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About the Show

Leonard and Sheldon are brilliant physicists, the kind of "beautiful minds" that understand how the universe works. But none of that genius helps them interact with people, especially women.

All this begins to change when a free-spirited beauty named Penny moves in next door.

Sheldon, Leonard's roommate, is quite content spending his nights playing Klingon Boggle with their socially dysfunctional friends, fellow CalTech scientists Wolowitz and Koothrappali. However, Leonard sees in Penny a whole new universe of possibilities... including love.

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The Big Bang Theory Message Board

Welcome to the "The Big Bang Theory" Message Board - the place to discuss anything and everything about "The Big Bang Theory."

Feel free to discuss the show in general, the individual episodes, the cast and characters, and any other aspect of the show. Make your place for expressing your thoughts and communicating with others who share your common interests.

how to be in the bigbang theory what do i have to do to be in it when theres a audition.

Posted by david gerges (2009-02-05) 972

I love the show and I do agree with the last part with David Gerges .

Posted by Patrick Rockey (2009-06-20) 1619

I know in my heart I deserve to be on big bang

Posted by Tavon myers (2009-08-03) 1890

I watch the show al the time, i would love to have the chance to be appart of it.

Posted by Cassidy Worley (2009-08-21) 1989

i would like to make a suggestion for the part of Lenard's father. Eugine Levy He could most defiantly pull of the part as a man of devote academia turned midlife crisis playboy..

Posted by Butch Stuart (2010-03-22) 2708

HI I realllyyyy love this show I would love to be part of it I had seen all the seasons. Well I have 15 years old im from Mexico I dont have any experience but I will not be bad or maybe I can be an extra or something because I dont have experience but I would love to make an audition please email me byyee

Posted by Pam Gmz (2010-04-03) 2763

Hello My name is Curtis Ware. I would like the opportunity to do a casting call for you guys. I am 18 years old, Mixed Male, Black Hair, 5'10'', and athletic build. I have been in 5 years of football, 6 years of track, 5 years of basketball, 5 years of band, 1 year of choir, 1 year of speech where I have done dramatic Interpretation, Scripted Duo. I am currently working on my school play "Camelot" which we will perform on April 20-23 In Connersville, Indiana.

Posted by Curtis Ware (2010-04-06) 2785

hi my name is Lolita almost 15 about 5'8 a good memorization skill, was voted best voice talent, best actress, best accent and have been on 5 main stage playes including the scheme of the drifftless shifter role:petunia, the bachelorettes role:wendy, romeo and juliet role:juliet, and a midsummers night dream role:hermia.i have seen the show and believe i could be an extra or side character and am great to work with.

Posted by lolita salazar (2010-07-15) 3206

Im pretty young, 13, but i think you guys should include a child in one part. Having a child in an episode as a neice or something woudl bring younger viewers in. She should be Penny's neice. I am 5' 1" and have wavy, dirty blonde hair. I have been told ever since i was 3 i should become an actress. I love acting and have been in stage productions. My voice isn't the best but i can still sing quite well. I am the best actor in gr8, and everyone knows it. I memorize lines quickly and throughly. I have watched every episode of the big bang theory and after watching the first episode i got hocked, and knew my dream was to be on this show. Its my favorite show, and i can sing soft kitty over and over. It is my destiny to be on this show. I am a girl by the way. I practice acting on almost all my free time. Thank you.

Posted by Blake Lambie (2010-12-08) 3545

Im only 14, but I am pretty good at acting. My biggest dream is to be an actor and I love this show and my other dream is to be on this show :P. I can memorize lines well.

Posted by Jacob Ross (2011-03-08) 3839

Hey I'm 19 years old I have done three Greek plays,which I acted fairly well. Im a fast learner and handle myself well under pressure. It would be a dream to have an opportunity to be apart of The Big Bang Theory. Thanks

Posted by Dimitri Harbalis (2011-03-15) 3863

Hey I'm 19 years old I have done three Greek plays,which I acted fairly well. Im a fast learner and handle myself well under pressure. It would be a dream to have an opportunity to be apart of The Big Bang Theory. Thanks

Posted by Dimitri Harbalis (2011-03-15) 3864

Im 14 years old, and I am really good at acting. I love this show so much and I have a photographic memory so I can memorize lines pretty well. I'm 5'8 I think. I've thought alot about what I could play as on the Big Bang Theory. One is I could be Leonards little brother that got kicked out and I need to stay with him and Sheldon, and I'm really smart and I keep bugging sheldon. Or i could be Penny's nephew and I could, again, bug Sheldon.

