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About the Show

After a seventh season that saw "One Tree Hill" continue to grow and break new ground, the show enters season eight with more than 150 episodes under its belt. The new season finds Brooke Davis happier than ever. Recently engaged to Julian, her wedding will be the captivating affair one might expect from a young, beautiful, successful fashion designer. As Nathan Scott prepares for his second season in the NBA, the Scott family is expecting their second child and Haley feels as though the baby will be a girl. How will she balance her pregnancy while raising Jamie and pursuing her music career?

Alex settles in Tree Hill seeking to leave behind her tabloid past, but will her impusive nature overcome her good interntions? Meanwhile, Quinn and Clay's lives hang in the balance, the victims of a brutal attack which affects all of their friends and family.

Season eight of "One Tree Hill" will explore the delicate balance that contemporary twenty-somethings face as they endeavor to build and define what their lives will be, while overcoming difficulties and embracing the good things that they sometimes take for granted, shrouded in the pursuit of someday. It will be a celebration of the most important things, among them the quest for love, laughter, health, friends, career and family: timeless pursuits that have always mattered, and matter now, in a place called Tree Hill.

"One Tree Hill" was created by Mark Schwahn and is executive produced by Schwahn, Joe Davola, Greg Prange, Mike Tollin and Brian Robbins. "One Tree Hill" is a Mastermind Laboratories and Tollin/Robbins Production in association with Warner Bros. Television.

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One Tree Hill Message Board

Welcome to the "One Tree Hill" Message Board - the place to discuss anything and everything about "One Tree Hill."

Feel free to discuss the show in general, the individual episodes, the cast and characters, and any other aspect of the show. Make your place for expressing your thoughts and communicating with others who share your common interests.

i absolutley love one tree hill its my favorite show on the tv i watch it every week,wouldnt miss a show for anything

Posted by Jaszmine (2008-09-06) 336

omg... i would be in one tree hill for free. Just being in it for a few minutes or just a person in the backgrund ... i would really do it for free

Posted by chantal (2008-10-04) 447

i love one tree hill. i have watched every episode since season one. i think it would be awesome to actually be able to be in the show. i grew up in the same town as james ( nathan ) did, also went to the same highschool for a few months. it is the best show ever. i love how almost every show has an inspiring message at the end. the actors are amazing, of course my favorite being nathan scott! <333 haha i would kill for a spot in this show!!! :D

Posted by jamiee (: (2008-12-20) 694

Hi, I'm Brianna. I've been in love with One Tree Hill since my cousin got me hooked on it back in the summer. I would do anything to have a spot on the show. I know I don't have alot of experience but I'd love to have a speaking part, even if I would only be on for an eposide or two. I'd really like to be on this show more than any other because of the people who work for it. Everyone is so kind and they look like they have a lot of fun filming. I'd love to be apart of that. I'm fourteen years old and love to be in the spot light. I've always wanted to be an actress or a model since a young age, but I live in Saskatchewan, and it's not that easy to get started here, I'm willing to travel though. I have been in a few tv shows as an extra; shows like corner gas and canadian crime. I am 5'4", weight 119 pounds, have hazel eyes, long chestnut hair and have a models body. Please help me show the world what I've got. Thank you.

Posted by Brianna (2008-12-30) 732

Hi, my name is Karina and I'm 14 years old. I'm Caucasian, 5'3", fit and I've always wanted to be an actress. I live in Ottawa, ON. I have the looks and the personality to be an actress. I am willing to do whichever part is necessary, whether it be an extra or an actual role. I'll be happy with any role I'm given. I just really want to have this great experience and try being an actress. It's something that I think I have talent for and could deliver my part very well. I'm very outgoing and love camera's and I am very convincing on screen. Please give me a shot,



Posted by Karina H. (2009-01-03) 805

Hello, my name is Brooke Hall and I am 15 years old and I live in Clayton, North Carolina which is only about 1 1/2 away from Wilmington. I absolutely love TV shows. I have acted in school plays and I have directed 2 plays. I love to right plays and one day I hope to be a director and producer. Acting is really important to me, though. I have a very outgoing and funny personality. I do the best that I can to follow my dreams and I have succeeded in that task. I have written plays and put them into competitions and won. Please help me to to achieve my next step in following my dreams. Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day.

