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"White Collar" stars Matt Bomer, Tim DeKay, Tiffani Thiessen, Willie Garson and Sharif Atkins in one of this fall season's most critically acclaimed dramas about the most unlikely of partnerships between a con artist and an FBI agent.

"White Collar" also features James Rebhorn and Diahann Carroll, and Marsha Thomason ("Lost") re-joins the cast for season two. This exciting crime-caper-drama, which was one of the #1 shows in cable of 2009, will kick off its second season this July with all new cases, more intrigue, more "bromance"... and more Matt Bomer, People Magazine's "Sexiest Rising Star" of 2009.

"White Collar" was created and is executive produced by Jeff Eastin and comes from Fox Television Studios.

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hi. my name is jalize. im turning 14 in march, yet i pass for 17. im 5'6 1/2 with black shoulder length hair. tan skinned. my memorilization skills are high. im in an acting school and ive been a dancer for 10 years now. i love going to auditions, i live by new york but i live in new jersey. please let me in on any information, i am willing to work and reach my destination. i love a challenge and living a dream.

Posted by Jalize (2009-11-13) 2277

Hi,my name is jim and I was wondering If I could not get a role in white collar ,that I would be able to be an extra thank you.[no experiance]

Posted by James Kalesse (2009-11-18) 2309

Hi, my name is Willow, I live in New York City and I would love to have the opportunity to be apart of White Collar, as an extra. I am 17 years old but can pass for older or younger. I've been told I look 18, 19 or 20 by some people and 15 or 16 by others. I don't have any experience but I believe I could do well on the show. Thank you.

Posted by Willow Levine (2009-11-27) 2337

Hi, My name is kesha im 13 and will be 14 in feb. and I am very interested in your casting call.

Posted by Kesha (2010-01-02) 2422

hi my name is claire. I am 13 years old, but i will be 14 in a week. I am very interested in getting a part in white collar. I absolutely love the show, and my dream is to act.

Posted by claire Shea (2010-02-08) 2554

Hi I'm Erin and I would be interested in auditions for White Collar. I have taken several acting camps and can act pretty well. I also can do many different accents and I speak 3 languages.

Posted by Erin (2010-02-16) 2573

Hi im Jared chalres im 13 i am in drama club iv been in in a few plays including a musical also in show chior contact at this email for more info

Posted by Jared Chalres (2010-06-25) 3081

Hellow my name is Jessica I am 18 years old from Gig Harbor, WA
I graduated in the year of 2010 intressted art, music, and acting. I'm 5ft 4 tall, caucasian, Dark brown hair, brown eyes. I love White Collar I think it's the best TV show in America! I so badly want to act in this show so much it would be a dream come true for me.
If I was pick for a role or an extra it will be an honnor to be in White Collar.
Thank You

Posted by Jessica (2010-07-17) 3211

My name is Chelsea and I have been working on my acting for quite some time now. I would love to be considered to do something on White collar. I am 5'7'' long blond hair, and big brown eyes. I know you will be amazed if I get the chance.
Thank you :)

Posted by Chelsea (2010-07-31) 3263

hi, my name is nicole and I am fully deaf on both ears but I can speak and hear well. I am 25 years old and I am back on full throttle wanting to act in film. I would love to take part in White Collar show, who knows I could be a sexy bad deaf jewel thief. who knows, in the show, neal feels sorry for me and he showed me few tips how to get away clean, then lets me go...but then if he did, he'd be back in prison and all of the deals would be revoked, huh? Anyways, it would be a huge honor to take part in White Collar show.

Posted by nicole (2010-08-20) 3317

Hello, My name is Christiana, and I would be interested in any acting job that you may need on White Collar. I am currently 17, but can pass in the early twenty to twenty-five area. I am naturally tan, but can play Caucasian, or Hispanic/Latino. I am a 5ft8' female and have long dark blonde hair, and is easy to switch colors. I have acting experience in the past and have appeared in commercials as a child and the film "Kids" in 1995 as Telly's Little Brother. I like the show, and have a feeling I could contribute a lot to its running. Thank you for the opportunity in advance, it should be fun!

Posted by Christiana Glorius (2010-09-09) 3348

Everyone starts out with a hey hi hello etc. I just wanna say i am very interested in the show i am 15 turning 16 in april. As far as a fan i know that white collar is shooting in New York City and i don't live too far from there about an hour i live on long island. I am a male, naturally tan i have brown eyes and black hair i wear glasses but my vision should not affect the way i act. I have acting experience as in classes in high school and some background "techie"experience. It would be great to be chosen however i highly doubt that i would be chosen from these maybe 8 people. If you've read this thanks a lot for reading information about me.

Posted by Imran (2010-12-05) 3538

Hi, I'm Jessica Carr
I have always dream of being on White color becasue the story is origenal I love the idea about con artist and FBI working togather. It shows the the meaning of Best of both worlds, or two heads are better then one. I have some expirence in acting in plays and some experince in modling as well I enjoy acting it's fun and I also find it something I can take seriously. This show is great I always wanted to be apart of it. If I don't have a part then thats alright with me I will support the show. Go White Colar! I am looking forward for the new episode everytime I watch it.

Posted by Jessica Carr (2011-03-09) 3844

Hi my name is brett could you please try and have me as an extra i have tremendous talent in the industry I also really like that it has tiffani thiessen in it she's awesome.

Posted by Brett Courtney (2011-05-04) 4099

I am currently 16, 17 in March. 5'6"-ish. Dirty-blonde/brown hair. Blue/blue-gray eyes. I am a huge fan of the show and am also an aspiring actress. I would love to have an opportunity to be on this show. Please stay in contact. Thanks so much! :)
~Kate Ritter

Posted by Kate Ritter (2011-08-08) 4875

I live in Riverwalk Crossing and know that you're taping here this week, I'd love to be an extra! Feel free to email me and I will be available!

Posted by Lynn M. (2011-08-22) 4976

My name is Dewon Wilson.I am a beginner in acting.The dream of my choice is to became an actor. and explore every area of acting as possible.

Posted by dewon wilson (2012-07-23) 6713

My name is Beauty Madeleine Martinez, I'm 21, half Latina & half Arabic, living in boring Sweden,and my dream is to get out of here, come to New York, and act. Like many others, I'm a fan of the show and the actors and would love to be a part of it. Would be amazing to be an extra.Please, give me a chance

Posted by Beauty Martinez (2013-04-05) 7181

I am very passionate about my acting and I know it would inspire others. I would like an opportunity to have a role in the show

Posted by Minerva Cano (2013-10-13) 7287

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