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First Steps to Becoming an Actor
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by Aimee Mitchell
If you have read any of my previous acting articles, you will know that I've been in the business a long time. In my time, I've seen many budding actors fail at the first hurdle they face because, lets be honest here, there are no clearly defined rules and very few 'How To' guides that outline what to do, what not to do - and all the in-betweens of becoming an actor. Becoming an actor isn't rocket science, nor is it easy. But becoming an actor can be accomplished if you have a strong grasp of what lies ahead of you down your acting career path.

Feel free to read this article with an open mind, because that's how I've written this piece. I've started at the beginning with how you should commence your acting career and how to get yourself known in the trade. Remember, there aren't any hard and fast rules to follow but there are untold traditions that continue in the acting business today. Your journey to becoming an actor will be much easier once you learn about the film industry and what's worked for other beginning actors like you. So take some time to read this article and the others on this web site before jumping into acting with both feet.

Getting Started
First things first - you need to sell yourself. Promote, network, and promote yourself some more. Starting out, you probably won't have a talent agent, manager or other form or representation. That's okay. Every actor begins working on their own and at the earliest stages of your acting career, you won't need an agent. However, even if you've already signed with a talent agent these rules still apply to you.

All actors, whether signed with a talent agent or not, still need to carry out self-promotion. You can't depend solely on your agent. Your agent surely has other clients who are just as talented and willing as you. Therefore, you must make yourself stand out. Instead of waiting around for a call from your agent, go out, meet people, network and tell others about yourself. And don't think that just because you spent four years studying acting and drama that you will instantly be considered over someone else for a role. It doesn't work quite like that so please, read on...

There are a couple ways to self-promote and they depend upon who you're marketing yourself to. You can market yourself to talent agents and also to casting directors. Like I stated above, talent agents are not necessary at the beginning stages of your career. So let's start with marketing yourself to casting directors.

Self-Promote to Casting Directors
You want to grab the attention of casting directors because they have the power to hire you and offer you acting work. The more you perform for numerous casting directors and casting associates, the more opportunity you will have to be cast in their productions. But as simple as that sounds, you can't just show up to a casting director's office unannounced and perform.

In order to be seen by a casting director or casting associate, you need to attend an open casting call, audition or actor's showcase. Every time you attend an open casting call, audition or actor's showcase, you'll be performing in front of a casting director and a panel of casting associates, producers, directors and other various filmmakers. These people judge your performance, evaluate your acting abilities, and ultimately cast you in their productions.

So where do you find these all-important casting calls and auditions? Start by looking online for casting notices, auditions, and events that are going on in your area. Most of the free audition web sites are inundated by spam and junk casting and audition notices. Therefore, your best bet is to register with a reputable casting web site. My personal choice is Actingland.com. With Actingland.com you can preview the latest casting notices for free and are only asked to register if and when you find a casting call that interests you. Even then, the registration fee is so low it's silly not to register.

In addition to online, check classifieds for any audition notices and attend as many as possible.

Go to all of the auditions you find. Don't pass on unpaid acting jobs because they can still prove to be extremely valuable. With each job (unpaid jobs, too) you can add to your resume and build up your online profile. Plus, the auditions and unpaid roles will give you first hand and on-the-job experience and training. Remember, never stop learning! (continued...)

(continue to part 2)

Aimee Mitchell is an acting coach, short story author, community theater director and playwright. She has spent the better part of her adult life working with young actors and actresses.

Copyright © Aimee Mitchell. All rights reserved. Used with permission of the author. Not to be reproduced or distributed.

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Reader Comments
this web site was really an eye opener for me, this has help a lot thank you...
Posted by jay r (2007-11-19) 6
im 10 and i want to become an actor on disney channel what do i do.
Posted by ryan (2008-03-31) 75
hi i want to become actor plese suggest me

