only earning mony.... but being an acter we learn an be indian be good do good...!!!!!! Welcome.....!!!
Posted by kalyan dhadi (2014-10-25) 7071
I would love to become an actress/singer but i keep thinking im not up to because i feel like im not that good and i just wanna know how i can at least try to become one
Posted by Kayle Essary (2014-11-30) 7104
I want to become an actress, got the skills. I am 13 going 14 years old, and I live in Jamaica. Every time I perform at school or church. They say I am excellent!
I want to become an actress so much not giving up, doing everything I can to reach my goal.
Posted by akaila simms (2015-02-24) 7142
please help me to become a actor my aim is to become a actor

Posted by ashishan kujur (2015-10-04) 7227
Hey am ishb being an actor was my dream since primary but to luck of someone to show me the gate being an actor,it seem its fading away but please help me out there I would like to be that kinda actor plz plz reply if you can help me....
Posted by ishb elliot (2016-01-20) 7271
Hi I am Beulah I want to be an actor to be famous like Sam plz help me plz plz plz

Posted by beaulah (2016-04-10) 7302
Hello this is Sylvia I really want to be an actor..I am 27 yrs..i am from India..I always gets lots so compliments for my hair and for my eyes..and the way I talk everybody telling me you should try to get in to acting career .. I was wondering where can I start...who can I talk to abt this? I love acting.
Posted by Sylvia Baksh (2016-04-11) 7304
I wanna try to become an actor. Maybe at least in one scene just to be on screen.
Posted by Derian (2016-05-05) 7350

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