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Pretty Little Liars

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Pretty Little Liars Message Board

Welcome to the "Pretty Little Liars" Message Board - the place to discuss anything and everything about "Pretty Little Liars."

Feel free to discuss the show in general, the individual episodes, the cast and characters, and any other aspect of the show. Make your place for expressing your thoughts and communicating with others who share your common interests.

Heyy! :) so i was wondering how to contact the director of Pretty Little Liars??? i'm from a family of musicians (Uncle and Stepdad), models (Mom), impressionists (Stepdad), and actors(Stepdad, Grandma, Uncle, Mom, Me). & i'm currently in drama (Class, and Club) and also tech club which links with drama also outside of school i am taking acting classes. i would LOVE to audition for a part in Pretty Little Liars. i know i can do it i've been in many plays and have had leading roles in most of them. So if you could please tell me how to contact the director that would be greatly appreciated. Please and Thank You.

Posted by CAROLINE L. DAWSON II (2010-12-30) 3607

I'm aliyah. I've always been planning to be an actress growing up. My family knows I play around acting out all sorts of things. I want to be in pretty little liars because if I want to be on a show then try being on my favorite show. So can someone help me fufill my dream.

Posted by aliyah (2011-01-02) 3636

okay, so let's just get to the point here; my name is Chardonae, I'm 15 and i come from this very small town named Duarte. it's not really known as a major city so therefore they think we don't exist and we don't have talent. But we actually do. The point is that I'm interested in any part in Pretty Little Liars. I'm a second-year student in our Drama class and I've done a few plays here and there, nothing big, but this would be an exciting experience to actually be on TV. This has been a life-long dream of mine and i'm ready to fulfill it! :)

Posted by Chardonae Johnson (2011-03-03) 3823

hey i love u r shows and i wondering if i can meet the people of pretty little liars i want to act i want to be just like u guys ....? :)

Posted by brenda avalos (2011-03-13) 3850

Hey, I'm Ashley & I was wondering if there was a way to cast a role in Pretty Little Liars season 2. I watch Pretty Little Liars every Monday at 8/7c. I never did any acting, I'm ony 14. The girl who plays Alison is 14 too. I do act a lot in my house & they tell me I should try out. So I want too. Please help me! Thanks.

Posted by Ashley (2011-03-14) 3858

hey, i watch pretty little liars each week and love the show, i was just wondering if there were any parts that were going on that i could become a use of? i am 16 and is with an angerecny vox talent manergment. please get back to me thank you Gemma.

Posted by Gemma Pateman (2011-03-19) 3875

hello my name is bridget and i would like to become an actor and im just looking for an oportunity to show you guys what i got in store. if you want to know about me please contact me. thank you very much.

Posted by bridget (2011-04-04) 3922

hi im avery and i have a crush on lucy hale so much i also luv the show and all of the characters im a guy just so u know i live in canada new brunswick and i am a die hard pll fan.

Posted by avery (2011-04-06) 3934

hi my name is Asdas Sif and I'm from Iceland, i was wondering if they needed a girl from Iceland to act in pretty little liars? as Aria friend from Iceland or something.. hope i hear from you :)

Posted by Asdas (2011-05-11) 4150

Hi. My name is Mackenzie and l love (and live for) pretty little liars! I don't have a lot of experience in the acting biz, but I can sing and dance and I can act pretty well, too. I was just hoping that maybe there was an open spot for season 3 or something. If you do, please get back to me. If not, I completely understand. Oh and I'm 14:) I thought I forgot something:) anyways, thank you for your time and I appreciate it!

Posted by Kenzii (2011-05-15) 4195

hi my name is selvedin grahovic i would love to star in pretty little liars! im 13 and male. and i would love to act! in a horror type show! please acting is my dream! and i am never letting go! please i want expierence on bieng an actor! please reply!

Posted by Selvedin (2011-05-17) 4230

Hi I'm Alondra and I am a HUGE fan of this show! I am 13 and I would love to be able to be a co-star in this show! I live in North Carolina but I am willing to travel! I know this is a job and I am willing to do anything. I'm a hard worker, and I can follow directions. This is something I would love to do and I know i would be committed to it! So please email me back I would love to hear back from you guys! PLEASE!

Posted by Alondra Ramirez (2011-06-05) 4482

hey, I'm Megan and I would kill to meet the cast of Pretty Little Liars! I always watch there show, I haven't misses one. This is my favorite show ever!!! I really want to know more about who A is and who the killer is. I don't do much acting, but I will do anything to be on this show. So i hope to hear back from you! :) thanks.

Posted by Megan (2011-06-19) 4537

hey im bittany and im 13 and i do modeling and i run track and im very dramatic and my teachers and people tell me that alot i can make myself fake cry and i can make things look real and i just wanna let you know how it would be ifi could be in this tv show and im a very promising actor im tall have my own long hair and im african american and my parents work for the goverment and cia and can pay any price and i just wanted to let you all know thank you so very much it would be a honor write back soon..... from brittany brown-jackson

Posted by brittany (2011-06-29) 4633

Hi, I'm Ashley. I am wanting and hoping to be in Pretty Little Liars. I am only 13 but can look older and younger than that. I am imagining a small role since the big ones are taken and wouldn't mind that either but also wouldn't care for a bigger one too. Like I said on the board for 'Spy Kids 2' and "LOL; Laughing Out Loud' My parents will only let me go to an Audition if it's in Kentucky, where I live, or if I am requested. I am 5'2" with Brunette hair, White, and go to East Carter Middle School. I weigh 104 lbs. Please let me hear back from you. This would be the perfect opportunity.

