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Person of Interest is a crime thriller about a former-CIA agent who teams up with a mysterious billionaire to prevent violent crimes using their own brand of vigilante justice.


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I have loved this show since it first started, and have never missed an episode. However, tonight I felt as though I watched an awesome movie with a HORRIBLE ending! My husband and have been wanting to see the characters John and Carter together as a couple, but thanks to whoever decided to kill the Carter character, that will never happen. As a result, you've lost us as viewers! In fact, I know of several other's who feel the same, and won't be watching even one more episode! I hope you're happy with this ignorant decision, because you've created your own CANCELLATION!!!

Posted by Corinne (2013-11-21) 7295

THIS SHOW IS AMAZING. i watch every week :) i went to NYC in the summer of 2011 and saw you guys filming, it was so cool :D anyway, im 14 years old and if you need extras on the show please consider me? i live on Long Island but i go to the city all the time and i can definitely make the trip for auditions. :))

Posted by Ashleigh Monaco (2012-01-14) 6054

"All I know there was this man in a suit." Like the loan ranger, who was that masked man? Spider man and super man left the scene before the police knew what happened. Better special effects than any other cop show. First 10 minutes Caviezel lines seem dull. Once the action started so did his charisma
I found a show I can leave on instead channel surfing all night.

Posted by Something different (2011-09-22) 5149

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