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About the Show

The buddy comedy series "Shake It Up," the first sitcom built around dance, introduces high spirited best friends CeCe Jones and Rocky Blue who land their dream job as background dancers on the most popular teen dance show "Shake It Up, Chicago!" Now, between learning the latest dance styles, navigating the backstage antics of their "frenemies," balancing responsibilities at home and their newfound social status at school, the girls encounter plenty of comedic bumps in the road. "Shake It Up" was created by Chris Thompson ("Laverne and Shirley," "Bosom Buddies," "The Naked Truth," "Action") and is executive-produced by Thompson and Rob Lotterstein ("The War at Home," "Ellen").

Contrasting in personality, CeCe and Rocky are lifelong friends and would do anything for each other. CeCe's impulsive and adventurous nature and Rocky's measured approach and efforts to keep them on the right track, make their friendship that much stronger, as they complement each other like two dancers in a pas de deux. Their drive and determination propel each other to keep striving for more including a promotion to become one of the Wild Things, the lead dancers on "Shake It Up, Chicago!"

When they're not dancing, CeCe is usually taking care of her ingenious younger brother Flynn, while their mother works as a police officer; and Rocky is usually studying or finding charity work like raising money for a senior citizens center. The duo also embarks on fun adventures with their longtime and well connected friend, Deuce; hang out with Rocky's hip, sarcastic older brother Ty; and occasionally tangle with rivals Gunther and Tinka, who also happen to be background dancers on "Shake It Up, Chicago!"

"Shake It Up" stars Bella Thorne as CeCe Jones; Zendaya as Raquel 'Rocky' Blue; Adam Irigoyen ("Wizards Of Waverly Place") as Deuce Martinez; Davis Cleveland ("Good Luck Charlie," "Desperate Housewives") as Flynn Jones; Kenton Duty ("Lost") as Gunther; and Roshon Fegan ("Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam") as Ty Blue. Caroline Sunshine ("Marmaduke") plays Tinka and R. Brandon Johnson ("One Life To Live") plays Gary Wilde.

The series choreographer is Rosero McCoy ("Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam") and the assistant choreographer is Chlod.

"Shake It Up" is a production of It's a Laugh Productions, Inc. It carries a TV-G parental guideline.

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Shake it Up Message Board

Welcome to the "Shake it Up" Message Board - the place to discuss anything and everything about "Shake it Up."

Feel free to discuss the show in general, the individual episodes, the cast and characters, and any other aspect of the show. Make your place for expressing your thoughts and communicating with others who share your common interests.

love yu show

Posted by Eion (2010-12-17) 3579

Hi im aliyah. I love to sing and dance. I would love to be on a show when it's all about the hobby I love. Thank you.

Posted by aliyah (2011-01-02) 3639

Hi my name is Breann. i love to sing dance and act so do me and my friend Joslyn. We have been looking for ways to get on TV because we've wanted to be actresses since we could remember. We would love to be on disney channle and was woundering if you could help our dream come true. Thank You.
Breann,and Joslyn

Posted by Breann (2011-01-13) 3678

hi, im kelly mitchell and i would like to be on the show. i would do anything. i would rarly ever fool around, i would keep my mind mostly on what part i am working on. If you want me to do something,i`ll do it, no questions ask and no talking about it, i would just do it. im good at acting(a lot of people say), i can keep a serious face for a long time. im really good at it, you should see everyone thinks its cool. you can have a funny face and i wont laugh.If you choose me i will do anything.

Posted by kelly mitchell (2011-01-15) 3692


Posted by DELRICO (2011-01-18) 3710

Hi we are Renaye and Ericka we are very up beat and ready for any challenges we sing and dance and even though we may not have any acting experience we are fast learns and would bring both lively-hood and personality to our characters we have each had 6 years of dance including ballet, lyrical musical theater and hip hop we both had took singing lessons for 2 yrs and have shown we got what it takes. we can be goofy cool calm mean sweet whatever! we got what it takes and we think we can add something to the show! Help us live our dream
sincerely- Renaye and Ericka

Posted by Renaye and Ericka (2011-01-24) 3733

Hi, My name is Desirae LIfe I'm 14 yrs old and from Fairbanks, Alaska. Getting a part on the show would be a dream come true! I think i am star material beacuse im outgoing, athletic, funny, serious and theres many more reasons. I can't get enough of the show; watch it all the time. I want to do something big in my life , and get out of this boring place.