Posted by Jacob Ross (2011-04-02) 3916

Hi! I really love the show and would love to be a part of it, but I'm not sure if there are age requirements or not? Given the circumstances, there would have to be an acting part where there is a chld involved. Anyways, I'm Phllipino, but can speak perfect english, 5"2 with black hair and brown eyes. I can memorize complicated lines within a one to three hour time span depending on how complicated the line is and would be honoured to participate in the show. Email me!

Posted by K Pamintuan (2011-05-17) 4236

Hello, I love the show and would love to be apart of this show , I'm 13 (14 August 4th) , 5'1"-5'3",i have shoulder length blonde hair and green eyes , very good at memorizing lines, i don't have much experience but i have been in plays in middle school and plan to continue in high school if i can, but i would love to act in a television show especially this one. it's one of my biggest dreams to be on this show.

Posted by Sierra Kay G. (2011-06-09) 4498

Hey guys, I'm 23 years old, play arena football and would love to have a chance and act in this show. It would be awesome if I could. I do a lot of improv, and comedy routines and love the kind of humor in your show. let me know. It would make a great story being how i grew up from a town of around 1500 people.

Posted by Brady Hoffman (2011-07-19) 4767

I could play Raj's younger brother. Im 15, Indian and love acting. People find me hilarious. Black Hair,decent height-5'8

Posted by Eashan (2011-07-22) 4783

Hi there,
i am 29 years old, Indian, 5'1, dark hair..i can look like the "indian" version of Bernadette to play Raj's girlfiend. I have acted in several plays and i write scripts as well..i can also do both the north american and indian accents really well. I have been told that i have a really good comic timing, I would love to have an opportunity to contribute to this show.

Posted by Diya Bedi (2011-07-26) 4822

Do people from the show even check this? Who knows. I know I'd love to be on the show. Why? Because I'm awesome and so is the show, which is not your average every day coincidence. My name is Katie, 22 years old and soon to be college graduate with a degree in Graphic Design. I'm 4'11" (that alone is funny, trust me), brown hair, blue eyes, and apparently often look like I know something that everyone else doesn't. Haven't acted since the first grade where I had a nice little line in a school play (I nailed it, by the way), with a few guest spots in Nativity plays up until middle school. Always been funny, but I was a shy music nerd growing up so no one knew I was funny until college. Apparently my one-liners are great, but that's up to you to judge, I guess. Anyway, several people have suggested I try acting and I laughed in their faces. It got me thinking, though, and I'd like to give it a shot. Big Bang is such a unique and special show that I'd kick myself if I didn't say anything. I'm not going to suggest a character or anything, because that's up to writers and stuff, not me.

Posted by Katie D (2011-08-09) 4883

I just love Big Bang Theory and I would love to be an extra!!!!!

Posted by Aimee Sanders (2011-10-01) 5219

hi, im from brazil but live in scotland now, im so hooked on this show! how can i be part of it? i did acting in school but thats about it. i dont know if you are looking for someone but i thought i would find out anyway as it would be a dream coming true!

Posted by samuel dagostim (2011-10-05) 5240

My name is aaron and it is my dream to be an actor and i love this show. i am 20 yrs old and i plan to go to the new york film academy very soon but i dont have the money now.

Posted by Aaron H. (2011-10-18) 5561

My name is Kyrie Ellison. I'm 20 years old, and an acting student at Russell Sage College. I have had film experience and would love to be an extra in this show. I have been looking for more film opportunities. If contacted I can send my resume.

Posted by Kyrie Ellison (2011-10-26) 5638

I would really enjoy the opportunity to audition for this genius comedy. 13 years old, I live in Houston Texas and have no acting experience. However, I feel I have a strong relation to the character Sheldon, and have been told MANY times that I would make a good character on this show. Whether it be a supporting character or just as a guest, being on this show ranks as my second biggest goal ( he first being a Nobel prize in physics for discovering the electromagnetic qualities of chocolate bars)

Posted by Zivan Vasquez (2011-11-24) 5849

im 20 years old bouncing from career to career and i thought i might give acting a shot im willing to try anything new. im a fast leaner, i do martial arts, I get along with others fast and if givin the shot i will not disapoint trust me

Posted by Aaron H. (2011-11-29) 5882

I'm 16 and I've always wanted to be an actress (yes I'm a girl) but I know that this is probably an unrealistic dream. But yeah I have blond hair, blue eyes, and I'm 5'6" and I guess I can memorize things well and quickly. I don't really like talking about myself that much but yeah send me an email I guess...ok thanks! :)

Posted by Jessie K (2011-12-09) 5920

by the time you get here you dont want to read here is short and sweet i want to be on the show maybe as an extra does not matter to me as long as im seen.

