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Welcome to the "The Walking Dead" Message Board - the place to discuss anything and everything about "The Walking Dead."

Feel free to discuss the show in general, the individual episodes, the cast and characters, and any other aspect of the show. Make your place for expressing your thoughts and communicating with others who share your common interests.

would like to be zombie extra. Never acted before but would do zombie role for free. Would be lots of fun. Beside some people already think i am the walking dead. U pay fare and food i will be there.

Posted by david j santiago (2011-01-17) 3708

My fiance & I would LOVE to be cast as zombies in an upcoming season of AMC's The Walking Dead. We are 1.5 hrs from Atlanta & would have no problems getting to the shoot.

Posted by Shonda (2011-03-23) 3885

To whom it may concern,
Wow! This show is just amazing, because there's action, suspense, and it keeps me on my toes. My name is Travoughn Douglas, & it would be an honor to act in your upcoming season. I personally think that this is the best Zombie show i ever watched and i've watched plenty. I have the the dvd and the comics for AMC: The Walking Dead. I have been to acting practices so i won't be lost and i can really get into character. Well thank you for you time and cooperation.

Posted by Travoughn Lenard Douglas (2011-04-11) 3951

hello, my name is micheal goodyear. i am fifteen years old and have a medium yet legitimate background in acting. i am a huge fan of the show and would be willing to make the commute to ATL for a shot as a extra. please consider choosing me in my pursuit towards my long and hard acting career, thank you.

Posted by micheal d goodyear (2011-04-15) 3965

helo there, my Name is bennY. i wood like To be in this Show becAuse I read zoMby books alot.I am so close to Atlanta now When I moved in for months aGo.

Posted by beNnY (2011-04-22) 3991

I want to be an extra/zombie how do we sign up?

Posted by Anna Mosity (2011-05-01) 4074

I would love to be an extra zombie. I am 14 years old and I live in Atlanta proper.

Posted by Sera Thomas (2011-06-06) 4485

I lovee the show and I really want to be in it I am 15 but ppl say I look older I live in Atlanta I would b happy 2 b on your show I'm Asian LOL and just e-mail me if you wnt :)

Posted by connie nguyen (2011-06-10) 4504

I'm 13 and i have been in every single play in school since i was in 2ND grade, Ive also been in one drama. My parents and I love the show and i love horror roles. I live 50 minutes away from Detroit, And i have also been a zombie 3 times for Halloween and actually scared people. This is my favorite TV show and Ive seen every episode. by far its the best zombie show EVER.

Posted by Cassandra Beattie (2011-07-23) 4801

I would love to be zombie on the show I love to do it

Posted by Gabriel Schnapp (2011-08-01) 4843

i really want to be cast as a zombie for the walking dead i am 14 and i live like an 2 hours in away in tavares and i am obsessed with zombies i would do it for free i think it would be really cool.

Posted by chris redmond (2011-08-20) 4970

I really want to be cast to be a zombie in The Walking Dead. I am a huge fan of the series and I could make it to the locations.

Posted by Tanisha (2011-08-26) 5007

I really want to work on this show. I would except any job or part. I am a huge fan of horror movies. Especially zombie movies. This is my favorite show ever. Please let me know if there is anything I can do. Thank You.

Posted by Raegan (2011-09-03) 5040

hi, my name is summer and i am 15yrs old and i would love to be a actor or part of the cast on walking dead i am a huge huge fan. i would like to work on this show and i will like to learn more about acting. please my dreams come true thank you.

Posted by Summer Evans (2011-09-11) 5087

hello, its summer again i just wanted to add that i am from New Zealand and would like to help out if you need it on the show. thank you

Posted by Summer Evans (2011-09-11) 5088

hi, its summer once again i thought il give you details. i am maori/pakea and i have black hair teenager height and i am a had worker and it has always been my deam to be a actor. after i finished high school i wanted to go to university and try to become a actor and i just dont wanna do it just because it maks you famous, its because i would like to be on shows and travel and learn more about acting i would learn my lines so had and i would do th producers proud and i am a team worker so il get on with the others. so please make my dreams come true. i would make my family and myself proud thank you for your time again if you read this.

Posted by Summer Evans (2011-09-11) 5091

This show is fantastic and i would love to be one of the coolest zombies i have ever seen. Yall do a really great job with them. Im located in houston, not too far away from atlanta. Im 16 years old and a huge fan of your show. Plus i think this would earn me some major thespian points for me! Make me a walker!

Posted by Haley Herebia (2011-10-11) 5288

My Name is Lexy for short. I'm 15 years old, however I look a tad bit older. I have always loved zombie movies and I think its amazing yawl made a zombie series! Your zombies are one of the best looking most realistic creatures I've ever seen. It would mean a lot to me to play a role in your show, not just because I want fame but because a girl like me would be very happy to be acknowledged by you guys. If you give me this opportunity you wont be disappointed. I wouldn’t mind being worked to the bone for such a great experience. I think your show is very addicting. The perfect balance of what a good horror series should have. All I know is my life hasn’t exactly been good or admirable however if I got that golden chance I can promise you it wouldn’t go to waste. I have been watching your show since day one, it would be funny to read the script and watch it too.

Posted by Alexis Warfield (2011-10-16) 5552

My name is Mike Petruno and I am 17 years old. I will be graduating this year from high school and as an EMT, so if you need someone on this show with medical training I'm your man. Like i said i am graduating this year so i will be able to help out during the filming of the 3rd season depending on when its being filmed

Posted by Mike Petruno (2011-10-17) 5556

I just want to be a zombie and I live just north of Atlanta so can get to the shoot on time

Posted by Andrew Lloyd (2011-10-18) 5563

My name is Arnold Hong I am 13 and I am just asking for an open spot that you could willingly give me. I don't even mind being in the background and being a zombie will be more than I could ever ask for, it takes only a couple minutes to get to Atlanta and I love horror and zombie movies. I'm decent at speech I made it to county on a oratorical contest, I can also do screams..more of growls because of the obsession I have with metal music any little spot is ok I just think it will be fun for the experience of it.