Posted by Desirae Life (2011-02-13) 3791

Watz up Shake It Up crew I've wanted to be on the show ever sense the first time it came on. I have no acting experience but I really believe I can make it. Just a little practice. I have wanted to be on t.v for a long time. Im ready to make it.

Posted by Andre Jones (2011-02-23) 3809

I want to be on that show

Posted by Danielle (2011-02-28) 3817

My name is Efrangeliz Medina and i'm 17 years old, i have wanted to be an actress for as long as i can remember. Shake it up is an awesome show i watch every episode, i would love the chance to be informed about any casting calls. I am a stepper, dancer, and an actress. I would love this one life time oppurtunity to be on this show. I am outgoing, nice, and energetic everything it takes to be part of the show. Thanks

Posted by Efrangeliz Medina (2011-03-02) 3820

i love this show i love dancing i hope to see u guys

Posted by brenda avalos (2011-03-13) 3852

i love acting and i witch to be in shake it up
i can dance

Posted by kyria mahosso (2011-03-15) 3866

hi im Taylor and i would really enjoy being on Shake It Up its a really entertaining show and hilarious im 13 and high spirited my friends say that im funny and they love to be around me please write back and tell me if i made it or not thx :)

Posted by Taylor (2011-03-28) 3908

My name is Adriene Wright. I really want to be an actor.If anybody can make my dream come true god bless you.

Posted by Adriene Wright (2011-04-11) 3950

Hi my name is Kiana Ivy and i want to be an actress im 13 years old and people always tells me , you are a true actor

Posted by Kiana Ivy (2011-04-18) 3977

whats up? My name is Robert and i am 13 years old with facial hair(all my facial hair). Im not going to lie I have no acting experience (Ha) but i beilive im good at acting i work on it Enough to know i am. Im black (light skinded) with Black hair and light brown eyes, Im 5'7 and real fun (i know my name sounds dull lol) i love to enjoy life i see the good in alot of things; and finaly i just want to say i really love your show and love how it is put together and would love to be apart of it in any way.

Posted by Robert (2011-04-22) 3995

Hello I'm Reagan Longo i am 13 years old,have brown hair and I'm 5,4" I love Shake it up its very funny and very good(: I have wanted to act on the big screen since i was little,and have practiced slightly for many years.Please consider me for a small part on shake it up! Thank you for your time!(:

Posted by Reagan Longo (2011-05-04) 4101

Hi I'm a huge fan of your show and I was just wondering if I could just be an extra on shake it up. That's all I'm asking for, even a small part on it would mean the world to me. Hope you read this!
Danielle :)

Posted by Danielle (2011-05-15) 4196

Hi! I would like to be an actress..... you guys have really inspired me to further my career on shake it up.. I am 15 I love dancing and I have a great personality... I hope you would give me this chance and make my dream come true...

Posted by shalisha watts (2011-05-20) 4276

hi, im 14 years old i have blue eyes, im 4'11 and i love too ACT!!!!!!!. i would do anything just too get a role on shake it up!!! i love the whole cast, i really wanna live out my dream!(:

Posted by marky (2011-05-30) 4449

people say you can do any thing its a lie. ill never be an actor which has been one of my biggest dreams it all lies

Posted by tg (2011-06-01) 4461

Hi, im Henrietta, im from Chicago IL. I am a hip-hop dancer that has big dreams of becoming a future choreographer. I can also take on the challenges of acting as well. I'd be a great actress/dancer to add to your show. Just email me for further information. It'd be amazing if I could recieve an audition offer. Thanks.
Sincerely, Henrietta.

Posted by Henrietta (2011-06-04) 4473

Hi, Im is Janae. I live In Miami.Im 13 and 1/2 I LOVE to act and dance. I participated in plenty of dance recitals and plays. I've always wanted to become a star in dancing and acting. All of my teachers and friends tell me im an great dancer. I've dance to hip hop all my life. I've been dancing since i was 3. If shake it up need any new girls to be on shake it up. like an old friend of Cece's Or Rocky Pleeeeease email me and i could send you a video of me dancin

Posted by Janae (2011-06-09) 4500

Hi! I love your show so much! My name is Danielle Hauer and i am around your age. I really want to be one your show, and if i am one day, that would be a dream come true!!!!! I love to dance all the time! i have a facebook and there are lots of videos of me dancing!! i just love it!!!! and i would love to dance with your crew!!So, please see this and i hope you send me an email saying Im on your show! i have wanted to be an actress my whole life. i think i would have fun on set with you guys!! You guys look like you are always having a blast!!!! well, love your show, hope you see this!