Posted by John Campbell (2011-12-12) 5931

I think to get a younger audience to be involved in The Big Bang Theory is to include a younger person in one or more episode. I'm a 16 year old female, natural auburn hair, light brown eyes, 167cm tall. I'm from Western Australia also. I'd really love to be in involved!

Posted by Reanna Jacobs (2011-12-21) 5960

My reaction to when Sheldon asked Raj and said something like, "It's a mental exercise Raj. I challenge you to think why two people cannot play three person chess", I personally would have replied, "Is it the same reason why three people cannot play regular 2 people chess?"

Anyways is a huge fan of comedy and loves this show! Raj and Sheldon are the bombs :) ... I wish I could be on this show for one episode!

Posted by Radhika Sharma (2011-12-27) 5977

hi I'm 14 and a boy and the biggest big bang theory fan ever Ive got the box set pre ordered the 5Th one! i love this show so much to the point were it makes me sad that I'm not apart of it or that my life isn't like it! i would kill to be in the show please i hunting every day to see if there's apart for me! (I'm British this can ever improve or ruin my changes) I'm willing to move to be in the show and so is my family! please make or find a part for me. BTW being an extra is OK but what i mostly want and is what the above is all about AND what i dream of if a big main part!!!!!!!!!! i know its asking for allot i just wish there was someway i could get it!!

What do i have to do to get an audition!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I could be an annoying bully neighbor or an adopted child be Sheldon - like him trying to shape me in his ways! and i could have a bit of all of them in me. OCD Sheldon I COULD ALWAYS HIT ON PENNY Howard I COULD BE AK WARD IN THE COUNTRY Raj I COULD HAVE DAD ISSUES Leonard however he has mother issues. and it could work seeming I'm British and i could relate to all the characters lol.

lol sent there already just kept on coming up with more to say! :D - the above two are me! :D

Posted by jacob hopkins (2011-12-31) 5998

I am from San Antonio Texas, I am an 19 year old Female, 5'3'', Burnett and 117lbs. body type, hour glass. I have been a nerd since I could walk. At the age of five I started studying Volcano's, Earthquake's, Asteroid's and Tornado's. Other than the sciences I am also a huge fan of Manga and American comics and Video Games, specifically Legend of Zelda, Soul Caliber, Okami, Batman, X-Men, Inu Yasha and Bleach.I regularly attend Comic/Anime Conventions and Cosplay. I am creative and am able to draw, write, and dance. Other skills of mine include, but are not limited to: Martial Arts, Archery, Japanese Language and Fencing. I have taken Theater Classes in Jr High and High School and have been noted by my peers as being "Real Actor Good."
Having seen the Big Bang Theory and enjoyed it I would like to be a part the show, as an extra, or re-occurring character. Please contact me if you find that I am suitable for your show.

Posted by Sara Casas (2012-01-26) 6096

Hey, I am 18 and I am INDIAN :) I am petite, light skin tone and love acting. I can speak Deutsch. I would love to suggest that I can be a great choice to be Rajesh Koothrappali's fantasy girl and I have some more stories where I can fit very well. . . Contact me then I'll tell you all of them :)

Posted by Sonal Baviskar (2012-04-05) 6377

Hi, I'm from Kansas, I'm blonde, 5'8", and a HUGE fan of Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who, LOTR, and Battlestar Galactica (and The Big Bang Theory, of course). I frequent my local comic book store and love both Marvel and DC comics, my favorites being Captain America, Thor, Wolverine and The X-men, and Batman. I love cartoons and Sci-Fi shows and movies alike. I'm in the Pre-IB program and get straight As, so I consider myself fairly smart. I am also very creative and love to draw, paint, and make crafts, particularly those made of Duck-Tape, and I can also play Flute, Guitar, and Piano. I LOVE to read not only comic books, but novels as well. My bookshelf varies from Shakespeare to Greek mythology to bibles to books on Physics. It would be an honor to join the show, even for one episode as possibly a niece or younger sibling of Howard. Thank you, and have a super day :)