Posted by Arnold Hong (2011-10-18) 5564

My name is Ashton and I live a few minutes away from Atlanta. I was just wondering if any open zombie spots are available. I am 14 years old and I can get to set on time, being as I am a little bit north of Atlanta.

Posted by Ashton Hellwig (2011-10-19) 5565

My name is Kayne Deng and I am willing to audition for the Walking Dead series. I am 15 years old and has had no professional acting experience before, a minor role is fine. I am located in New Zealand and is willing to fly up if you will need me. I would really appreciate it if you give me a minor or zombie role.

Posted by Kayne Deng (2011-10-20) 5577

My name is Halie Muir, and i would love to be cast as a zombie extra... i want to become a famous actress soooooooooo BAD, but have never done any professional acting, just small plays in my town. I am 15 years old and live in Chicago and am willing to fly to Atlanta....Just a small role to get me started would be nice... THX :)

Posted by Halie Muir (2011-10-22) 5594

My name is Alice, My family and I, would very much enjoy being on the cast, as zombies/walkers. We have however, no acting experience, but it would be a very nice experience to be on set as a zombie/walkers. Please consider us, and email me via the email address I supplied in the bar above.
Thanks in advance, Sincerely, Alice & Family

Posted by Alice Silbaugh (2011-10-24) 5623

my name is terry and i love the new walking dead this is the only thing i have really gotten into on TV lol. im a very good actor almost anyone i know says im the next Jim Carry i am a fast learner and would give anything to have a shot at something like this. I am 24 years old and i dont have alot of money but i will do what i have to to get on this show i know that you will not be disappointed if you gave me the chance i realy hope someone see's this and contacts me asap thank you all and keep up the GREAT work

thank you
Terry Hateley

Posted by Terry Hateley (2011-10-27) 5644

Hi my name is Skye. I am twenty three years old. I would love to be a walker on the walking dead. I am a little over five feet. Dark hair, but I change it often and would be willing to change the color for the show. This would really be a dream come true for me. Thank you for taking your time to read this.- Skye

Posted by skye krejckant (2011-10-28) 5652

Hi my name is Bailey, I am 14 years old and 5 foot 8 inches tall... my family and i have loved watching "The Walking Dead" for the last year and I would love to be a walker in the movie! My uncle mentioned something about the movie needing more tall skinny younger people...and i would be perfect, considering i have the waist of a 10 year old and am very skinny. Thank You.

Posted by Bailey Smith (2011-10-30) 5680

Hey, I'm Rachel, and I am roughly 6 feet tall and I am 15. I love The Walking Dead and it would mean the world to me if I could be in the show. I was signed to a modeling agency in the past and I have a scream loud enough to break eardrums. I'm not affraid of the guts and the gore; I actually enjoy it ALOT, so bring on the blood! Thank you for your time.
-The Rach

Posted by Rachel Elizabeth (2011-10-31) 5686

Hello my name is Callieanne Bartlett and me and my cousin are obsessed with Walking Dead. We were even zombies for halloween. I would love to be on this show so much. I am 13 and 5'1 and fit. I don't need any money and also i am 30 minutes away from Atlanta. I will do anything to get on this show!

Posted by Callieanne Bartlett (2011-11-02) 5707

Hi My name is Shelby! My cousin Ashley and I would love to be zombies! We absolutely LOVE this show, we definitely would love to be involved in the Fort Benning scenes! I am 5'5 & 15. My cousin is 5'4, and 22. Thanks for your time!

Posted by Shelby Granberry (2011-11-06) 5742

i live in macon, ga and would drive up to be in the 'walking dead' you won't have to pay.....just the experience of being in the show would be awesome

Posted by deborah sullivan (2011-11-13) 5775

Hello! My name is Dasha. I am 17 and Russian. I am a huge fan of this show and i would love to be involved in it. I have some acting experience and a BIG personality!

Posted by Dasha. (2011-11-14) 5780

Hello, I am Emily and I really don't watch the show all that much but I would like to be an extra for the television show. I really love acting and I have been accepted into an agency but had to be taking out because of the money. Please contact me if I could have an audition or a role, maybe. Thank you very much.

Posted by Emily Copeland (2011-11-14) 5782

I'd like to be one of the characters for "The Walking Dead" or maybe even be part of the program.
I can always bring out of the box ideas where many writers fail to notice in making it more real. Some firearms do not have a hammer or safeties that your show sometimes display.
I've always been a fan of Zombies, and this show is simply awesome.....!
I also have a lot of firearm experience, maybe this is why I like zombies so much?

Im 29 years old, Korean 6'0" tall, 230 lbs. Great personality and can personally be an asset for script ideas also.

Posted by Pedro Shin (2011-11-14) 5784

I would love to be a zombie extra -- I am 50 yrs old, live in Buckhead, have no acting experience (with the exception of commission sales), and I photograph horribly!
Height: 5'6", Weight: 135 lbs, Race: Caucasian, Hair: Blonde, med - long length, Eyes: Green

Posted by Vanessa (2011-11-18) 5798

Savannah, 20 years old, little acting experience, would love to be an extra/zombie. I have family outside of Atlanta and would be able to get there for shooting. I figure this won't do much, but it can't hurt, right?

