Rules of Engagement

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About the Show

RULES OF ENGAGEMENT is a comedy about the different phases of male/female relationships, as seen through the eyes of an engaged couple, Adam and Jennifer; a long-time married pair, Jeff and Audrey; a single guy on the prowl, Russell; and his office assistant, Timmy.

As they find out, the often confusing stages of a relationship can seem like being on a roller coaster: people can describe them to you, but to really know what it's like, you have to take a ride for yourself.

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Welcome to the "Rules of Engagement" Message Board - the place to discuss anything and everything about "Rules of Engagement."

Feel free to discuss the show in general, the individual episodes, the cast and characters, and any other aspect of the show. Make your place for expressing your thoughts and communicating with others who share your common interests.

In Bro's before nodes, Who is the short black haired actress thats in the salon standing with the woman giving liz her make over. she had no lines and I think she was in more than one episode but never had lines. anybody know that actress name?

Posted by James (2018-11-06) 9965

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