Posted by Grace W (2012-04-08) 6390

i would love to be apart of the show but I'm only 14 and i sort of live in England so i probably wouldn't be able and no one is probably going to read this so i stop talking now

Posted by Elliott G (2012-04-12) 6403

Hi i live in Iowa and am a 14 year old Caucasian boy. I am just under 6 feet tall and I have brown hair. I am very involved in school activities and sports and I have participated in multiple school plays. I also participate in all advanced classes with a's. The big bang theory is my all time favorite show I and watch it every chance I get. It would be a great honor and dream of mine to be a part of this show in any way even if it is being an extra or ordinary role. I understand that there are many inquiries of people wanting to be on the show but I ask that you please consider me being on the show at least once! Thanks alot

Posted by Carl skoog (2012-04-15) 6412

My name is Lauryn, I'm 15, I'm from a small town outside of Dallas Texas. It is my absolute biggest dream to be on the big bang theory. I could be anything they wanted me too. A cousin of Sheldon. Penny's niece, Lennard's teenage sister. An intern for the University, anything! I'm taking acting classes and camps over the summer. Please, if you know of an opening I'd love to know!!

Posted by Lauryn (2012-04-24) 6435

Plz trying to audition for the show iam welling to play any part or be an extra thank you

Posted by tufuarza johnson (2012-05-05) 6469

Hello, My name is Charlotte, I am from Scotland but I don't have a strong accent, I am 15 years old (26th August 1996), white female, long Blond/ginger hair, brown eyes, 5'6" and a keen actress. I have stared in many small productions with my High School and various theater companies. I have had a number of leading roles such as Tracy - Hairspray, Cosset - Les Misarable, Elle - Legally Blondie and Nancy - Oliver.I have taken a lot of singing and acting lessons and have been classed as an up and coming talent. I take weekly singing lessons and have performed with a choir at the Usher Hall in Edinburgh. I am happy to play any role and can adjust to do a lot of different accents. If you have any openings for a character which fits my description please do not hesitate to email me.

Kind regards,
Charlotte Smith.

Posted by Charlotte Smith (2012-05-12) 6482

Hello, I absolutely adore this show; most of my friends even consider me obsessed. I have recently become interested in pursuing an acting career, and it would be amazing to kick it off with as great a show as this one! I am a 15 year old girl. I have blond hair, blue eyes, and freckles. I am about 5' 4" and 110 lbs. I have some experience in some plays. I live in Minnesota but I could fly to whatever location if necessary. I am very interested, so if there is any way I can participate, please let me know. Thanks.

Posted by Samantha Topp (2012-05-17) 6490

My names Niamh im 13 ( i know thaats young but I always wanted to be an actress!) Im from England and I absoultly lovee this showw! I always act out my fave scenes in my bedroom and im constantly watching videos on youtube! I've never preformed on tv before but I got a main role in my year 6 play of Robin Hood! ( I was maid marian) Ill play any character even and extra! :D

Posted by Niamh Cullen (2012-06-11) 6550

hello, im 18 years old and i love the big bang theory. i dont have any acting experience but i believe i would do a great job in this show. im about 5' 8 with brownish hair and i had a suggestion for future episodes of the show and if you guys use my suggestion i would really like to audition for the part. my favorite character is sheldon and i thought it would be cool if you put a character in that was younger with the exact same personality as sheldon who is still in school, kinda like looking back in time at sheldon. if you like my idea or would like to give me a chance to audition just email me. thank you very much.

Posted by michael eyler (2012-07-13) 6674

was just wondering if you guys are looking for any extras in your show. I have done modeling in the past and I'm also just getting my daughter into acting and modeling as well. She has won a few photo contests. In our area we don't have many opportunities for such things and I would really appreciate an opportunity for her. I am 32 and my daughter is 8. Please let me know if you are looking for anybody.


Posted by Sherrie' (2012-07-24) 6716

first i would like to start y introducing myself, my name is Simon Mc Connon, i'm 16 and i'm 5" 3 inches and i have brown and i'm Irish. The fact that i am looking for an audition is because my friends always tell me to apply. anyway, i have been acting and singing since the age of four and i have been in multiple roles in many shows in Northern Ireland including, Oklahoma and The Producers, directed by Peter Corry. Also i have been acting in many smaller shows with many local drama club such as Peter Pan and at this time in the group i am in, we are now writing our second script. that's pretty me and my life and i am searching for a small part. Can you help me?