Posted by varshant yadav (2008-05-30) 96
I wan't to be an actor when i am 15 years old.
Posted by Jamie (2008-06-09) 102
i want to be an actress
Posted by smiley (2008-06-22) 110
the tips presented here are very helpful and very easy to understand
i find this a simple but useful tool for reserch, which alot of my friends will
benefit from.to all the writers keep up the good work.
Posted by changa kalumba (2008-07-21) 144
I want to be an actor Im twelve. And I want to meet Abigail Breslin
Posted by Max (2008-07-23) 145
I really want to become an actress or a model.
I really think i have what it take's to be an actor or a model.
My friends and family don't think i'm determined enough or have what it takes
But i'm 110% confident that i can.
Posted by kayla (2008-09-03) 328
im going to try so hard to become an actress
Posted by erica b (2008-10-21) 490
acting is my passion,it always have been. i started action from very young in school productions and school presentations. i am apart of the drama club of my school and church. i however want to go world wide with my talent.i think it's very cool to love doing something yet you get paid to do it. i act every day my friends say i'm a drama queen. truth betold it is great to act especially in front of a large audience this just entices me. i have never been shy i must be honest i've been nervous but that only makes me do better. i love drama as a subject and as a social way of life kind of like a culture for me. anyways these tips are seemingly helpful. i hope to start my career early and to attend the julliard school of performing arts as soon as i leave high school well i can take as much tips as i can get.
Posted by chantelle clarke (2008-11-03) 523
I"ve.been like acting seens i was 7 yrs.my friends&family always supported me they say i have a bright future and now iam in grade 10 my hero is menzi ngubane on generation and i believe that my dream will come true now i am 15 years old and in small village but i dont lose hope only god who knows so please guys support all this small actress&actor.frm:khanyiso.funda in burgersdorp
Posted by Khanyiso (2008-11-06) 526
i want to be an international actor
Posted by samson (2008-11-12) 549
i would like to be an actoress but there is not any helpful school rumd here az i know no ones born an actoress but you need to be like them to be hero.i know one day all dreams will be true.it's not too easy to be gome one of you but i can do it .i can speak few languages (farsi .kordish.turkish.arbic)please just suggest me what to do or how can i be come actore please thanks

Posted by ali (2008-11-22) 606
listen guy I know yall called me before and I never called you back
but I would really ilke this job I'm the 6th grade my grade are A, B,C,
2 D's trying not to get F's I need help I'm not doing it to meet actors or
actress I'm it to be sessful how ever you spell it I'm a little sleep but I
still can write any ways when I'm doing my job I will not thin about the money
because I'm not like that I'm being honest with call me when you get you will see how I am ....
Posted by Deshay (2008-12-21) 700
me and my friend would like 2 be actresses and we are both nine years old and have awesome acting skills and we need some tips. help?
Posted by carly09 (2009-01-03) 758
Hello i've always wanted to be an actor. It has been my dream since as long as i can remember!!! I have absoloutely no clue what to do!! I am Fourteen, and ive been in many plays. Not being bragitistical, or egotistical, but i consider myself to be good; and intelligent. My grades are well and i have a very firm grasp on life. However, i want to act. Please tell me what i need to do.
Even the littlest amount of information will help me!!
Thank you for your time!!
Posted by Gordie Banks (2009-01-22) 920
Very good info, I'm getting focused on the careerthanks=)
Posted by alexander (2009-01-24) 924
hey i think acting is cool but its i don't know.....i guess i'd like to become one. :l
Posted by loser (2009-03-02) 1087
Can you still go to casting calls even if you don't have any acting experience?
Posted by Lateisha Jenkins (2009-03-06) 1103
i'm 11 and want to become a actress. i love acting plese suggest me.
thank you.

Posted by lili (2009-03-09) 1110
I am 13, i would like to become an actor. Although i don't have very much experience. So if you may please contact me at my email please.
Posted by Laquilla Gillians (2009-03-14) 1128
hey my name is cara and i would like to become an actress im 12 yrs old but i dont know where to start and if you can help me with getting auditions and all please contact me at with the headline as acting thanks bye.
Posted by cara (2009-03-28) 1213
All of the information you need to start acting is right here on this web site. All you have to do is read. Or you can just sign up with Actingland for casting and auditions. It's pretty simple.
Posted by Robert (2009-04-12) 1288
I'm 12 and I have just joined an acting agency here in Sydney, I'm passionate about acting and I'm hoping for some job to come up for me. :)
Posted by Georgina Szanyel (2009-04-25) 1349
hey, my name is Ebonnie and im 14yrs young. i want to be an actress and i am very excited about doing it.I am currently doing acting classes every thursday but want to get my name out there and be known and used in different plays, movies, TV film etc... if you know what else i can do and how to do it please contact me. Thankyou!!!
Posted by Ebonnie Faith (2009-04-27) 1352
acting is my LIFE and i'd really like to start movies. I auditioned for a broadway musical before, i did not get in though, i have been in 25 musicals and plays too.
Posted by josie (2009-05-04) 1399
my name is Tamika and i would like to become an actress. but i have no training. but i know it's something i am willing to become. i am only seventeen years old, but after high school next year, i would like to start my journey on the road to become one. in the meantime, what should i do?