Posted by Savannah (2011-11-23) 5845

Hello, my name is Nick K. Johnson and I would sincerely appreciate it if those who oversee these comments would consider me for a part in the cast of The Walking Dead. I have seen every episode of both seasons and have even acted out a couple of scenes for my Drama class at school. I am called a "superb actor" by family and friends and enjoy the thrill of taking on another's role. Most likely I will be passed over, but it cannot be said I did not try. I am 17 years old and am a Caucasian male. If you pay for my transportation I will do any part on the show for free. All I desire is the chance to act. Please give me the opprotunity to do the thing I love.

Posted by Nick K. Johnson (2011-11-26) 5859

Hey my name is Brandon, I'm 19. i would love to be a zombie extra. It seems like I have watched every zombie movie their is. Especially the TV show Walking Dead. My friends aways say that I'm all the time saying" what if there was a zombie apocalypse.... I know exactly what going to do, go to the nearest Walmart and stock up! Ha ha." It would be a dream come true if I had the opportunity. I have acting experience. My friends love when I act out as a zombie they laugh because it looks so real and scary. I would greatly appreciate the opportunity. Thanks -Brandon

Posted by Brandon black (2011-11-27) 5865

Hey, I'm MyKayla 19 years old, about 5'1 would love too be a zombie/extra ! Will do anything.

Posted by MyKayla (2011-11-27) 5866

Hello, My name is Micki Lynn Jackson I am 20 Years old I will be 21 in April on the 4th of 2012, I am 5 foot 3 , about 105pounds, Id Love to have a part in walking dead! I would Really Like a Main Part, That would be My Ideal Part. I am very fit, I can move fast, i keep cool under pressure, I am really good with other people! And it seems like id be a blast to work with, i think id get along with everyone pretty well! I do not have acting Experience, But i am a good actor ha ask my Parents! And my Husband lol well if you are interested in learning more about me, please contact me!

Posted by Micki Jackson (2011-11-29) 5881

Hello my name is Catherine page and I am 13years old and I would live to be one of the survivors on the walking dead. I am a huge zombie fan. I pp lay black ops zombies all day. I watch every episode of AMC walking dead, and might i add this is what makes me in love with zombies. I've also know how to hold a gun. I pratice all the time. My brother always say: "yourthe only girl ii on n ow that in noes how to hold a gun". Anyway I live in Washington d.c. but all be more than happy to go to Atlanta. Please hit me up and i promise you, you would not be disappointed.

Posted by catherine page (2011-12-02) 5889

Hello my name is Giselle Felix I'm 13 going on 14 in September 29 and i honestly would like to be apart of The Walking Dead.I'm not going to lie i seriously have no Acting Experience But on Halloween Iv been the grudge and played her part really good my long hair was a bonus acting as her. I'm a fan of zombies and if one day their would actually be a zombie apocalypse i can see my self using a sniper or a Remington 870 Express Super Magnum just wanted to add that but please contact me I'm always willing to try new stuff and acting is one of them.

Posted by Giselle Felix (2011-12-03) 5891

My name is Kandi Oakes and I would love to be on The Walking Dead. I have no acting experience, but I am a quick learner. I live about 2 hrs from Atlanta and it would be very easy to be there. Hope to hear from you guys.

Posted by Kandi Oakes (2011-12-04) 5896

Here are my guesses for Feb:

Merle really returns, but he finds that he can't manipulate his brother as previously. Darryl has transferred his loyalties, at least partially, to Carol and the group.

Hence Merle and Darryl will end up in conflicts, perhaps to the point that Darryl reluctantly kills or seriously injures Merle to protect his new loved ones. You gotta remember, that acceptance by the group may be the first significant acceptance by something bigger than himself Darryl has ever had. It is powerful and rewarding, and offers Darryl an opportunity to chose again the the road he is traveling. He is well on his way to being stand-up guy, and this puts him on a collision course with his brother.

Darryl's dream in the stream was the first half of a discussion about family, loyalty, love and society, with Merle making the case that blood is all that matters. When Merle comes back he and Darryl will "finish the discussion", with Darryl wearing the white hat, loving his brother, but arguing for his new family, and if necessary, killing to preserve it.

Doing a hard thing because it has to be done and because you are the only one who can do it, against your loyalties, because the hard thing is the right thing is the core of all morality, and all drama.

Merle will emerge from his dark night of the soul as a better man, but tortured by regret and feeling for his brother.

If Darryl had to, he would kill his brother to save his new family. He will do it with tears in his eyes, but he will do it.

I think that is the show in a nutshell: hard choices to serve something bigger than yourself.

Zombies are dangerous because they are simply self-interest engines.

Posted by Steve (2011-12-05) 5905

I don't have much acting experience but I really want this job. Im a good listener and im open to any advice. I would like to be a survior and a big part of the group much like a little Rick or Darryl. I have a nice body and many girls call me hot but if I don't make it as a survivor I would still go for walker.

Sincerly, David

Posted by David (2011-12-06) 5910

I would love to be a zombie on The Walking Dead!! I am the worlds #1 zombie fan!!! How do my friend and I sign up? I'm 17 years old by the way.

Posted by Jamie Carney (2011-12-09) 5918

I am 27 years old. Born and rasied in ft. Ga and would love to be apart of the show. Would love to be a Zombie and or try out for a roll doesn't matter to me I'm game for either and will do it for free! I'm a huge fan and would love the experience in my own home town.

Posted by Amanda Frazier (2011-12-11) 5927

I am 13 years old and 5'7 1/2 which is pretty tall for a girl my age. Any way I love this show and acting.I'm a tomboy type of girl. I love anything scary and adventure's. I grew up in Tennessee since I was 11 and I currently live in Georgia 43 minutes away.I would really love to be a survivor but if I can't do that I would be a zombie.