Posted by Danielle (2011-06-15) 4531

hey my name is Paris Pace i sing and dance i think i am good and how can i get on the show cause i love it and love your personalities and styles. for cece your style is srazy rock and pop, rocky your style is smart but pretty, deuce your style is MAD crazy with what you wear like stuff that doesnt match you make it look good, ty your style is cool and natural, and ceces brother your style is so cute and you rock it. for all you cast people you guys got swagga especially the main characters.i would do anything to be on your show beacause il ove it soooooooo much i watch your every show and you guys are like roll models to me because you inspire me to try too dance. 143 :) miss me ,miss me now you got to kiss me see ya bye bye

Posted by Paris (2011-06-18) 4535

hey its me Paris Pace again if you are thinking of me to be a cast member i am 5 foot 1 i am a huge fan i am skinny as cece i have brown eyes i have black hair it is prety long, curly i am black and philippino and i hope you pick me cause i would love this job, and it would make me SUPER DUPER happy 143 :) miss me, miss me now you got to kiss me see ya bye bye

Posted by Paris (2011-06-18) 4536

hi annibella and zendaya i want to say u guys dance amazingly and good luck with ur career i aways wanted to be a actress and be able to do the things actresses and actors do so anyway good luck to u zendaya and annibella bye :) <3

Posted by infinity isabella (2011-06-19) 4539

Hey guys, whats up. I absolutely Love this show.! I'v ALWAYS wanted to be an actor and would do anything to be one. Im absolutely funny and i take my work seriously, but i know how to have fun. Im hoping this is my big break, i'v always wanted this and i will KEEP trying. Thanks =]

Posted by Nastajia L. Blackmon (2011-06-20) 4548

Hi this Louis. I live in Mississippi. Im 13 and i love to act and dance. and i think i can learn the dance moves fast. My best friends say im pro at dancin. I just need to work on my acting skills, but im in theater so im getting better. And yall look like yall have a lot of fun and very friendly to each other. it'd wud be great if i can recieve an audition offer. Thanks. Have a great day.!

Sincerely, Louis

Posted by Louis Dwain Montgomery (2011-06-21) 4553

I'm 14 and this is something i really want to do its a dream and that means i'm going to keep trying no matter how hard it may get or seem so please give me a chance. i can sing dance and most of all i have heart.

Posted by Breniah (2011-06-24) 4583

Hi my name is ashley mcdonald I love the show and would love to be in it ever scince I was 1 all I did was dance sing and pretend 2be acters on t.v I know that there are millons of people out there who want to be on the show but I know that iam the one beacause I can sing dance and love to act if any body would like to make my dreams come true please contact me please iam really serius about this sooo please if u can help me please do its my dream and I will stop at noting 2get there.

Posted by Ashley mcdonald (2011-06-25) 4598

Hi my name is Jasmin Washington and I live in Maryland but I would love to be an actress or dancer or any part on shake it up, I am a dancer and I dance all day everyday, I stay fit and have been currently auditioning for a couple of things also, But if you would like a 9-13 year old part, I am happy to be featured, please I won't let you down, I have been dancing for 8 years and so that's alot, and I have danced at strathmore performing arts and have done poms, and have been acting around my home and at school in plays, so please contact me and I will be glad.

Posted by Jasmin (2011-07-21) 4777

My boys are 6 & 3. They want to be actors/models so bad. Please help me help them make their dream come true. They love your show. Their fav.people are Rocky, CeCe, and Flinn.

Posted by Jessica (2011-07-22) 4781

Hi there, My name is Kristina Blair. I am 13 years old!
Ever since The day I could talk, anyone could ask me what I would like to be when I grow up, I'd say. An actress. I have wanted this FOREVER. I just live in a small town, so people that live here don't get recognized. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the show shake it up!! Ha ha, people say that I look just like Rocky, and I could be her twin! I dint know if I do or not but I think its the bees knees! I have never missed an episode of shake it up! I love it!! I would be so I'd be supercalifragilisticexbethrillidillic!!! ha ha long word, I know. Anyways! So contact me and I would be happy to work with y'all (: P.S This is a girl that has a HUGE dream, if this doesn't work out, I'm not stopping to get where I wanna be. Just thought you would like to know!