Posted by Tamika TAylor (2009-05-31) 1519
Well i am 17 years old with no acting experience and just found a new inspiration to become an actor. I really know i can do it and am very patient and persistant i just dont quite know how to get there. i am taking drama class next year in high school but i feel like i need to do more?
Posted by Arango (2009-06-02) 1526
Hello, my name is Linda, i want to become a actress,
i have acting skill because i am a clown form the Old Town Optimist Club.
if you see this comment e-mail me.
Posted by Linda (2009-06-03) 1530
I want to be an actress. I'm 12 I've had drama classes where I've always been the star. I've done recitals, I lock myself in my room and take notes on movies and rehearse them. I've been in plays. This shows that I'm not afraid of any role. I would love to be in the hit CW show supernatural. I can play anything in that show from demon to human in trouble so please give me a chance
Posted by kylie (2009-06-18) 1601
help me to be an actor
Posted by nour manoun (2009-06-26) 1661
Well, hello my name is Josue i'm 19 years old, i want to become a movie actor is not because the fame, is because i love acting i always dream to be in a movie, i have pshysical condition but that is not going to stop the fact that i will become a movie star. I was in some of school plays so i have a little expirience. So if you can help me i will appreciate. Thanks
Posted by Josue Perez (2009-06-30) 1696
hi i like to be an actore please help me to be an actore
Posted by nour manoun (2009-07-03) 1717
My name is Melissa and I am 15 years old and have decided to become an actress. I dream to be in movies, not because of the fame but because of the experiences I would achieve. The problem is that I have no acting experience and I don't know how to get started. And I my parents don't really support my decision to become an actress. I live in a small town where I can't find any acting classes. So if you don't mind giving me a few tips to help me get started and be successful.
Thank you very much, Melissa.
Posted by Melissa (2009-07-11) 1760
i have always wanted to be an actor ever since i was young..im 17 and currently in highschool i play so many sports such as basketball and lacrosse but i just want to pursue something different..this is my dream i want to be an actor and will do anything to achieve my dream
Posted by jake higgins (2009-08-19) 1984
Hi. I'm 14 yrs. old and I want to be an actor. Although that is probably very obvious, because thats why i'm here. I live in a small town and I just started taking acting lessons, like, 3 weeks ago. I have wanted to be an actress for awhile... Just no one was doing any muiscials a few years ago. I don't have any experince yet, but I will try to get in some muiscials. My acting teacher said I did really good for someone whos never done it before the first time I went. My friends also say I can sing. I am not snobby although people say I'm pretty.
Posted by Elizabeth (2009-10-10) 2136
Hi. I'm 14 yrs. old and I want to be an actor. Although that is probably very obvious, because thats why i'm here. I live in a small town and I just started taking acting lessons, like, 3 weeks ago. I have wanted to be an actress for awhile... Just no one was doing any muiscials a few years ago. I don't have any experince yet, but I will try to get in some muiscials. My acting teacher said I did really good for someone whos never done it before the first time I went. My friends also say I can sing. I am not snobby although people say I'm pretty. Can you please contact me, I need some tips on what I can do.
Posted by Elizabeth (2009-10-10) 2137
I really want to be an actor. I can fake cry and have conversations with others.I can talk about sad things and i will fake cry.I have tricked my brothers that i have heart myself and start crying and my brothers would start getting worried and don't know what to do.Then i will just start laughing and so would they.I'm 13 years old.im turning 14 on February 19.i really hope you can contact me .
Posted by Melissa (2009-11-30) 2218
oops! made a mistake i want to be an actress not an actor.as you can see in my other comment.
Posted by Melissa (2009-11-30) 2219
I am passionate about being an actor! I am currently 21yrs. old. I joined the military in order to "Find My Own Way" but at the end of the day, acting is the thing that makes me feel blissful! That's how I know this is what I wanna do. My concerns are have I waited to late, it appears that most if not all schools are looking for younger kids who have not yet finished grade school. I have not had any drama or acting classes outside of school, but I am currently searching for schools in my area. I have made the decision to move to LA when my contract is over with the military, to persue acting full time.