Posted by Ashley (2011-07-05) 4657

I would love to become an extra on my favorite show Pretty Little Liars i watch the show every Tuesday even the repeats,i know I'm to late but if your still looking I'm the 1 you want.

Posted by Treasure (2011-07-17) 4758

Hi, I'm Sophie, I"m 14 and i love the pretty little liars series! I would love to be in the show, even an extra. I'm 5"7 with long brown hair and blueish green eyes.Oh and i have a lot of freckles!. i've been wanting to bean actress for a long time. Please consider me!.

Posted by Sophie (2011-07-25) 4814

Hello I'm Annie And My Friend Tayler Want To Know If We Can Be Apart Of Your Show Pretty Little Liar (PLL) Well i wouldn't say were the best actors but we do act .We Watch Your Show EVERY TUESDAY At 7:00 because we do not wanna miss a single episode because it is so awesome and it our FAVORITE SHOW We love the characters And sometime me and my friends make a make A Notes Because we are so inspired by your show and because we love the character me and 3 other friend always have a part like someone always being 1 of the Liars Its so fun !And we always wanted to be with your show and we would love to act were not a professional actor but we can Always TRY OUR BEST because were only 13 and we just LOOOOOOOOOOOOVEEEEEEE Your Show !!!! We Would be honored if you Did And if you say no we understand because were not so experienced and were YOUNG ! if you have any roles for us please message me and we promise to write back !because we love the show sooo much.If you don't give us that big break someone will and were hoping it you !

Posted by Annie (2011-08-02) 4852

Hi, I'm Levida and I am 13 years old. I love to act and I love your show Pretty Little Liars I watch it every Tuesday and I enjoy by a lot I love the mystery and the drama and how it leaves you with plenty of questions It is very Interesting and I was wondering how I could get on the show for a season If there are any auditions for it that you could let me know about please contact me thank you.

Posted by Levida Lee (2011-08-20) 4968

hi, my name is mary and im 14 years old. ive wanted to act since i was very young and it would be a honnor to even be an extra in pretty little liars its an amazing show and i litterly freak if i have to miss an episode. but of course i always catch up on it :) it has such a great plot line and if there are any castings needed please conntact :)

Posted by mary (2011-08-24) 4994

Hi my name is Hannah, I just turned 16 today and I've been watching Pretty Little Liars ever since it first aired on tv and I'm a huge fan ! Acting has always been a life long dream/goal for me to fulfill I've been in a couple plays and I love it ! Being able to show my talent to so many people is amazing ! I would love to have a part in Pretty Little Liars Season 3 if possible ! Ever since I first started watching the show I've been like oh man do I ever want to be on the show ! This is something I've always wanted to do is be on tv acting is my dream ! I also sing too ! Being on Pretty Little Liars will be a dream come true ! If there are any positions you need to fill please contact I would love for this dream to come true :) thank you !

Posted by Hannah Marie Sullivan (2011-08-30) 5016

Hi my name is Kalai and i love pretty little liars. I've watched almost all of the seasons! Even know i am a little young for this show i still try because if you like doing something, such as acting you should try to do it the best you can!

Posted by Kalai (2011-08-30) 5018

My name is Gabrielle. Hi:) OK so pretty little liars is most defentally my favorite show! I can't miss any episode. I love to act of course that's why I'm writing this hahaa :D i feel i would be perfect for this show. I'm turning 13 in the beginning of October. I have a great personality, i have lots and lots of patience! I'm willing to do anything i could get really scared, worried, angry, excited etc. I dont want to sound consided but i have good looks I'm told alot that's why I'm saying this. I'm not consided. I would LOVE to try out a role for pretty little liars ! Thank you so much for your time! Bye:)

Posted by Gabrielle mauro (2011-09-01) 5026

I LOVE your show seen everyone this would be a amazing opportunity I'm actually crying inside because no gives me a chance please please give me a chance I am 5 foot and I have dirty blonde hair I have experience with acting for 4 years I have danced and I sing a little.

Posted by Annette (2011-10-11) 5291

hello, my name is Brittany and I am looking to see if you have any auditions. I'm 18 years old and 5'6" and have brown hair and Hazel eyes and live in Michigan. I have taken acting classes in high school and am now majoring in acting in college.Thank you for reading this. :)

Posted by Brittany (2011-12-18) 5952

Hi I'm Kiara I love Pretty Little Liars I watch it every Monday it would be a dream come true if I got to be on the show not because I want to be famous but because I would get the chance to work with my role models I love you so much I do have acting experience and I would love for you to email me whether I made it or not I wouldn't want to be waiting for you to say I made it if I didn't but if an audition opens up I would love to hear from you thank you for your time it is greatly appreciated

Posted by Kiara Tucker (2012-02-05) 6144

Wow! Isn't it great to know you have tons of fans, and well you have another. I am a huge fan of Pretty Little Liars and so is my family. We're hooked. I do know that from how many comments you had to read above, I probably don't even have a chance of being an extra on the show. Though you can't blame a girl for trying, so I'll start. I am in Pennsylvania, I am 13 turning 14 in mid February, I am big... like pretty big (weight size), I have an athletic build to me, I am 5'5, I have dark brown hair and eyes, I have braces and wear glasses. Really just by how I look I doubt I would even pass for a person walking down the street. Though I have had a dream to be on tv and act. Now of course for the cherry, I have no acting experience, all I have done was elementary and middle school plays, I did 3 years of basketball, and I am in my 6th year of playing bass. Now that said mostly everything about me. I hope that you would at least consider cause in just my opinion I will make sure that I won't disappoint. Also, if anybody that is part of Pretty little Liars crew read this I thank you cause not many people really read these. So thank You and have a nice day. GO PRETTY LITTLE LIARS :)

Posted by Kara Anderson (2013-02-09) 7123

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