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Actor Cover Letter Examples
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by Arthur Blume
Personal communication with the casting director or talent agent will differentiate your resume from the rest and make it easier for the casting director and/or talent agent to remember you when a role needs to be filled.

Sample Cover Letter

Marcus Caparcus
101 Nowhere Drive
Hollywood, CA 90028

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Actors Talent Agency
123 Star Dreams Boulevard
Hollywood, CA 90028

Attn: Daniel Hireme
Re: Upcoming Superman Role

Dear Mr. Hireme:

I would really like to stop eating cat food. Please hire me for this job.

I graduated from the Julliard School of Music and received top honors for my tuba playing. I am looking for film, television and commercial work.

I have put together a short demo tape of my latest composition for your review I will follow up with your office by next week to confirm receipt of my portfolio package.

I look forward to meeting with you soon.

Warmest Regards,

Marcus Caparcus

Here's another sample cover letter. To make things easier for you I have written the sample submission letter with some cheat notes.

Sample Cover Letter

Wednesday, November 29, 2006
Include Today's Date.
Mr. Daniel Hireme
Actors Talent Agency
123 Star Dreams Boulevard
Hollywood, CA 90028

Dear Mr. Hireme:
This part is incredibly important! Always address your cover letter to a specific contact.
My name is Marcus Caparcus and I am a new actor to Los Angeles. I am interested in stage, film and commercial productions. My cousin Vinny Babarino mentioned your name to me as he remembered that you and I attended the same performing arts school. It is simply amazing to me that we both grew up in the same town and attended the same acting school.

See how short and sweet that was? I also managed to drop a contact name and a reference that makes a personal connection between me and the recipient.
As for my recent work, you can see me in a guest starring role on 'The Office' next week and I also have a film being released as part of the Barleytown Independent Film Festival. I should also tell you that I will be starting a new role in an off-Broadway play called 'Where the Kitty Kats Are' and can easily arrange some tickets for you.
That's it, three references and no more. I also offered to give some free tickets in an effort to make it easier for the casting director to view my skills.
Thanks again for taking the time to read my cover letter and resume and I look forward to meeting you in person. I am available any time for an audition. Feel free to contact me on my cell phone at 555-555-5555.
Nothing complicated here, just a simple thank you, call me anytime and I am done. Always try to end with a contact number.
Warmest Regards,

Marcus Caparcus
Sign your cover letter. This detail shows a willingness to make your cover letter more personal.
101 Nowhere Drive
Hollywood, CA 90028
Include contact information. Make it easy for casting directors and talent agents to reach you for call back auditions and/or interviews.

Arthur Blume is an actor and short subject director and producer.
Copyright © Arthur Blume. All rights reserved. Used with permission of the author. Not to be reproduced or distributed.

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Reader Comments
The first letter may be intentionally wrong, but just to alert anyone who wants to use the name, Juilliard is spelled J-u-i-l-l-i-a-r-d--it's French.
Posted by Judith N. (2008-02-16) 41
i want to be a actress
Posted by mar (2008-07-02) 116
i have one question for you!!!
Do I send photos with my cover letter to the agents?
Posted by angela (2008-10-09) 463
thank you this was really helpfull!
Posted by heather (2008-10-13) 474
Peggy Hadley, agent and owner of Peggy Hadley Enterprises Ltd. is quoted as saying, "Cover letters must be brief. And don't try to be funny," she says. "That's the kiss of death."
Posted by Annie (2010-01-30) 2319
This was incredibly helpful and was instrumental in creating my cover letter. Thank you.
Posted by Caroline (2010-05-28) 2566
thanks a million :) this has really helped me to create my cover letters
Posted by taylor (2010-08-06) 2664
What was the point of respelling Juilliard, Judith?....

Posted by Pam (2010-09-07) 2704
Posted by Kelsea (2011-01-18) 2836
Thanks a lot. This has really helped me.
Posted by PPAT (2011-05-10) 3097
Thank you so much, now i know what i did wrong.. God bless.
Posted by patrick Madise (2011-07-19) 4085
Okay... So what do you do if you DIDN'T attend the same acting school as the casting director, and you WEREN'T on The Office?
Posted by Terry (2011-10-04) 4867
Thanks, very helpful in starting my letter.
Posted by Pat (2011-10-05) 4872

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