Posted by Sabrina LeBlanc (2011-12-18) 5950


I am a 18 year old female, who has a passion for acting. I have been in One Act Plays, and Musicals. That were both school activities. Drama seemed to always be my highest grade in school. I am 6'0 feet tall, and I have blonde curly hair, i am medium build and would love if you would consider finding some part for me in the series The Walking Dead. I have been following this series, with a burning passion. I would always make sure my Sunday nights were free, so it was possible for me to watch the show. I am Canadian, I currently live in Saskatchewan. If you could contact me, for more information that would be great! Hope to hear from you soon!

Posted by Ayrianna Hrenyk (2011-12-19) 5955

hello my name is catherine page and i am thirteen years old, and i would actually like to be a survivor in the showI never been in any play or anything except for the halloween skit at my school. I'm really good at rememberizing my lines, and other people lines too. Also I can hold a gun, and i know how to shoot it. I think that it would be cool to have a 13 year old girl who knows how to survivor in the world full of zombies, and can shoot like one of the guys.I would definitly work for free, the money is not important to me. So please make my dreams come true and let me be in amc the walking dead.

Posted by catherine page (2011-12-31) 5999


Posted by catherine page (2011-12-31) 6004

Hi there! I'm 25 years old, average build, and 5'3. I have long brown/reddish hair and blue eyes. I'd love to be cast as a zombie extra in the Walking Dead. I live in NJ, but I have friends that live 1 hour or so from Atlanta, GA. Just give me a few days notice and I would totally be there! Several years experience in heavy makeup and have worked for years as a zombie in the Six Flag Great Adventure park. Will be extremely comfortable in heavy latex makeup for hours. Please contact me.

Posted by Kathleen Burns (2012-01-04) 6015

To whom it may concern,
My name is Nicholas Strong and I am 17. I have had limited opportunity to act, but it's is a passion of mine. I love the tv series and it's (in my mind) one of the best of all time. I have noticed you are missing a teenager in the show. I believe I am that character, you, however may think otherwise. All I ask is for one chance.
Thank you
-Nicholas Strong

Posted by Nick Strong (2012-01-10) 6035

I am 16 years old and I am obsessed with zombies and the show The Walking Dead so I would love to be in this show as a zombie I am really good at acting like a zombie and have seen every single zombie movie or show. So hopefully I'll hear back from you guys :)

Posted by Savannah (2012-01-11) 6040

I am interested in a zombie role. I have acting experience. I have been practicing daily: the affected walk, guttural verbalization's and general attributes. Is there an address I can email a video?

I have also wanted to be "a body" on CSI, but I think I am much better suited to this role.

I am in excellent health and physically fit. The only drawback may be to make me look as dead as possible.

Seriously, hope to hear from you. thank you

Posted by jlcervi (2012-01-14) 6056

Hello to whomever may be reading my posting,

I have been a fan of the Walking Dead since the series began and I possess a talent mostly centered around making others laugh.

In fact, I have been told many times that I'm very funny. I do not consider this a gift, but it really comes in handy when cheering someone up that is sad and depressed.

Now lets talk about some creepiness, it would seem very natural for me to take on a zombie role, given consideration to where I live around all my hick neighbor's -lol. I could easily envision myself walking around looking dead, licking my chops and chasing down a meal - saying "give me some bloody tasty body parts".

Additionally, It probably would not take much make-up affects to achieve making me resemble a dead person - lol. This is probably a long shot, however, I'm very interest in doing some walk on scenes to gain some acting experience. Please contact me, if anyone in the position to make sure an offer encounters my posting!

Posted by Scott Johnson (2012-01-20) 6072

Would love to be an extra. I was an extra in what to expect when expecting. Would love the experience! I am 26 years old. 5'3 150 pounds. Thanks for your time.

Posted by Krysti Roberts (2012-01-21) 6075

Hello my name is Josh McClintock. I was wondering if there were any roles in season 3 needing to be filled. I would prefer to be a person that's alive, but any role a 15 year old boy could fill, I would be more than happy to take. please let me know if there are ANY positions open. i am 15 years old, 5'10 tall, and would REALLY like to be on the show.
Thank you.

Posted by Josh McClintock (2012-01-22) 6081

My name is Haley and The Walking Dead is my favorite show. I love to act I can play a role as though it as real. I am not experienced at acting. I would be over joyed even if I were just to be considered for a part in your show even as an extra. I have black hair blue/green eyes and I am very tall for my age. Thank your for the consideration.

Posted by Haley (2012-01-22) 6083

I would love to be an extra in The walking dead. I watch every single show with my mom and we love it. I'm 13 and I live about 20 minutes from Atlanta.

Posted by Ashnan Hazuri (2012-01-27) 6103

Pick me! I'd kill for a chance to be a zombie! hahaha! ... seriously though.

Posted by ari (2012-01-28) 6110

Hi my name is Kayle and I would love to play a extra on your show I have some kind of experience ,I auditioned for The Event International 2011. I am addicted to zombies!

Posted by Kayle Minear (2012-02-05) 6146

Hello!! I love the show, Im an avid zombie geek. Id love to be apart of this TV Legend.. Im 26y, 5'5, sz 6 [if any of that matters] I dont want any pay, jus bragging rights and a few photos, maybe with cast members?? I can pay cost of travel if needed. Im in the Philadelphia area.