Posted by Antonio (2009-12-01) 2222
i want to an actor ain't mean i want to be in t.v but as a career .govt job is not the only one but i hope that acting will be my job someday as my gifted talent.i m focused and i belief in myself.
Posted by joyyzzzzzzz (2009-12-02) 2223
i really want to be an actor
Posted by ajay kumar (2009-12-26) 2252
hi,i am 12 years old and for 2 years i've been watching Selena Gomez an Demi lavoto and i really want to become an actress but the only thing standing in my way is that nobody supports me and i live in Tyler Texas(a very small town.)i'm not experianced.I am ready to go though.By the time i summer comes i want to convence or at least someone take me to hollywood to full fill my dream of becoming an actress and start 7th grade there.So prettyplease, please ,please contact me.
TANKYOU,Baylie Buckholtz!!!!!!!
Posted by Baylie Buckholtz (2010-01-12) 2300
Hi, I might just be dreaming for I have no schooling but I would like to become I model/actress. I am 23 years old. A hard worker. Just need help poingting me in the right direction and I will do my best to get there. I feel like I am drowning here in Montevideo, Minnesota and I feel like I could do more somewhere else. You have good advice. Havent read all of ur sections but I will I want to learn all I can. I will di almost what ever I have to. I just hope I am not coming into it to late. Well, if you have any helpful advice for me send my way, I will sure appreciate it. Thanks!
Posted by Christina Enger (2010-01-26) 2312
will you send me emails of where i can try out for parts in a movie?
Posted by lena white (2010-01-29) 2316
Hello, im 10 years old i want to become an actor or supermodel. i live in N.Y. i would love to be on disney channel. i have a great personality. If ur sad i will make u happy in 2 sec. choose me 2 b r actor. Thankyou Have a Nice Day
Posted by adriana guarino (2010-02-01) 2320
hello,i am 16 years old and i want to be an actress.i live in greece and i plan to study drama abroad,in England!i just want to know is it as hard as they say it is?is there any chance?
Posted by veroniki (2010-02-27) 2400
please contact me on any jobs for acting.
Posted by andy (2010-02-28) 2403
he i m salma from morocco and i whould like to be an actor plz contact me ow and by the way i m 16 turning to 17
Posted by salma (2010-03-09) 2416
hello i hope ur all doing great my name is daniel short for..danny i would like someday to become a star of the film industry because it gives me a chance to inspire myself on what i like to do and that is acting i really admire leonardo dicaprio alot and would like to have his acting skills one day so please contact me
Posted by daniel brenes (2010-03-14) 2423
hi i am an actress, it was easy to become one
Posted by sselena gomez (2010-04-12) 2473
hi im 17, live in Miami,FL and I am hoping to become an established actor for either nickelodean or disney channel.
I dont have an agent, headshot, resume, or any acting experience but I willing to work as long and hard as possible to become established. Im not sure what I should do first, there are no major acting studios where I live.
Posted by Brayner (2010-04-13) 2476
Hello, I am really thrilled that I have found this web site. The articles are very easy to understand and quite the motivational tool. I possess a great deal of fervor for acting and fell in love with theatre from the moment I stepped on the stage. I have performed at churches, schools and even stages ranging from Orlando to Chicago to Las Vegas. I absolutely love speaking to large groups and have spoke to various groups. I give my absolute everything to my character I am playing and work hard at becoming a more versatile actress. I was Miss Illinois Outstanding Teen 2008, and through that wonderful experience, I learned what it meant to network, network, network! I also was awarded the opportunity to come into contact with the President of Dolphin Entertainment, Bill O'Dowd (discover of starlets such as Megan Fox) and brilliant agent Sam Haskell (worked with people such as Kathie Lee Gifford). Since meeting these inspiring men, I have really seen myself being able to climb to the top. I truly desire to. I live on a farm in very rural United States so the