Brooke Hall

Posted by Brooke Hall (2009-01-04) 827

One Tree hill is the best show that has ever benn created... the cast is so glad Peyton and Lucas are finally together... but anyway i have been watching this show sonce the 1st season...i have all 5 seasons so far i want to get all of them.. but i really hope the show will not be cancelled anytime soon because like i said this is the best show that has been created.


Posted by brieana (2009-01-21) 911

Hello, my name is Adriana. I absolutely love One Tree Hill!! I watch all the episodes and have all the seasons on dvd. I watch them over and over again. It would mean everything to me to be on this show! I would be so greatful to be an extra but to be some what in the spot light would be amazing!!! I do not have much experience but i have auditioned for a modeling opportunity! I was accepted and have just been saving money. I am in a difficult situation with my family so money is a problem but I would really love to have a chance. Even meeting the cast would be a dream come true. I really feel like I connect with the show!

Thank you!

Posted by Adriana (2009-01-25) 925

I lOVE One Tree Hill. I hope that Chad Micheal Murray will return for season 7, but i heard his contract is up. I would hate to see him go, and if they write the story like if the director he works with ends up killing Lucas by car or something in a accident, and then Dan winds up getting Lucas heart, " but you have to remember Lucas heart has that heart thing" and than Julian will run to Peyton side because they had a past together which now makes Brooke mad at Peyton once again, Nathan will be angry at Dan and starts drinking and/or gets himself injured again. Haley will be heart broken because her best friend had died. And Peyton not wanting to have the baby or she'll end up giving it up to Brooke, or find out herself is dying of cancer or die while giving birth. I would hate to see maybe the last season like this. Please let the last season be happy ending.

Posted by Maire (2009-01-25) 929

One Tree Hill is amazinggg!
I'm Erin and im 13. It would be awesome to be in the background of a show that I have watched for a really long time. Even though I'm young I still think I could act almost as good as anyone else. I don't have a whole lot of experience in acting but when I do get the chances to act im actually pretty good. I would do this for free! it would be nice to get some money...but acting is more important that that. Haha.
I would love if someone would just give me a chance. I know that there are tons of people out there wishing for the same thing as me...I dont know if its possible for someone to want this as much as me.
One Tree Hill is the best show ever. The cast is pretty amazing too.
I hope the last season ends good. :(

Posted by Erin (2009-02-12) 997

My name is Ashley.I am 22 years old and i just recently got into the show last year and Im loving it.The cast is amazing and totaly hot. I would be honored to be a part of that family.I am a mother of two and married. I am a barazon graduate, I got pregnant young and put my dreams on hold.I would love to get into acting on a show as amazing as this one. I know I would feel right at home.

Posted by Ashley Keeler (2009-02-13) 1004

My name is Valentina. Im 21 years old have dark brown hair almost black with bluish/greenish eyes and 6'2 with an average built. I would love to be on One Tree Hill because of the actors (their all great) and the messages that are portrayed at the very end. It would be greatly appreciated if I could get an opportunity like this.
Thanks so much,

Posted by Valentina (2009-09-08) 2055

hi im adrienne , 18 , female 5'2 , weighing in at 110 and im a very blunt , outspoken, hyperactive person who loves to hangout , party and just put smiles on everyones faces . I'm 98% of the time
ready to do anything . i'd love to be on the show as an extra or even more so please contact me .

Posted by adrienne (2009-09-16) 2093

hey i love ont ive seen all episode and cant wait till season 7 part 2 and i am 12 i cry all the time trying to get into acting in ont cause it hard to travel if your parent doesnt have a car i wish if you guys can help by and contact me on my email i would love to be on ont every time i watch it my heart pounds cause i cant wait to see the actors brooke haley jamey lucas peyton ect.... please help me i been trying so many times to try to contact the ont production please...

Posted by darlene (2009-09-19) 2104

Hi I'm 18, hispanic, 5'1" and would love to be any part of OTH. If I could get the opportunity to work in acting or around it, I know I would try my hardest and love it.
I currently reside in chapel hill. Please feel free to email me.