Posted by Whitney Grace (2012-02-11) 6179

I am obsessed with the show! I would pay you to allow me an appearance in the series. I would prefer to be an ally, against the zombies with the rest of the crew. I would give you the most intense violent action footage that you have ever seen. I'm 19y, 5'11, 170lbs, athletic build. I reside in North Alabama, but I will travel to hell and back for an audition. Thank You

Posted by Chase Bowman (2012-02-11) 6180

Hi, my name is Danielle and I am 15 years old. I absolutely LOVE this show. I've wanted to be an actress since I was 5 but I haven't gone for it until now. It would be awesome for my first time acting to be in The Walking Dead. I would do any role and for free. Please, I just want a chance. Thanks :)

Posted by Danielle Wishart (2012-02-12) 6181

Im an actor and a huge fan of the walking dead,
i can play any part of anything

Posted by Trevor Van Hof (2012-02-12) 6182

I'm 5'9 120 male 18 years old I would love to get a shot at being an extra

Posted by devin rice (2012-02-13) 6191

Hey there! I'm Mersadi Mitchum. I'm 21 years old and I've had acting experience at Coronado High School in Nevada. Now, I'm just a young girl traped in the lands of Oklahoma and would love a chance at playing in one of your shows. Oh, I read the Zombie Survival guide. That's my other experience to play a role in your film. Thanks for your timeee!

Posted by Mersadi Amber Mitchum (2012-02-13) 6192

I am a passionate actress, young, but talented. I am fourteen, Caucasian, and 5'3". I would love to be an extra on this show, please email me if you are interested.

Posted by Emily Cutter (2012-02-21) 6232

The Walking Dead is one of my top 3 favorite T.V. shows. Being any extra with any role would be the best thing in the world! I have an obscene amount of theater and acting knowledge, and performing is no issue. I'm 14, Blonde, Caucasian, and 5'1". If you consider having me on the show, e-mail me for my number, or just for some more information.

Posted by Anna Campell (2012-02-24) 6243

I absolutely love the walking dead, and it just makes it better that it is here in Georgia. I would like to be cast as an extra on the show. Rather it be as a zombie, zombie victim, or as just a surviving walker (human). I live 1hour from Atlanta, 5ft 9in, 27years old, a husky 305lbs (mainly muscle with a big gut), long dark hair, white native American born and raised in Georgia. E-mail me for possible casting roles, or need of extras for humans/ zombies.

Posted by Aaron Bishop (2012-02-26) 6249

Hello I'm a real zombie. I eat people at night, well maybe just one person and sometimes during the day. I would love to be on the show.

Posted by Mike reed (2012-02-28) 6263

Hello, I am Brandon. My last name is on my email, I'd like to be part of The Walking Dead. I don't have acting experience, but im a fast learner and quick on my feet. I am caucasian 5'9" / 150 Lbs, built. If you'd like to have me on the show, please email me. Thank you.

Posted by Brandon (2012-02-28) 6265

Hello my name is Collin I am born and raised in GA. I'm Caucasian 5'5" and i am also 16 years old.I believe a kid like me would be perfect for a role as a zombie.Most of your zombies have been well fit people but i think that you might have been small fit i think that with a large zombie.I do what i am told smart and i can make anyone please make me a Zombie on the walking dead.

Posted by Collin Jackson (2012-02-28) 6266

I love you all, from the producers to the extras!! I would love to be a part of your team. I don't have much acting experience except for drama in jr.high but it is something I have always been interested in and surprise myself on how good I can really be! Any position would be good but I would love to work beside Jon Bernthal. Please contact me back I can be a great addition to your cast and show! Thank you!

Posted by Victoria (2012-02-28) 6267

Hello, my name is Ariel Toledo and i live in AZ. I have always enjoyed horror movies and dreamed of acting in a horror production. When the "walking dead" premiered, I was absolutly thrilled! because a show filled with drama, action, adventure and of course ZOMBIES!!! came out. I look forward to watching it every sunday night and I just really want a chance to be on the show with all the stars and directors. I'm experienced in theatre and can take directions. Thank so much for this opportunity!

Posted by Ariel (2012-02-29) 6272

Ill do it for free. I am very free spirited and i will be happy to be a zombie, or anything else on this show.. I am a crazy zombie fan. I know just about everything about them and all the different kinds. I used to be in theater in middle school but its been a while. Altho i act and be crazy when i am roaming the halls of the high school i go to. I can make people laugh but i can be serious when i need to be. I would be happy to take any part in this production. Please contact me back if you have any openings.

Posted by Lily (2012-03-05) 6280

Hello my name is Ashley I'm 22 and live in Dothan AL, i have never done acting but my mom say i should be . I love the walking dead and really would like to be in it. I will do it for free it would be so great just to be their i would have to ask for a pay fare and some food i will be there. And my birthday just past so it would be a dream come true to be on the walking dead as a undead person or dead person i think it will be great thanks hope to hear something back .

Posted by ashley (2012-03-06) 6282

Hi, I would love to be a zombie extra. I am 14 years old, and im turning 15 next month. I would do the role as a zombie extra for free. Thats how much I love the show. I feel it would be an honor just to be in the show. I am trying to test out my acting skills. Some of my friends think I would be a good actor, so I want to start by trying to be an extra. Please email me back your response. Thanks.

Posted by Ross Lerner (2012-03-06) 6283

Hello my name is Tyler. I live in Lake City Florida and I love "The Walking dead" so much. I would love to talk to you about getting me a character role on the show. I am 13 years old. but I look and sound alot older. I have kind of thought about a character I could play. just E-mail me and I will tell u about it. thanks. You can call me anytime. just Monday through Friday 7:10 to 3 I will be in school. but any other time is fine.