Posted by Simon Mc Connon (2012-11-03) 6892

I would really like to be a younger sister of someone. I'm 13 years old and yes, I'm asian but..I DONT WANT TO BE RACIST..but I'm not chinky...hehehhee I can voice many people like Ash Ketchum from Pokemon, and Indian accent, a really bubbly voice (High pitched like Bubbles from Powerpuff girls). People consider me to be really funny. I can turn ANY sentence into something funny xD. I have had experiences in voice acting, but not actual acting. It would be an honor to be part of your show! :D

Posted by Cathy Chin (2012-11-18) 6950

I'm considered short for my age so I'm like PERFECT for Howard's lil sibling. I act out made-up scenes from the show all the time!! My one wish is to just meet the cast, but to be part of it would be a dream come true. I'm 13 yrs old, and even though the show has some "sexy" moments and stuff, I don't consider it gross, but really cute. (Unlike those perverted kids and bleeh) I can perform different accents AND yes...I LOVE U HOWARD as you can tell in my name xD Even if you could read this, that would be awesome. Oh, I'm from CA, San Jose :P

Posted by Kenny Wolowitz (2012-11-18) 6951

I know that there are many other people that would die to be on the funniest and popular show. But I love to act. I also, don't have any acting experience. All I have done was a middle and elementary play and have been playing basketball for 3 years and Double Bass for my 6th year. I am 13 years-old, I am 5'5, I am big… like really big (weight size), I have dark brown eyes and hair, and do what I'm told. I have always wanted to be in an acting career and live my dream. Even if I'm not picked (which i probably wont) and somebody that is linked to the Big Bang theory is reading this. I thank you for taking the time to sit down and read about me and my dream. I hope Big Bang Theory keeps going strong and you will always have a fan :)

Posted by Kara Anderson (2013-02-09) 7122

are there any upcoming auditions for an irish girl?

Posted by vivian (2013-02-22) 7132

Hey, I love The Big Bang Theory.
I am an Australian guy & would love the opportunity to be on the show if it ever came up.
If there are ever any audtions for an Australian guy I would love to be involved & have an audition!
Keep up the good work, the show is awesome!

Posted by Timothy Sperring (2013-04-25) 7185

I would be great for penny's relitive! I got her hair color and eyes!

Posted by Keegan (2013-04-26) 7187

Hello I have been a fan of the show since it started. I love the whole cast! My favorite characters are Raj and Howard. They are hilarious! I'm currently studying acting and I am interested in becoming an extra on your show. I love sitcoms in general and like to laugh. I would love to know if there are any upcoming open calls for extra work. I'm 5'8" and light skinned black, short hair, aspiring model.

Posted by Aleeta Ballard (2013-06-12) 7210

I had an I idea for an episode. See, maybe penny has a niece who is smarter than Sheldon. She comes to visit and it drives sheldon crazy. Then it all turns out that penny paid some random girl to do it.

Posted by Coryn (2013-07-01) 7220

I have been acting since I was four years old and educated by actors in my native Sweden, however I was adopted by Swedish parents from Thailand so I am South East Asian looking, and I have done amateur dramatics all through school. My husband is English and we reside in England, and most recently I have been a part of "Little Shop of Horrors" and "Jesus Christ Superstar" both cast. I am about to audition for a local panto production of "Aladdin" and I am also going to do an audition as a scare actor, which is a paid acting job here in England at a theme park and I would love to audition for a role as an extra or a supporting role in the Big bang Theory. I am 5ft2, American size 4 and I have black hair and brown eyes, and I speak English, Swedish and German.

Posted by Annika Akerlund-Wheble (2013-08-31) 7273

any auditions for an Indian teenager...Raj' relatie

Posted by Ash (2013-10-27) 7290

I could really make Sheldon mad and 13 and from Marshalltown Iowa I could be a young scientist but I tried take Amy away from him and he really gets cheesed off about it

Posted by Jeremiah (2014-04-01) 7391

I want to be on bbt on a episode when Sheldon hires me to teach me the ways of physics meanwhile rajeshes parents come to see what hapenning between pria and Lenard and Howard and Bernie almost divorce


Posted by Ashley duncan (2014-12-08) 7519

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