Posted by Kristina Blair (2011-07-25) 4816

Hi im hanna and i love watching ur show it actually made me think that i could love dancing and i do but i dont show people, i do it when no ones around but i dont think i have the courage to dance like u guys ona tv or with one friend. I like to sing to but i never do that either infront of anyone. i just really wanted to talk to you so plz write me back!!!! UR BIG FAN HANNA!

Posted by Hanna (2011-08-04) 4860

Hi Im Naomi And I Love To Be On Shake It Up .. If You Want Someone Please Email Me (: Its my Dream And Iam Doing Everything To Make It Come True Please Help Me :)

Posted by Cicca (2011-08-05) 4862

we love you how do you dance on shake it up

Posted by tieryn and Portia (2011-08-06) 4866

HI my name is cj and i love breakdancing and acting. I thought it would be cool to be on a show that has everything i like doing. And also im a boy. i hope you email me to be on the show.

Posted by C.j. (2011-08-07) 4873

hi my name is janay i can dance sing and act . And i know because i took classes on these things. i can do gymnastics. these are the types of dance i can do. i can tap dance, hip hop, jazz, ballet, freestyle, and salsa. i spend all day trying to find auditions and filling out applications and is very tiring. but even tho i get worn out i will not stop until i get a job as doing my dream which is just simply being famous and being good at what i know i can do. if i could just meet a record producer and show him/her what I've got it would mean a lot just to know i can make it that far. Anyway i hope i get to be on shake it up or any other Disney show.

Posted by janay (2011-08-14) 4917

i love S.I.U

Posted by bre (2011-08-19) 4960

i am the best actress you could ever find i have a history of famous family members my mom was in a singing group and been on t.v so i have acting exsperiances and i am a very very very good singer and actor please pick me

Posted by kartavia bryant (2011-08-23) 4991

I will be the perfect person to be on shake it up because i am focused and i am a great actor and my dream since i was 2 years old ive been wantin to be an actress and this could be my big break and shake it up is a fun show and i also like to have alot of fun aswell

Posted by Chelsea Dyer (2011-08-25) 5002


Posted by JENNY SOTELLO (2011-09-21) 5143

Grade: 8
Experience: No
Height: 5’7
Hair: Short Brown
Eye: Dark Brown
Ethnicity: African American

I would like to be considered for this because it would get me off to a great start on my road to fame. I have great energy and know when/where/how to use it. I am obedient, respectful and I follow directions very well. I speak fluent English and a little Spanish. I can act and dance, I’m trying to get into modeling and singing as well. Please pick me to be in your movie, you will not regret this decision

Posted by Dijone (2011-09-27) 5190

I love your show sooo much I couldn't explain I sing I danced and I act so much I love acting it's my life it would be a dream come true please give me my chance to shine and show off my talent I am 5 foot and have experience with acting I love it so much I would die if I got this job please now im crying seriously I just tried so hard to find a opportunity like this please give me a chance.

Posted by Annette (2011-10-11) 5292

Hi I'm Lakota.I never acted before but ill be good at it.If I ever got a 1 time to be on t.v. it will be a dream come true! I can sing and act not dance. witch is why i did not enter "make your mark".my family is very poor. every since i can remeber i was living in a apartment.just please give my a chance

Posted by Lakota (2011-10-12) 5300


Posted by Jenny Sotello (2011-10-22) 5597

Hi my name is jessica i love this show i am 12years old and i really want to act in shake it up. I live in South Africa. So i hope you give me a chane to audition. thanks

Posted by jessica (2011-10-23) 5608

HUGE FAN!! I WANNA B AN ACTOR!! I have little experience, but i know what I'm up against. Singing is my number 1 passion! I love 2 sing! Please accept me!!!!?!??!?!

Posted by Carrie Fakhoorian (2011-11-24) 5848

Im funny unique and a model I have a huge interest in modeling

Posted by Kiara jones (2011-12-01) 5888

hi i am kiara and i luv u zendaya and bella and your show. i am in 5th grade. i am 5' 1" and really want to be on your show even if it is small and i have i line but i really want to have more than 1 line.

Posted by kiara (2011-12-04) 5898

hi my name is denise im a great actress. i have a lot of experience and i would love to be on your show

Posted by denise ratcliffe (2011-12-05) 5900

Hi i'm Juniyah and I would love to be on shake It Up. I've been watching Disney Channel and Nickaloden all my life. and I want to be on Disney Channel but as you know little kids dont think that well so they think that they are to little to be an actor so I waited until I was older which I am. Please I want to be on Shake It Up it is my dream.
If I dont be on shake it up I would die. So please choose me.