Posted by Tyler Berns (2012-03-09) 6294

Hi! I don't suppose this Will get me a part at all, But I thought I could write here anyway. My name is Julia and I am 17 years old, But Im turning 18 in september. I love The walking dead, and acting is what I want to have as an career. Ive only had one part as an extra in a movie, a swedish movie actually, because Im swedish and currently live in Sweden too. This might be an issue, but hopefully not a to big one. I love english and according to myself Im quite good at speaking without to much of an swedish accent. I have it easy to learn languages, and Ive studied english since I was a little kid. Acting really is a passion of mine and I would love to get even a minor part in the walking dead!

Posted by Julia Nordgren (2012-03-11) 6303

Hi, my name is Trevor Olsen, and i would love to be on The Walking Dead. I'm 19 years old and I love acting, and I have been acting for 5 years now. I have been involved in 7 plays, 5 on stage and 2 as part of the tech crew. I would love more then anything to be on the show either as a walker or as a supporting actor for season 3 or 4. I am very dedicated and hard working. I hope to hear back and thank you for your time.
-Trevor Olsen

Posted by Trevor Olsen (2012-03-12) 6305

Hi, my name is Trevor Olsen, and i would love to be on The Walking Dead. I'm 19 years old and I love acting, and I have been acting for 5 years now. I have been involved in 7 plays, 5 on stage and 2 as part of the tech crew. I would love more then anything to be on the show either as a walker or as a supporting actor for season 3 or 4. I am very dedicated and hard working. I hope to hear back and thank you for your time.
-Trevor Olsen
P.S.- My email address from the first post isn't working so I'm posting this again under an older email address

Posted by Trevor Olsen (2012-03-12) 6306

Hello! Im justin and i would love to be an extra zombie or character in your addicting show! I love this show and look foward to it every weekand! Im turning 16 in 2 weeks and I would be an extra or free!

Posted by Justin Jackson (2012-03-18) 6329

I have some movie experience and would love to be on this show anywhere. I have a professional resume with my info, pics, ect... Im currently a female officer at a work release jail. I love the fact that the last episode showed a prison in the background. thats right up my alley...I have firearms , edge weapon, defensive tactics and other training that would help if I was lucky enough to be casted for next season.
thank you so much :)

Posted by Caron Leah Leonhardt (2012-03-19) 6330

My name is Erik McInerney and I am a 15 year old male who is looking for a role in the hit cable show "The Walking Dead." I am a huge fan of the comics and the television show and I would love to be an extra or a main character on the show if you need a place to fill. I am very skilled in acting and I am trying to get out there to producers and directors. I hope to see you on the set! Thank you.

Posted by Erik McInerney (2012-03-19) 6332

Hello my name is David Marsden and ive always wanted to eat peoples brains and get paid for it so if you are wanting to cast a person for an undead role im hungry for flesh. Thank you and Goodbye!

Posted by DAVID MARSDEN (2012-03-19) 6333

I would love to be a zombie extra on the Walking Dead. I love this show and the story lines that you guys come up with. I am willing to even do it unpaid just for the experience. I live in Atlanta and woud be available on any day with notice. I do have some acting expericence and would be willing to provide you with details upon request.

Posted by Jeffrey Godbold (2012-03-20) 6334

The walking dead is the greatest show on television and I would love to be a zombie extra on the show. I am sixteen years old and I have always had a love for zombie movies. I have been told I am a dramatic person so I think I would be perfect to play a role as a "walker".

Posted by Michael Higgins (2012-03-21) 6337

Your comic book series is fantastic and so is your television series, would love to be a part of the TV show, I live in South New Jersey, male, 30 years old, half Filipino and half American, born in New York, 5'10" tall, black hair, brown eyes, glasses, Little on the heavy side but working on the weight, about 260 pounds, I do have photos of myself if you need a visual reference. I don't have any experience with acting but would like to at least try and see if I'm even good at it, but if your not casting for this season or for the duration of the prison scenario, I would love to still be a part of the series sometime in the near future. I am sure you get responses all the time about people wanting to be a part of the show weather its extras, zombies, or cast member. Thank you for your time and I do hope and appreciate some sort of response, weather your not interested or not casting at this time, again thank you for your time and I do wish the show the best.

Posted by Henry Van Meter (2012-03-25) 6346

Wow! love this program! Ever since "The Walking Dead" started, I have been tuned into all the episodes and have replayed them over and over. I cant seem to get enough and cant wait till October for its 3rd season..I have never acted before but many have said I should audition for any parts you may have available in your up coming prison scenes in Season 3.. In the meantime, I will continue to wait for the next season commencing in October..wishing you the best! Anthony Velez 24yrs old (student), Tampa, Florida (can send pictures or video of me upon your request)

Posted by Anthony Velez (2012-03-27) 6350

My name is David Orosco and I have not missed an episode of the walking dead. I have played in two local horror films one which will be sent to Dimension films on Oct. 16th of this year. Please e-mail me information on how I can audition for the walking Dead or be cast as an extra as a Zombie. Thank you so much!

Posted by David Orosco (2012-03-27) 6351

Great series, 52 years old in live in the Newnan Ga. area, close to several locations where the show has been filmed. I would be honored to have a chance to audition for an extra in this great show.

Posted by Vernon Kelly (2012-04-04) 6372

Hi I am 14 and me and my friend would love to be in the next series if the walking dead and everybody says that me and my friend are good at acting eventhough we have never been to an acting class before. just please give us a chance to try to live our dream of bieng on your show please email me back.

Posted by Joe (2012-04-04) 6374

Hello, my name is Adam Holik, 19 years old, and I absolutely love this show! I've seen all of the episodes of both seasons and even read all of the comic issues that are out right now and I just can't get enough! I've always wanted to meet the cast & crew of the show and I'm not much of an actor, but I practice every single day with my acting just in case an opportunity comes my way! If you would let me be either a zombie extra or a side/recurring character on the show somehow I promise you that you won't be disappointed! Just email me if you decide you need/want me! Good luck with your 3rd season and tell everyone I say the same thing and that includes the cast & crew! Bye!