opportunities are not just overflowing; however, I love to sing and dance and I play the piano and other instruments and I also speak Spanish so it increases the opportunities by a little bit. :) I have had some experience in modeling as I have recently signed a contract with the very down-to-earth, pioneer of her industry, Stacey Schieffelin. It has been so much fun, as we try to inspire teens and tweens alike to express a more genuine personality. The photos have been printed in magazines such as Savvy. It has been quite the culture shock for this farm girl. I have always been a dedicated young woman and strived to make straight As in all of my classes. I am currently 19 years of age and attending a local community college on a presidential scholarship. I am searching for any and all opportunities that I could grab by the horns. Please, if you read this message, I would like to provide you with further information in regards to credentials and I would also wish for any other tips. Thank you for taking the time to read this. With great fervor, Emily
Posted by Emily Travis (2010-05-03) 2499
hi ! i'm ninii i'm 17 and want to be an actress very very much but i live in georgia in gori so there nothing, so please help me i can do everything to become an actress i want to go abroad but now i can't because i need help so please please help me, i can do everything want do you want i want to go abroad and take part of in films, so please help me somebody
Posted by niniii (2010-05-11) 2518
Hello! Mmy name is Eric and I`m determined to become an actor. I`m thirteen and as you could probably tell I`m a male, ha! I don`t know much about acting, but I still have a passion for it and always have. I don`t know if you`re supposed contact me or something, but if you are, then I know I`m a good choice for you!
Posted by Eric Garza (2010-05-16) 2527
hi i'm niniii i'm 16 and want to be an actress very much but you know i live in georgia in gori so there nothing,so please help me someone take me abroad to become an actress, i have a great talent but in my country it doesn't cost and please help me, i can do everything i so much want to become an actress it's my dream,so if you interested in me i swear you won't regret.......
Posted by Ni NuCaa =]] (2010-05-18) 2537
hi i'm ninii i'm 16 and want to become an actress i had left this comment a lot at first i was written in my mile but then nobody wants to help me to take me abroad to become an actress i have a big talent but in my country it doesn't cost so what i do please help me some producer take me abroad and i swear you won't regret, if you take me abroad i'll take part a lot of films so i can do myself and you too,you know if i had been in abroat for example in New York i wouldn't entreated becouse in another country acting talent costs very much, so i would do everything and now i can do everything too i can leave my country to become an actress it's my dream and i know that it will be happen but now i need help i have no money to go abroad in casting to take part in films, i know that it isn't easy i know that it is very difficualt but i'm not afraid i can do everything to reach in my dream so please help me somebody to take me abroad and become an actress i swear you won't regret too.
Posted by Ni NuCa =]] (2010-05-21) 2549
Crazy actor, acting crazy hav always be one of my exclusive and important character i put in when am given scene to play in my theater club, just like MAJID MICHEL. Am an actor, moodel, singer, and a dancer. should you need my service contact me.
Posted by TONY ELDIKE (2010-06-11) 2582
Hello my name is austin, i'm 17 and absolutly love acting and think that i could become a well known actor. I live in san antonio tx, away from all the showbiz and glamore. Is there anywhere close for getting started? I am still in high school and in the schools theatre program. But i want nothing else to take my acting to the next level. Please help me get started, i have a gut feeling that once i started, i can only grow. Thanks!!
Posted by Austin (2010-07-01) 2617
i want to be an actress
Posted by leonora (2010-07-08) 2632
i have been acting and singing when i learned how to talk if someone could help me with my dream that would be awesome

