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About the Show

Drama about an FBI agent who recruits his mathematical-genius brother to help the Bureau solve a wide range of challenging crimes in Los Angeles.

Inspired by actual cases and experiences, Numb3rs depicts the confluence of police work and mathematics in solving crime. An FBI agent recruits his mathematical genius brother to help solve a wide range of challenging crimes in Los Angeles from a very different perspective.

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Numb3rs Message Board

Welcome to the "Numb3rs" Message Board - the place to discuss anything and everything about "Numb3rs."

Feel free to discuss the show in general, the individual episodes, the cast and characters, and any other aspect of the show. Make your place for expressing your thoughts and communicating with others who share your common interests.

Hi my name is Yarbi and i am 13 years old. This is my favorate show in the whole world! My dream is to become and actress. I am a blonde haired girl that weighs 113. If i could be on this show; my dream would become reality.

Posted by Yarbi Thornhill (2008-08-31) 315

hi, my name is alex allbaugh, i am 15 years old. I have aburn color hair and blure eyes. I have 5'10 and i weight 140. The first time i started watching numbers was in my algebra class at school. Numbers is very realistic and it shows suspence. I love watching movies like these, and if i could have a chance to be on numbers, my life and my hopes would be phenomenon.

Posted by Alex (2008-11-30) 627

Hi, my name is Karina and I'm 14 years old. I'm Caucasian, 5'3" and I've always wanted to be an actress. I live in Ottawa, ON. I have the looks and the personality to be an actress. I am willing to do whichever part is necessary, whether it be an extra or an actual role. I'll be happy with any role I'm given. I just really want to have this great experience and try being an actress. It's something that I think I have talent for and could deliver my part very well. I'm very outgoing and love camera's and I am very convincing on screen. Please give me a shot,



Posted by Karina H. (2009-01-03) 780

Hello i am cassandra and i absolutely love this show!! I never miss it. i am hopeing one day to star in along side the other actors and actresses. They are a phenomenole cast and they deserve every bit of recognition they can get. I am 5'2" tall and weigh about 110 lbs i have a redish color hair but i can change that if need be it is medium in length but we can change that if need be also and i have medium brown eyes.

Posted by cassandra jolil (2009-02-27) 1063

Hi I'm Yarbi. Yes the young 13 year old that sent a message about a year ago. I am 14 now and would still love to be on the show Numb3rs.I still have the passion for acting.

Posted by Yarbi (2009-12-09) 2365

Hello. I am HUGE Numb3rs fan. I will be honest. I am not interested in acting all that much. However, I do LOVE NUMB3RS!!! I would love to be an extra on the show even if it is for just one episode. It does not matter if it is a speaking role or not. I just want to be part of the Numb3rs universe. I would not mind being one of those people that you see sitting at the FBI desks in the background. That would be totally cool! I am 34 years old if that matters any. Thank you so much for considering this, whoever is reading this.

Posted by Sandra Valdenegro (2010-02-26) 2636

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