Posted by Adam Holik (2012-04-05) 6380

hi i'm Sarah and i love this show so much. i'm 13 years old and i really want to be on this show, i dont have much acting experience but if u can consider me that would be amazing thanks :)

Posted by Sarah Rowsom (2012-05-02) 6465

hello this is catherine, and post a comment on hear last year telling you about a character that you should add, and how that character shouch be me. keep that in mind just PLEASE put me in your show. im not going to lie to you i'm very desperate and i really need you help. come on you have to admit, having a hardcore, bad ass 13 year old girl on your show is not that bad of an idea. anyways it's always been my dream to be an actress and i would honestly and truly be gratful if you make my dream come into a reality.

Posted by catherine page (2012-05-07) 6473

Hello it's me again catherine, and I am 14 years old now. and i remember me posting a comment last year, of how that character should be, and how i should be that character. i just want to know can you please take concedration to that. it is my dream tok be on the show, because i am in love with zombies, i play zombie games, i watch zombies shows, I AM IN LOVE WITH ZOMBIES!!! and right now at this moment, i am just desperate tok get on the this show im so desperate just for being a survivor i would do it for free. whoever reads these comments take minds to heart because i really need this oppurtuninty in order for me to live my dream.

Posted by catherine page (2012-05-07) 6474

im 13...great acter and i love the show got the money for moving in all..

Posted by Rayshawn (2012-06-19) 6560

Hi my name is Cassandra but everyone calls me Cassy for short, and I'm 13 years old. But I look older. I've watched your show since the first episode. Your shows is one of those shows that if you watch the first episode then you have to watch all the seasons. I love everything about your show the characters the zombies everything. Your zombies look so real and amazing i had nightmares for a week cause of your zombies. Well whoever is reading this can you please give me this opportunity to show you that i will not disappoint you i really want to live my dream because I've been wanting this since i was 5. So please give me a chance.

Posted by Cassandra Figueroa (2012-06-27) 6580

My name is Kataisha and I am 19 years old. I love this series! Walking Dead has taken zombies to another level. This show is so awesome and I would love to be a part of this awesome show. I have a strong passion for acting and I would be over joyed to land a part in the excitement. Thanks for the opportunity.

Posted by Kataisha M Vance (2012-06-28) 6586

i really want to be on the walking dead i dont care what role i play i just want to be on the show. i ma 14 years old and im pretty good at acting

Posted by malik (2012-10-30) 6880

Hi, My name is Dylan Pace and i would love to be a zombie extra in The Walking Dead. Thanks

Posted by Dylan Pace (2012-11-05) 6904

im 14 i love The Walking Dead. My name is Tre Young, i really want to be in this show, just a zombie at least

Posted by tre young (2012-11-25) 6978

My name is Al, from Macon Ga. Love the show! I'm an aspiring actor, both stage and voice, with experience in both, and I'd love to get an opportunity to audition for any future roles for the show.

Posted by Al Rainey (2012-12-05) 7005

Hi my name is Jessica I'm 14 years old and I've always wanted to act, I have been told that I could be a great actor but I am aware that isn't enough. My desire isn't to be an extra zombie, but is to play a main character roll of some sort. I am deeply familiar with the show, and feel that of you gave me an audition and a chance I could blow you away. If you do happen to consider, and I hope you do, feel free to ask questions and try to get to know me, I do have a wild personality, and work great with other people, I just hope you give me a chance.

Posted by Jessica (2013-01-07) 7093

I would like a part for a walker or maybe as a new gal added to the gang. I want a career in acting. I'm 13 but I look about but can play any part from 12-14. I have dirty blonde hair and hazel eyes with a death stare that can't be beat. I have an athletic build and can take on physical challenges like running for a scene and keep on shooting it over and over again. I can take on any role you are generously willing to give me. I will take take on any character or part that I would play. I hope you give me a chance because you wont regret it.( really cheesy I know but I'm the kind of person that means what they say and I mean that.)

Posted by Jessica Geosits (2013-01-08) 7096

Hello my name is Jason Salazar and I would like to be on the walking dead. It wouldn't really matter to me on what I am whether it be a zombie or a charcter but I would perfer to be a charcter but like I said it wouldn't really matter to me because its not my show so I really have no control over it. I am 14 years young turning 15 next month I'm enjoying life at its fullest. I think I would be a good role as charcter because I am a huge fan in a hobby called airsoft you may have heard of it if not research it, it's a fun and intresting hobby to get into I would also like to be in the milatary this is why I love airsoft so much cause I like to see it at as if it were the real thing therefore I think I am a pretty good at holding a weapon and knowing tactics. I have been in a couple school plays and have always been a main role not trying to be coincided but I'm just putting it out there. I have been told that I have a great zombie walk and participated in the newnan airsoft battle "humans vs zombies" it was such a great time. I would love to be on the show I am huge fan and the location is farely close to where I live "newnan". Thank you for your time.

Posted by Jason Salazar (2013-03-04) 7135

I'd like to be a zombie, but I would also like to play as the baby :)
little...Kicker :D
This show is just amazing, I did the Dead app :)!
everything about the walking dead is just amazing, I love it when people can do stuff like this >:)
I'm Maria by the way, over the age of thirteen, I am fifteen years old. (:

When I first heard about this show, from my aunt Georgia, I got so excited(:
It's truly amazing, I'll love acting! I'm gonna do some Demo Reels of acting pretty soon :)
I really love The Walking Dead. My Dad would even love to be a zombie he said, he said they would love him, ha ha.