Posted by ugo (2010-07-31) 2652
I want to study microbiology abroad but first of all i need to get to the movie industry to be an actor and obtain a savings that would enable me pursue my academic prowess.I a Nigerian,from the east, born and bred in the northern part of the country.I would be glad if my request is being considered.
Posted by UDEH SAVIOUR (2010-10-08) 2739
I am a actor. I have been in 1 comercial for Procter and Gamble for the olympics. I have a agent. I have dont school plays for 7 years. I might get out of school and get home tutored to get more acting in.
Posted by Beau Minniear (2010-11-03) 2765
I've wanted to be an actor since I was little, and decided to try but when I did try it was for movies. Well i want to be a voice in animation, but really anything would work.
Posted by jalen (2010-11-18) 2783
hello, i am just one of thoes who like to become an actor, but dont no how or what to do i wish someone can help me all i think about is acting i cant even sleep nor eat sometimes i am 20 years old and i live in trindad help
Posted by jeff lewis (2010-11-19) 2786
Well, like the rest I'd like to be an actor. I have been thinking about doing it for a long time and I think it's time to go after it. Any help would be great.
Posted by Aaron Sikes (2010-12-06) 2802
How Doing Actors starting there acting career ?
Posted by Alexanderson Torres (2011-01-24) 2844
i have what it takes to become a movie star give me anyone to paly i can pull it off i promise you and i love tyler perry i big fan>but i know no one really going to write back because there rich and it ok for them to till to keep trying and it will happen yeah thats what thay say but i been trying and im still not a movie star!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why ?
Posted by Jaquille Anderson (2011-02-14) 2877
i have read your first steps to becoming an actor. its great information. I'm 22 years old and originally from south America... i have been wanting to act ever since i was in high school. i don't know where to start. i believe you can do anything you put your mind to all you need is ambition passion desire patience and consistence to be successful in something you love to do. and acting has been my dream for a long time...
Posted by gabriela molina (2011-02-18) 2886
I have found this helpful, i have got through all of my auditions i have ever had the best ones being, getting through to the famous CTB [celebrity talent academy] in London and getting to perform in my hometown theartre three times within 2 years in High Wycombe, south buckinghamshire, England. In April i am joining the agency called spotlight for my theartre school Jackie Palmer, i hope this will give me more opportunities and bring me one step closer to becoming an actor. I am not focused on anything like becoming famous, all i want is to become a successful actor whether that is on TV, films or theartre.
Posted by Liam (2011-03-01) 2903
hi my name is rosemary iam 13 years old and my sister is 5 we like singing and dancing and acting it was our dream if you can help us we thank you and god bless a