Posted by Cecilia (2009-10-18) 2189

me.. im a mother of a beautiful baby girl.. lost my baby weight and am thinner than before! Theres nothing more i would love than to be on the best show on television! Ive watchedi every episode at least once and even if I just got one line.. that would make me and my family so proud~ i just want to be discovered

Posted by katie wilson (2010-01-13) 2467

Hello, my name is Jordan Connelly and I am 16 years old and I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba.I'm a dancer and a actor, I have acted in school plays. I acted at MTYP, Acting is really important to me. I'm a very outgoing and funny person. I do the best that I can to follow my dreams. Please help me to to achieve my goal to become a actor. Thank you for your time.

Thank you
Jordan Connelly

Posted by Jordan Connelly (2010-02-11) 2561

I love the show it is my favorite thing in tn the world to watch i waould like to be on the show

Posted by connor (2010-02-17) 2583

Hello My name is Curtis Ware. I would like the opportunity to do a casting call for you guys. I am 18 years old, Mixed Male, Black Hair, 5'10'', and athletic build. I have been in 5 years of football, 6 years of track, 5 years of basketball, 5 years of band, 1 year of choir, 1 year of speech where I have done dramatic Interpretation, Scripted Duo. I am currently working on my school play "Camelot" which we will perform on April 20-23 In Connersville, Indiana.

Posted by Curtis Ware (2010-04-06) 2783

Hello my name is Sylvana Amer. I absolutely ADORE One Tree Hill, i don't miss even one episode of it. I would be honored if i had a role in the show. It is simply amazing. Im 14, short dark brown hair .... and i don't really know what else to say. Believe it or not i always imagine myself acting in the show, i even wrote a script as in what i'll be acting in the show. I always practice the script i wrote thats how much i adore the show <3
I've worked in several plays in my school and one of them was "Romeo And Juliet". I LOVE One Tree Hill because it has this amazing mixture of Drama, Romance and Comedy. Anyways i really do wish you consider you know casting me for the show. Acting has always just been a passion of mine. Im not going to write about how funny or amazing because honestly you know what i think i think it got nothing to do with the person acting. Its not like you're gonna be yourself when you act its gonna be like put in someone else shoes for once ! You have to inhabit the character think like them, talk like them even eat like them because you have to know every single detail about this character from top to bottom.
I really do hope i get the chance. Thanks for taking some of your time to read this :)
If someone else gets the chance well i guess, some people just walk into the light, you know.
Have a good day. At least please try hooking me up with another acting gig if you dont accept me :P


Posted by Sylvana Amer (2010-04-23) 2859

Hi my name is Anna i am 14 and 5'7 i have long brown hair and brown eyes , I love acting ever since i knew you cold be on the T.V i wanted to be I am always thinking of new ways to improve my acting , I am very outing and a people person I love to make people laugh I also love one tree hill very much I've seen every episode probably 25 time each its my favorite show i would love to be on it even if it just a extra. Please consider me THANK YOU

Posted by Anna (2010-05-10) 2941

I love One Tree Hill. The cast is great. Sophia Bush is the best.

Posted by Rae-Shem (2010-10-09) 3407

I'm Robert.I know how to sing and act a little.When I haven't shaved in a while people say I look like a grown man even though I'm 18. When my face is shaved they say I look like a young bartender(I am a bartender).so I would love to play a young bartender part.If you think I have the right face for another part that would be cool too.So let me know when you need someone.

Posted by Robert Jones (2010-10-10) 3418

hi i love one tree hill to bits its one of my favourite tv series, i am just wondering is Lucas and Peyton coming back they were my favourite characters pliz bring them back to the show, they brought so much drama to the show.

Posted by vanessa gowora (2011-01-28) 3749

Hi I am Alexus Black and I am interested in being a part of the new episode One Tree Hill. I can really relate to this show in so many ways. I am a huge fan of One Tree Hill and would love the oppourtunity to be a part of the show. Please contact me.

Posted by Alexus Black (2011-04-13) 3955

Tonight was the last of One Tree Hill! It was a great 9 yrs of watching this show. I enjoyed it so much because it was not just a show about drama but it was a show about real life stories that touched so many. It's sad that it all had to come to an end! There couldn't have been a better cast for this show.

Posted by Anisa Mohamed (2012-04-04) 6375

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