Posted by Maria Sentz (2013-03-06) 7138

This is the show I've been waiting for! My name is Alexander Parker and I have put more money into the Walking Dead than anything else. I have acted in high school plays for several years and I have won awards for acting against all of the other actors in my county. I had a dramatic performance as a soldier that had to accept death as his life flashed by before him. I won best male lead for this performance among others. Acting has been a huge part of my life and it would be an honor to do it for the Walking Dead! I am 6 feet, 200 pounds, and I have a deep voice.
Thanks for your time

Posted by Alex Parker (2013-03-31) 7148

Hello my name is Keegan 13, haha, I'm a big fan and I allways wanted to be a survivor! I have blonde hair I'm 5'2 132 lbs.. Im a good actor, I remember lines and what to do, It would be a privilege to work with you guys.

Posted by Keegan (2013-04-26) 7186

Could you use some extra walkers,

Posted by Patrick (2013-04-28) 7189

Hello my name is Damain Hickman. I may have no acting experience but I hope you will give me a chance it has always been my dream to be an actor a horror movie or show either one would be wonderful I hope you would accept me I was born and raised in Tennessee

Posted by Damain (2013-04-30) 7191

Hello, my name is Emma, and I'm 15 years old.I live near New Orleans, LA, and am willing to make the trip. I have brown eye's and aburn hair, though it is blue at the moment I can definitely change that if it is a problem. I'm a Caucasian female and am about 5ft.6in. It would be a dream come true if I were able to be on the walking dead. I, unfortunately, don't have any acting experiences, but hey, you got to start some were. Absolutely any role will do, weather it be a zombie, an extra, or just a small role. Just being on the show, getting to have the experience, getting to meet new people, and being a part of this wonderfully show would be fantastic.

Posted by Emma Bejarano (2013-07-08) 7225

Hi, I'm Christy. I'm 5'2 and can be dramatic. I've watched The Walking Dead and I love this show and I would love to be an extra in it.

Posted by Christy Khouanmany (2013-10-28) 7291

I love the show and all the drama I think id be a good actor for This. Wouldn't mind busting out in tears or killing some walkers cx

Posted by Destinee Monroe (2013-11-02) 7292

Hey, I'm Daniel. I've always wanted to audition for your show, and I'd be happy to do anything you need done. I live in rome, georgia which isn't a far drive.I also know several martial arts for stunt doubles or fight scenes.Plus I have always wanted to kill/be a zombie.

Posted by Daniel Reyes (2013-12-02) 7300

Hi, my name is sophie sullivan and i love zombie films/series, i would absolutely love to have a role in the walking dead. I am nearly 13 years old, but i live in wales, so not very close but im sure my parents would let me come, please let me be part of the show! It would be much appreciated even if i was a zombie or someone who got bit straight away! I really really want a part my family and friends would be so proud of me! Thanks for reading

Posted by Sophie (2013-12-16) 7304

I think I should be found at a house out in the prison where they never found just tell couple of days after and then ours they hear screaming and then they see me a bunch of weapons and they realize that I've been taking care of myself I have no damages and I have plenty of food in my house I'm 13 years old and I really think you should consider me a love the show so thanks please consider

Posted by Jeremiah (2014-04-01) 7393

Hello and happy Friday!
My name is Jennifer Garcia, I would absolutely love to be a zombie on The Walking Dead! Or an extra, I'll be whoever you want me to be baby!

I am 23, 5 foot 6 (pretty average height) Brown eyes and Brown hair (Though when I am feeling rebellious I'll add a splash of color to my hair). I speak fluent Spanish, I am learning Portuguese and cant speak German (but I pretend I do). I am often told I have an exotic look to me, I get a variety of guesses concerning my ethnicity. Which I love because I like to think of myself of a person with out boundaries and its a complete complement when someone thinks I am from their native county.

Posted by Jennifer Garcia (2014-04-04) 7395

I am a huge fan of the show and would give anything to be on it or something like The Walking Dead. I have been acting for only a little while now but the opportunities and funn this would provide is incredible :-) It would be an absolute honour to be simply an extra. Thanks for your time. Awesome show!

Posted by Alyssa Brown (2014-06-08) 7418

Hey guys if you are reading this I would be open to any role on TWD. My name is TrynatieMaki.
I am 13 years old.
Hair color:blonde
Eye color:blue,green, and grey
Hobbies:singing, dancing, swimming, and acting when I get the chance
I would be open to any role on this show. Many people I meet say I'm good at being a zombie.I have been watching this show since it started and loved it all.I am a fast runner to. Thanks for reading!

Posted by trynatiemaki (2014-07-31) 7462

Let me plez be an extra because being an extra is funn plezzzv

Posted by gilmary aponte (2014-09-21) 7489

Hi My name is Hannah and I am from Chicago I am 19 years old, I graduate high school and I love to act, I always think that a zombie Apocalypse will happen and I will love to be on the walking dead. I always wanted to act with Norman Reedus .I am really shy but I am funny and sweet, I did gymnastics for 14 years and Dance. I did some acting classes in high school and I been in plays in my middle school like Grease and Oklahoma. I love zombies and scary movies. I will love to be on my favorite show and be a zombie survive I will really appreciate if you would accept me!

Age:19 years old
Eye Color: Blueish Green
Hair: Dirty Blond
Special skills: Gymnastics, Basketball, Dancing.
Caucasian: White

Posted by Hannah (2015-03-26) 7554

hi my name is james delgadillo i would love to become what ever you need me for i have no acting expeirence im only 14 i would really want to be in the walking dead i would love it i know that if yall dont pick me that is fine but this reply was worth every word letter everything i know that i might not get pcked but i would love it.

Posted by james delgadillo (2015-11-10) 7607

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