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About the Show

Five young, ambitious cops, fresh out of the Academy, are plunged into the world of big city policing on their very first day on the job, a world where even the smallest mistake can have life-or-death consequences, coupled with some serious emotional fall-out. Andy McNally is the soul of this close-knit group. She and her uniformed family of boyfriends, best friends, mentors and competitors will undergo extreme trials and tribulations, share their triumphs, cherish their camaraderie and revel in their competition. These rookies are about to learn that no amount of training can prepare them for life on the street.

Andy, a 26-year-old perfectionist and honest to a fault, has always just wanted to be a good cop. Her father was a cop, and while he wasn't the best cop -- or the best father - Andy knows she'll never find this sense of family, loyalty and excitement in any other job.

The other "first responders" to jump into the fray include Traci, Andy's best friend, a single mom with a six-year-old son. Traci is street smart, sardonic and highly independent - all of which hide a deep well of insecurity. Then there's Dov, the archetypal thrill-seeker whose attitude stems from being raised by hippie parents; Chris, the straight-and-narrow poster boy for the force and a walking talking police manual; and Gail, the self-serving politico from cop royalty, whose ambition is so blind that she'll trample anyone who gets in her way. Add to the mix Detective Sam Swarek, a rogue training officer, and Luke Callaghan, a charming workaholic homicide detective, and Andy will have more on her hands on and off the beat then she could have ever foreseen.

"Rookie Blue" stars Missy Peregrym ("Heroes," "Reaper") as Andy McNally, Gregory Smith ("Everwood") as Dov Epstein, Charlotte Sullivan (Syfy's "Alice") as Gail Peck, Enuka Okuma ("24") as Traci Nash, Travis Milne ("My Green House") as Chris Diaz, Ben Bass ("The Eleventh Hour") as Sam Swarek and Eric Johnson ("Smallville") as Detective Luke Callaghan. Also starring in the series is Melanie Nicholls-King ("The Wire") as Noelle Williams, Matt Gordon as Oliver Shaw, Noam Jenkins as Detective Jerry Barber and Lyriq Bent as Frank Best.

Tassie Cameron, Ilana Frank, David Wellington, Noreen Halpern and John Morayniss are the executive producers. "Rookie Blue" is produced by Thump Inc. and E1 Entertainment.

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Rookie Blue Message Board

Welcome to the "Rookie Blue" Message Board - the place to discuss anything and everything about "Rookie Blue."

Feel free to discuss the show in general, the individual episodes, the cast and characters, and any other aspect of the show. Make your place for expressing your thoughts and communicating with others who share your common interests.

I love Rookie Blue! It's the best show ever!!
I love that it is filmed in a city close to where I live, so commuting to Toronto will be fairly easy if I get a part on the show.

Posted by Megan (2010-07-06) 3187

I really enjoyed watching this show. Can't wait till Thursday!

Posted by Tia (2010-07-06) 3189

Would love to be an extra on this show. How can I go about it?

Posted by Lori Kemp-McGrath (2010-10-14) 3434

I love rookie blue and I'm a huge fan, and I've always wanted to try out acting and i thought why don't i see if they have auditions. I'm thirteen and turning fourteen in November and i would love to be part of the rookie blue cast. Right now that's all i really want to focus on right now is since it's summer why not check out auditions :)

Posted by mikiela nelson (2011-08-02) 4850

My name is Melanie, 21 years old, Height- 5'3", blond, blue eyes, Caucasian, female. My previous experience includes modeling at fashion rock 2004, The Bay baby beauty contest 1994, 1995 Ottawa modeling, shows were held at Lansdown park, 1998 acting at Ottawa's girls television camp, Role played for commercial: Book worm girl, who gets picked on, aired on the NewRO. I can be contacted at my email for any further questions, or portfolio pictures. I have watched every episode of rookie blue multiple times, so I am well aware of what the show is about.

Posted by Melanie Preston (2011-08-23) 4987

Hello my name is Michael, I'm 18 years of age, im 5'10'' and have ambitions to become a police officer. My first plan is to be an actor but you always got to have a plan b because acting is a tough role. Rookie blue is recorded on my t.v every Thursday and to become an extra or a cast member would be a dream. Please email me and let me know if it's even possible. Thank you so much: Mike

Posted by Mike1408 (2013-08-21) 7267

would love to be on this show indian 5'3 brown eyes

Posted by nayomi (2013-09-27) 7282

Hello, my name is Dana Bathan and I am a 17 year old girl looking for a minor acting role in Rookie Blue. If you could help me, please email me back. Thanks so much!

Posted by Dana Bathan (2013-10-24) 7289

My name is Jessica Lavertu, im French-Canadian Scotish, irish & Black. Im 5'5 about 150 and I have hazel eyes caramel complexion, Love rookie blue. I read about the cast all the time to keep reminding myself about who they are and how they differ from there roles on rookie blue and wow very different but I really enjoy it. I am doing my homework on how to become one them and give it my all how do I get my chance on the big screen? I would love to audition for a told in rookie blue, can anyone tell me how to go about that? I got whatbit takes to be a star so please let me know. Ill even travel to do what i have to do.

Posted by Jessica Lavertu (2013-11-14) 7294

Rookie Blue is a great show. Absolutely! But I'm thinking it's time to bring back a show based on Cagney and Lacey! Toronto is a great city to shoot and filled with talented people to pull off the roles. I would be interested in a role for Cagney. Feisty character filled with attitude! lol

Posted by Robyn (2014-11-01) 7508

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