Posted by rosemary mills (2011-03-16) 2963
Wow, great site ! i come back to see more ! its a big inspiration !
Posted by German Actor (2011-04-11) 2996
Hi my names ralph. Im 25 years old and started picking up interest in possibly becoming an actor. Ive been in the military for the past 8 years and im tired of it, tired of doing the same thing everyday, and tired of hating my job. I want to be someone important and get noticed, make more money and meet other actors and actress i have loved watching for years. Is 25 to old to pursue this dream? I would love an email back to chat about this if at all possible..
Posted by Ralph (2011-05-18) 3181
hi i'm alec. i'm 61 years old but a very young 61 and slim and nimble.i am desperate to get into tv and film acting. i have been an electrician all my working life but have hated it. i just did it to keep my parents happy. all my life i have watched and studied drama by watching it on tv and paying particular attention to performances.I hane a collection of about 3000 dvds, some of which i have watched several times over. how does a young but aging codger fulfill his dream.love the website. ps watch for young rupert friend. have seen most of his movies.an awsome new talent,and he comes from my village. regards alec
Posted by alexander smith (2011-05-18) 3183
hi i am Sam and i want to get into acting or modeling or singing. I'm 5foot 4inches i love to stand out and be my self. i will do all kinds of things in movies or TV shows i will do stunts and be a stunt double. if you think you can get me a job in acting or anything else call me.
Posted by sam (2011-05-30) 3350
hey my name is keely and i am 14 years old i will be 15 in February i live in a small town in county Galway in Ireland i am a country person but i really want to be big i want to act iv been in a lot of school plays but i want to be famous i am not cocky or rude and i will always give something a try.I will do what i am told and i wont make a fuss please get back to me this is my dream. thank you
Posted by keely farrell (2011-09-16) 4773
I'm so interested lately to be in the film industry. I can act in different ways if asked to do so. I'm now 44 years old. I don't mind being in movies as an extra. I'm darn good in drama. As an adopted child, I never had the opportunity to see my real mother and father. I was just adopted since birth. I don't know for sure if they are still alive because my adopted parents won't let me know the truth. Not even a picture of my biological parents, I've never seen their faces on photos. I still seek for my real parents whether they are deceased or still alive. I'm all alone with nobody in life to be with for about 20 years now. My life story is somewhat complicated because since I was born, I felt I was been abandoned and neglected by my biological parents until someone adopted me, but I also felt suspicious of my adopted parents. My adoption papers tells that I was really abandoned and neglected but it's hard for me to believe because during my age of 18 years old, I started to experienced being abused by my adopted parents, mentally (not physically). In other words I've been manipulated ever since they try to convince me of what they're telling me of what really happened to my real parents that is hard for me to believe. At this present time, my past still keeps on haunting me and what makes me think of reaching a goal to become an actor is my only best shot to be successful in life. I hope this dream of mine will someday come true.
Posted by Anthony G. Guillermo (2011-10-09) 4895
from what i seen on good morning american some actors will do anything for a big dollar amount butchers and real life killers and they hang with that kind really makes you wonder these actors i seen were some i guess who needed money really bad
Posted by none (2011-10-14) 4910
i really want to become an actor, can you please help me.
Posted by sylvester yeboah (2011-12-24) 5298
I'm 21 I'm in uni at the moment doing foundation year because I can't decide what I want to do with my life. I always wanted to be an actress but my parent never liked the idea and kept telling me that there is no chance I can find a job afterwards and no way to be like actors we see on tv or films, so I should do something more realistic. But here I am still not knowing what I want to do except I still feel I really want to be an actress. I asked around for info and everyone said that I'm too old and by the time I take the decision to finally follow that career and by the time I'd be able to find a job I'd be too old and too late. Everyone needs teenagers to start with and as older you get fewer the job opportunities. So can someone who actually knows about this kind of stuff please tell me what is true of all that and what not? Is there any possibility that I can make it as an actress even though I'm 21? What do I do?
Posted by Vassia (2012-01-17) 5388
i just think its funny cuz everyone on this site thinks there going to be an actor lol ;-}
Posted by ashton robinson (2012-02-03) 5471
Hi, I am 16 years old and love to become a actor on film. I have taken all the drama classes in my school and will be assiting my teacher on a drama class next fall. I although was never in a play because my dance schedule took up atleast 3-4 days out of my week. I have performed as a dancer with The Ultimate Michael Jackson tour with 3 others we performed in casinos, civic centers, etc. and i love it so much I want to expand my dancing into acting. If you can help or give some advise please contact me, Thanks!
Posted by Travis Collin (2012-02-06) 5478
I just recently euevalrated my career choices (after many years of wanting to be a singer and writer) and after much thinking noticed that i would be a much better actress and comedian. I have always loved being on stage and I am always thinking about acting or making my own films and wnat to get better at what I do. I remember one particular play (out of many lol. I was always prone to dramatics) i did when i was younger and the whole place was packed and I did a GREAT job. It was a lead part and it was so exciting. I'm so happy to finally know what my TRUE calling is in this life and what personality traits and characteristics of myself would be SO much better suited for being on stage acting or making people laugh rather than singing. All that being said I really want to get started with practicing the craft of acting. So does anyone have any tips for someone just starting out? I really like learning at home by myself so i can challenge myself to try to embody the character without the help of a mentor or teacher. Because I like to learn on my own and challenge myself it would be great if someone could suggest some monologues or characters that would be challenging to learn. I'm open to the idea also of taking acting courses or classes. Which is something I'll be doing at college as well. However it'll be tough if i don't have any acting courses in my town so someone can take me so i can take additional classes after school. But I will try to as SOON as possible so i can take courses or get involved with plays and films. Sorry I'm rambling lol. But if anyone can give me any good tips for a beginning actor and also some challenging skits, characters in plays or monologues it would be a huge help to me to get some great tips from other actors and actresses. Thanks for the help if you respond to these questions!
Posted by Ara (2012-03-13) 5641
Hi I have always been passionate about acting! However I'm finding it very difficult to get started and would really appreciate some advice! Please can you help point me in the right direction?!

Posted by Macie (2012-04-13) 5740
hi my name is faith, i live in harris minnesota i'm 14, i love singing and dancing i also play the guitar and piano! it has always been my dream to be an actor so please suggest me1
Posted by faith (2012-11-13) 6330
hello.... am george and am 20 years and from ghana and i want to be an actor and want to act in adventure movies
Posted by george (2013-01-29) 6409
I found some other useful tips here https://www.impartial-review.com/stories/marina-gipps-twenty-acting-tips
Posted by Jacob (2013-02-16) 6417

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