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The Unit

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The Unit Message Board

Welcome to the "The Unit" Message Board - the place to discuss anything and everything about "The Unit."

Feel free to discuss the show in general, the individual episodes, the cast and characters, and any other aspect of the show. Make your place for expressing your thoughts and communicating with others who share your common interests.

This show is so good. The men are men. Finally a show where men are not demoralized. My husband and I look forward to the new episodes. I don't want the show to be caned. Who can I write to show support. Who says if it will stay or go? Please anyone, post your findings. Opperation save the Unit.
Thank you

Posted by Unit supporter (2008-11-13) 557

Is there anyway you can bring Hector back? He was fantastic!

Posted by Jeff Wilkens (2008-12-02) 636

Im a huge fan!and id love to audition for a guest spot or extra role.

Posted by Matt (2009-02-26) 1061

16 love this show want to in a go acting job to put me in the light im turning 17 5' 9''in june bigg thing is my dream god have a place for me in acting i see

Posted by angelo .motley (2010-04-09) 2798

The Unit is the BEST show on TV. Why it was cancelled is a mystery to me. I truly hope it is picked up by another network which will allow it to shine as the most brilliant show it is. Absolutely wonderful!!!!

Posted by Paris G. (2012-05-20) 6495

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