Posted by Juniyah (2011-12-05) 5906

hi! my name is caleb and im 5'10 and 14 yrs. old, I am African-American and would like to be on shake it up because i like interacting with other people and it seems very fun!

Posted by caleb ukpe (2011-12-06) 5911

hello, I am holly and I am 16 years old and my brother is Caleb. I am writing this letter because I have a huge passion for acting. Everyday at school I love to walk into my theater class and practice on learning my lines, and performing in plays in front of an audience. Every month my theater teacher Mrs. Marshall will take only the students in theater to a play so we can experience on how they use their emotions while acting on stage. If I get the part in Shake It Up I will use these tips on what my teacher taught me. I love Shake It Up and I think Its a good thing for me to do for a starter in front of the camera.

Posted by holly (2011-12-06) 5913

Hi, I'm Jade Garcia. I'm 13, light brown hair, brown eyes and I'm 5'2. I started acting school at the age of 5 and i have been continuing to act off and on through the years. I'm a huge fan of this show and it would be a complete honor to be on this show. I live in Los Angeles, CA and if you consider me for anything, just email me.(: thank you. i also enjoy singing and dancing

Posted by Jade Garcia (2011-12-28) 5987

i have been wanting to on your show could you guys ask.

Posted by jasmine (2012-01-14) 6052

hello I'm phoebe,
i have always watched the show and i love it i have a desire to act and dance luckily i have have had a lot of dance back round i attend ballet classes (royal academy of dance) i am part of a dance company as well i have been dancing since i was 3 its very important to me and so is acting even though i have no acting experience I'm sure you could help me with that x
i do live in the UK but my dad lives in Houston, Texas so i can get to America to film if you you choose me for a role
many thanks

Posted by Phoebe (2012-02-01) 6128

Hello my name is Kiara I would like for you know about my brother C.J. who is eight years old he has little acting experience,but the reason because he wants to be on Shake It Up is not only because he wants to be famous it is because he has a passion for acting and he feels as if he should share his acting experience with the rest of the world who is willing to watch thank you for your time in reading this I know my brother will greatly appreciate this I know I do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Cedric Tucker (2012-02-05) 6143

i really love that show and it would mean the world to me if i could be on it and my mom is always saying that i have a one in a million chance of ever being on tv and it would probably make me the happiest girl in the world plus it's almost my birthday

Posted by Lilly (2012-03-11) 6301

I am BrittanyStar and I really want to be one of your extras. I am 16 years old July 26... I can dance and act. I will not let you down if you give me a part in the show!!

Posted by BrittanyStar (2012-03-27) 6348

Hi! My name is Christina. I am 14 but I look 15-16. I have brown hair and hazel eyes. My height is 5'7''. I know that my height isn't a normally "acting height", but I have acted professionally for some artists and directors but nothing as big as TV. I would love to break into the business! Also, every year I attend a highly know acting school in Milwaukee for 2-3 weeks. So I have experience. I'm a hard worker, a fast learner and I'm a great performer. E-mail me if you’re interested or have any questions! Thanks so much!

Posted by Christina Kennedy (2012-04-19) 6426

i would love to meet u bouth i relly love your show i did a vido for makeyour mark with my friend but it said that it could not donwlod it so we wara relly sad

Posted by colbie roberts (2012-12-18) 7049

My name is Jacob i am 19 vary talented i can rap and dance the cadance i sing i write r&b,rap,partyrock i stand 4'11" i can dance hip hop , r&b, dubstep, & prtyrock im cute nd buff i love the show but its been up for a bit i think u need to make it more high school like for instance show the cafeteria more do more
skids give cc a bad boy to fall for her i can play that role just sayin dnt pass up the opportunity make her lil

Posted by Jacob Flores (2013-02-13) 7129

Hi, my name is Lauren and I would LOVE to audition for Shake it Up. I watch it when ever I can and think of the cast as role models! I love singing and dancing and being a little odd. I'm not afraid to take chances and to be on the show would be a dream come true! I am an actress and have been in/starred in many plays that come to my town. To at least audition would be an honor so please take in consideration my request. It would mean a lot. Thank you

Posted by Lauren Miller (2013-06-07) 7207

Not only i love acting singing and dancing but i love living as i do it. Singing dancing and acting are very important to me. I have been in many singing and acting schools and i learned so much i would do anything. All i want is to be in a show, cause thats my dream one and only.

Posted by layla patterson (2015-02-04) 7537

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